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Marisa's Becomings

This is a story of how a girl became a DL. It mostly takes place in her view point.

Hi, my name is Marisa. It started when I was 17. I had never thought that it would stick with me. I'm not one of the popular, spoiled girls. I do have many friends, whom I wish I could share experience with. I have brown hair and I have an okay weight.

The story starts at a usual day of Thursday. My friends and I were planning to hang out from friday to Monday. We are on summer break, so we don't have to worry about school. The friends that me and my boyfriend Grady are hanging out with are, Matt and Amberly. My boyfriend was friends with Matt, and so we became good friends. Which then goes on for Amberly through Matt.

I spoke to the group, "So, what are we planning for the weekend."

Grady responded, "This sucks, I have a camping trip for the weekend. So I can't join you guys."

Matt responded, "That is okay, hope you have fun on your trip."

Amberly added, "So will see you at 5 pm correct."

I replied nodding, "Yes."

I was excited for this visit. I just couldn't wait. I had packed all the stuff I needed, which was just clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Soon it was 10pm at night. I usually stay awake till midnight, but I wanted a fresh start tomorrow. Miraculously, I got to sleep. Even though I was very excited.

Soon it was Friday. I woke up at 9am. Which seemed very early for me, but I continued my day as planned. I got out of bed and headed for the shower. Everyone in my house hold don't get up for at least another good 4 hours or so. I entered the bathroom used the toilet before I showered. I then entered the tub and turned on the shower. The heat was very great and refreshing. About ten minutes later, I was done. I like taking nice long warm showers in the morning.

I waltzed down to the kitchen and got some cereal. The cereal was cinnamon toast crunch, one of my favorite cereal. The taste filled my taste buds with joy. Soon it was all gone. I then went to go watch tv to pass the time. Nothing much was on, but still I watched anything that looked good.

Soon, the time reached 4:30pm, and so I got up and took my stuff into my car. On the way I said to my mom see you Monday, and she waved to me wishing me a great weekend. Amberly's house wasn't that long of a ways, but it still took me ten minutes to get there.

When I got there Matt and Amberly were standing outside. I had texted them I was entering. We had greeted and entered the house. Amberly's parents were out of town, and her siblings all went to friends houses. We talked about how each of us were doing. Matt and Amberly were being cuddly as ever. They seem very good together.

Our favorite movie was coming on at 6pm, so we got popcorn and ordered pizza to eat. The pizza arrived 15 min before the movie so we got a head start. The pizza was very tasty and quite filling. So we gave up on our popcorn plan. Instead we got drinks of our favorite soda. The movie was about to begin. This movie is so good that I can never miss a scene.

Soon we were about an hour into the movie, which was coming close to my favorite part. It was a commercial free movie which made things difficult. I soon realized, I hadn't gone since morning and adding the soda to the mix. All making me have to pee very badly, but I could not miss a part.

I knew there wouldn't be a way for me to hold it till the end, which was another hour away. I soon just told Matt and Amberly my situation.

"Um guys, I have a problem." I said very nervously.

Matt responded, "What kind of problem?"

I replied, "I have to pee very bad."

Amberly responded, "Well don't just sit here silly, get up and go to the bathroom.

"But I can't miss a part," I said.

Just in the moment of time, Matt's face lit up with an idea. I wondered what it could be. He left the room for about a few seconds. He came back dashing in with what I could not believe.

He was holding a diaper in his hand. He handed it out to me.

"Here, I think this will solve this issue." said Matt.

I replied, "Never.".

"Well then you choose, miss parts of the movie, pee your pants or go in a diaper. Don't worry, me and Amberly can keep a secret."

He was right. They are quite trust worthy as well. I had then grabbed the diaper from his hand. All I had to do was slip it on.

"Don't worry, me and Amberly won't watch you strip.". Said Matt.

There heads turned to the tv and were not one bit noticing me. My cheeks were starting to blush. I first took off my pants, then came my panties. Next I slid the diaper on. After it was nicely secured I pulled my panties and my pants over. I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect. For at least five minutes I tried to hold. I was dancing around. Soon Matt looked at me.

"Marisa, it is okay for you to wet your diaper, do not worry." said Matt.

He had given a little cute grin like the one he does when giving his girlfriend a cute look. He always gives one to her whenever they go to the bathroom together. Maybe for private reasons, but I have gotten used to it.

I soon gazed at the tv and soon forgot about my urge to pee. After a second, I felt it leak into the diaper. A warm filling started to surround my bottom. Both Matt and Amberly gave me a look of knowing what is happening. The noise level I was peeing at was high and very noticeable. Soon I had flooded the diaper and let out a sigh of relief. My face was getting redder.

Both Matt and Amberly gave me a smile and said, "feel better."

