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Is Ana 22 Going on 2?

Part 3

By [email protected] - (This is a work of fiction, if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to me).

Ana didn't realize she had left her camera on and Kiley had just seen her masturbate, and wet herself, needless to say she was mortified. Her towel diaper was soaked and sticky; she shifted her weight with a squish. Ana was speechless in the face of her lover and hoped she wouldn't judge her harshly.

"Well that's not exactly proper protection for a little girl. Check your front door it should have arrived by now," Kiley said. Ana wasn't sure what Kiley had in mind.

Ana stood up, her towel diaper sagging around her hips, and waddled to the front door. She opened her front door and froze. Staring back at her was a five foot tall blonde girl wearing a UPS uniform holding a package with wide eyes. Looking back at the blonde girl was a grown woman wearing a towel that sagged around with her own urine around her hips and sucking a baby pacifier. Ana turned red with embarrassment and the blonde girl was the first to react she held out the clipboard for Ana to sign. Ana signed hastily wanting the awkward situation to end quickly. She handed back the clipboard and thought the encounter was over. Before Ana could get her package her makeshift towel diaper came loose and fell from her small hips to the floor. Ana was naked in front a stranger with a pacifier in her mouth, and to make the situation worse she was losing control again. Ana wet herself peeing onto her diaper lying on the floor.

"You could use a new diaper it looks like." The blonde said giggling at the infantile woman before her.

Ana, knowing now the situation couldn't get any worse, she sighed took out her pacifier and said.

"Yah well I actually need diapers, not towels."

"Here, let me help you." The blonde girl said pushing past Ana and soon was tearing open her package.

"By the way I'm Nicole, nice to meet you Ana." Nicole soon emptied the whole packages contents onto the table in front of her.

Ana was taken aback by how quickly the girl made herself at home. She closed the door behind her and tossed the soaked towel in the hamper. Ana was stunned by the items laid out on her table; Pacifiers, cloth and disposable diapers, baby wipes, plastic pants, baby powder, lotion, bottles, and pill bottles. Nicole was busy at work in Ana's kitchen preparing her lunch. Ana stood in her living room naked, cold and wet, sucking her pacifier, confused. Nicole walked back into the living room and stood in front of a naked Ana.

Nicole leafed through the paper Ana signed.

"Ok, let's see apparently your girlfriend ordered you the standard week long baby care contract which you signed. That includes full time care; feeding, playing, socializing, changings, sexual service, and that will include strict rules as well as full incontinence. You will crawl around the house, you will do exactly as I wish, you are too wet your diapers and you can't change yourself, you may call me Nicole. Any questions? Good." Nicole said not letting Ana respond.

"Now, let's get you into a fresh diaper," Nicole said smiling. She escorted Ana to a fresh towel Nicole laid out in her living room. Ana shivered as the baby wipes touched her lips Nicole cleaned Ana's lips, ass and thighs then laid out two disposable diapers. Nicole gently rubbed baby powder and oil into Ana's thighs and diaper area. Nicole inserted a small vibrator into Ana's pussy and it instantly began stimulating her. Nicole cut slits into the first disposable diaper and taped it on. The second diaper was a thick overnight disposable diaper and it was covered in princess designs. Ana now fully diapered was fed a pill by Nicole and forced to drink a baby bottle full of formula. She hated the taste. That's the last thing she recalls as she falls asleep on the changing mat.

To be continued...

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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