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Cupid - god of love, but not the babe pictured by mortals. He cuts a handsome figure with his lithe, supple, muscular body; bronzed skin; and gentle, youthful face wreathed in wild, dirty-blonde hair. His only hair is found on his head and on his pubic area. The rest of his body is smooth and hair-free, giving an almost boyish impression. His snowy wings arch gracefully from his shoulders, bending at a joint above his head and sloping gently toward his feet. Yet, despite his beauty, Cupid longed for something more - a lover. But who could serve as a lover to the god of love? Only the most beautiful of mortals. He picked up his cell phone and dialed.

"Hello?" came the answer.

"Hey, Aphrodite. It's Cupid," said he.

"Oh! Hi, Cupid! What can I do for you?"

"Would you please tell me which mortal is currently most beautiful?"

"You aren't looking to retire are you?!"

"No, I'm looking for a lover."

"Ah! Let's see...It looks like the lucky mortal is Johnathon Fisher, age 19, of New York City."

"Got it! Thanks, Aphrodite!"


Johnathon Fisher did have good looks, but that's about all he had. His intellect was average, and his skills were unremarkable. His personality was his only other asset because he was open-minded, easy-going, and agreeable. He was just starting college, so he was also broke.


Cupid was Johnathon's picture and was smitten. Johnathon had a body as well toned and supple as his, as well as a dashingly handsome face. Johnathon's body was almost as hairless as Cupid's, and his bronze was perfect.

Cupid brushed out his wings carefully and changed his diaper. He sent an assistant to Johnathon's house with a note that said "I have an opportunity for you. Come to the top floor of the Maine Street Office Complex immediately please. - Cupid."

Johnathon figured that "Cupid" was some fashion designer wanting him for a modeling gig, so he didn't hesitate to go.

When he got to the top floor, Johnathon saw the same assistant waiting at another elevator and beckoning to him. The assistant accompanied him in the elevator and hit a button labeled "C." Johnathon stepped out of the elevator into Cupid's office and stared. There stood the god of love in all his beauty.

"Johnathon Fisher," said Cupid, "welcome to Cupid's office!"

Johnathon felt himself strangely attracted to Cupid. He had thought he was straight. Could he be gay or bi? As Cupid turned to get him a chair, Johnathon saw a lump forming in the back of Cupid's diaper. Suddenly he realized that he had a partial erection.

"Now," said Cupid, "I asked you here because I need a lover, and certain rules require that my lover must be the most beautiful mortal alive. Guess what that makes you."

"The most beautiful mortal alive?" ventured Johnathon sheepishly.

"Correct!" said Cupid, "Now we can do this one of two ways: we can get to know each other and come to love each other on your terms, or I can force you to love me with one of my arrows. I prefer the first way, personally."

Johnathon felt overwhelmed.

"May I think about it?" he asked.

"Certainly," replied Cupid, "Here's my number. Call me with your decision."

Johnathon mumbled a flustered thanks and excused himself.

Once Johnathon had left, Cupid's wings drooped as did his facial expression.

"I have to have him, Andrew," he said to his assistant, "I'll give it three days before I shoot him."

Johnathon got home and rested for about an hour before he had to go to work.

"I figure," he thought, "that I can take at least until the day after tomorrow. I bet Cupid will be busy all day tomorrow, it being Valentine's Day and all."

So Johnathon didn't give Cupid another thought...until he got to work.

"Tomorrow's Valentine's Day," announced the restaurant owner, "I want all of the men wearing white wings and diapers. I don't care what else you wear, just so those two items are visible."

Johnathon knew he had a gorgeous body, so he only wore those two items. He had a backpack with spare clothes for after work, and he put a few extra diapers in there. He figured he could save on bathroom time by using the diapers.

While he was waiting tables he wet himself freely. While he was on break, he had to dump a load, so he squatted slightly and pushed. Just as the first part of the load was rushing into his diaper, his best friend walked into the break room and saw the lump forming in the seat of Johnathon's diaper.

"You're using it too?" asked his friend in disbelief.

"Yeah, Jason, it saves me bathroom time."

"What if it starts to smell?"

"Then I change it."

Jason shrugged and left. Johnathon realized that he had an erection growing, so he tried to ignore it. Every time he moved, however, the stickiness of the shit and the squishiness of the pee-soaked diaper made him harder and harder. He went to the bathroom to relieve his throbbing hard-on then changed and went on with his work.

The next day, Johnathon dialed Cupid's number.

"Hello! Cupid?"

"No, this is his assistant Andrew. May I ask who is calling?"

"Johnathon Fisher."

"Oh! Mr. Fisher! Cupid was expecting your call. Will you hold please?"




"Hi, Johnathon!"

"I've decided to give it a go, Cupid."

"Wonderful! I'll send Andrew around with the car at 6:00."


Andrew was punctual. Once Johnathon was in the car, it began to rise

"Please remove your clothes, sir," said Andrew.

"Excuse me?"

"Your clothes. It is customary on Olympus to dine in the nude."

"I see..."

As Johnathon wiggled out of his carefully chosen clothes, the car rose above the cloud line. Andrew pushed a button, and a portal opened in front of the car. Andrew drove through the portal and deposited his passenger in front of the gates of Olympus.

"Name please?" asked the attendant.

"Johnathon Fisher."

"Cupid is waiting for you in the back corner."