I nodded saying, "yes."

I didn't want to miss a part of the movie so I left the diaper on. The warm sensation of the urine in my diaper was disgustingly great. I felt at joy with this feeling. I had played with it for two min. Nobody noticed though.

Soon five minutes was left of the movie. I soon had the urge to poop. It was the feeling of the pizza adding into the mix of my four days of not going. I thought to myself saying "no way am I doing that.". My face started getting redder.

Soon the movie was over and I was now happy to make it to the bathroom. On my way out Amberly asked me how did it go. I responded with a usual good. Amberly came up to me and hugged me.

"It is okay and I would like to know if you wanted in my secret.". She said I replied, "Sure, what is it?"

She replied, "well, there is something I want you to do first.".

"What is it? I'll do anything to know more of you." I said She responded, "Well, I'm not sure you'll like it."

"Anything, you can tell me anything.".

She responded, "okay then, well what I want you to do is finish using your diaper, and what I mean by is for you to poop."

I looked at her with a very bright red face and responded, "okay."

She had told me that I could either do it in private or with both her and Matt in the room. I chose the way of doing it in front of them. I was standing still with my body shaking. My face was very bright red. I was very nervous that nothing had seem to come out.

Soon a minute passed and still nothing, but I still didn't try to push it out. I didn't feel like I had the strength for it. A second later I felt myself getting ready, but what came was only just a regular big fart. My face turned even more red.

"So, anything yet," asked Amberly.

I replied, "no, just gas."

A few minutes later I felt another urge, but again only another big fart came out. They looked at me again and I shook my head saying no.

"Don't, worry it will come out," said Matt.

Unsurprisingly another big fart came out. They again gave me a look, but I shook my no.

"Maybe you should lea-," matt got caught ending in mid sentence. Even though it seemed he had an idea.

He got cut off because I had felt a big urge and let out a huge wet fart. I felt the diaper bulge a bit, but only a small bit of it came out. My face was very red. I was really nervous, but for an odd reason it had felt good. Matt and Amberly had both tried to speak, but got cut off. I felt it again this time it was bigger. I let out an enormously loud fart and all of sudden, I had felt my bowels shooting into my diaper. A big bulge started to grow and soon the big turd was out. It felt amazing. I had felt like I had more so I started to push it out and multiple little farts began. I was grunting loudly and soon the rest of my bowels released. It felt even bigger, but the difference is this time. I had a loud wet fart. Followed by an odd feeling that when combined with my pushing, it had exploded out and into the diaper. The feeling was extraordinary, it was so amazing. The smell though was very bad.

"Okay, let's get you out of that stinky diaper," said Amberly.

We then proceeded to the bathroom. On the way though, she told me her secret.

"Um, it's okay that you had peed and pooped your diaper." said Amberly.

I replied, "are you sure. Where did you get the diaper."

"It is very much okay for you to go in a diaper. The reason is, is, well. The reason is that I'm wearing a diaper and both pee and poop in it. The only difference between what you did and mine is that you had held it to the maximum, and that is okay. Things like these happen. My part on the other hand is that I have a little problem with my bladder. I have been Wearing a diaper since the beginning of August last year. But my bladder is slightly recovering, there giving me to hold it in for a little bit."

I responded, "oh, wow you seem to have it bad. I'm guessing the diaper is yours. No wonder Matt is okay about things. I think he's been an influence to you, because you seemed different before you two met. How did he get to know."

She replied, "Yeah, it does sometimes stink. By that I mean on how the smell was. Just like your diaper. I am not great at changing diapers, but I can manage. When I we were in school I always wore a dress. I liked these dresses and Matt had loved me in these dresses. Especially when we had grown a much bigger bond. I tried to make it with panties when we started. I somehow knew we would end up sleeping together eventually. Although Matt was a little shy, but he has grown so much and I love him. At school I wore a diaper, I would pee in it not too many times. But what sucked was when I pooped."

"you pooped your pants at school!" I said astonished.

Amberly continued as she was changing me, "yeah, I couldn't change myself so I got changed by the nurse. It happened close to lunch time. I guess my body had sometimes already been full. I would feel a slight pressure at my bottom telling me I had to go. So I always got up and went to the nurse. By the time I made it to the nurse I had already filled my diaper. When I entered it smelled bad. The nurse knew what happened every time. It had happened only three times which was good. I went to the nurse before and felt cramps badly. She told me that I needed to have a bowel movement to feel better. Since I was wearing a diaper, she had me just go where I had stood. I had farted so much and I had soon emptied my bowels into my diaper.

"that sounds bad, but how did Matt learn," I said.

Amberly responded, "oh can I ask you something first. Instead of putting your clothes back on, would you like to wear another diaper. It allows you to go whenever you want to."

