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Life changed for me when I was nine. We just moved from Florida to Washington State because my dad got orders from the Air Force. Right after we moved he got new orders to go overseas for two years. After he left my mom took a job to keep her busy. Her first day for work and my daycare was going to be Monday. Monday we got up late and had to rush to get ready. We arrived at a house that was being used as a daycare and met Ms Rachel. There was a mistake with my application. Ms Rachel explained that the daycare was for babies only. They planned and bought supplies thinking I was a baby. My mom said she'd reimburse them but she really needed to get to her new job. (1st day) Ms Rachel agreed to watch me just for today. My mom thanked her and gave me a kiss and rushed out the door. This is how I started going to baby daycare.

My first day at daycare wasn't going good. Ms Rachel looked at me and said she'd show me around. The main room had six cribs against the walls with small cubical next to them. A changing area was on one small wall and a rocking recliner was in the corner. She showed me one crib and cubical with my name on it. She said normally this is where you and your stuff would go. So I put my jacket in the cubical. I saw a stack of diaper on the shelf near the changing table also with my name on them. Ms Rachel said jokingly that the diapers would fit me since I had a small frame, but I was a big boy. Really this peeked me interest, as I gave the diapers another look. I did bring a book so I sat down and read some as parents dropped off babies. Ms Rachel calls her partner and explained about me and asked her to bring me some stuff to color. I read my book and watched Ms Rachel take care of the babies. I went to the bathroom and Ms Rachel asks me to take a trash bag filled with diapers out the back door to the dumpster. I was glad to help, but when I was walking down the steps I tripped over my shoe laces and landed in a small puddle and skinned the palm up. I threw the diapers away and went inside. Ms Rachel saw my pants all wet and my hand. She took me to the bathroom and started washing my hand as I explained what happened. She put a band-aid on my hand. She asked me to take me pants off since they were wet. Even my undies were wet so they came off to and she dried me with a towel. She picked me up and sat me on the changing table and told me to stay while she checked one of the crying babies. Ms Rachel brought the baby over to the changing table and started to change its diaper. She reached for its diaper from the shelf, but stopped and looked at me then the stack of diapers with my name on it. Ms Rachel continued changing the babies diaper but said to me that she can let me wear a diaper till my cloths are dried. I agreed and after she was done with the baby she returned to the changing table and took a diaper from my stack. She laid me down and removed the towel and proceeded to put a diaper on me. It didn't take her long to powder me and tape the diaper up. Ms Rachel asked if I was ok and I gave a nice smile and happily said yes maam.

As I was feeling my diaper Ms Rachel said she needed to find me to eat unless formula that she bought for me would be ok, I said why not. She helped me into my crib and went and fixed some formula. She can back and said she thought I wouldn't mind if it was in a bottle. I smiled as she held it to my lips that quickly parted taking the nipple into my mouth. She raised the side of my crib. I was hungry but was surprised that the one bottle filled me up. I laid there with sucking on the bottle and I started getting tired so I sat up and wound the mobile hanging over my bed. I watch the cars go round and round and drifted off t o sleep. I awoke to one of the babies crying and opened my eyes to see a lady changing it. I asked where Ms Rachel was and the lady said she stepped out for her lunch and she was Ms Linda. I said oh you're the one who messed up on the application. Ms Linda put the baby back in his crib and gave him his Passy.


"How so" she asked, she reached on my cubical and pulled out a clip board. I said my name was put on another application and other stuff on the app wasn't right and Ms Rachel only take babies. She looked at me and said looks like you're a baby. In a diaper, crib and an empty bottle of formula you're a baby. I started to cry as I told her my story and she picked me up and told me Ms Rachel told her everything and it will be ok she was just playing with me. She gave me a hug and when she did something happened. I started to pee. I sprung up, with horror on my face and looked at her who now could feel the warmth coming through my diaper. Ms Linda saw what was happening and said it was ok and put me down and she would change me after I finished. Ms Linda checked the other babies as I finished peeing. Ms Rachel came in carrying my clothes. Looking at my wet diaper she said I look like your clothes are done just in time. As Ms Linda changed one of the babies Ms Rachel put my shirt on me and then laid me down in my crib. She got couple wipes from the changing table and untapped my diaper and cleaned me off. She position my underwear's leg hole to go over my feet. I quietly said "Ms Rachel". She replied "yes my dear" in a voice barely over a whisper I asked if I had to wear those.

