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When I was 7 I remember becoming interested in wearing diapers. Not using diapers, but wearing them again. The strange thing was that I wanted to wear the most embarrassing diapers there were. And since I was a boy, wearing girl diapers were more attractive to me. I can remember asking my cousin Jacob to get me some of his sisters diapers for me. When he asked why I wanted them I told him that they were to pull a prank on our mutual friend timmy. He believed it and he managed to get me a whole pack of his sisters pink princess diapers. As soon as they were in my hands I took them and didn't say a word as Jacob wondered why I ran off without saying another word to him as I was running to my house to try them on. It was November and I had my jacket on so I used said jacket to cover the diapers so my mom couldn't see them.

"Your back all ready? I thought you were going to play at your cousins house till dinner. Its only 11:00am?" I quickly made up an excuse why I was back, but I didn't put much effort into it since I was so focused on the diapers I was about to put on. I went into the study's closet because I shared a room with my sister and as soon as I go into our room she always wants me to play with her toys. At that time I didn't need her to be around me. If I was in the study where no toys are allowed to be she wouldn't go in there. As I was closing the sliding doors of the closet behind me I pulled the chain that turned on the light so I could examine the diapers more closely. I opened the plastic wrapping and pulled out a random diaper. It had a picture of snow white on the front and on the back it had designs of little woodland creatures on it. I wanted to wear the diaper that the kid was wearing on front of all the princesses on the front and the flowers on the back. I pulled out many diapers till I found the one I wanted. I then got nervous about what I about to do. I thought for a moment and I decided that I was going to go to the bathroom to get some baby powder that my mom has when she baby sits for my cousins or other kids. I ran out of the study and across the hall into the bathroom and quickly got the powder and ran back. While running back it occurred to me to hide the powder, but I was only a few feet away from the closet again so I didn't bother trying anymore. I closed the doors again and I said to myself in a low voice. How do I put a diaper on myself? A voice came from outside of the door. It was my sister's voice.

"Mom Adam needs help to put a diaper on himself can you give him a hand?"

Chapter 2

There was a wave of terror that came over me in that moment. A silence that filled the house.

"Mom? Could you help him with his diaper? For some reason I didn't stop her from yelling it either times. She said it in a way that sounded like she wanted me to get help to do something. She was only 4 going on 5 in 2 months. So she only had good intentions so she wasn't mean about it. The closet door opened and there was my mom and my sister looking at me staring at the wall holding baby powder and a pack of princess diapers.

"You were right, he needs help doesn't he?" after 2 days of my mom talking to my aunt my cousins and someone on the phone my mom talked to me. She asked me why I was about to put a diaper on myself and she wouldn't get mad no matter what I was going to tell her. I then told her that for some reason I wanted to wear diapers and I didn't know why I wanted to. She then asked me why I got girl diapers when I was a boy. I then told her that for some reason I found the girl diapers to be more pretty then boy diapers. She then kissed me on the head and said, "thank you for telling me the truth. I gotta make a call and I will be right back with you." after about thirty minuets my mom called me to the house.

"We are going to the doctors office adam."

"Why, what's wrong?"

"Nothing at all. Do you remember Dr. jenkins, the man you talked to when your father went away?"


"Well he said that he would like to talk to you for a little bit and to hear about how you feel about diapers."

I decided that it would be best not to talk to mom about this or make things more complicated before they had to be. When we got to Dr. jenkins office we didn't have to wait very long. The lady at the front desk waved her hand indicating that we could go in. inside mr jenkins was finishing up a call and said to us in a happy tone.

"Helllo guys, how are you feeling today?"

My mother looked to me and I said I felt fine. For a while he asked me the same questions my mom asked my that morning and I told him the exact things I told my mom. He then wrote what I said down and after that he typed some things into his computer with the occasional click of the mouse. After all the questions were done he then asked me to go into the bathroom and sit on the table and to wait for my mom. After 15 minuets passed the lady from the front desk came in holding a pack of the diapers I got from Jacob.

Chapter 3

I had so many questions going around in my head, but none of them were answered... yet.

She said to me,

"my name is liz and I heard you had trouble putting on these. No could you do me a favor and let me help you into one of these?"

She was so pretty and I did like those diapers.

I said, "yes please"

She then very gently took off my shirt and she asked me to lay back. I didn't want her to not like me so I did. She then said, "no this may feel like a bad thing and if you want I can have your mother come in here and do this for you." for some reason I got nervous and I asked if my mom could be in the room, but she could still do it. She smiled and knocked on the door. My mother came in and she stood behind my head so I looked up at her while I was on the table. The lady then un buttoned my pants and slowly pulled down my zipper. Then next she pulled my pants down and my barney undies were showing I started to move, but my mom held down my sholders. The next thing I did was to cross my legs. She then said,

"its okay I like barney too. I think its cute you still wear barney under wear."