I responded, "sure, I'll wear another diaper."

"Splendid, how about wear one for the rest of the week," she responded.

"Okay," I replied.

She had finished by putting me in another diaper. I felt a little embarrassed to be in diapers again. But it seemed like an exciting new thing.

"Oh, by the way. Is it alright if Matt changes you too."

I replied, "I'm not sure, the only guy who has seen me naked is Grady so I'm not sure."

She replied, "don't worry so much. He does a better clean job then meeeeee."

"is something okay," I asked.

She replied, "yes, I'm just peeing myself."

"Oh,do you need to be changed?"I asked.

She replied, "I'm not sure, I'll have matthew check me. Back to the story though. How Matt found out was when we were going to the gym. I was of course wearing panties. I never knew how he would react to it. We driving when all of a sudden I started peeing my pants. I was stunned how Matt handled it. He took me back home and lied to my mom to cover me on why I was back early. We told her the truth and soon I wanted to tell Matt the truth. My mom changed me before we got together. Soon I was wearing a diaper again and flashed it in front of him. He looked stunned. But then he smiled at me and said that he didn't care that I was wearing a diaper.

I replied, "oh, he really is a sweet guy."

She replied, "yup, the next day I had crapped my pants

We were laughing while going back to the living. Amberly had Matt slip his fingers in her diaper. They went into the bathroom for a change.

Soon it was time for us to go to bed. We had gotten pajamas on and slipped into our sleeping bags. Matt had put a hand on Amberly's butt and kissed her good night. He asked if I needed to be changed and I said that I was dry. Amberly and me had our butts stinking out more because of our diapers. The diapers bulk was very visible.

Later in the night I felt that I needed to pee, but I thought well that is what my diaper is for. In a matter of seconds the warm liquid had spread across my bottom. Once I was done I went to sleep.

The next day I had awaken at 10am. Matt was already up, but Amberly was not. She was still sound asleep. Matt had told me to be quiet not to wake her. He was making breakfast.

"What smells delicious," I asked Matt

He responded, "bacon, pancakes, waffles and much more."

"do you always cook breakfast." I asked.

He replied, "yes, I always cook breakfast for my lady."

Soon Amberly was up, and Matt was kissing her good morning. He also slid two fingers down her pants to tell if she needed a change. From the looks of it, she needed a change. So they go into the bathroom for her change.

I hadn't realized it, but I soon would need a change. Being in a diaper didn't seem real. It seemed like something that would happen only in a dream. The feeling of the diapers saggy bottom, was quite extraordinary. I could feel it weigh a bit. It seemed fun to mess around with.

Soon I realized that I would soon add more liquid very soon. My bladder was starting to get full. I closed my eyes and let out a huge sigh. I was feeling totally relaxed, then the climax of my bladder was hit. The warmth feeling continued to spread across my legs. I could hear my own self peeing. I continued to pee and soon Matt was done changing Amberly. Matt came over to me and heard what was happening. I continued filling my whole backside. I had feared that it would leak. Soon my pee was becoming quiet. It was one long pee break that I needed to take. I let a huge sigh of relief. Matt looked at me with a smile.

"Do you need a change," Matt asked politely.

I stood up and all the weight shifted down. I nodded yes, that I needed a change. He took me into the bathroom and laid me on a mat that was the changing mat. He grabbed a new diaper and placed it gently under me. I started blushing. I was nervous about him seeing me naked. He continued by taking my pants off and took a look at my diaper. It was completely soaked. He undid the tapes and pulled down my diaper. He was able to see my privates, which was making me nervous. He placed the dirty diaper into a pail and continued wiping me clean. He then took the new diaper and firmly secured it around my bottom.

I had walked out of the bathroom and rubbed my hand on my butt to feel my new clean diaper. I couldn't believe that this was my third one. Nobody said that I couldn't use the bathroom, but I feel that for the rest of this week I will go in my pants. I walked over to the kitchen to see what food there was.

We had all sat down at the table and began eating. The food was very good. Matt was quite the chef. I wish my boyfriend could do the same. Soon we had eaten it all. We had then proceeded into the living room. Matt and Amberly handed me water to drink. I wasn't sure why but they told me that it would allow for me to wet more and easier. I of course accepted. We sat down and watched shows for three hours. By the end I had drank 17 glasses of water.

I felt pressure build in my bladder. I had relaxed back and spread my legs apart. I closed my eyes and began to relax. In a matter of seconds, warmth had spread in my diaper. It was short but felt very relieving. I soon noticed that every time I go, it feels great. I started loving being in a diaper.

