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A Love For Diapers Becomes A Week Long Punishment

I have had this love for diapers for as long as I can remember. The earliest memories of when this love for wearing diapers came from when I was punished at age 9 for messing up my underwear and trying to cover it up. I was made to wear diapers for the whole weekend and use them like a baby. These weren't ordinary diapers, they were the last of the baby diapers that were left when I became potty trained. After that I had became hooked on wanting to wearing diapers, I was just scared to say anything.

About a year later, one night I found the last 2 remaining diapers from my punishment and wanted to have that feeling again of wearing diapers. I secretly put on one of the diapers that still surprisingly fit really well. Now I have no intentions of using the diaper, I just wanted to have that feeling of wearing a diaper again. Now I still a little scared of walking through our house in the dark to go to the restroom so I asked my sister to walk with me. When I got there I found that it was difficult to pull the diaper down and use the toilet. Seeing that I was having some trouble my sister asked what was wrong and saw that I was wearing the diaper. She ask why I wearing it and I just told her the truth, that I wanted to wear a diaper again. Surprisingly she didn't make fun of me or tell my parents that I was wearing the diaper. She asked me if there was anymore and I told her where the last one was. She told me that while she was gone to retrieve it to go ahead and use the diaper I was wearing. When she returned she changed my diaper and we went to bed and the next morning she helped me out of the diaper and dispose of it and the used one before my parents found out.

After that night I was unable to wear diapers again until I was 14 when I started putting on my nephews diapers. I would hide them in my room until I could trash them. One day after school my mother picked me up from school and on the way home she told me that I had a present at home. When I got home I went to my room and found the present and opened it only to find that it was all the diapers I had taken. My mother asked me if I wanted to be a baby again and wear diapers, not only at home but also at school and everywhere else public we go. I declined because I was embarrassed.

As the years have gone on I have tried to perfect my hiding methods. I have been unsuccessful, recently having my mother find my stash of adult diapers, since I am no longer small enough for regular baby diapers, for about the tenth time and I was made to wear and use the rest of the package which lasted about 3 days.

This most recent incident was the longest punishment of all the punishments. I had finally found the perfect hiding place where my diaper stash wasn't found. I had already gone through nearly all my diapers, and had done gone 24 hrs wearing diapers without anyone finding out. Well I thought that since I could do it once I could do it again. I had done change into my diaper after my mother left the house for what I thought was the night. I had already soaked my diaper and was in the process of retrieving another when my phone rang and my mother had only gone to the store and needed help with the groceries, well I had no way of changing out of the diaper so all I could do was go help her and hope she doesn't notice. We got the groceries in and I helped put up the towels in the dryer when I noticed that my diaper was slightly bulging through my pants so I just went back to my room and got on the computer. My mother came in and we talked for a few minutes and she left, this time for the night. Phew, I dodged a major bullet there. I quickly changed into a dry diaper and my sleep clothes.

The next morning I woke up to a dry diaper, so I went about my normal routine. While eating breakfast I wet my diaper and didn't even know it. After finishing breakfast and discovering that my diaper was wet I decided to take a shower. Now if this were any other day I would just take a shower and put on another diaper, but it wasn't; we had family coming later so I just decided to wear my normal underwear. When my mother came home from work I went in to greet her and see if there was anything I could do to help for the cookout to be later in the day. She responded to my question with another question, "First thing first, does your diaper need to be changed before we get started?" I looked at her with a confused look on my face and kind of shook my head like I didn't know what she was talking about. She said "Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about, you know that you are wearing a diaper." Once again I didn't know what to say. She finally explained why she was asking; apparently at some point in the night I had come out from under the covers and my shorts had ridden up and had exposed some of my diaper and she noticed it when she had come home to get ready for work.

She asked me if I was wearing a diaper now and I told her I wasn't. She then pulled out the contents of one of the bags and handed them to me; it was a pack of those blue medical diapers that her work sells. She told me that those cloth backed diapers that I was wearing that morning were not going to be used anymore because she wants to know that I am wearing diapers by hearing them when I move. She then takes one of the diapers out of the pack and orders me to go put it on and not to put my pants back on; then she will explain the rules.

I did as I was instructed, I took the diaper and went to the bathroom and put it on. I arrived back in the kitchen wearing only a shirt and the diaper, "Well my big baby has returned" was the comment I heard. She told me to sit down which I did to the loud crinkling of the diaper to every step I made. She went on to explain that while at home with no one but herself and I there I was not to wear anything to cover up the diaper, to make it easier to see when I need a diaper change. She said that 30 min prior to the family coming over for our cookout I would be allowed to put on pants and if I need my diaper changed I was to ask her for the diaper and change the diaper in the bathroom. She told me that until that time I wasn't allowed to have any pants on and that included when I was to cook the hot dogs and burgers on the grill outside under the carport. Luckily I did not need to change my diaper changed while everyone was here. As soon as everyone left I was ordered to remove my pants. The next morning I woke up to my surprise wearing a wet diaper, I had never wet during the night before so it was a shock, but what was an even bigger surprise was the pacifier in my mouth. I took the pacifier out of my mouth and went to find the diapers so I could change when I ran into my mother.

"So how was your first night as a baby?"

"Did you love wearing your diaper and sucking on your pacifier?" I then asked for a diaper and she showed me where she was keeping them so that when I needed another one I could just get one without asking her. After changing my diaper and grabbing some breakfast my mother informed me that this would continue for a whole week and at night I was have the pacifier in my mouth just like a baby does since I was her "Big Baby". Whenever we go out in public she would carry diapers with her and when I need a change I would ask her and she would give me a diaper and I would have to walk to the restroom with the diaper in my hand for everyone to see unless we had family with us and then she would walk to the restroom with me and then had me the diaper. She did say that she would spare the embarrassment of having to drink out of a baby bottle that having to suck on a pacifier at night was enough punishment for her.

*This story was part truth and part fiction. I didn't include any names for privacy matters.

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