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Guinea Pig

When my wife told me she wanted to be a nurse just like her mom, I really didn't know what to say. I really was glad she was going for a career. She started school to become a CNA/ certified nursing assistant. I had to sign a paper saying I would be her guinea pig for some of her assignments. I didn't mind as long as any shots. I forgot about that guinea pig thing till one day she came home from school with a bag of stuff. I asked what was in it and she told me stuff for me. She handed me a copy of her assignment. She was to put an incontinent brief on me and I was to wet it then she would change me. I told her I would just sign off on it because I didn't want to wear a diaper. She got mad at me and told me this would be part of her grade and if she did it wrong then she would fail. After lot of please, I agreed. I laid on the bed naked as she laid out the diaper and cream. The diaper felt weird but somewhat nice as she brought it up between my legs. She taped it into place. As I stood up it was a little difficult to bring my legs together so I walked bowlegged. Just about the time I was going to look at myself in the mirror the phone rang. It was her mother. She was wondering if we could pick up some pizza on our way over there. I questioned and we both forgot we made plans to go over to watch a movie that all of us wanted. I didn't want to go over there wearing a diaper but she said no one would notice and she wouldn't care because it was for school. I threw on a pair of jeans but they were to tight so I changed into a pair of sweats. I could hear the diaper crinkle as I walked so I let Liz go in and get the pizza. At her mother's I quickly sat so my crinkles wouldn't be heard. I started watching the rest of the news as the girls went into the kitchen. I heard them talking real low and heard some giggles. I knew my diapered condition was out. My mother in law came out with my plate with some pizza and said it wasn't a big deal. It was helping Liz with school she told. I asked Liz if she could bring me a drink when she came in. I didn't see her come in but her mother did. She was caring a baby bottle full of milk. They got a laugh out of it. I left the bottle there and went in to the kitchen to get myself a real drink. As I was I felt the urge to pee. I stood still and let it go. It felt warm as it started to fill the diaper. I felt the warmth spread but it leaked out of the diaper and started to run down my pants. I called for Liz but her mother came to. I asked what happened you told me the diaper would hold. Her mother said no need to cry about it lets get you cleaned up. Her mother asked Liz if she put it on rights and she replied she thought so. My mother in law asked to check it to make sure it was on right. I humbly agreed and dropped my sweats. She told me to go ahead and step out and she'd start a wash. She looked at the diaper and told Liz to look. One of the tapes was close to the edge. Her mother explained that is why it leaked. She asked her mother but looking at me if she could show her how to do it right. My eyes widened and her mother said not a problem. She went off to gather some supplies. Liz pleaded with me to let her mother show her. She said she felt bad that I leaked and it was her fault. I felt bad for my wife so I agreed. Her mother laid out a disposable pad and put on a pair of gloves. I laid down and my mother in law started to remove my wet diaper while my wife watched. I was thinking of anything non- sexual so I wouldn't get wood. The wet diaper was removed and she started cleaning me off with some wipes. She handled my penis and balls. I looked up at my wife and she patted my head and said it was ok baby. I asked her not to call me baby. I felt bad enough about having my diaper changed by my mother in law. Next came a clean diaper and she placed it under my butt. She put some cream on me and started to rub it in. She explained to Liz that the cream helped prevent rashes and made clean up easier. It did feel as she rubbed the cream in and started to get a semi but I regained my compositor. She bent my legs towards my chest and continued applying the cream; she asked Liz if she was shown how to check for compaction. She said no and with that she took one finger and put it in my butt. It hurt and I yelled but she had a good hold on me. I was mad and I called her a stupid bitch. Big mistake she slapped my face hard. I started to say something else when Liz shoved the baby bottle in my mouth and held it in. I had to swallow or choke on the milk she had to be squeezing it to make to come out so quick. I started to suck on it then the next thing I knew Liz's mother patted my diapered crotch and pointed out how she taped the edges to Liz. I told my mother in law sorry for calling her that. She started up on me saying this was her house and how dare me to insult her in her own house, look how I acted like a toddler in a diaper and t-shirt. I started to say something but Liz bumped me and warned me to just be quite. She snatched the bottle from Liz and said I drunk half of it, I minds well finish the rest. She sat down on the sofa and patted her lap for me to lie on. I was ashamed for what I said and how I looked so I did as I was told. I laid with my head cradled in her arms as she proceeded to give me the rest of the bottle. She spanked my diapered butt and said I would drink from this bottle until I wet again and Liz would change me. The way I was facing I couldn't see the TV so I just could listen and drink. When the bottle was emptied she told Liz to bring another. I soon dozed off. I woke to my mother in law getting up. Liz told me to lay down. I asked her why. She pointed to my diaper. It was wet, but I didn't remember wetting it. I wet is in my sleep. I told Liz I was surprised that I did that but she said it is normal infantile response. I laid there as my wife changed my diaper. With her gloves on she applied the cream and I wasn't doing my thought control and I soon got hard. My mother in law spoke and said see he likes it. Liz soon brought my knees to my chest and I knew what was coming next. I braced for her finger and it came in one quick poke. I let out a squeal and my mother in law slipped the bottle in my mouth. She told Liz if I was constipated I would feel a hard lump deep. I felt her probe deeper. Know thing she told her mother. If you did you add more lube and add another finger. Start to spoon it out. I saw her get something from her mother and she said to push it as far as it would go. I felt her pull her fingers out then back in but something else was in. She removed the glove and taped the diaper in place. She sat on the sofa and patted it for me to come up there. I laid as I did with her mother and she inserted the bottle. I could feel something strange in my rear. The bottle soon was empty. She removed the bottle and I asked what she placed in my rear. She hushed me and her mother said a pacifier would be nice. Liz spoke and said she knew what would work. She lifted her top and exposed a breast. I didn't need a hint and soon started to suck. As I did I felt my stomach ache. She held me to her breast I felt like I needed to poop. I pulled away and told Liz and she told me just to let it go. I looked up at her and she nodded. I felt a cramp in my stomach I got up and as soon as I did another one hit I doubled over. I filled my diaper with poop. I looked at my wife asked her what she did. She said she slipped a suppository up me and it made me poop. I laid down and asked her to change me. She changed me with a turned up nose. She put me back in another diaper. Her mother inspected it and said it was on right. While standing there I yawned and they both agreed it was getting late. Liz told me to get my shoes but I asked about my pants. She said I could go out like I was, since we were just going home. I quickly walked to the car but she had the keys so I to stand there waiting in just a t-shirt and a diaper. The trip home was uneventful. As I walked in the house I felt the need to pee so I just let it out. My wife's diapering worked causes no leaks. I told her she did a good job and she was surprised I wet them again. She led me to the bed and I thought she was going to change me but she removed the diaper and cleaned me off and she climbed on top of me and we made love.

More to come

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