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This is my first attempt at a story. I will take this time to say I am a crossdresser with an interest with Infantilism, I never disclosed either of them.

I am in my mid thirty's and I have been friends with this single woman for ten years. She was smoking hot but this friendship was strictly platonic. While I was interested in bondage, forced feminization and enforced infantilism, I never told a sole. We had visited each others homes over the years and neither had a clue about the secrets we held.

One day she called my cell at work and suggested I come over after work. I agreed, it had been two weeks since I saw her. I had gotten out early so went over early. A maid answered the door and informed me that I should wait in the living room because she was with client. So I sat there and on the floor was a pair of purple plastic pants. I picked them up and began to touch them and listen to the crackle as they flexed. I was getting aroused. The maid came out and grabbed them and stated that they were one of her clients. I was puzzle cause I thought Wendy was a psychologist. I was sitting there thinking about what just happened and all the sudden started pissing myself. I said shit and them maid walked in with a grin on her face. Then Wendy walked in as the maid said to wendy: Mistress it looks like we have another baby, then a man in a business suit exited the house.

Well Brian we have a very big problem, you just pissed your pants. Do men pee there pants, I said no and that I needed to go home to change and I will see her another day. She said no you will not you pissed on my favorite chair and need to be punished. Are you ready for your spanking little boy? I am not a little boy and I will buy you a new one. You must be a little boy since men don't pee their pants. The maid assisted in draping me over wendy's knees. She held me while the maid pulled down my pants. There I was in my boxer's but hidden under there was something I didn't want her to find. She began with scolding and swat my ass, it started to sting as she swatted with an open hand. As she felt the ridges of what I was hiding. Little boy has some explaining to do. As she held tight the maid tore my boxers off and on display was a pair of pink satin panties, she then moved her hand up my back and all the sudden a twang and it stung where my bra hit my skin. You are right, you are not a little boy but rather a little girl. No more panties for my little girl. A girl who pees herself needs something different. Wendy asked the maid to take me to the special room , my mind was going wild but first we need to finish the punishment saying : Big girls use the potty, smack, smack, smack. By this time, I was crying when Wendy Told maid to take the Sissy now.

We entered the room my mouth dropped at the sight pf the oversized nursery. I tried to run but I was forced onto the changing table. I heard click as my hands were restrained. As Wendy walked in she said that now I ought to be dressed more appropriate for a sissy who pees her panties. She pulled down my panties and could see the start of an erection. Ooh somebody likes this doesn't she. She proceded to powder and diaper me in the thickest diaper ever. I couldn't close my legs. The maid handed her a pair of pink plastic panties and she put my legs into them as I was kicking. She swatted my leg and placed a huge pacifier in my mouth. I was in baby heaven. Then more items: She worked the rhumba panties over my butt. Handcuffs were off and they sat me up to put the matching dress on me.

Is the baby hungry, as I shook my head no I was escorted to the highchair where I was swatted on the behind to climb up. I did as they fastened a belt around me. A bib placed on my neck and the tray locked in place. I started kicking my legs and shifting in my seat trying move the tray. I spit out my pacifier on the floor as Wendy walked away. I called out Wendy please let me down. She ran back to me placing two fingers under my chin and said sweet baby, you will call me mommy. She walked away and I Was kicking the tray but I was still trapped. I could not believe this, I was slipping into the "baby" role and found a strong desire to have my pacifier, when all the sudden, I started crying. Mommy came over and picked it up and cleaned it with her shirt, then popped it back into my mouth. There baby, all better. The maid came over with a dish of oatmeal. It had a funny smell. Maid informed me that she is aunty. She was talking baby talk the whole time shoveling mush so fast it was getting all over my face. All done she said as mommy came over and wiped my face. They released me I played for awhile I began to crawl fast and faster when aunty blocked me right before the bathroom and said babies don't go in here and then said babies go there and pointed at my diaper. I went to stand up and fell back down because I couldn't close my legs. I went to play with my toys, when poo filled my britches. I crawled over to the coffee table where a pair of scissors were laying, so I picked them up and heard in a stern voice, Brianna no! I said noooo! Next thing I knew she took the scissors and smacked my hands real hard and I started to cry. So she fed me my bottle and was put on the floor. Then childish temptations got me again as I found a magic marker and began to draw, much like scribbles on the wall. Mommy took away my new toy, then scolded me while spanking my poo poo diaper. Well little one since you can not be trusted, you have playtime in your playpen. I played for awhile, planning my escape but no avail. I began rocking myself but my bladder cut loose regardless. Mommy walked by and remarked how it smelt like a barnyard. Shall we Change your butt. Yes we shall. All I could do is say goo goo. She smiled.

I got on the changing table and mommy pulled off my diapers and plastic pants. She discarded all my cloths. Put me in new diapers but this time put me in a onesie sleep set. There was no mistaking a baby girl dressed in pink. She put me in my crib, fed me a bottle which, I fell fast asleep. I woke up crying Mommy and auntie came running, good Morning sweety, Did you wet. I nodded, she replied with well that is what babies do. Lets get you changed. She came back with a pink disposable diaper. She changed me right in the crib. However she put my regular cloths back on me. I asked about the panties and bra, babies are not ready for those yet and handed me a plastic bag.

I went and sat in the chair and wendy came up and asked if I had fun, I said yes. Now Brian we have never shared our secrets. I am a dominatrix and I would love to share my dungeon with you, that is if you are a bad gurl, wink,wink . When you arrived my maid notice how you looked and felt the plastic pants. When she told me about it, I could not wait. I did not expect to find you in frillies, but it allowed your submissiveness to come out sooner. So Sissy, I am having a bdsm party and would love to have you come. My maid is a good friend of mine also. Most men have paid for the serviced you and my maid received. Anything for a friend. Maybe next time you can be the maid. I have a complete crossdressing room where maybe I will have the opportunity to catch you in my panty drawer. Then I can dress you as the slut you want to be and use my DD breast form and maybe give you a ride on my strap-on while you are blowing Melisa's.

She walked me to the door and swatted my pampered butt.

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After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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