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Baby Erica's Potty Training

Part 1

By: - (This is for Diapered Erica from someone who wants to be friends J. This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this please send an Email)

Erica sat behind her desk at her office, working diligently on her reports. Erica was a beautiful girl in her mid twenties; she had large breasts and a tight ass with brunette hair. Erica had worn diapers all her life; she had never really been potty trained. Her parents tried, but as a child Erica had a small bladder. The result of this was a young woman in diapers with a fetish for being treated like a toddler and dressing like a schoolgirl. Erica shifted uncomfortably in her training diaper being used to the security and comfort of her extra thick diapers this was her first attempt to wear a training diaper in public. The training diaper was smaller and had the capacity of a small accident. This bearing on her mind heavily since she had forgotten her diaper bag at home.

Erica had her own office being an attorney at the law firm where she worked. She continued filling out paper work until she realized she needed to pee. She was slowly getting control over her bladder and she felt confident she would no longer be Baby Erica. She decided to head to the bathroom. Reaching the stall she pulled down her training diaper. She tried to use the bathroom but she couldn't, frustrated she walked out to wash her hands. Exiting the stall she literally walked into her boss, startled and nervously she talked to Sara briefly and Erica went back to her desk. Erica's boss was the owner of the firm, her name was Sara she was a woman who at the age of 23 she had inherited her father's law firm fresh from taking the bar. She was young ambitious with curves that could kill. Sara was despised by most of her employee's because she treated them unfairly.

Erica closed and locked her office door glad that encounter with Sara was a quick one she decided to take a break from paper work for a little alone time. She sat at her desk with a squish and a gasp. She pulled up her plaid short skirt and slipped her hand into her training diaper it was wet and a little warm. The wetness indicator was half gone and her training diaper had swollen some. Erica estimated her training diaper was only about half full and could take more. She decided she couldn't do much without another diaper to change into anyways. She decided to have a little fun not wanting to waste a warm, wet diaper. Using the internet she began to look at different Adult baby websites becoming more and more aroused. She slipped her hand into her training diapers and began masturbating at her desk. She moaned and writhed as she watched videos of AB girls touching each other's diapers. Touching herself furiously for several minutes she finally came. She relaxed in her desk chair breathing heavily. Erica stood up and realized that was a mistake, when she stood up the flood gates of her bladder opened and she began flooding her training diaper staining her skirt, soaking her training diaper through and forming a puddle at her feet.

Erica didn't know what to do she froze and prayed that she was dreaming. When the flow finally stopped her clothes were stained and it was obvious she lost control. Erica decided she would try to wait out another few hours until everyone goes home and slip out. Confident that would work she realized it would be another hour before she could even think of leaving unseen.

To be continued...

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