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A Trip to the Gynecologist

Every inch of my slender body shivered with the thoughts of going to see my gynecologist. Not that I hated it but I have the biggest crush on my doctor. Everything from my shoulder length red hair to my size 8 feet stood at peek attention. The biggest give away to my excitement was my 34 C breast. My nipples seemed to stand taller than the empire state building, so I decided to hide them with a piece of tape. My blue eyes were more dilated than most days but there's not much I can do about those. Dr. Emerson had the sweetest voice, always calming me. Her long black silky smooth hair always reminded me of my best friend as a child. She was quite taller than me. She was almost 6 foot even and she dwarfed me by about 6 inches.

Before my appointment I decided to clean up down below. First tho, I had to play with myself. After this I douched and shaved. I didn't want her to see anything unpleasant. After I shaved I showered and shampooed. Even tho she would not be examining my mouth I brushed twice and gargled right before leaving. I wore a modest skirt that went to my knees and the sexiest pair of panties I could find. I matched my bra to my black panties and put on a black shirt. I tied my hair into school girl style pig tails. Just before walking out the door I made a final look over and was quite pleased.

When I walked into the office it was nearly empty. Dr. Emerson keeps few clients and I was gifted to be one. She took me into the exam room instantly.

"You know I was waiting here for several are usually exactly on time. You must be slipping." She remarked. I was like a dazed deer in the head lights.

"Errrr sorry I didn't mean...." Was all I muttered before she cut me off with a loud laugh.

"Here get into your normal seat and I'll be back in a moment." So I stripped myself from the waist down. Then I jumped into the stirrups and covered myself with a blanket.

About twenty minutes passed and my bladder became quite full. Just as I was about to get up to relieve myself Dr. Emerson walked in.

"Ok let's get this thing going." She poked her head under the blanket. She inserted an instrument to look into my vaginal area and hollered "HELLO IN THERE ...THERE...THERE...THERE...THERE...THERE...THERE....." At this we both laughed quite hard. She started a full exam and noticed some redness.

"I hope you need to pee because we need to take a direct urine sample. This means a catheter.... Do you need to pee?"

"Well .... Now that you mentioned it... yes quite badly actually." She disappeared behind the corner and came back with a package of sorts.

"Ok hun this will feel a bit uncomfortable at first but there shouldn't be much pain. If there is more than a pinch you need to tell me."

"Aaaahhhhh ok....." was all I said. She began the insertion. After a few moments I felt some bad pains. This I shrugged off as the doctor lying and ignored it. She was able to get the sample she wanted, and finished her exam.

"Well this will take a day or two to process I'll call you with the results. Since this was your first catheter I want you to wear this poise pad. You might experience some issues holding urine for a few hours." At this point I blushed and followed her instructions with the pad. Got dressed and walked out into the waiting room to get discharged.

"Hey crystal I'm closing in 20 minutes and I'm getting quite hungry, are you interested in going out to chili's with me?"

"Ye that would be good, I'll be in my car listening to my music come grab me when you are ready."

"She lied to me again; she was 40 minutes in her office!!!!!" I thought to myself with a chuckle as she walked out the door. I jumped out of the car and felt an odd breeze against my skirt quite different, but I shrugged it off as nothing. She opened up her passenger door for me and offered to drive. As I was about to get in she stopped me.

"Umm hunny does your skirt feel .... Moist at all?"

"Well now that you mention it, it feels a bit breezy why"

"you pad must be full.... You leaked all over your skirt. Come on back in the office, I have something more absorbent just in case it's not your fault." At this point I started to sob.

When we walked into the office I realized I had nothing to change into. I started to sob harder now.

"Oh hun it's not your fault I told you. You shouldn't be sad."

"It's not just that I wet myself.... I have nothing else to wear *sniff sniff*"

"well if that's all then we are in luck, we can order in and you can wash your personal stuff in the washer I have here. I have some movies in the waiting room and a pair of jogging pants that just got cleaned today. You will be fine." With the she hugged me and I felt a little better. She walked me into her personal office and handed me the pair of pants. Step out of those wet cloths and I'll be right back with something more absorbent for you. She came back in and handed me a pair of slip on depends.

"These are just a precaution, you shouldn't need them but just in case. Just remember what happens in here stays in here never will anything leave these doors." Her confidence made me feel well. I know she is trust worthy.

"I'll see you in the waiting room when you are done"

A few moments later I sorta waddled out into the waiting room. Dr. Emerson did not even bat an eye at my lower waist.

