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Well-Spanked Bedwetter

Part 2 - Oh Poop!

Justin's backside still stung from his daddy's belt the next morning; and his now soaking wet diaper wasn't helping anything. So he pushed his pajama pants down and untapped the soggy diaper; threw it in his trash can and pulled his pants back up. It was Saturday, time for some cereal and cartoons!

He was laid out on the living room rug, on his tummy to give his backside a rest - empty cereal bowl by his side when Daddy came downstairs.

"Morning son. Did you sleep well?" His father asked. Justin just nodded, engrossed in his cartoons.

"Lets check that diaper then."

Before Justin could say anything Dad tugged at the back of his PJ's and was shocked to find a bare bottom where a diaper should be.

"Who said you could take your diaper off?" He demanded to know.

"It was wet and I thought..."

"Did you clean up at least?"

Justin thought about lying, but his burning backside reminded him not too.

"No sir." He said softly.

"Stand up." Dad ordered and Justin immediately did so. Dad gave him three bare-hand smacks on his pajama bottoms, reigniting the fire from Justin's last spanking.

"You are old enough to know better than to lay around covered in pee. Go take a bath, and for now on you leave your diaper alone until Mommy or I say so!"

Justin quickly ran upstairs to bathe before he got any more spankings. The warm water felt good on his well-spanked bottom, so he enjoyed a long soak before properly washing up. Getting out of the tub, he dried himself thoroughly and wrapped the towel around him like a robe.

Back in his room, Justin found an open bag of diapers by his bed. He reached for the bag then stopped himself. He went to his dresser and opened his underwear drawer. Thankfully his 'big boy pants' were still there. He picked up a pair of Toy Story briefs then hesitated. He thought for a moment then still clad in his towel -robe went downstairs where he found his parents in the kitchen.

"I... umm... can I wear these?" He asked, holding out the cartoon panty.

"Of course, silly. Diapers are for bedtime." His mom answered to Justin's relief. He let the towel drop to the floor and proudly pulled on the underpants.

After lunch Justin and his Dad went to the mall while Mommy enjoyed some "personal" time, code for a break from looking after a rambunctious boy. Dad wanted a new gadget from the electronics store - as always - and Justin was after a couple new Matchbox cars. When the shopping was done Justin announced he needed to poop. His Dad was leading him into the restroom when Justin complained that he could go in by himself. Dad relented and waived the boy off.

In the bathroom Justin wished he had let his Dad accompany him. There were several teen boys in there smoking and they looked menacingly in Justin's direction as the door closed behind him.

"What do you want faggot?" One of the boys asked, and Justin turned and ran out of the toilets.

Just as Justin was about to tell his father about the mean boys his tummy rumbled and he bent over in a violent cramp and pooped his pants!

"What the... Come on now!" His Dad groaned, grabbing Justin's hand. He dragged the boy back into the bathroom and into the handicap stall.

"You are too old to be doing this!" Daddy scolded him as he peeled his sons dirty pants down and began to clean him with toilet paper wetted under the faucet.

"Oh my god! The pussy shat himself!" One of the boys exclaimed. Dad pulled the stall open and barked at the teen "Clear out, now!" and the boys threw down their smokes and scrambled out of the room.

Justin was crying now, but Dad was not in the mood to provide any comfort as he finished cleaning the boy.

"You need clean clothes. Lock the stall when I go and don't open it until I return!"

Dad returned twenty minutes later with a bag from a department store in the mall. He pulled a ping-pong paddle from the sack and for a split second Justin thought it was a present.

"Bend over the toilet!" Dad ordered and the still crying boy obeyed. Dad delivered a dozen smacks with the paddle causing Justin to cry louder.

"Quiet down now." Dad said when the spanking was over.

"I swear I think you want to be spanked lately!" he added as he pulled a pack of boy's briefs from the shopping bag. He ripped it open and removed a single white panty from the package.

Justin put the underpants on, followed by a new pair of pants and a white t-shirt that his Dad provided him. Dad handed Justin the open packs of briefs and tees so he could stuff the soiled clothes in the shopping bag. He picked up the paddle and slid it in his back pocket then threw out the bag of crappy clothes.

"Come on, let's get out of here now." Dad said, his voice softer now.

Justin didn't recognize the store they stopped at on the way home. It was weird with all kinds of metal contraptions and strange-looking beds. The sign outside just said "Home Medical Supply" but he didn't know what the heck that meant.

"I need some rubber pants for this one." Dad told the clerk while pointing at Justin who stood sheepishly behind his father.

"We don't carry rubber pants anymore. We have lighter vinyl ones now." The grandma-ish lady said nicely.

"Whatever will keep his pants clean." Dad replied.

The saleslady walked away for a moment then returned with a small box.

"I think these will fit him, they are made by a baby products company, but this larger size usually works for kids."

"Can we make sure they fit?" Dad asked and the clerk smiled.

"Come here little guy, I don't bite. What's your name?"

Justin shyly approached the clerk as he told her his name. She asked him to take his pants off, and Justin did after a quick glance at his Dad who gave an approving nod.

"Step-in" The clerk suggested holding out the frosty-clear pant. Justin put one foot in a leg hole and then the other, and the lady pulled the plastic brief up his legs and over his underpant.

"It's a little baggy in the middle for... does he wear diapers?" She asked Dad. He nodded and explained that Justin had just started wearing diapers to bed.

"These should be perfect then. How many of the panties would you like?

Dad thought for a moment, then asked for a dozen.

"I think he's going to be in them a while."

When they got home Dad made Justin lower his pants and show Mommy his new "panties" after he had told her about his accident at the mall.

"I'm fine with changing diapers again..." Mom said, "...but he should probably see Doctor Gregg just to check on things."

Dad agreed on that suggestion and made the appointment.

"Oh, and I bought this too." Dad said, pulling the paddle from his back pocket.

"Had to spank him for soiling himself instead of using the toilet."

"And what about for ruining a nearly new set of clothes?" Mom asked, and Justin suddenly tensed up in fear.

"I didn't think of that." Dad admitted.

"Son, go to your room and I'll be up there in a minute with my belt."

"No.. please! Daddy! I'm sorry!" Justin cried.

"Maybe two days in a row with the belt is too much?" Mommy questioned.

"Fine. Come here Justin."

Justin nervously shuffled toward his dad, who pulled the boy over his lap and pulled down his many layers of clothes: Pants, plastic panty and brief.

"No crying this time, you've earned this. Take your punishment quietly and I'll go easier on you. Okay?"

Justin nodded as his dad held him in place. He got twenty bare-bottom spanks, but they were noticeably softer than his recent spankings, so he bit his lip and accepted the discipline.

When it was over, Dad pulled Justin's underwear and panty back up, but pushed his pants further down. When Justin was on his feet again Dad had him take the pants the rest of the way off.

"I think you need some corner time to think about why your backside hurts and why you're wearing baby panties. Go on, nose in the corner, twenty minutes."

Justin walked over to the corner by the fridge and faced the corner. His hands were at his side as he knew he wasn't allowed to rub his bottom after a spanking. He did however rub the side of his smooth plastic panty and he found it somehow comforting while at the same time terribly embarrassing. He wasn't supposed to be a baby any more. And was supposed to behave and not make Daddy spank him. He told himself he wouldn't do anything to get spanked ever again... but somehow he knew that wouldn't work out.

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