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The Story of Sandra

Part 3

The next morning Astrid woke up first. She had slept very deeply and it took her some time to wake up fully. She lay there remembering the previous night and was happy to realize that Sandra was still asleep in her arms. She gave her friend a one armed hug then pulled the covers tighter around them both. It wasn't a particularly cool day, but the feeling of her friend's body cuddled tightly against hers was too wonderful to give up just yet.

She felt the need to pee and remembered changing Sandra into her diaper before bed. She gently reached down and slipped a finger into the leg opening of the diaper. True to form Sandra was very wet. Astrid turned over to look at the nightstand; she found Sandra's cell phone and opened it up to check the time. It was just after nine in the morning. She was usually up by now and felt temped to get out of bed. Just then her friend began to stir.

"Morning sissy," she said sleepily, "how'd you sleep?"

"Good morning sleepy-head. I slept well sweet heart, did my princess have sweet dreams?"

"Hmm, I dreamt that I was a baby, and you were taking care of me, it was wonderful," Sandra said sighing and smiling, her last word was followed by a yawn that Astrid thought was adorable.

Astrid repositioned herself on the bed so she was lying on her back and pulled her friend into her so that Sandra's head was on her shoulder. Laying there in the comfort of Astrid's love she noticed her friend's large breasts. She had always been a bit jealous of this particular feature, as Astrid's chest was far more developed than her own.

Sandra often went without a bra, selecting camisoles and undershirts instead as they felt less constrictive and had no problem containing the small girl's equally small breasts. She had never developed beyond an a-cup and had been teased a lot because of it in high school.

Astrid however had a pair of breasts that got more than one guy in trouble for staring. She had firm, beautifully shaped double d's that she happily flaunted nearly every day. She knew that guys couldn't keep their eyes off of her, neither could many of the girls for that matter, and she liked it that way. She wasn't built like one of those California waifs; she had grown up on the ranch and is showed. It showed in her arms, easily stronger than those of the guys who fawned over her. It showed in her long well muscled legs. She was no stick figure but that didn't bother her in the least, she knew she was sexy, and so did everyone else around her.

Astrid kissed the top of Sandra's head and smiled.

"What a good dream princess," She said lovingly, "and do you know what the best part is?" The girl did not answer, but just looked up at her friend with curiosity in her eyes.

"Your dream get's to come true today." Sandra gave Astrid a smile and wrapped her arms around her, hugging her as tightly as she could. Astrid put her arm around the girl and returned the hug.

"Well little one, a little bird told me that someone in the bed is wearing a wet diaper," Astrid teased.

"Really? I didn't know you wore diapers," her friend said in mock awe.

"Nooo, not me you silly little girl," Astrid said while turning on the girl to tickle her sides.

"You." Sandra squealed and laughed, kicking her legs until the covers had fallen off the bed exposing her wet and heavy diaper.

"Me? But I'm a big girl," Sandra said innocently when the tickling finally ended.

"Oh I know you are sweat heart, but even big girls sometimes have bed time accidents," Astrid said laying a hand on the girl's diaper.

"Let's get you out of this soggy old thing." With that she stood up and stretched, leaving Sandra lying in bed. She looked around on the floor and found the box of baby wipes. Pulling two of the out she turned back to her best friend, who was now sucking happily on her thumb.

Astrid looked around the bed and eventually found the Winnie the Pooh pacifier, it had clearly fallen out of Sandra's mouth during the night. She took Sandra's hand and pulled her thumb from her mouth, replacing it with the pacifier.

Reaching down she untapped the diaper around her friends waist and pulled the front of it down. She used the wipes to carefully clean Sandra's most private area, paying extra attention to the sensitive places between her folds.

Sandra's arousal of the night before quickly returned and she shortly found herself rolling her hips slowly against the wipe and the pressure of Astrid's fingers. Astrid decided to have some fun with her new ward and lay down in the bed beside her. She wrapped one arm around the girl's shoulders, cradling her in a strong hug. Her other hand danced over Sandra's body, stimulating her in ways she had never experienced and was absolutely loving.

Bringing her hand back to the cleft of Sandra's bare lips she slipped her finger into the hot, wet honey pot of the girl in her arms. Drawing the juices out of her she slid her finger back out and through the shallow valley of her labia. Finding the little nub at the top of Sandra's slit she allowed her finger to lightly brush against it. Hearing a short gasp from her friend she looked down and her gaze was met with fiery green eyes. Sandra was looking desperately at Astrid, silently begging for more.

Her fingers busy at their task Astrid bent her head and pulled the pacifier out of Sandra's mouth with her teeth, then kissed her powerfully; this seemed to surprise and excite the girl even more than the hand between her legs. After a moment she reciprocated the kiss. She had kissed before but nothing beyond that, it had always been with the few boys she had dated, and had never been so passionate, never so exciting. Astrid let her tongue brush her friend's lips, then enter her hot mouth. She drew back and began kissing her way down the cheek and jaw of her small friend, and continued on to her neck. She kissed and eagerly bit the soft white flesh presented to her, taking her time while using her well practiced hands to draw the girl's wetness to the surface. She pulled her hand away from its teasing to pull the girl's shirt off, then continued her way down and kissed Sandra's chest and down to her small nipples. She tickled and teased the quarter sized areolas with the tip of her tongue. Sandra giggled and moaned in equal measure, amazed at the feelings she was experiencing. She occasionally masturbated, but nothing she had done in the past could compare to what her friend was doing now.

