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Lost Soul

It was a snowy March night when Adriana went into labor. She was rushed to the hospital by her mother, where she was wheeled into the delivery room of the pediatric wing of the hospital. While she was giving birth, her mother called the adoption agency to tell them that she was giving birth. And, she had to get some paper work filled out that night. After 12 long hours of labor, she gave birth to a boy, named Wyatt Alexander. After she was settled into her room, the adoption agency social worker came in to get the paper work signed. The agency had found a home for Wyatt, and the adoptive parents were called. The family that took Wyatt seemed nice and loving, so the adoption agency didn't follow up with how things were going with him. For the most part they were nice, but as time went on, Wyatt's adoptive father started to beat him. Wyatt didn't have many friends, and it seemed that whenever he made a new friend, they moved away. Also, the first six or so years he would end up in the hospital for various illnesses. While in the hospital, he spent most of his time alone because there weren't many kids that were able to play with him. His family hardly ever visited him, and when, they did they didn't stay very long. He felt sad and unwanted. When he entered kindergarten, he didn't make many friends, either. He never saw the point, because they never stayed around very long. Wyatt missed many days from school because he was sick and in the hospital. His classmates didn't even bother to send a get well card, which made him feel even more unwanted. When he returned to school, he had a lot of work to make up, so he didn't have much fun. As a result of being out sick and the fact he didn't socialize, the school thought it best to keep him back a year. One day at school, he wasn't feeling good, so he went to see the school nurse. She noticed some bruises and asked him about them. He told her that his father beat him. The school nurse called a meeting with Wyatt's parents to talk about what she'd been told. His parents denied that he was ever beaten and told her that he was accident prone and the school dismissed the matter to that of a child's overactive imagination.

Being held back also caused other problems for Wyatt. His family had a religious background, so they enrolled him into Sunday school at a local church. Since he was still in kindergarten, he wasn't able to attend the regular class, even though he was old enough, which starts with the 1rst grade. Instead, he was placed in the nursery. Wyatt was six years old and wanted to do big kid things. But all he could do in the nursery was baby stuff. He didn't like the nursery school teacher because she made him take naps and treated him like a baby. One day in class, he had to go potty and asked her to open the gate so he could go downstairs to the bathroom. But she didn't open it until after he wet his pants. She then went to the classroom next door and asked that teacher to watch the nursery so that she could take Wyatt to get cleaned up. After cleaning him up, she then put him into a diaper. When church school let out, she then took Wyatt to his mother and told her about him wetting his pants but didn't tell her that she wouldn't let him go to the bathroom. He had to sit through church in his diaper, thinking that after church, he was going to be able to get out of the diaper. He was wrong. After church, his parents decided to go visit his grandmother. He spent the whole day in a diaper. He wanted to be out of it so badly. At his grandmother's house, he had to go potty again. He asked to be taken out of the diaper but was told to use the diaper. He was told that babies use diapers, and since he was in a diaper, that must make him a baby. He had no choice but to wet his diaper, and that only made him feel worse. Little did he know that this was going to be a foundation for what was to come.

