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Is Ana 22 Going on 2?

Part 4

By - (This is a work of fiction, if you would like more parts to this story please send an email to me).

Ana awoke in a haze she was exhausted and she was lying on her bed. It was much later, she could tell because it was no longer daylight. Ana snapped out of her haze and remembered that she was being babied by Nicole. She sat up and looked down at her waist, she was still wearing two disposable diapers, but it appears she had been changed into a fresh set recently. She reached her hand down the front of her diapers and felt no vibrator. Her diapers were also damp she noticed, but she soon froze in shock. Ana was wetting her diaper but she had no feeling of it. She had a weak bladder before, but would only have accidents if she couldn't hold it anymore. Ana removed her hand and took in the situation. She then realized that this was what she had wanted, and Nicole had done something to her she just had to accept that there was no turning back.

When Ana finished wetting herself, she began to rub her warm diaper against her pussy. It felt good but almost as soon as she began stimulating herself she came gushing cum into her diaper. She was exhausted once again and confused.

Nicole walked into the room to check in on Ana to find her breathing heavily lying in a soiled diaper. Ana was already beyond embarrassment since Nicole had already changed her diapers before.

"What did you do to me?" Ana asked confused.

"Oh nothing, just a minor procedure that makes you hyper sensitive to sexual contact. With a minor side effect, the more you orgasm the more incontinent you become, thanks to the pills I gave you," Nicole said smiling.

"Now, come on Ana we need to get you dressed."

Nicole escorted Ana to a changing mat she had laid out and changed her into a disposable diaper with a wetness indicator on the front. Nicole changed Ana into a white button down half shirt that left her midriff exposed barely reaching past her breasts and a short school girl skirt. The skirt hugged her diapers already and they puffed out from the bottom of her skirt. Ana dressed and ready Nicole escorted her to the car and they drove off.

Nicole pulled into the mall parking lot and after finding a parking spot, they walked into the mall Nicole carrying her diaper bag. Ana's heart was beating quickly and hoped no one would notice her diaper but she was sure Nicole dressed her so provocatively to get as many to see as possible. Many onlookers stared at the diapered attractive girl. Nicole walked slowly with Ana to a few different clothing stores. Ana walked around with Nicole for an hour or two before Nicole lifted Ana's skirt to check her diaper. She was wet, but the wetness indicator was only half gone she could go without a change for a while. Nicole took Ana to a baby store and they spent an hour picking out pacifiers, bibs and blankets.

"Nicole, I'm cold," Ana said noticing her diaper was sagging and yellow between her legs. Anyone who looked at Ana would see her yellow diaper hanging out of her skirt.

"Alright let's get you changed," Nicole stated leading Ana into the nearest bathroom. Before they could reach the bathrooms a call rang out behind them.

"Ana! Ana is that you?" Ana recognized the woman's face, it was Nikki a girl she worked with. Ana quickly ducked into the bathroom with Nicole and closed the handicapped stall behind them.

"Ok, I think we lost her." Ana said as she climbed up onto the changing table. Nicole pulled out a baby bottle and placed it in Ana's mouth. Ana sucked on the bottle while Nicole went to work cleaning her. Nicole then did something Ana wasn't expecting she didn't replace the diaper she was wearing she left her only wearing her skirt to cover her nakedness.

"Aren't you going to diaper me?" Ana asked handing Nicole her empty baby bottle.

"No, if you think you're such a big girl and can drag me around then you can clearly you don't need to wear diapers." Nicole said sternly and Ana knew there was no point in arguing. They stepped out of the stall and walked out of the bathroom.

"If you need to go to the bathroom just tell me, and I'll take you."

Ana knew she was in trouble the formula she drank she knew wouldn't stay in her system long. Nicole led Ana to the food court and they got ice cream. They sat side by side at a table enjoying their treat when Nikki passed by them again.

"Ana! What are you doing here?" Nikki said sitting down at the table across from her and Nicole.

"We're just doing some shopping, I'm Nicole by the way Ana's high school friend," Nicole said not letting Ana respond.

"Oh, that's great, nice to meet you." Nikki said. The two women continued chatting while Ana sat there hoping Nikki would go away soon, when suddenly she felt Nicole's hand slide down the front of her skirt. Ana knew what was about to happen and she started to panic, but it was too late Nicole had already started rubbing her pussy. In just a few seconds Ana was leaking onto her chair from the stimulation. A few more seconds passed and much to Nikki's surprise Ana moaned loudly and came right in front of her. Ana already knew what was coming next and she tried to get up and run to the bathroom but her skirt got caught on the chair. The chair ripped off her skirt leaving her naked from the waist down and in front of half the mall patrons piss ran down her legs and a puddle began forming at her feet.

To be continued...

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