"Here are the menus, what are you in the mood for?"

"Anything you want I'm never picky...."

"Well do you like seafood? I have a friend at the coast who would make a delivery for us even tho its 20 miles *giggle*"

"oh boy now that you mention it I could go for some fresh haddock and slaw" with the thought of fresh sea food running threw my head I cheered up.

"Ok ill order everything, pick out a movie and I'll be back. Do you want some tea, or some water maybe? It's all I have here right now."

"Sure I can go for a nice cup of straight green tea if you have it?"

"Hmmm I think I have some green tea with peach is that fine?"

"Of course."

About 10 minutes later she walked into the room with 2 cups of tea. We sat down to enjoy our tea and pick out a movie.

"Hmmm we have despicable me, spider man, XXX with Vin Diesel, and I think Gran Torino."

"Well if you don't mind I'd like to see despicable me, I heard it was decent."

"Not at all, I love a good child movie."

So there we were, drinking tea, watching a kid's movie, and waiting on our food. About an hour later the food arrived. When I got up with Dr. Emerson I felt quite wet. She closed the door and looked at my blushing cheeks.

"Ummmm Dr. Emerson ......"

"Just call me Jill please hun."

"Well ok ..... Jill.... I am wet again..... Can I have a new pull up?" With this tears swelled in my eyes and I looked away. She gently grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes.

"I can't allow such beautiful eyes to be filled with tears. Please it's not your fault. But this seems like this is something more serious *she wiped the tears from my eyes*. Tell me did you feel ANY pain at all when I gave you that catheter?"

"Well sorta. I thought I was like being at the dentist and them saying "this won't hurt a bit" and it does..... Is something wrong?"

"Oh hun I would never lie to you. After we eat I need to do another exam on you to make sure I didn't hurt you too much. It's possible I tore your sphincter at your bladder that might have left you incontinent.... You should have told me the moment you felt any pain."

"I'm sorry I didn't think it was serious. I will listen next time." She pointed me in the direction of the depends and told me to help myself. When I changed my pull up I was shocked to see it was completely soaked. I changed out and put on a dry one.

We sat down to the end of the movie and ate our dinners. I was quite thirsty, and had a cup of tea and 3 cups of water with my meal. She got the lobster and I got the haddock.

"Wow this taste like it was just swimming a few hours ago!" I exclaimed.

"Well yeah that about right. The place that cooks this fish gets it directly from fishermen who catch it the same day; at most the fish is one night old." We chit chatted about this and that during dinner and about an hour after the movie ended we finally finished our meals.

"Well your cloths should be ready, why don't I get cleaned up and take another look in your before you change again."

"Ok .... But I think I'll need another pull up... I can't believe I'm peeing myself like a baby." I started to cry hysterically. She just grabbed me and hugged me for a good 10 minutes while I cried on her shoulder.

She did a quick look into my vaginal area again. And she seemed sad.

"Well you had a slight infection in your bladder before today, that's why we needed the urine sample. Now the infection seemed to grow too much in just these few hours. Also as I was afraid before I did rip your sphincter. This may or may not heal. I'm gona write you a script for some meds for your infection and I'll give you some heavily absorbent "Garments" enough for 2 weeks easily while I order you more in the mail." I kinda just smacked my forehead and fell back into the seat.

"Can you show me these other "garments"?" Without a word she disappeared.

She returned moments later with her hands behind her back.

"These are called molicare super plus garments small sized. They are actually just glorified diapers I'm afraid. But the good news is they are pretty purple, I think that's your color." She showed me the diaper and I almost fainted. As she put it on me I was brought back to my days as a child. When she pulled up diaper cream I almost lost it.

"HEY! Isn't diaper cream going a tad too far?"

"No it's important to keep your vaginal area cleaned and this helps fight off diaper rash." She showed me how to put on the diaper, and adjust it to a perfect fit. Over my diaper she slipped my panties. She then helped me get into my skirt and shoes.

"I'm just gona call in this prescription; make yourself comfortable this might take some time."

I made my way back into the waiting room and lay down on the couch. Before I knew it I had fallen fast asleep. Sometime later I woke up in the arms of Jill. I was in my apartment and she was just about to lay me on my bed.

"Oh, good evening sleepy pants. I filled your prescription, and brought in 8 bags of diapers for you. And a few pull up style too just in case. Don't worry I no one noticed what they were because they are in plain brown boxes."