As time went on when ever Wyatt could he would go to work with his mother just so he could put a diaper on. He also passed kindergarten to the first grade. First grade wasn't so bad but he still had no friends. Yet he was ok with that because if he had no friends then he couldn't be hurt by losing them. At recesses he kept to himself and played with the toys he brought. Then one day Wyatt's parents told him that they would have a new landlord and that the apartments would be remodeled starting on the first floor. The next week the carpenter came to start work on the first floor apartment Wyatt was curious so from the stairs he watched as the carpenter came and went. At most Wyatt would say hi and not much else. One day Wyatt was home from school and his mother needed someone to watch Wyatt so she asked Abe the carpenter to keep an eye on Wyatt. Abe said sure and that it wouldn't be a problem. At first Abe was nice and over time Wyatt came to trust him. Then one day while Abe was watching him and Wyatt had to go to the bathroom so Abe said instead of running up stairs to just use the first floor bathroom not wanting to run up stairs Wyatt used the first floor bathroom as he was going to the bathroom Abe came in and molested Wyatt. Wyatt was scared and was told by Wyatt not to tell anyone about what had happened and that even if he did who would take the word of a child anyway. Whenever Abe was around Wyatt would become uneasy and shy away from Abe. Then came the first day of Second grade it was ok there was a new kid in his class. His mane was Mat and the teacher assigned him his desk right next to Wyatt. At this point in time Wyatt still had no friends and was still unwilling to let other kids in. Wyatt and Mat would say hi to each other. At that point Mat didn't have any friends at his new school so he and Wyatt had something in common. They really didn't play together on the play ground as Wyatt didn't want to let other kids in and Mat really didn't know the other kids. Then one day Wyatt was playing with a toy and the playground bully started to pick on other kids including Mat so Wyatt went up to the bully and asked him to leave the other kids alone. The bully didn't like this so he threw a punch at Wyatt and missed then something happened Wyatt grabbed the bully by the neck and picked him up and slammed him into a tree right in front of the playground monitor then walked away not caring. Lucky for Wyatt he didn't get in trouble for fighting on the playground or he would get a beating when his father got home. Second grade went by but Wyatt longed to be back in diapers. But Wyatt did have a friend to play with over summer break. By Third grade Wyatt and Mat were good friends and they would play with each other at school and out of school. They shared many adventures together. But like all things it had to end because they both went on to Fourth grade and ended up in different classes. Wyatt was alone again with no friends. During that time Wyatt would play with the church rector's grandson Brent. They would do all kind of stuff together and they kina where friends but Wyatt know it was only a matter of time before Brent would go back home and that Wyatt wouldn't get to see him that much. So throughout middle school Wyatt was by himself. In fifth grade on his 12th birthday he was getting ready for another day of school when the phone rang so he answered it. It was his sister in law and she had asked to speak with Wyatt's mother and told him to tell his mother that her water just broke. Wyatt didn't know what that meant so he gave the phone to his mother and went off to school. Later that day a message was delivered to Wyatt to not walk home because his parents would be picking him up from school. When school ended he walked to where his parents always parked when they where to pick him up from school and told him that they had a surprise for him. They drove to the hospital that he had spent a lot of time as a young kid and they walked into the lobby then took the elevator to the fourth floor and down a long hall to a room. Sitting in the room was his sister in law she was holding her newborn daughter. Wyatt was told that he had a new niece and that on some weekends she would be staying at his house with her older sister. That meant that his parents would be stocking up on diapers for when she came over. The fallowing school year was a little better because Wyatt had met up with Mat again at the end of 5th grade so in 6th grade they played together. By then the school system and Wyatt's parents thought it best to have him see a counselor. So one Monday after school Wyatt's parents picked him up from school and brought him to his new counselor Judith. At first Judith wanted to talk to Wyatt's parents and sister so he had to wait outside her office until it was time for her to talk to all of them. When he got into the office he noticed a toy stuffed leopard among other toys. As time went on Judith and Wyatt would talk and play games and build models. She also recommended that Wyatt attend summer camp again and helped him get to go. Summer camp was just like he remembered it not that fun for him as he didn't like to make friends and was an outcast. The fallowing fall Wyatt and Mat advanced to the 7th grade. By then things at home where not the best his father had been laid off from his job so he told that time to further his college education. One day when Wyatt got home from school his mother called him and his older sister into the kitchen where she told them that their father was in the hospital. While going to his class Wyatt's father got sick and since the nurse was busy elsewhere the school called an ambulance. The images showed that Wyatt's father had an aneurism that was ready to blow. So he would be in the hospital for a while. One day in gym class Wyatt was doing what the other kids where doing. He jumped off the bleachers and grabbed the back of the rim for the basketball hoop and swung over to grab the rim and hang from it. But unfortunately he only grabbed with one hand and slipped and fell onto his left wrist breaking it. Mat ran and got the teachers. As Wyatt got up the teachers came over. Wyatt told them what had happened and told them that he broke his wrist but they said it was only a sprain so Wyatt walked out of class to go see the school nurse the whole way there he kept saying that his mother was going to kill him. The nurse looked at Wyatt's wrist and put it in a sling and then called Wyatt's mother at work. When his mother came to get him she went to the principal's office and the secretary called the nurse and said that Wyatt was right that his mother was going to kill him because she brought the priest. They didn't know the priest was Wyatt's mother's ride.

