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Under Mommy's Control

My name is Lauren, but Baby Michael never calls me that. It is always Mommy as it should be. Im beginning to believe its my name. We started dating a couple months ago and everything was going fine. One day, he mentions to me about him wanting to wear a diaper, from here on in I will refer to them as pampers. I inquired for what reason he would want to do that because real age he is thirty-three and I am eighteen. He said because he's really not thirty-three. I was a little confused, but was able to hear him out. Instead he mentioned that he was really only eight months old. I laughed. Whatelse did he expect. I recalled later that he had mentioned wanting to be a baby when we were starting as friends, but at the point I didn't think anything of it. NOW! I realized that he was serious.

So slightly skeptical, I asked him to help me understand. He pointed me in the direction of an entire world I had no idea existed. I read and discovered all the worlds amazements. I began to see the world through a childs eyes, unjaded and completely accepting, as it should be. I immediately told him that if he wanted to be a baby sexually/unsexually that was fine because it is a mommy's role to make her baby smile. I think he was expecting acceptance to take a lot longer because he was slightly surprised when I asked where his pampers were and began to search for the baby lotion. Now my baby boy was very eager to experience his new mommy, because as i approached him with pamper and lotion he gained an erection, we call it his bipper because thats more polite.

So I slowly and tenderly rubbed my baby with lotion and gently sprinkled powder all over his groin area until his erection didn't appear to fit in the pamper. Because erections are also impolite Mommy wanted to show her baby just how bad a little boy he was. So I made Baby Michael lay on the couch on top of his pamper and I took my big purple cock out and asked the baby if he liked what Mommy had to offer. The baby was surprised, but Mommy reminded him that good babies trusted and did as their Mommies said. He reluctantly agreed, but his erection began to throb. So as a result I rammed the raw purple cock as far as it would possibly go into his tight little asshole. Baby and I were both surprised to hear the noise that escaped the Baby because it was obvious that the baby had never felt such a sensation, but he moaned instead of cried and cringed at the same time. The baby's ass muscles began to fight with me as i pushed my way in until I turned the baby over and spanked him until his asscheeks couldnt hold any longer, and again i rammed my raw cock in his ass as I listened to him breath. As we got into a rythem i told the baby to tell Mommy how much he loved he cock in his ass and that he wanted to feel this every night. He fought and begged to not say it. this only convinced me that he wanted to take more of me. So again i rammed almost the entire seven inches into his virgin asshole telling him to moan and listening to him beg

"Pweeze Mommy I Love It I want it every night, Now Stop!" with that kind of demand I plunged again with a turn of my wrist and felt him lose all control in his body. He pleaded again.

"Pweeze mommy, im sorry i love it i love it no pweeze stop." So with a final plunge and a release I stopped, but I did not releave him of this event. His purple cock remained in there and I would gently brush against every chance I got and everytime I did his face cringed and his body submitted in a shape that was begging to recieve again, so obligently I resumed the activity. only shortly because all good things must end, so with a finish I plunged and then release the poor baby, but before he could forget that he was my little baby and would remain in my control. It was beginning to get late, so I strapped the cute little pamper that i let him select for himself. (Cushies) and allowed him to nurse until his eyes closed and drifted off to sleep.

I must say Im glad he asked me to try this with him.

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