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Baby Jamie's Spring Break

Part 1

Jamie was a typical 18 year girl living in a small town of New Castle, NC. Her family didn't ever have much money because her mom was a waitress at the local diner and her father left when she was only 6 years old.

Jamie was tall and slender, with long curly brown hair and stunning bright green eyes to round it all off. She was a senior at her high school, and she was very popular among almost everybody. She missed out on a beach trip with all of her peers, but she didn't want that stopping her from having a good Spring Break... but her mother had something planned for her.

"JAMIE", her mother yelled.

"GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW". It was only 8:00AM on the first day of break.

Jamie came running down the stairs, not sure why she was being summoned this early in the morning. Still half asleep from the night before, she managed to work up "Yea".

"Do you have anything you'd like to tell me? About something you may have been doing behind my back recently", Her mom asked.


"YOU'VE BEEN GOING OUT AND DRINKING WITH ALL OF YOUR TRASHY FRIENDS!!! Your teacher's have been calling about your lack of attentiveness, and your grades have reflected this, AND I HAVE BEEN WORKING TOO HARD FOR YOU TO RUIN YOUR LIFE TOO".

Jamie began to argue but quickly stopped herself because usually would do no good to argue with her mother about things like this. She decided she would see what her punishment would be.

"As your punishment missy, I will be treating you as a baby the entire week. Maybe this will put things in perspective for you, and maybe you will realize that you are too young to be doing this", she continued.

"Starting now I will be feeding you bottles of baby formula, diapering you, and treating you as the baby you are".

"This is completely unfair", Jamie shockingly protested.

But before she could object, her mother quickly stuffed a pacifier in her mouth and said, "First rule, no talking! And if you disobey me, then it will result in a severe spanking."

(Jamie didn't want to be treated like an infant but she that if she didn't comply, that she would get spanked until she cried and STILL be treated like a baby.)

Her mother left the room briefly and returned with a bottle, and one large pink baby diaper with princesses on the front and back.

"JAMIE LAY DOWN", her mother demanded.

Jamie quickly did so because she didn't want to make her mother angry.

Her mother began to undress her new baby daughter. First she took Jamie's night shirt off, and unhooked her bra. Then, she pulled Jamie's shorts off along with her big girl panties, leaving her fully exposed to her mother. She then powdered Jamie's well shaved pubic region. She then slid a Size 7 Pampers underneath her daughter, but before she closed the diaper she inserted a suppository into Jamie's bottom, making Jamie squeal.

"I'm sorry honey, but that will help you to use your diaper." Her mother said, just before taping up her daughter's diaper.

After she was diapered, Jamie was given 5 rules for which she must obey this upcoming week.

· Rule #1- No talking

· Rule #2-No going to the bathroom

· Rule #3-No changing yourself

· Rule #4- No covering your diaper

· Rule #5- No complaining

Next, Jamie was given a pink shirt that said 'MOMMA'S LITTLE STINKER' on it. This was ironic because at the moment Jamie had felt the suppository starting to work. She had felt her tummy starting to rumble, and she started feeling the pressure build in her lower abdomen.

Her mother had noticed that her daughter was straining, so she decided after a few minutes that she would help her daughter relieve herself. She went over to her daughter (who was now on her feet), took her to the corner of the room and began to gently push on her stomach, which began to intensify the pressure for Jamie.

Jamie's mom began pressing harder and harder until Jamie just couldn't hold it any longer, so she began squatting down a letting the mess fill her diaper. Her mom pulled the diaper tightly to Jamie's rear so that her poop didn't start leaking out. Soon a bulge began to form in the seat of her diaper.

Jamie was mortified. Here she was 18 years old wearing nothing but a shirt, pacifier, and now a poopy diaper.

"PEEWWW", her mother said. I've got a really messy baby, don't I? I will change your diaper right after you've had your bottle".

Right then Jamie broke out into tears and started to weep. Not only because she just messed her diaper, but because she was also wetting herself too.

Her mother tried consoling her daughter, "awww, it's okay Jamie. That's what the diapers are for".

But her mother just picked her up and sat her down in her old high chair, smashing the poop up against her bum. She then gave Jamie a bottle of formula and said "This will make you feel better honey". She then proceeded to replace her pacifier with the nipple of the bottle and instructed Jamie to drink it all up.

After she was done she picked her daughter up and carried her to the living room and placed her on a towel. She then went to the back and pulled out a big box of Jamie's diapers and a container of wipes.

She then moved over to Jamie with the rest of the supplies and got on her knees like a mother about to change her baby's diaper.

But before changing Jamie's diaper, she lifted her legs straight into the air and spanked her butt, pushing her mess into every crack of her body. Jamie soon began to cry again, resulting in her mother giving her the pacifier back.

Her mother then proceeded with the diaper change. She the untapped her daughter's wet and messy diaper, filling the room with the stench of a very dirty diaper. But it didn't faze her a bit. She continued to wipe Jamie's poop covered butt, and she then repowered her and put a fresh diaper on her new baby. Then she said in a cheerful, motherly voice "All done".

Jamie felt much better now she had new diaper on, and she then stood up and gave her mother a big hug. Her mother asked, "What's that for".

"Because I love you", Jamie Replied.

"Aww... I love you too, Jamie", her mom said. She then taped up and handed Jamie her old diaper and asked her to throw it away. Jamie then turned around and waddled to the trash can. When Jamie returned, her mom patted her on her diapered bottom and said "Now watch some cartoons while I clean and if you're good, we can go to the park later".

To be continued...

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