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Reed's Medical Supply Company

Finding a local place to buy my diapers without major embarrassment was difficult, until I found Reed's Medical Supply Company. Five years I have been coming and getting my diapers at Reed's. The owner Linda is very nice lady. The first time I walked in I was scared to death. With her help I found the right disposable diapers for me. The store carried good quality diapers and incontinent supplies. She would get samples from time to time and I would try them and give. She never knew I wore for pleasure. I came in last month to pick up a pair of plastic pants I ordered. My heart sank when she introduced me to the new owner, Ann. She explained her husband was retiring and they wanted to move closer to the grandkids. The new lady was little bit younger then Linda still had the grandma look. Linda explained that I was incontinent and would come in and buy my supplies. I had to rush back to work but I said my good byes and I would call about my next order. A week and half later my wife tells me I was getting low on diapers. The next day I went down to Reed's. I was weird not seeing Linda there. Ann remembered my name and asked if I was ready for my order. I told her yes and to put it on my visa as normal. Ann told me Linda told me all about me and my condition. She told me that at adult care facility she worked at she worked with incontinent care doing retraining. It might help me. As she was talking Mr. Tara came into the store. Ann told him she would be right there. I told her he just needed to get his o2 bottles filled. I said I had time so I got the cart and asked Mr. Tara for his keys to his car. I retrieved 6 bottles from his car and returned with 7. I sat one down by the desk and put the other ones in his car. I came back and pointed to Ann that his bottle he was using was getting very low. She took the hint and swapped the bottle. He paid and left but not before he said about time Linda took some time off and got 2 people in that knew what they were doing. Ann thanked me and invited me to lunch. I accepted the offer. I had to brown nose so I could keep a good price on my diapers. I changed in the rest room before we left. We talked a bit and she asked if I have ever tried cloth. It took me a minute to know what she was talking about. I told her I like the Attends the way they feel and the convenience. She asked about the plastic pants. I told her I didn't like leaks and they offered some color/ fun. I used the example of the pair I bought the first time we met. They had frogs on them and my wife likes frogs. They are like my pj. Ann asked how my wife felt about them. I told her we are use to them; they are a part of our lives. We can't have kids so she has one big baby in diapers. I saw a small smile, I shared a story of how she had to change me after a surgery I had and had to get the nurse to help. We chatted more about all kinds of thing about her and where she wants to take the store. Liz went to pick up my order when it came in. I didn't bother me but my wife told me we needed to talk after she came back from the store. I got off work and over dinner she told me how her day went. Ann and her had lunch and chatted about all kinds of thing. I asked like what and Liz told me that Ann thinks cloth might be good for you, especially at night. I said I'd give them a try. She also said that Jim the delivery guy quit. Ann offered me the job matching what I make and better insurance. After dinner Liz said for me to get ready for bed and to wear the plastics pants with frogs on them. I laid my head in her lap as we talked more about the job. She gently rubbed my diaper but what got me is when she lifted her top and exposed a breast to me to suckle on. The next morning I went to see Ann. I asked more about the job. She said that Linda talked highly of me and from what she saw you care for patients, like Mr. Tara. Suddenly I felt a trickle on my inner thigh. I quickly felt a wet spot. Ann noticed my reaction and asked if everything was ok. With an embarrassed look I said,

"I leaked". I got up to and excused myself. She stood and can over to me she leaned over and saw my wet spot. She patted the wet spot and led me to the back. She led me to the back. She spread out a chuck pad on a mattress. She put some wipes and powder beside the mattress. She handed me a cloth diaper and couple pins. As she closed the door she tossed a pair of plastic pants onto the mattress. I got her hint for me to change myself. I got myself cleaned up and put cream on myself but I couldn't figure out the diaper. I got it somewhat on when I heard Ann if everything was alright. I told her I couldn't figure out the diaper. She opened the door and stood over me. Kneeling down she put on a pair of gloves and undid my diaper. She refolded it and explained how. She raised my legs with one hand and slid the diaper under me. She applied some cream and took the dirty glove off and put another one on. Pulling the diaper tight and pinning it in place finished me off. Before I got up she slipped the plastic pants up. I thanked her as I got up. I tried to put my jeans on but the diaper was to thick. I had trouble walking because the diaper was thick and I wasn't use to them. She handed me a pair of scrub bottoms and I put them on. We continued talking about the job and I decided to accept it. I was glad to put my notice in with my old job. I had an office which gave me a place of my own to work and to change. We had a deal, that I got all the sample that came in and I got anything else at cost. I loved the job. No stress and I was happy. Liz would come by on her way home at say hi, this was a routine thing now. I like it. Our relationship was healthier. I still wore disposable but would wear a cloth at night. I would change in my office on top of the desk. It made a good changing table. All my supplies were in one draw I could reach into when changing myself. Life was good.

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