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Kidnapped to be a toddler

Chapter 1

Ann was sound asleep; she had never slept so well before. She never slept well before for she had always had to sleep on cold cement or a wooden bench but she was warm here. She slowly opened her eyes. Where she lay, it was very dark. She was finding it sort of hard to wake up, for she was very comfortable. As she let her eyes adjust, she realized that she was no longer where she remembered falling asleep. She rolled onto her side and could move freely so she knew that whoever moved her, did not bind her in any way. She felt around and felt that she had a soft blanket covering her. She then pulled it up to feel it's warmth, for she had not felt so warm in weeks. She wanted to find out where she was but at the moment she was happy to be warm and on a soft bed.

She fell asleep again seeing as her captor/captors had not come to where she was. She knew she should be scared but a part of her was happy. It seemed like only seconds had passed when she heard a female's voice.

"Ann... Ann sweetie, it's time to wake up." The woman had a very kind motherly tone in her voice, which reminded her suddenly of her mother that had passed away 5 years ago.

Ann slowly opened her eyes, letting them adjust to the light. She looked around where she lay and saw that there were bars around her and when she looked a little more, she noticed it was a crib. She was very confused by this but not scared. She always remembered when she was 5 and her mom and dad let her sleep in her crib, it was a very fond memory of Ann's. She then looked to where the voice had come from and saw a woman standing next to the crib looking down at her. At first glance Ann could not believe it. She blinked her eyes several times to make sure she was seeing her clearly. After she was sure her eyes were clear, it dawned on her that she was not seeing things. This woman was extremely tall. She seemed to be a giant and Ann suddenly felt very small compared to her. Ann looked at the lady quietly, with a confused look on her face. Obviously the lady had been watching her to see how Ann would react.

The lady saw the confusion on Ann's face and she sighed.

"I suppose you'll want some answers, you can ask me anything you like; I am not going to hurt you Ann." She sounded very kind.

Ann asked the first thing that popped into her head.

"Did I shrink?"

The lady shook her head.

"No sweetie, you didn't shrink." She looked away.

"How do I explain?"

Ann just shook her head still lying there.

"Just tell me straight."

She looked back down at Ann. Ann could see in her eyes, she was sincere.

"Well truth is Ann, you are not on earth anymore, and we are on my planet far away from earth."

Ann just looked confused but said nothing and thought for a moment to swallow what she heard.

The lady continued.

"Where are my manners, I haven't told you my name. My name is Karen and I would love it if you would let me be your mommy."

Ann heard the word mommy and looked over at Karen.

"My mommy?"

Karen smiled down at Ann warmly and nodded.

"Yes sweetie, that's why you're here. Me and my husband adopted you."

Ann's eyes sort of lit up at the word adopted. Ann had been homeless for years with no family or anywhere to go. The word adopted meant she could have a home and someone to care for her and no more digging in garbage.

Ann sat up.

"You mean like, be a part of your family?"

Karen nodded, smiling down at Ann.

Ann smiled a little and looked away thinking. A family would be nice for a change. She then looked at Karen.

"What's the catch?"

Karen still smiled.

"Nothing really, you just have to be our baby girl. Sort of like a toddler. I can't have kids but when they showed us your photo, we just knew you were the one for us.

This really peeked Ann's curiosity but she examined herself and realized she was wearing a footed sleeper and a diaper. She recognized the diaper all too well. She had worn them before when she had gotten sick once. Diapers she could live with she supposed. It sure beat trying to find a place to go to the bathroom all the time.

Ann looked back at Karen.

"So I have to wear diapers all the time? I mean because if I have to, then I can live with that, but do I have to change them myself?"

Karen giggled.

"No sweetie, I'm your mommy now, so I'll always change you."

