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I have always liked wearing diapers, why I'm not sure. I've been told they make one feel secure, cared for, and when I have a mommy to put them on me, I feel that way.

I had been working as a waiter in a big club, and a new waitress had come to work. She was a very pretty, and most of the guys all wanted to ask for a date. The guys decided since I rented a house in a good area, I should give a party, where the new girl and some of the other waitress would be invited to come.

I agreed, and the inventations were told to those we wanted to attend. By the end of the party, I was the lucky one that the new girl would give a date too. We spent the night together at my place, it was wonderfull for me. The entire day at work the next day I worried about what I called my "problem". I decided I would tell her about it at the end of the day, and invited her for drink after work, and she agreed.

I told her I had better tell her about a "problem" I've always had, before she wasted her time on me! I told her I really enjoyed wearing diapers, being treated like a baby, and I also liked wearing pretty nighties with my diapers!

To my suprise, she ashed if I wanted to go to my place where she would be happy to diapers on me, warm up a baby bottle for, and would not mind my wearing a pretty nightie either. I was with her for about a year and a half, of course she finally left me, wanting someone that did not do these things.

I enjoyed every minute with her, and hope to find another wonderful girl like her.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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