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James was only 20 when he met Shelley a 45 year old chef instructor at the local Polytechnic and head chef at one of the city's finest restaurants. He was one of her students when they started dating although they had to keep their relationship a secret. It was after graduation that James decided to move in with Shelley despite the fact that they had only been dating a couple of months.

Apart from the 25 years age difference there was something unique about James and Shelley's relationship. James was an adult baby and had been since he was fifteen although he had never been able to take his fetish to the deepest level not having anyone to be his mommy and baby him. Shelley, unbeknownst to James when the first started dating, was an adult baby/mommy. So they were really a match made in heaven. On one particular night we see shelly coming home from the restaurant to her loving baby of a boyfriend.

I was tired when I got home from work and not in the mood for James's antics. He was twenty five years younger than me and insisted on moving in with me a few weeks after we started dating. He was twenty and she stood, just less than five feet tall. Strangers often mistook him for my son and James loved playing on that fact. In fact we both loved the role playing that was all part of the excitement.

I really wasn't surprised that she greeted me wearing a large t-shirt that barely covered his diaper but I wasn't in the mood for it that evening when I got home. It was a long day at work," I said as I closed and locked the door behind me. I just want to have a drink and relax for a few minutes. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I pulled out a bottle of wine, poured myself a generous glass, then walk into the living room and sat down in my favorite chair.

James waddled into the room and came and sat on my knee. We sat together and cuddled for a bit when I heard a familiar sound. I looked down at his diaper and he was wetting himself. I watched as the front of his diaper turned yellow, and then my nostrils registered the smell of urine radiating from him. He had pissed in his diaper and needed to have it changed. I pushed him off my lap scolded him for wetting his diaper and pulled him along with me to his nursery/bedroom door and flipped the light switch. I let go of his hand and found the diaper bag. I pulled out a fresh diaper and a bottle of baby powder. I placed the items on the change table before turning to pick up James and place him on the table. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and spread his legs as I untapped his wet Luvs and brought the front of the diaper down to the floor. I lifted both his legs up with one hand bringing his butt right into my face while with the other I pulled out the wet diaper. I wiped his bottom really good. I opened up the Luvs diaper and it smelled good. I slid it under his bottom and he lowered his bottom onto it. He flinched as I wiped him between his legs. I wiped clean his genitals and suddenly he got an erection. His tiny genitalia pointed toward his bellybutton and this made me very horny as I wiped him clean. I smeared a thick layer of Desitin between his legs and I pulled the diaper up between his legs and spread it out over his abdomen. I had to pull the diaper back away to push his genitals downward before taping his diaper.

I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. The young blonde smiled and wrapped his arms around me kissed my neck and I felt myself getting wetter. At forty-five, I had no kids of my own even though I was married for ten years in my late twenties and early thirties and was glad that I courted James his young at heart personality sparked something inside me and life was never dull with him around. I picked him up and carried him to the rocking chair beside his crib. I sat down and snuggled him into my chest as we slowly rocked back and forth.

"I hungy mama I want a baba" he said.

"I have a better idea" I said, "how would you like some of mommy's milk". His eyes lit up as I said that and immediately turned his head and positioned himself so he was ready to nurse on my left tit. I lifted my breast out, held my breast with one hand and pulled his head in toward the nipple with my other. I helped him get situated so that he could get a good latch. As his lips touched my tender nipple, I thought I would cream my panties right there. He sucked greedily at my nipple. After 15 minutes I broke the rhythm of his suckling and pulled my breast from his mouth. He reluctantly let his mouth release my nipple. My nipple was elongated and red from his hard sucking, but it felt real good. I lifted him and arranged him on the other side like he had been on the left side. I helped him latch on and he began to nurse. I savored the moment and put my deflated breast back in my shirt as he sucked the remaining milk out of my other tit. When he had finished off that breast I put it away and sat him up on my lap. I patted his back for a moment or two, and he released a loud burp. We both chuckled and cuddled. I began rubbing the front of his diaper in long strokes. He began to moan and spread his legs. I undid both diapers and took his dick in my hand and stroked it up and down. I could feel the pulse running in the veins that popped out on both sides. The head of his dick turned to a dark purple. He began to moan louder and louder. I watched as his balls contracted releasing a few long ropes of cum onto his tummy, my face, and my hand. As I let go of his throbbing member, I could see it pulsate as it began to become flaccid. I said nothing wiped the cum off his belly and my face with a tissue and then I re-taped his diapers in place. I then lifted my skirt exposing my bald, glistening cunt to his eyes. I told him to go down there and lick and suck on mommy until I told him to stop. He positioned himself down there and I spread my legs wide to give him access. I spread my lips with my fingers to give him easy access. As his tongue touched my clit...I thought I was going to cum. The ecstasy grew more with each stroke of his tongue. It didn't take long for it all to cum to another wickedly strong orgasm. As he sucked my clit for all it was worth...I screamed out in pleasure. He drank and licked my juices as I shuddered to a finish.

I lifted him in my arms and carried him to his crib. I pulled the side the down laid him on the plastic covered mattress, covered him with blanket, kissed him on the cheek and pulled the side back into place before switching on a nite lite and walking out of my room the sounds of my baby asleep in my ears.

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