Matt went to the kitchen and cooked us lunch. We had then sat at the table again and had our fun talks. I still kept drinking more and more water. We started watching tv again. Nothing seemed to be on, but still we watched tv.

It was soon five hours after we had lunch and Matt went and was preparing dinner. We again sat at the table and ate our big portions. We soon were back to the tv, but we thought of playing games. Matt left the room to go get some games.

I had felt it again, my bladder was full again. This time I didn't think about it and quickly it leaked into my diaper. I started to love the feelings again, but soon ended by other things. My stomach started feeling full and in need of empty. It soon grew quick and I knew that I had to poop. I wasn't sure to go again.

My confusion had soon ended when I heard Amberly release a huge fart. I knew that she was pooping. So I began to relax and then I raised my butt outward and began to push. My face turned red as I could feel the pressure about to explode. I had then released one big fart and Amberly looked at me and smiled. Soon I could feel it start bulging into my diaper. I released another big fart. Soon before I knew it I had pooped all I could.

Matt had came back with multiple games for us to Play. When he sat down next to Amberly he could tell what happened.

"Amberly, did you go?" Matt asked Amberly.

Amberly responded in a sweet voice cuddling into his lap, "yes dear, I went and Marisa did to.

I looked over and started blushing. Matt carried Amberly into the bathroom and I sat here for my turn. My diaper felt quite full and in need of a change. It smelled badly.

Soon Amberly walked out of the bathroom with a new clean diaper on. Matt called for me to come. I got up and went in the bathroom. I laid down on the changing mat and waited for Matt to change me. It took him a few seconds to change me.

Once he was done I got up and went back out into the living room. On the way there I felt myself throughly inspecting this new diaper that I was wearing. We all sat down on the couch and got ready to play games. The games they selected seemed very fun.

We spent four hours playing these games. Amberly and me had stayed dry for the whole time. It soon became bed time in which we all got ready and into our sleeping bags. Matt had kissed Amberly good night again. They continued to make out so I looked away to gain some sleep.

They finished quickly and got in their sleeping bags. Soon I felt another pressure build up in my bladder. I was too busy relaxing that it had leaked out into my diaper. The warmth of the spread had put me in content. I then fell asleep.

I soon woke up to the sound of Matt cooking. This time I was the last one awake. I raised up and saw Matt and Amberly cuddling with each other. Then Matt took Amberly into the bathroom for I'm guessing a change. Today I had to leave and go home in five hours. It had made me feel a little upset to realize I couldn't wear a diaper later. I got up and Matt and Amberly came out from the bathroom.

"Do you need a change Marisa," Matt said while holding Amberly at her waist. I shook my head. My diaper wasn't that wet. I knew it will get wetter soon. I wondered if I was going to continue wearing a diaper or switch back to my panties. Soon breakfast was ready and we ate it all quickly. We went back to the couch to play a game before getting ready for the day. I began to relax on the couch. I opened up my legs and felt at ease. Pressure began to build in my bladder. I soon had realized I had to go pee. This is what I completely loved about wearing a diaper. I loved the warmth and security it gave, not only that but I also didn't have to worry about bathroom breaks. I could go anytime I wanted to, and it feels good to go.

The pressure had gotten worse. I decided to stop holding it. I felt a little leak and soon slowly it started leaking all out. My diaper bulged out more. When I got up Matt looked at me and asked if I would soon need a change. I nodded and he told me to tell him when.

Soon two hours had passed and we were having allot of fun. We had soon stopped because I had let out a fart, but I didn't poop. Matt and Amberly looked over at me and I started blushing. I told them that I didn't poop. Then Matt got up and decided that it was time for us to get ready.

After we got ready Matt went to ready lunch for us. I took my diaper off and got a new one on. Quickly Matt had finished making lunch and we ate quickly and made it back to our gaming. I looked at the time and I had two hours left.

We kept playing games and soon I had a half an hour left. I felt the urge to poop. I thought that it would be a good time to go. I opened my legs and began to push. Nothing seemed to come out, until I farted. Matt and Amberly looked at me and my face turned red. They could tell what was going on. I released another big fart and it started bulging into my diaper. I sat back down and felt it mush over my butt.

Matt took me into the bathroom and got me changed. I asked him what brand Amberly wears. She wore depends, which I was also wearing. I asked if I could take a weeks worth. He took the amount and put it in my bag.

We had said our goodbyes and away I went.

When I got home, nobody was home. I put my diapers hidden and soon Grady walked in and said he wanted to surprise me. He looked so shocked when he saw me with diapers. I told him that Amberly was wearing diapers and I would tell him what happened later. He came over and hugged me and said it was ok. I felt so happy that I leaked into my diaper. He looked at me and heard me pee. He smiled and said it was ok. I asked if he would change me and he said yes, and we kissed happily.

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