"Your underwear?" she asked I nodded yes and looking at the self with the diapers. She pulled my underwear off my leg and folded them and placed then it to my cubical and asked Ms Linda for one of my diapers. In no time I was rediapered. Ms Rachel said that I would need to change back into my underwear and pant at 5 before my mom would be here to pick me up. I agreed, not wanting my mom to see me in a diaper not knowing how she would react. Ms Rachel told me to wait in my crib while she would bring me some water and an activity book and crayons. I sucked on the bottle as I worked on the activity book. I felt my bladder getting full but I held it not knowing if it would be ok to wet the diaper, but after Ms Linda came over and stuck a finger in my diaper and said she was just checking I knew it would be ok. The warm pee felt good as it spread into my diaper, I continued to color until she came in again and checked. This time she smiled and lifted me up and brought me to the changing table. She looked at her watch and said my mom would be here shortly and I needed to change into my big boy pants. I sadly agreed. She removed the diaper and cleaned me of and put my underwear and pants back on. Ms Linda turned her nose up as she opened the diaper pail to throw my diaper away and lifted the garbage bag out. I told her I could throw it away. She thanked me and the smile as she told me not to get wet again. I came back and returned to my activity book but this time I laid in the floor. My mother came shortly after 5. Ms Linda apologized for the mix up on the application. Ms Rachel told my mom that one of her fiend's day care would be having an opening in about 2 weeks, and she could watch me until then. I liked the idea of that. She did tell my mom I needed a change of clothes there because I did have a mishap with a puddle.

"I hope you don't mind but I put a diaper on him till his cloths dried" Ms Rachel told my mom. My mother said that it wasn't a problem. Ms Rachel remembered that my mother hasn't seen the place since she was in a hurry this morning. She showed her the nursery and where my cubical was, to put my diaper bag (she corrected) spare cloths. She saw the changing table with the diapers labels and under my name were two marks under changes "wet". Ms Linda said she would bring some other things for me to play with and to eat.

My mom asked me how my day went and I said I was scared abit but had fun. She asked what I had for lunch and I said I drank a glass of formula. She asked if that was all and I said yes I was hungry and after I drank it I was full and even took a nap after I ate. My mom knows I hate naps. She said she checked around and there was no opening so I would have to stay there like Ms Rachel said. I said I don't mind I helped and played outside. My mom interrupted till I got wet. She asked about the diaper. I said it was ok better than going around naked. We talked about her new job and coworkers and the daycare subject was dropped. As I went to sleep I thought about my day, the diapers, bottles and crib. I wondered if I would have any of them the next day.

