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A Babies Life for Us.

My partner and I have been together for years. She is great and I am a very lucky man. A year older than me she has straight blonde hair, big blue eyes and a lovely cute bottom. Four years ago we were invited to a fancy dress party and were stuck for ideas. Ebay to the rescue. Being slightly larger myself a lot of premade costumes don't fit, but she found one that definitely would fit her, a lovely pink baby dress and nappy. She found me some nappies and a t shirt and job done! Well after a trip to the supermarket for a few dummies, bottles and wipes.

The party was an hour away and we packed our nappy bag having had good fun getting each other dressed. We laughed in the car and tried to imagine what our friends would say. As we walked in we stole the show. Batman and robin had nothing on us. Our drinks were served in our bottles and I've never had so many people pat my bottom to "check" if I needed a change! Stephanie, my girlfriend, was enjoying the attention even slipping into the role of baby allowing people to feed her a bottle!

We used the toilet despite our nappies and eventually the time came to drive home. Stephanie got in the car and I sat in the passenger seat as she drove home. I'd drunk a fair bit and needed the loo on the way home Stephanie didn't want to stop and suggested as I had a nappy on I used it. Ten minutes later and driving down a road of speed bumps I went quiet and wet my first nappy in 27 years. It felt great! Stephanie knew I was wetting and "acclaimed feels good doesn't it". Only then did I realise she was driving in a wet nappy!

We got home and waddled to the house. Stephanie suggested we stayed in our wet nappies for the night. I agreed and what followed was an amazing night. Sunday morning we stayed in bed and I wet again as the warmth spread across the front of my nappy Stephanie said she needed to poo. I couldn't have sniggered more as she ummed and arrrred about filling her nappy. Eventually She straddled me and with a very concentrated look on her face filled the disposable nappy. Well WOW its was awesome. She sat on my nappy and my squishiness and her full happy had us horny as hell.

Half and hour later we decided to change ourselves into clean nappies and spend the day as we had spent the night. I cleaned Stephanie with great care and attention. She did the same for me. For the next 4 days we used our nappies as nature needed. We drank bottle after bottle to ensure planty of nappy changes.

The party was four years ago and I can't remember the last time Stephanie and I were dry and clean at night! We've had great fun playing baby together and I let you know of some of the other times soon.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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