"Thank you."

Johnathon approached the god of love sheepishly, aware of a partial erection. Cupid stood to greet him, also naked except for his diaper.



They were both silent for far too long, then Johnathon ventured a question.

"How was Valentine's Day?"

Cupid opened up a bit on that subject, then the conversation took off. By the time dinner was over, neither of them was ready to leave. They stood to leave, however, and there was again an awkward silence. Suddenly, Cupid raised Johnathon's chin and kissed him gently. They paused. Then Johnathon kissed him back, more strongly than Cupid had kissed him. They kissed passionately then, both of their penises standing on end. Gasping, they parted, and Johnathon found Andrew waiting to take him home.


The next day, Johnathon called Jason.

"Hey man, what's up?" came Jason's voice.


"I think I'm bi," Johnathon blurted out.

Silence again. Then:

"How did you come to this conclusion?"

"You won't believe me."


"I went on a date with Cupid, now I can't stop thinking about him."

"You're kidding, right?" said Jason with a laugh.

"No," said Johnathon gravely.

"Are you high?"






"Jason? You aren't too weirded out are you?"

"Did he kiss you?"


"Did you kiss him back?"


"Did you it?"

"Not yet."

"Shock doesn't even begin to cover what I'm feeling...but okay..."

"Thanks Jason. I knew you'd understand."


"See you later!"

Johnathon hung up. Then he thought of something. He dialed the number Cupid had given him.


"Hey, Andrew? Is Cupid available?"

"Yes, please hold."

A pause.




"It's Johnathon. I have a question."


"What do I say if people ask where I was last night? I might find myself in the loony bin if I tell people I was on a date with Cupid."

"Well, the simplest solution would be to tell them it was a date, just not where or with whom."


"I was about to call you. Did you enjoy last night?"


"Are you free next week?"


So it went. Weeks of dates went by and the god and the man fell deeper in love. They even began having their date nights at their homes instead of out. One night, as they lounged on Cupid's couch in traditional Olympian attire, a.k.a. every inch of Johnathon's beautiful body exposed and Cupid naked except for his diaper, Cupid asked Johnathon a question.

"Do you have anything going on tomorrow?"

"No. Why?"

"I want you to sleep with me tonight."

The directness of Cupid's requests no longer surprised Johnathon. He grinned.


Cupid grinned too, kissed him, then pulled him up off the couch toward the bedroom.

"You don't mind working around my diaper?" Cupid asked.

"Well, actually...." began Johnathon.

Cupid's face fell.

"I you have a spare?" finished Johnathon.

Cupid stared, then he grinned even more with relief.

"I've kinda been trying them on myself," Johnathon answered his stare, "I like the feel of them, and using them makes me hard."

"In that case," said Cupid gleefully, "I certainly have a spare!"

Cupid lovingly powdered Johnathon, paying his penis special attention and probing his ass with a couple of fingers before taping up the diaper around Johnathon's sexy abs. Johnathon sat up quickly and kissed Cupid full on, shoving him to the bed in the process. Slowly, gently, hungrily, Johnathon kissed all the way up and down Cupid's perfectly sculpted body, gently teasing around his nipples, eliciting groans of pleasure from the god of love. Cupid rolled him over, and gingerly began the process of sliding his nine-inch penis up Johnathon's ass. Once be had penetration, he began moving his hips back and forth until he came. At the same time, he had been holding onto Johnathon with one hand while the other gently massaged Johnathon's already stiff penis into a throbbing eight-and-a-half-inch hard-on ready to slide right up Cupid's ass. Once Johnathon came, they fell to kissing and groping and caressing and sucking between wettings and messings for the next hour. Then they fell, with contented sighs onto their pillows and slept in each other's arms. The next morning, they changed each other, then fed each other breakfast. Half of their breakfast consisted of kisses stolen from each other's lips.

"Johnathon," began Cupid, "do you know how I came to need a diaper?"


"It happened when I became Cupid. I was chosen as the most beautiful of mortals at the time. Immortality is something like an organ in that it can be removed. However, wrapped up inside it is a person's ability to control when he pees or shits. I needed a diaper after I became immortal."

"Why couldn't you just cut around it, so to speak?"

"If a mortal's mortality is damaged at all in the process, the mortal would age so quickly he would die within five minutes."

"Oh. So, when a person becomes immortal..."

"He becomes incontinent."


"Do you know why I am telling you this?"

"No. Why?"

"I want to make you immortal."


"I want you to be my lover forever."


"You're sure?"

"I want to love you forever too."

They kissed. Then Cupid laid Johnathon gently onto a table. He sedated Johnathon, and the next thing Johnathon knew, Cupid was standing over him and his diaper was wet. All of a sudden, a warm lump of stickiness emerged into the seat of Johnathon's diaper. He kissed Cupid.

"I trust the surgery was successful, doctor?"

Cupid kissed him.

"It was."

Cupid and Johnathon lived separately for many years after, but Johnathon knew that his lack of aging would attract attention. One day he simply vanished, it seemed. He moved in with Cupid and filled his time working for his lover in the god of love's office. They had regular sex breaks throughout the work day, and after each session, Cupid would caress Johnathon's body, lean in close, and whisper in a sweet, breathy voice:

"I love you."

Then they would kiss, gently, passionately, each making the other want more but holding back after one kiss to keep the expectation for the next time.

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