The next morning was less rushed and I got an extra pair cloth and some books just in case. My mom put them in a bag with some snacks to just in case. We got to the daycare and I put my stuff always as the adults talked. Only thing said really was I brought some clothes and snacks and some stuff to do. Ms Rachel said she brought some stuff for me to do and eat to. After my mother left Ms Rachel told me she put some stuff in my cubical for me. All but one of the babies was there so far so I played in the main room on the floor. The last baby to come was Cindy. Her mother said Cindy was probably dirty and just has a bottle. Ms Rachel asked me to get Cindy's diaper bag from her mother and to put it in her cubical, as Ms Rachel went to changing the dirty diaper and I threw it away. She put Cindy in her crib and announced who else needed to changed. She went in order of the cribs and checked all the babies. She passed my crib where I was waiting and she said I take it you don't need to be changed. With my head held low I said no maam. I thought about having an "accident" in my pants but I only would be changed into the spare cloths I brought. The morning dragged on and on the next round of diaper checks I didn't help with the changes I just watched from the other room. She asked me to get two clean passie from the bathroom and give one to Thomas and to Cindy. I did as I was told but found Cindy's in-between the mattress bars. I handed the extra one to Ms Rachel and told her I found Cindy's other one. She thanked me playfully and plopped the passie into my mouth. I handed it back to her and in a sad voice I told her I had to be a big boy today and I turned and went back to me activity book. When the last baby was changed she called me back into the nursery. She picked me up and sat me down in her rocker. Chris, you are a big boy but if I wanted to I could pretend to be a little boy. My face lit up and with that she slipped the passie into my mouth. She carried me to the changing table, she removed me shoes and socks and my pants and undies. I watched as she reached up to MY stack of diapers and put it on me. She placed me into my crib and brought me my activity book. I was told I had to stop pretending at 4:30 before me mom came. Mid morning bottles were brought and I had one. It was mid-bottle I noticed I needed to pee so I just relaxed and this warm sensation went through my diaper. Ms Linda came in at 10:30 since all the babies were there. Ms Linda said I see all the babies were here today looking at me. Ms Rachel said I felt left out of all the fun so he decided to fit in. Ms Linda changed me into a fresh diaper and returned me to my crib. She raised the rail and turned on the mobile. It worked its magic and I soon was asleep. Like always I woke to a crying baby, needing something. I needed something to. I quietly call for Ms Linda or Rachel they both came in a one took care of Alex and other to me. I asked to use the bathroom I needed to go poop. She said she'd change me in a little bit after lunch. Each lady took a baby on their laps, tied a bib from his or her cubical and spooned food into their mouths. After the each baby had a few bits of the mush the ladies gave the baby a bottle. All the babies fell asleep most of the way through the bottle. As Ms Linda was on her last baby, Ms Rachel called me over to her lap. She tied a bib around my neck and pulled me onto her lap. She checked me diaper to find it was still clean. She picked up a spoonful of green mush and brought it up to my mouth. I opened to taste a very dull taste of green beans. Next bite was orange I think it was carrots. They were gross my nose crinkled up as I swallowed. The last bite was yellow and it was pears. With sugar they would have been ok. The cycle started over beans, carrots, and then pears. I did not like the taste of the carrots and on the third bite Ms Rachel held me nose, forcing it in my mouth. Ms Linda was done with her last baby and after she put Cindy in her crib she came back to her rocker with a bottle. Ms Rachel told me to go over to her for my bottle. I climbed up on her lap and as she placed the bottle in my mouth, my whole body melted into her arms. I was barely awake as my bottle finished and she picked me up she placed me on the changing table. My diaper was wet and I had a messy but Ms Linda gave it no thought and soon I was in a fresh diaper. I sucked on the passie in my crib where I watched the mobile of the cars go round and round. I woke to adults talking I looked up to see Alex's mom picking him up. Ms Linda was telling her about his day. His mom looked at me in my crib and me in my diaper and smiled. I sat up and opened my activity book. Soon I felt the earning to poop and I pushed a little and my diaper was filled. The odor hit Ms Linda and passed the buck to Ms Rachel to change me. I was wet again to. I was soon in a fresh diaper, Ms Rachel ask me to please take the trash bag with the dirty diapers in it to the can outside. I didn't think anything of it when I realized I was just in a diaper and a shirt. No one saw me and I just went inside. I asked if I could have a bottle of water while I worked on a coloring book in my crib. My Linda said it would be ok and placed me in my crib and brought me a bottle. I colored for awhile drinking the bottle and sucking on my passie. My little bit before 5 I was placed on the changing table and my diaper was removed, I was cleaned and dressed back in my cloths I came over in. It felt weird wearing my cloths. I went back to coloring but this time on the floor. My mother showed up at 5:20, she asked how I was both ladies said I was great. My mother helped me put my crayons away and on the way out she looked at the chart on the wall that tells how many diaper and what kind and how many bottles. Under my name was 4 wet, 2 bm, 1 formula 2 water. On the way home we talked about how both our days went, I didn't say anything about my diapers.