It was a long and painful ride to the doctor's office. Wyatt's mother had called ahead to make an appointment for him to be seen but there was still a waiting time. So he sat down and played with the toy like he always did when he was there. He first played with the sand table but that wasn't much fun because his arm hurt too much and he couldn't move the other toys. So he went and played with the toy car that too wasn't much fun. Then his name was called to be seen. The doctor looked at Wyatt's arm and felt around it and as he did this Wyatt would cringe in pain. The doctor then sent Wyatt to the x-ray department to have some x-rays taken of the arm. To Wyatt the x-rays where the most painful thing he ever had to endure as the X-ray technician was twisting his arm to get different pictures of his arm which only made his arm hurt even more. After the X-rays were done Wyatt was sent back to the pediatric department to be seen again to talk about what was going on. Wyatt was seated in an exam room. To him it was a cold brightly light and lonely place even though his mother was right there with him. The doctor finally came in to see him. He said that he had good news and bad news and asked which Wyatt preferred to hear first. Wyatt chose to hear the bad news so that the good news would make him feel better. So the doctor said that the bad news was that the arm was broken and that Wyatt would need to spend a few months in a cast. The doctor said the good news was that Wyatt did not need surgery first as the type of brake usually involved surgery before casting. It was later found out the reason that the brake wasn't as bad was that Wyatt loved to drink milk. Wyatt was then sent to a specialist to have him look at the X-rays and to cast Wyatt's arm. Little did he know that the pain he had to endure getting the X-rays was nothing compared to the pain that was in store for him when his arm was set and then casted. The specialist said that Wyatt was going to be in a cast for at least 6 weeks. The only good thing that happened while he was in the cast was that a friend had invited Wyatt to go to the Museum of Science. Wyatt liked going there he could learn and play which was fun. Wyatt only got to go there on school field trips and only for a short time so going there outside of school and for the whole day made him excited and happy. The night before Wyatt spent the night at his friend's house so that they could get an early start on the day. When it came time to go to bed Wyatt was shown to the room he would be sleeping in. It was his friend's little step sister's room. She only spent every other weekend there and this weekend she wasn't going to be there. When he got into the bed he smelled a familiar thing something he hadn't smelled in a long time baby powder but in the bed? And he also heard a sound that was also familiar. It took him a few minutes to place it but then it hit him it was a plastic sheet under the sheet. It made Wyatt fall asleep quickly and feel like a little baby again. The next morning he was woken up by his friend so that they could get ready to go. Wyatt got dressed as quick as he could. Then Wyatt and his friend went down stairs to eat and then go to the bathroom before they went to the museum. Wyatt went potty and then got into the car to head out. When they got to the museum Wyatt's friend Colin's mother said for Wyatt and Colin to meet her at the cafeteria in 4 hour to eat lunch. Wyatt and Colin ran off to have fun learning while playing. They had all kinds of fun. They first went to the exhibit on the human body and the senses then they ran off to other interactive exhibits then they met up with Colin's mother like they were told to. After lunch they and Colin's mother went to the 3-D theater in the museum. It was fun and educational. After the movie Wyatt and Colin went off to play again for a few more hours before they had to leave to go home. Wyatt was to spend that night at Colin's house too and after the previous night he was looking forward to bed time. When it was time to go to bed Wyatt hoped right in to bed and laid there the plastic sheets reminded him of a crib and about how safe and happy he was as a baby and made him want to be a baby again. As Wyatt fell asleep he wished that he was a baby again and to be back in diapers. Then next morning Colin's mom asked Wyatt how he slept all he could say was like a baby. Then she said that she was sorry about forgetting to take off the plastics sheet and how it was on there because Colin's step sister was a bed wetter. Later that day Wyatt had to go back home but was invited back to sleep over a few weeks later. But when he did the plastic sheets where gone Colin's mother said that she took them off because she knew he was coming. What was Wyatt going to say about it? Not like he could say please put the plastic sheets back on because they reminded him of when he was a baby and that he liked and wanted to be a baby that only would make him more of an outcast.

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