"Thank you very much." I muttered in a groggy voice. I felt my skirt being removed and my diaper being changed. Just before I fell back to sleep I said "I love you mommy." And I fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning around 10 am. I only remember falling asleep in Jill's office and then waking up just now. When I moved in my bed I felt my soaked diaper. I thought it was just a bad dream but this made me realize it was all the truth. Before I did anything I figured ill give Jill a call and thank her for all her help. Since this was a Saturday and I know her office didn't open till 3 I called her cell phone. From my living room I heard a phone ringing. As I got up out of my bed my diaper just broke off it was so soaked. It fell to the floor with a load THUD and I peeked threw a crack in the door so see Jill sleeping on my couch. I hung up my phone as to not wake her just yet and stared at her sleeping. Eventually I started to feel pee dripping down my leg. I ran into the bathroom to take a shower and dispose of my soaked diaper.

The shower was very warm and relaxing. While in the shower I started to play with myself, just thinking of Jill sleeping under my roof. I slipped a finger up into my vagina, and remembered Jill doing the same. With my free hand I rubbed my left nipple. Oh it felt so good. Soon I had 2 fingers in my vagina. And I had my thumb rubbing my clitoris.

"Oh Jill I love you so much please never leave!" I called out several moments later I brought myself to climax. Oh the joy it brought me was just far too good. It was so good I slumped to the floor of my shower to recover. I was able to continue with my shower and after I was feeling quite good. I got out of the shower and dried off.

After I was sure I was dried, I went and got a new diaper. I lay down on my bed and tried to put it on by myself the way Jill showed me. I slid the diaper under my butt and rested on it. I pulled the front up between my legs and put the flaps down. At this point I remembered I needed cream but I just shrugged it off. I pulled the first tape up and secured it on. I repeated this for the last 3 tapes. When I stood up it felt different but I just got dressed as normal. I made sure I put on my favorite panties so I wouldn't feel so childish. As I walked past the mirror on the way out to the living room I caught a look. The diaper was thick, and it caused me to waddle not only that the diaper was clearly visible under my skirt. I fell to my knees and just started to cry.

My sobs must have been loud enough to wake up Jill because soon she was at my door asking if everything was ok.

"NO!" I cried "these diapers are just too thick and my clothes are too small. I can see my diapers threw my skirt and everyone is gona make fun of me. I just can't do this."

"Oh come on hun they can't be that bad come out here and let me see." So I did as I was told. When I stepped out of my room she looked me over and said "well I can see what you mean, those cloths are too tight to hide your diaper. I'll tell you what; after the clinic is closed at 6 ill bring you out for some new cloths. We will get u a size or 2 bigger and dark. That should hide any of the bulk."

"Why are you being so nice to me? I appreciate it don't get me wrong but you are being just so nice to me."

"Well it's my fault you are in this situation and I plan on helping you threw this whatever the cost. Come to the clinic with me today, you can stay in my office and we can go out from there. This way I can keep an eye on you, we will dress you in a pull up before we leave and back into those diapers when we are there. The more you walk in them the less you will waddle."

"Thanks for being so nice. I hope you don't think I'm gona try to sue you or anything because I would never think of doing a vile thing like that. Please use my shower and anything you need to get ready today. I'm gona watch some TV if you need me." She helped me to my feet and gave me a big hug.

She walked into my bathroom and started my shower. I then realized I left my soaked diaper in the pail. I figured I could just take care of it later. When I was out in the living room I felt my tummy rumble and I felt very hungry. So I cooked some lunch for the both of us. Well not really cooked since I sucked at cooking, but I made ham sandwiches. When I was about finished she walked out in my spare bath robe. I kept it on the back of the door incase a friend came over.

"I hope you don't mind" she said.

"Oh not at all that's why it's there, blue is a good color on you. Here I made you a sandwich." We sat at the table and devoured our lunch; I guess she was just as hungry as I was. It was about 1:30 at this time.

"Oh" I said "I think my friend Liz left some clothes here a while back that might fit you. Let me see if I can find them. It's better than wearing the same dirty cloths again right?"

"That would be great I was gona wear my track suit in to work and wash my clothes at work but that works thanks"

When I came back from my room she was sitting on the couch watching the weather.

