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Life is Good

It had been one of those weeks when I could not wait till it was over, but it finialy was and I could not wait to get home and put my feet up. When I walked in the the oor my wife gave me a hug and a pat on my butt and asked how her little man was? I told her I was beat and she told me to go sit down, put my feet up, relax and she would take care of everything. That sounded fine to me so I sat down, put my feet up, my head back and closed my eyes.

A little while later I felt something on my lips and opened my eyes to see my wife standing in front of me holding some of my baby stuff and putting my pacifier in my mouth. That really surprised me because she never really wanted to be part of my baby life, Oh she knew about it and put up with it but that was all.

She said that since I had been workin so hard lately she thought it was time I had a chance to relax and have something speicial thats when she told me to lay down on the floor and I noticed she had spread out a blanket and had some of my baby stuff laid out also. When I got on the floor she took all my clothes off and grabed a diaper and told me to lift my little tush. When I did she slid a diaper under me and told me to put my tush down so she could pin my diaper on me. When I did she bent over and kissed me not a short kiss but a very long kiss with lots of passion. Well as you could guess when she stopped kissing me my little man was not very little anymore and my wife noticed that and got a big smile on her face and reached for the baby oil and poured some on me then she started rubbing it in when she just stopped and stood up, I thought I must have done something wrong but when she was standing up she undid her pants and took them off and her top off and was standing infront of me naked. Thats when she said we need some grownup time first as she was saying that she was sitting down on my little man. We were both worked up so much it didnt take very long befor both of us got off. As we were laying there catching our breath my wife said that probable not very relaxing but I didnt really care. When she got up she got some baby wipes and cleaned me up then she put more baby oil and baby powder on then pinned my diaper on slid my plastic pants up stuck my pacifier back in my mouth and told me o lay there and relax she was going to get dressed and fix dinner. I laid there thinking life is good.

More later I hope.

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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