For some reason I wanted her to see my undies some more, but then almost as quick as a flash she pulled my underwear off. She said,

"I will take these and for them I will give you these diapers to wear. Does that sound good?"

For some reason I laughed, but quickly pulled back and said yes. This caused her and my mom to laugh. My mom then grabbed my feet and pulled them in different directions in the air. This made it so the lady could see my penis and my butt. She then pulled out the baby powder that I got from the bathroom a couple of days ago. There is no doubt that mom brought all this stuff with her. The women then put on some latex gloves and put a bunch of powder on my crotch and butt. She then rubbed her hands all over my butt trying to get the powder all over my diaper area. She then started to massage my penis it was only for an instant she did, but for that instant it felt great and I never wanted it to stop. Then she pulled out the diapers and pulled out the one with snow white on it.

"can I have the one with all the princesses on them?" I asked.

The lady then said,

"sure you can baby."

her expression changed immediately, but I didn't know why. I said thank you and she smiled and searched for the one I wanted.

Chapter 4

My mother then took my feet and brought them together and lifted my feet high into the air. My butt went up and I could feel the ladys breath tickle my butt. I then tried to pull my butt away from her face and this caused me to thrust my penis twords my moms face. She then said.

"yes you got a cute wee wee, but I don't want it my face baby, lets make it relax." I then lowered my butt on the table and I heard that wonderful crinkely noise that only a diaper could produce. My mother then spread my legs again and I looked down to see the pink diaper swallowing my crotch. Each time she folded the tapes over I could hear a symphony of crinkels I then felt the diaper tighten itself so that it was as if it was a creature was hugging only my lower body and it was soft and ticklish. My mother the sat me up and she asked me if I wanted to see it in the mirror. I said yes. I walked out of the bathroom into the office with Dr. jenkins sitting at his desk finishing up some papers on his desk. He looked up and smiled. He asked how did I feel? I smiled and said I felt really good. He then show us the mirror and I giggled when I saw myself and I then turned around so I could see the design on the back. My mom said that the diaper fitted right. The docter then told my mom that he wanted me to wear the diaper any where and everywhere I wanted to. He then told me that if I wanted to I could wear just diapers, but if I did I would have to go to a special school so I wouldn't get in trouble, but I could only go to the school after a week of wearing them with clothes on at the regular school. He then told me if I wanted to I could use the diapers, but I had to tell my mom or my teachers to change me. He asked did I want to change myself or if I wanted others to change me. I said I felt more adorable if someone else changed me. He nodded his head and looked at mom. I asked if I could wear my socks and sneakers. My mom asked if I wanted my other clothes too. I said I wanted to walk home like this. In my mind I was living the dream. Something that I could never do before and now I got what I wanted. I didn't even care that on the way home all my friends saw me holding my moms hand in nothing but my socks, sneakers and a pink diaper. Four houses before we got home we ran into a girl I like from school I blushed and hid a little behind my moms arm, but I knew she could see me and my diaper.

"Adam how are you doing? I saw you wearing that diaper and I wanted to know if you wanted any other baby things? I brought over a purple pacifier I bought with my allowance for playing house with for the baby, but no one wanted to be the baby. Do you want it?"

I said yes please and grabbed the package and handed it to my mom she then handed it to me, but I opened my mouth so she could put it in my mouth. She did.

"You make a great baby adam"

Said my crush.

"I love you and I would like to play house with you."

I blushed and looked at her innocently.

"I will always play house with you. Make sure you wear those diapers when you do. Okay I love you bye."

"you are full of confidence since you got those diapers. This turned out to be a good thing."

Said my mommy.

Chapter 5

After the weekend I had wet my bed both nights and on Saturday I wet myself on accident at 3:00 pm. My mommy then did the routine of diapering me, but this time she had my sister over to watch. My sister then asked,

"Why is adam wearing a diaper to school?"

"Because He wants to wear the diapers and we love him so we will put him in girly diapers like he wants right baby?" I then said yes mommy. She then stopped rolling up my princess jasmine diaper and said,

"You want to call me mommy? That is so cute I love it."

she then rubbed some vaselline on my penis and yet again for that brief moment I didn't want that feeling to go away. My mommy must of felt me get hard so she stopped and said,

"you do that to yourself later, im not doing that for you."

She then put me in some pants that she made for me that had buttons in the crotch so my teacher could get to my diaper much more easily. My back pack was so full that I had to carry my diapers under my arm. I was excited to show off my new diapers off to my class mates.


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