"Here they are, no panties or bra tho"

"That's fine I have a spare in my car just in case I left them at some ones house." She said to me with a wink. The cloths fit her fine. She went out to her car to get the underwear. When she left I decided to take care of number 2. So I slipped into my bathroom and removed my diaper. Surprisingly it was quite wet about half full. I balled it up and sat on the toilet. While I was doing my business I put both diapers and put them in a garbage bag. I noticed her dirty panties on the sink and couldn't resist. I picked them up and smelt them. Such a great smell and it turned me on so badly. *knock knock* "crystal I left my dirty clothes in there can you bring them out when you are done?"

"Yeah I sure could."

When I was finished I folded her cloths into a pile and brought them out to her.

"Well its almost time to open the clinic go get ready and meet me out in my car please."

"Sure I will be out soon." She walked to her car and I hurried to get ready. I slipped on a pull up and rushed out the door. I grabbed myself a bottle of water and locked up the apartment. She just pulled up to the front door as I walked out. I got into her car and we took off.

"So I saw your night diaper was soaked, are you still leaking badly?" I blushed "yes I'm leaking like a broken faucet. I'm not doing it on purpose I just don't feel it until its already soaked. After my shower I put on a fresh one and by the time you left to get your panties it was already half full. I think I should cut back on my fluids."

"No, you shouldn't I saw the color of your urine yesterday and if anything you can do with an extra cup each day. It should be mostly clear with a little bit yellow in it. If you dehydrate you will make your condition worst and the risk of rash down there would increase."

"I didn't know that."

We arrived at her clinic at 2:45 and no one was waiting.

"Hmm busy day today I guess? I said sarcastically.

"Actually my first appointment isn't until 3:20 that gives me time to set things up and extra in case I'm late." When we walked into the front door the light automatically went on, it startled me a bit.

"Go get into your normal seat and I'll be in to put a diaper on you shortly." I did as I was told. Also I took off my pants and noticed the pull up was almost completely wet. I guess they don't hold much.

Shortly after I got into my seat she walked in with a fresh diaper, some cream, and a bin of wipes.

"Ok let's get you cleaned up." She removed my pull up and threw it in the trash.

"Well looks like someone doesn't know how to listen, I told you always put on cream. I'm gona have to punish you for this somehow...." As she wiped me clean I started to get turned on again. She started to apply the cream quite thoroughly. She even slipped a finger up my most vagina. I let out a slight moan.

"Oh you like that don't you?" With a red face I nodded a bit. She proceeded to pleasure me. My breath became short and my muscles started to tighten. I was just about to burst when she suddenly stopped. She taped my diaper up and patted my diaper right on top of my very tender vagina.

"Well that's enough of that, consider this your punishment. Oh did you get your antibiotics this morning?"

"No I didn't know where they were or how to take them."

"Here take these 2 pills with at least 10 ounces of water." She gave me the pills and I sat up. The diaper felt so teasing against my hyper sensitive area. Every step I took turned me on but not enough to let me climax.

"Ok you can go into my office I have anything you will need in there. If you need any help just pick up the phone and dial 3. That rings all the rooms just in case." I thanked her and went into her office.

The time in her office was torture, the entire time all I could smell was her perfume. It was me so horny. On top of my earlier punishment, I was enough to drive me crazy. But I didn't want to make her mad at me again so I didn't play with myself. When the time got too lonely I decided to play some games on my android. It had only been about an hour so I knew there was another 2 ahead of me. I played every single game I had on my phone and even some new ones I found on the market. Still I had 45 minutes till she was done. I decided to take a short nap. She didn't have anything to lie on so I just used the carpet.

I woke up some time later by a kiss on my forehead.

"Wakey wakey." She was sitting on my stomach and leaning over to be face to face.

"Lets get ready for shopping shall we?" I nodded. She helped me up and we walked into my usual room. There was a diaper sitting on the seat and I realized she wanted me to go out in it.

"I can't wear that everyone will see it under my skirt!"

"Oh calm down its not gona be that bad I promise."

"No I won't do it! I won't I won't I won't!!!!!"

"What if I wear one with you? Would that make you feel better?"

"Well.... Only if I can put it on and you have to use it like me."

"Ok we have a deal. But I can't fit into your size so ill go get a medium." She came back with a bigger diaper for herself.

"Lets do you first since I can tell you are soaked. Get up into the seat."

She untapped my diaper and expertly cleaned me up with the wipes. She rolled up the wipes in the diaper, then she shot it like a basket ball and it landed in the garbage.