Ann looked away and thought about it. Well it certainly beat sleeping on the streets, being cold all the time or too hot and hungry all the time and having to look for food or even beg for money from people passing by. The bad memories came flooding back of all the times she was mocked for being dirty and homeless, and a few tears escaped her eyes. She remembered all the times she was even teased by the people who still had a home as they passed her by.

Karen noticed the tears.

"What's wrong sweetie?"

Ann looked at her and the tears were flowing more freely now.

"Why did you choose me? I'm just Ann. Dirty, smelly Ann." Ann then sniffled and looked away.

"This has got to be a dream, I mean it's just too good to be true." She finished between sobs.

Karen frowned.

"Aw sweetie, that wasn't your fault. We chose you because you have no one, but you do now, you have me and daddy now and we will take care of you. Come here sweetie." Karen held out her arms to Ann.

Ann looked at Karen and lifted her arms out to her. She was so sad she just didn't care. Karen lifted Ann up out of the crib and held her close like a mother would a child.

"It's ok sweetie. No one will ever hurt you again and you'll never have to worry." She said in a soothing voice as Karen caressed her head and sort of bounced her up and down and rocked her. Ann rested her head on Karen's shoulder.

Karen then walked over to the really large rocking chair made for someone like Karen and Rocked Ann in the rocking chair. Ann was still crying but she just rested her head on Karen's chest, sniffling. To her it felt rather nice to be rocked and held like this. She had not been held in years by anyone else. In that moment Ann decided that she would be happy here. She would be a part of this family.

Once Ann calmed down, Karen gently pulled her away and wiped her eyes.

"There now, what pretty eyes you have." Ann smiled and Karen continued and smiled.

"All better now?" Karen said sweetly.

Ann nodded."

"Are you hungry sweetheart?" She asked smiling.

Ann then nodded vigorously.

"Let's go have some breakfast, shall we?" She asked Ann

Ann Nodded. Karen then carried her down a long hallway and down some stairs. Even the house itself was really huge. She looked all around as she was carried to the kitchen and was fascinated by how big everything was. They reached the kitchen and Karen put Ann in a highchair that seemed like it was made for her. She was then strapped in at the waist. Ann knew it was there so she wouldn't fall out and get hurt.

"Let's see now, would you like some cereal or some pancakes and sausages?" Karen asked, smiling.

Ann smiled.

"Pancakes and Sausages please!"

Karen smiled even wider.

"Alright sweetheart, you just wait and I will fix it for you."

Karen then began to cook and as she cooked, she talked to Ann.

"I am a little surprised that you have taken this so well, it's gone so well in fact I think we'll go see the doctor today after all. They all told me you may be wild when we got you and I had already set up an appointment for you, and the doctor even said the same thing but I just knew you wouldn't be, and told them you would be a sweet girl. The doctor then told me if I needed to cancel to let you get settled in, to call, but you're fine."

Ann nodded.

"It beats sleeping on a hard cold floor and scraping by. To be honest," Ann then blushed and making circles on her little high chair table with her fingers.

"I am still a child on the inside and have missed my mom for a long time and you seem like you would be a sweet mommy." Her blush reddened.

"So from now on you can be my mommy." Ann looked up and smiled real big.

"Thank you for having me as a part of your Family."

Karen then smiled big too.

"Aw you're very welcome sweetheart."

By then Karen had finished breakfast for Ann and herself. She slid the plate in front of Ann. Then Karen gave Ann some utensils. Ann then noticed they were hello kitty, her favorite. Ann smiled and happily began to eat. It was so good! She had not had anything this good in so long. She ate like normal, savoring every bite. Karen had also given her a big Sippy cup with milk in it. Even that was wonderful. They both ate quietly but Karen watched Ann eat and smiled. Ann saw Karen watching her but she didn't care for the food was so yummy.

Once they had finished Karen took away the dishes and put them in the sink. Karen looked over at a clock on the wall.

"Well we have lots of time before your doctor's appointment, what's say we go and have your hair curled Ann? I think you would be so cute with little curls."