After playing with Sandra's breast Astrid moved on and began kissing her belly, then the inside of her hips, moving slowly and deliberately toward her destination. Her fingers kept working all the time, sometimes inside, sometimes out, one at a time, then two, and back to one again. She kept Sandra's body guessing, wanting, her hips rocking and thrusting. The wet Pampers beneath her crinkling loudly, the bulk of it pressing and squishing each time her hips dropped back to the bed.

Repositioning herself Astrid used her free hand to guide Sandra's legs apart. The girl nervously spread her knees to allow Astrid the access she desired.

"Good girl," she cooed, her voice husky with desire.

Removing her hand from her friend's pussy she took hold of the girl's hips and drew herself in. As she placed her first kiss on the close cropped patch fire red hair just above Sandra's slit her nostrils were filled with the scent of her friend. The combination of baby powder, sweat, her sexual juices and the old pee from her diaper was amazing and she felt her own boxers becoming damp from her excitement.

She kissed both sides of Sandra's wet and inviting depths, tasting and savoring her sweet skin. She then let her tongue trace the line between the girl's lips, first from center to top, then down again, keeping her tongue teasingly on the surface, tickling, making her friend thrust her hips, desperately wanting more.

This was all so new to Sandra; never before had anyone been this intimate with her and the wet diaper still under her was a constant reminder of more fun to come. She tried not to giggle as Astrid's tongue tickled and teased. She was very ticklish but was really enjoying all of this and was not sure if she was allowed to giggle during something like this.

"Mmm, your awfully wet down here baby. Don't worry, your sissy will take care of it for you. Would you like that honey?" Astrid said sweetly, looking into the blazing eyes of her friend.

Sandra nodded and then gasped and moaned as Astrid's expert tongue finally wriggled its way into her, a feeling like nothing she had ever imagined. Astrid lapped deeply into her friend, hearing her breath catch she knew that the girl was loving this. She slowly drug her tongue the length of the girl's cleft until she reached her small hooded clit. She licked around the edges of it gently, just enough to stimulate her inexperienced friend without giving her more than she could handle.

Her tongue still teasing the smooth sensitive nub Astrid inserted two fingers into the slick hot opening of her little friend, enjoying the sound of the moans and the soft crinkle of the diaper just below her wrist. Sandra was rolling her hips gently, her own fingers griping a handful of sheets. She let one hand reach down and placed it on the back of Astrid's head, feeling the silky black hair perched over her. Astrid drew her head back to look at her.

"Cuddle with your tiger baby, your sissy knows what she's doing." The girl quickly pulled her hand back and grabbed her stuffed animal. Astrid smiled at her and resumed her playing. She began licking and working her fingers with greater intensity, looking up to see her best friend sweetly cuddling her toy and blushing brightly from her excitement.

Sandra's hips began moving faster, and Astrid continued her even pace, listening as the girl whimpered and moaned. She watched as Sandra suddenly began hugging hey toy very tightly, then dropped it completely, her hands flying to the bed and grabbing handfuls of sheets again. Her hips thrust forward then dropped hard onto her diaper. Her face was contorted, her eyes closed tight and her mouth wide open but she managed to let out only a series of harried whimpers.

"Good girl, let go for your sissy, what a good girl you are," Astrid said, her fingers still working inside of Sandra.

Sandra went limp all over, her body totally spent. Astrid waited until the girl was calm and breathing easily before slowly removing her fingers. She pulled the pampers out from under her friend and tossed it into the trash. Repositioning herself next to the girl she pulled her into her arms.

"Did my little girl enjoy that?" Astrid asked kissing the top of the girls head.

Sandra sighed and hugged Astrid tightly.

"That was amazing, I have never felt anything like that before."

"You've never had an orgasm before?" Astrid asked amazed.

"I have, but not like that. It's never been so intense before."

"Well I'm glad I could make my girl feel so good." They lay there for several minutes, enjoying the feeling of holding one another.

"Well little one, why don't you go get a shower, I have to take care of a couple things, then I will be back in to get you all ready for the day."

"Okay sissy," Sandra said, giving Astrid a small child-like kiss on the cheek, then smiling devilishly.

"I think I know what you want to take care of anyway."

"I don't know what you are talking about young lady. Now go take your shower, you can wait for me in here until I come for you." Sandra rolled over still hugging her friend, and dropped her feet heavily onto the floor. She bent down and gave Astrid a quick kiss, and then turned to finding a towel somewhere in her jumble of boxes. After searching a few boxes she eventually turned up a towel as well as the other items she needed for her shower. She wrapped the towel around herself and put on her shower slippers, then headed for the door.

"Hey kiddo," Astrid said getting the girl's attention, "don't make a mess."

"I could say the same to you sissy," she said with a devilish little grin. She darted out the door and narrowly avoided being hit by the stuffed tiger flying her way.

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