"Three points wooooo!" I yelled out. She slid the clean diaper under me. After I was seated on the diaper she started to play with me. She inserted a finger and massaged my clitoris. It didn't take long before I was on the brink of climax. This is when she removed her fingers and I thought she was just gona tease me again. But she didn't. I felt something new being inserted. It felt like a dildo. She finished me off with this. My back arced and all my muscles tensed. I screamed out in pleasure. I was coming in front of my secret crush. She cleaned up my love juices and finished diapering me. When she was done I still hadn't fully recovered.

"I still need a moment, thank you that was AMAZING."

"Well for a cutie like you it's my pleasure. Take your time."

Finally I was able to stand up.

"Ok it's your turn." I said. She hopped up into the seat and I removed her panties. There she was sitting in the chair like I was moments before. I started to unfold her diaper and slid it under her. She was looking at me with wanting eyes. Before I did anything else I decided to return her favor. I started to rub her vaginal area. She seemed to like this. So I went to finger her, when I stuck her with a finger she moaned with joy. I massaged her clit and she almost lost it there and then. Finally she started to tense up and I knew what was next. So I stopped.

"No please don't leave me like this I've been a good girl." She cried. So I creamed her up being careful not to let her climax. I then taped her diaper up and she almost cried. When her diaper was in place I stuck my face in her crotch. I could tell this drove her nuts. I started to rub my nose over her clit and it almost killed her. When she was about to climax I started to hell into her diaper. She climaxed into her diaper and everything was all done. I slid her panties back on over her diaper. I went up between her legs and hugged her until she was calmed down. She kissed me on the lips and said "you know, I've always had a crush on you."

"Well I've always had a crush on you too! I love you so much." I replied.

I looked at the clock, I was almost 8.

"Hey if we are going out tonight shopping we might need to get going."

"Nah I know a few places that are open 24/7 during the summer. I think we should get some dinner first. This time we can go to chili's like I wanted to last night." Both of us waddled toward the door.

"You know if you want ... you don't have to wear a diaper too... ill understands." She spanked me on the butt and said "nah don't be worried we are in this together." We shimmied out the door.

"At least take my car tonight it's still in the parking lot."

"Well if you insist but I want to put a club on my car for a bit more security." Jill wanted to drive since she knew where to go I figured it was a good idea.

We arrived at chili's at 8:30 and were seated almost instantly.

"Hun it's about time for another dose of your meds. Remember at least 10 ounces of water with it." She is keeping a good eye on me.

"Thanks, if it weren't for you id probably just forget it." I ordered a salad, a large water, and a glass of wine since I wasn't driving. Jill had roasted turkey with all the fixings and a diet coke. The entire meal was spent laughing about all sorts of different things. During the meal I finished my water and ordered another one. By the end of the meal I had consumed 2 glasses of wine and 2.5 glasses of water. She had consumed 3 glasses of diet coke. As we get up from our seats I hear "oh bill look those 2 girls you were gawking at are wearing diapers !!!!!" Jill would hear nothing of this so she walked right over to the "gentlemen."

"You bastards have something to say! Go on say something I dare you to!" Both of the men were scared so much that they just shut their mouths and cowered in their booth. She walked out of the restaurant proud but I was embarrassed some one saw my diapered bulge.

When we got into the car I started to tear up.

"Hey it's not that bad both of them were drunk off their ass and will not remember a thing." This did not help at all and I continued to cry.

"Well we can end the night now or go out for better fitting clothes. It's your choice."

"Well lets get these clothes and finish this night. But I might have a problem; my diaper is almost ready to leak."

"Oh is that all? Pssshhah my house is just around the corner we can run in for a change."

"ok id like that." The trip took a mire minutes due to luck and distance. Her house was wonderful looking. Two floors, full front yard, and very private. We pulled directly into the attached garage.

When we parked the car she brought me inside. It was huge. She brought me into the living room and had me lay down on the floor.

"oh I forgot the diaper bag I packed stay here and ill be right back." When she left back to the garage I started to get quite tired. She came back moments later.

"im realy tired, are those meds making me tired?"

"Well one of the side effects is droziness and thirst as well. If you are tired we can bunk here tonight."

"That would be nice." She then changed my diaper. This time no playing with me, I was too tired to enjoy it any ways. She carried me up stairs to her bedroom, where she laid me on her bed and tucked me in for the night. Soon after I felt her getting into her bed with me and we both fell asleep.

To be continued......

Please email me at forcedtowet@yahoo,com

Hope you all enjoy

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