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I Miss Mummy

I have three children aged 11, 13 and 16 the eldest is my daughter and my two sons are the youngest. My wife passed away shortly after Georgia's 12th birthday and ever since all three have been bedwetting virtually every night. The volume of washing became just too much after a year of hoping this problem would go away. I needed a solution, I took them all to a family therapy clinic. While I think it helped them move on they still didn't stop wetting in the night.

I decided enough was enough, Georgia was coming to a really important point in her education and constantly interrupted sleep wasn't helping her grades. So i sat them all down and showed them a pack of nappies (Diapers) they were a little taken aback when they saw them but I didn't have any other way of broaching the subject. They were all completely silent looking at each other.

Georgia stood up, opened the packet and pulled one out. She examined it while the boys look on with sheer intrigue. She didn't say anything, just took the nappy and left the room the boys and I looked at each other and I said to them what do you think? All I got was silence.

Georgia opened the door to the lounge where we were all sitting and said "i can't do it, can you help me?" so we went up to her room she took off her pyjama bottoms and knickers. I didn't know where too look I hadn't seen Georgia naked since she was about four years old. She said "come on Dad, just help me" so I did. She'd already undone the nappy so I slid it under her bottom pulled the nappy through her legs and tightened the tapes around her waste.

She stood up and it was like she was two years old again. She gave me a hug and told me everything was going to be ok. Georgia went downstairs but she didn't put her pyjama bottoms back on she was just in the nappy.

She walked in the living room and the boys were both looking at the nappies Sammy had one out and was looking at it and Robbie was just watching. Georgia told Sammy to lie down, he did and she put the nappy on him. She then said Robbie it's your turn, he said "no I'm not a baby" she said to him "I'm not a baby am I, I'm wearing one, you'll sleep better if you wear one of these. Sammy's wearing one". Anyway after about five minutes she managed to convince him and she put him into the nappy.

Once they were all standing in the living room wearing their nappies they looked so cute. It took me back to when my wife was alive and the children were little.

I have tried to wean them off the nappies but they claim it helps them feel closer to their mum, i think they've become a kind of safety blanket. Now I can't take them away and I almost have three teenagers wearing nappies. The odd thing is Georgia still has sleep overs and she even gets her friends to wear nappies when they are here. All three of them come home from school and get straight into their nappies and a T-shirt and thats all they wear around the house, they eat, watch TV, play games, do homework even go in the garden in nappies. They are the happiest they have been since their mother passed away. I'm happy if they're happy and they are happy wearing nappies.

I must admit I think they look really cute in nappies and they still act like children they aren't trying to grow up too fast. The girls in Georgia's class have all got boyfriends but Georgia isn't interested in boys or relationships she's happy just being a kid. So I wonder have I accidentally discovered the key to stopping our teenage daughters growing up so fast they miss out on their entire childhood?

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