Ann nodded and smiled.

"That sounds great!"

Karen Smiled.

"I have even bought you a few clothes. Maybe we can go shopping some afterwards?"

Ann smiled.

"Wow shopping!"

Ann was so happy at how things were going. She hadn't been shopping in so long.

"We should have time. I would like to buy you a welcome home present." Karen smiled.

"How does that sound?"

Ann nodded, smiling.

"That sounds great!"

"Well then let's get you ready then." She then removed Ann from the high chair.

She then picked Ann up and carried her back to the nursery and sat her down on the floor. Now that she was back in the nursery, Ann looked around for she had not really paid any attention to what the room looked like. It was a complete nursery room and what surprised that the theme for the room was hello kitty. She had never paid much attention.

She smiled and looked at Karen who was look for an outfit in the rather large closet for Ann to wear.

"How did you know that I loved hello kitty?"

Karen still looked, going through all the outfits.

"Remember the little hello kitty key chain that you always had on your backpack?" Ann nodded.

"Well it showed up in one of the photos they gave us, so we found out what it was and decided that since you had it you like that so then it became the theme."

Karen then pulled out an outfit finally.

"This one is perfect!"

It was a little sailor outfit. The top was like a shirt only with a skirt and puffed sleeves lined with blue ribbons. The bottoms were like bloomers with ribbons at the hems.

Ann then remembered another question she wanted to ask.

"Who are they?" Ann asked looking curious.

Karen came over to Ann and started to undress her and put her clothes on her after checking her diaper, which was dry for now.

"Oh! Well when I say they, I mean the adoption agency. You see we are not allowed to have kids because unlike little humans, we have really long life spans. It's mainly because of the water we drink here. I'll explain our life spans later though. But you see if we all had kids, we may over populate, but since we have advanced technology, it's easier to just go to earth and pick out little humans like you."

By now Ann was dressed. Karen had turned Ann around and was brushing her hair now.

"Usually we pick people who are homeless or seem unhappy on earth and have no place to go."

"ahh I see!" Ann said.

"Is that where most of the people who disappear go?"

Karen gently finished brushing Ann's hair. She then gently turned Ann around and put a little sailor cap to match the outfit.


Karen then began straightening Ann's clothes and when she was satisfied she sat back on her knees and looked Ann over and smiled.

"My my, you are so cute!" Then she took Ann into her arms and began putting frilly socks and Mary Jane shoes on her feet.

Ann leaned her head back on Karen and smiled. Karen was very sweet and it made her feel good to be cared for.

Karen noticed Ann smiling.

"You seem very happy sweetie." She smiled warmly.

Ann nodded. Truth was she was content.

"ok sweetie, I am going to go get the stroller into the car and fix you a snack and Sippy cup and put everything in the car, and While I am gone you can play ok." Karen said gently placing her back on the floor standing.

Ann Nodded and then Karen stood up and left the room. Ann then looked around and decided she would look around the room. There were some shelves and a dollhouse and even a toy chest. Ann looked through it and found some Barbie stuff in a case and pulled it out and then put all the other stuff back. She then opened the case and saw there were some outfits, a doll brush and 4 Barbie dolls, one adult female. 2 female children and a Ken doll. Ann began to play with them. She had always loved Barbies and she missed them, it made her think of when she was little. She then found a dollhouse and she put them inside the doll house, but then Karen came back in the room.

"Ann sweetie, are you ready to go?" She walked over to Ann and saw what she was doing.

"Aw I am so happy you love the dollies we got you!" She said smiling.

"We need to go sweetie, we have a lot to do today."

Ann stood up and lifted her arms up to Karen. Karen then picked her up and held her like a mother would a child. She then carried her out to the car and to Ann it looked like a really big SUV. She strapped Ann into the backseat into a car seat made just for her size. Then Karen pulled the SUV out of their driveway to go to the hairdresser's and the doctor's appointment.

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