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Nicholes Vacation 2

When Nichole realized that they were going outside she tried to protest. She spat out her pacifier and tried to talk again nothing came out but loud babble. Karen reached down picked up the pacifier took a strap from her diaper bag and attached ot to the pacifer looked down at Nichole and said I hoped that I wouldn't have to use this. She put the pacifier back on she mouth taking the straps and fastening it to her. Nichole tried to spit it out but couldn't. Much to her horror the door opened and they went out side. They walked down the sidewalk Nichole still sniffelin through her pacifier when she realized she was wetting her diaper again. She tried again to stop it but could get it to stop. As the warmth spread through her crotch she moaned in plesure as the wettness went all over her pussy and settled in the seat of her diaper. As she finished wetting her diaper she came again into her diaper letting out a loud moan of plesure as the orgasam work through her. Karen looked down at her and smiled saying it looks like the hypnosis CDs are working great. I want you to enjoy wearing wetting and messing your diapers and from the looks of it you enjoy wetting them very much Karen cooed. Nichole couldn't believe what just happened. She was sooo turned on and didn't understand why. Why am I enjoying this so much. With those thought still in her head she noticed that they had walked into a park. There were swings a jungle gym slides and other things. Karen made her way to the sand box where she stoped and started unfastening her from the stroller. Karen picked up Nichole holding her in one hand on her hip and took her other hand and released the valve on the butt plug. The relief was instant and Nichole sighed with relief. Karen sat her in the sand box and told her to play good for mommy. Mommy Nichole though. But her train of thought when she felt herself messing her diaper. Oh no she thought I didn't even know but as the mess spread around her but she felt the waves of another orgasam coming on. She had forgot about the didlo in her pussy until it buzzed to life. It didn't take long for her to cum in her diaper for the second time in a hour she shuttered as she felt a little more pee come out of her driving her back into another orgasam filling her diaper up with more wettness. She laid back on to her back tired from the orgasams she had just experinced and enjoyed the feeling in her diaper. Just then mommy picked her up. Mommy Nichole thought why am I thinking of her as mommy. But it just felt right so she let it go. With the dildo still humming softly inside her Karen placed her back into the stroller took off her pacifier and handed her a bottle. Nichole held the bottle In her mouth until she drifted off to sleep in her stroller.

When she woke up she could tell that her diaper had been changed and that it was dry and the dildo had been removed. She laid in her crib thinking about everything. She was getting very turned on just thinking about it. She was horrified of what she had become but in her heart she knew that she loved it. All the attention she was getting the bath feeding and she even enjoyed being changed. The more she thought about it the hotter she got. She reached down to rub herself but when she did nothing happened she could feel herself rubbing herself but it wasn't doing anything for her. She didn't understand.

She used to be able to rub herself off but it wasn't working. Just then the door flew open. Nichole had forgoten about the camera that was watching her every move. Karen came in and said. Haven't I given you enough plesure without you trying to play with yourself. You know babies don't do that and I expect you not to. Just for that I'm going to make sure you cum all night long leaving you without any sleep.

Karen stormed out of the room and shut the door behind her. Nichole was scared and crying wondering what was going to happen. The door came back open and Karen was Carrying a big bag full of liquid. She got a iv stand out of the closet and set it up becide her crib.

Nichole still unable to really move Karen was able to pin her down and fasten a feeding pacifier into her mouth. Then she put mittins on her hands that had real thick padding inside them making her hands useless. She then hooked the tube running from the bag to a fitting on her pacifier and started the flow. The liquid ran slow through the pacifier not enough to fill her mouth but enough to keep her sucking on the pacifier drawing more liquid in each time she swallowed. With that Karen went to the changing table and got several diapers out of the drawer cutting slits in most of them. When she walked back to Nichole she said mommy is going to put some more diapers on her baby to keep her bed dry. I thnk that she will be wetting a lot tonight and then told her to be good or the next bag she had to drink would have somthing else in it and she wouldn't like that. Nichole let Karen put the diapers without a fuss and by the time that was over with her bag was empty. Phew she thought that's over with but Karen replaced it with another bag just like it. Karen told Nichole that she would have to drink one a hour for the rest of the night and it would be over In the morning. A look of horror came ove Nicholes face and Karen noticed. She said don't worry baby you will enjoy it for a little while. As Karen finished her sentence Nichole began to flood her diapers for the first time. She tightened up and moaned with plesure as hot pee flowed past her pussy and down around her butt and the orgasam took over as she moaned. The release was wonderful for Nichole as she shut her eyes and enjoyed the orgasam. See I told you that you would like it for now that is. Karen watched as her baby recovered fron her orgasam and gently stroked her hair and watched as nicholes diaper started swelling as Nichole released another stream of pee. She hunched her back as waves of extacy went through her body again. Such a good girl Karen said as she continued to storke her hair. Karen replaced the second empty bag with a third full one and kissed her baby on the head saying now you enjoy yourself while you can. After Karen left Nichole peed again the feeling wasn't as intence this time as it had been and she noticed the liquid tasted diffeent sweeter than the last. She had laid there for what seemed like forever peeing and cumming almost constantly. Her musles hurt from them contracting almost constantly. Karen had been in and changed her bag a couple of times so she figured it was almost morning and it would be over soon.

As that thought went through her mind her stomach cramped up and she let out a wet fart that throughly filled her diaper with soft wet mess. Again she began to orgasam and it was getting painful. For the next couple of hours she constantly wet And messed her diapers and put more and more cum in them. Just when she thought her diaper wouldn't hold anymore Karen came in. How is my little baby girl she said. I bet she is awfuly tired this morning and I also bet she needs to be changed bad. Nichole nodded yes at her wanting her wet and messy diaper changed. Karen picked her up and took her into the bathroom and laid her on a mat on the floor and began to remove her full diaper.

She untaped the tapes and pulled the soiled diapers back Karen teasingly said peew. Your a stinky baby. Nichole blushed at the comment but didn't try to say anything. She has gotten used to not talking throughout the days. Karen picked her up and stood her in the shower while continuing to hold on to her. Nichole noticed how week her legs still were she tried her hardest to stand up on her own but knew that she couldn't. As Karen sprayed her off thoughly to remove the mess that had become her bottom after all night Nichole had time to think. I'm compelty helpless. I can't walk can't talk and I can't even feed myself. I have to wear diapers because because I'll wet and mess my pants I can't do anything. She began to cry and Karen noticed.

What's wrong baby girl Karen said as she picked her up out of the tub.

Keren held her baby in her arms and huged her tightly. It's ok she said softly into her ear while rubbing her back. There's no reason to cry. Nichole burried her face into Karens shoulder sobbing quietly.

Karen took her into the nusery and laid her onto the changing table and straped her in. Karen tickled her and Nichole started to stop crying and giggle. Karen stopes tickling her and gets a big thick disposable diaper and lays under her. She applys a thick layer of diaper rash cream all over her. Making sure she didn't miss a spot.

She then put a generous amount of baby powder or her and pulled the diaper up Into place and taped it tightly. She then walked over to the closet and started going through the clothes to find her baby somthing to wear.

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