Early the next morning/ night my mom woke me at 3 am so I could talk to my dad. I was excited about talking to him and so it took me till 5 to wind down and go back to sleep. My mother didn't get me up till it was time to go and said I could wear my PJ's over to the day care, and wear my spare cloths. I went back to sleep in the car and was barley awake when Ms Rachel said good morning. My mom explained why I was so tired and asked if I could have a glass of formula for breakfast that would tie me over till lunch or a snack. On the way out of the nursery she noticed the stack of diaper above my name was full again and the chart cleared. I was tired and went back to sleep. I woke and to my surprised I was already diapered and next to me was an empty bottle of formula. To my greater surprise my diaper was wet. Ms Rachel changed me and said she thought I'd sleep better in a diaper and a full stomach. I smiled and thanked her. My day went the same as the day before I played, peed, pooped and drank bottles. About 4:30 I was changed out of my diapers and PJ shirt and dressed in my spare clothes I left the other day. My mom came and asked how I was and like always I was good. We got in the car when my mom said that we forgot my PJ's, and that she'd get them. She ran back and to the daycare and told the ladies what she forgot. My mom went to my cubical next to my crib and got my PJ's. She looked at the chart near the changing table, under my name was 5wet 1 bm 3 bottle formula 3 water. The stack of diapers above my name was down by 5. She turned to ask Ms Rachel what the chart meant. Ms Rachel said it shows how many diapers and bottles a baby uses. My mom then asked if I wore 5 diapers that day. Ms Rachel said yes and explained how after the 1st day that I wore a diaper I was hooked, I mopped around the second day till I asked for to be changed into one and afterwards he was great. My mom said that I did look forward to coming here and she couldn't understand why till now. She said that she guess she owes the daycare more money cause he is going through more supplies. Ms Rachel and Ms Linda apologized and that they should have told her about me. Ms Linda said that she did buy supplies for a baby, formula and diapers but getting low on diapers. My mom said to go ahead and pick some more up since I would be there another week at least. My mom got in the car and looked at me. I knew something was up. She asked how my day was and I said I had fun. She said it was too bad that I couldn't stay there, but it was for babies only.

The next morning I woke and my mom said I could wear my pj's over to the daycare and I could eat their cause we needed to leave early. We arrived at the daycare about an hour earlier than normal. I said my hellos to Ms Rachel and put my spare cloths in my cubical. My mom then picked me up and placed me on the changing table and told me that Ms Rachel only babysits for babies and she know I have been wearing diapers and drinking bottles. I told her sorry. She laid me down and took my shoes, pants and underwear off. My mother reached and retrieved a diaper from my stack and proceeded to diaper me. She picked me up and sat down in the rocker and Ms Linda handed her a bottle of formula. The feeling of being held in my mother's arms and being nurtured like that and the warm formula quickly put me to sleep. My mother commented that she was surprised I went to sleep. Ms Linda said I looked very comfortable and it probably made me feel safe and loved. My mother admitted it did feel good to hold me. My mom put me down in my crib and noticed I already wet. Ms Rachel said she would change me when I got up. One of the other moms said that my mom looked cute holding me. She can't remember the last time she held her 11 you. Ms Linda woke me saying my diaper leaked and that I needed to be cleaned up. I slept for a good three hours. Ms Linda changed me as Ms Rachel changed my sheets. I was just lying in my crib in just a diaper and drinking a bottle of water. I looked up at the mobile and thought how nice life was. Before lunch I felt my stomach twitch needing to poop, so I laid in my crib working on my coloring book I relaxed and let nature take its course, right into my diaper of course. I though I'd try something I've seen the other babies do and I let a cry and Ms Linda came over to my crib and asked me what was wrong and I didn't say anything but from the smell she knew. My mother came shortly after 5 and she changed me into a clean diaper and my pants. We didn't go home but to a store to get diaper and other stuff for me.

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