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Dreams Come True

It was a beautiful late spring morning in June and I was on the Red line on my way into work. I worked for a large Bank in one of their offices in downtown Chicago and I live with my wife in comfortable condo on the north side of the city. On this particular morning I happened to notice a Mega Millions lottery advertisement for $360 million. Now I am not a regular lottery guy, but $360 million is a lot of money, so as I past the small convenience store on my way in I bought a ticket. The drawing was that night but by the time I got home from work I totally forgot I even purchased a ticket.

The next day my sexy wife, Brianna, had the local news on while we were getting dressed and I heard the anchor say that there was a sole winner and the ticket was purchased in Chicago but it had not claimed it yet. I never in a million years thought it was me, but I figured what the heck, why not check. I triple checked the numbers. I was so excited I hardly even speak, then it all came out, I yelled for Brianna, "We are millionaires!"

We were both in the middle of getting dressed for work. I was standing there in my usual pre-suit attire that I make coffee and eat breakfast in, a diaper and my white undershirt. Brianna had on her pants but was still only in a bra. We both just kind of stared at each other for awhile and then we both e-mailed work that due to a personal urgent matter we would not be coming into work that day. We finished getting dressed and left together to visit a lawyer friend to get advice on how to claim our prize!

After a whirlwind couple of weeks things finally started to settle down. We claimed our prize as a lump sum and ended up with about $147 million after taxes. We took invested two-thirds of that so that we could live off of the interest, extremely well, for the rest of our lives. The rest of the money we used to buy a new condo in Chicago, purchase our dream beach home on Cape Cod, get some new toys (cars, boat, various Apple products, etc.), and then we helped our family and best friends pay off all of their debt. After all of that still had about $40 million in cash and we decided to take half of that and make some gifts to our favorite non-profit organizations. All of this was our financial dreams coming true, if properly managed, we would never have to worry about money again!

Now is where the rest of my dream comes in, but first some background. Since my early teens I have always had a fascination with diapers. When I was young I used to walk about 2 miles one way to go to the store and buy Depends. My mother almost caught me once when I was about 14/15 so that is when I stopped for a long time. I made it through high school, left my parents house in Vermont and moved to Chicago where I went to college. During college the desires started to come again to wear diapers and/or have my girlfriend be in diapers. There were a few instances where I would pick up some Depends but I lived in a fraternity apartment and later house and had to be very careful about not getting caught.

At the end of my sophomore year I met Brianna, the love of my life. We started dating almost right away but I was always too afraid to bring up my diaper fetish. Junior year winter break Brianna decided to accompany back out East to meet my family and do some skiing. While trying to impress her with my crazy skills off a jump I landed flat on my back and knock the air out of me. My back ached really bad and so we went back to my parents house. We both slept in different beds, my parents are pretty old fashioned, and the next morning Brianna came into my room and woke me up. She sat on the bed next to me and she noticed it was wet. I was mortified that not only had I wet the bed, but that my hot girlfriend sat on it and knew about it!

It only got worse from there. During the day I could not make it to the bathroom in time and had a couple of accidents. I assumed it was from the bruise on my lower back and hoped it would go away soon. The next morning it happened all over again. Brianna always wakes up with the sun and again came over to my room to wake me up. This time she felt with her hand first and again I had wet the bed. Without making me up, she quietly left the house and ran to the Rite Aid in Burlington where she picked up Depends, baby wipes and some powder. She snuck back into my bedroom and gently woke me up. I was so angry and upset to be waking up in a wet bed again! Brianna told me to get out of bed and hop in the shower. She threw the wet sheets in the wash and changed my bed.

Imagine my surprise when I got back into my bedroom to find my hot girlfriend sitting on my nicely made bed with a bottle of baby powder and a diaper! She gently but firmly had me lay down on the bed and slid the diaper up my butt. At this point I had the hardest erection I have ever had before. She pretended to ignore it and powdered me up and finished taping the diaper in place. She told me she had bought the diapers for me so that I would not have to be embarrassed and that she was sure I would be fine in a few days after my back felt better. Although I was in a lot of pain from my back, that was an awesome day. She would casually walk by and pat me on the butt and when we were alone she would slide her hand down the front of my jeans to see if I was wet. If I was she and I would find an excuse to sneak away and she would help change me in my bedroom.

The next day we flew back to Chicago together so we could spend some time with her family. On the flight back I figured out how terrible Depends are compared to some of the other diapers on the market. My diaper leaked although I think Brianna was the only one to notice I was mortified. Brianna made light of it and offered to spill water in my lap so everyone would think she just spilled. When we got to her house, we stayed together in her bedroom. Her parents were much more relaxed than mine and I they really liked me. Once we settled in she had me call my doctor and make an appointment and she started researching online. She ordered me a sample pack of some different diapers to try and even had it addressed to her at her parents house.

I went and saw my doctor and my back was feeling better but I still had occasional issues with being able to get to the bathroom in time. My doctor advised me to use protection when I needed it but that he did not want to prescribe anthing. Brianna knew I wore diapers occasionally, including to bed with her, but she stopped changing me and ordering them for me. She treated it the same way she treated herself when she had her period each month, just something a person has to deal with. Meanwhile I was really enjoying having diapers and I wanted more than anything to get Brianna into diapers, both literally and figuratively. I tried a few times and I was occasionally successful. She was really sick once while we were away from home and put one of mine on for the car ride, another time she wore one on a long flight because she had taken an Ambien and was afraid she would have an accident. But overall she was never all that interested and made it clear to me that she did not want to be pushed on the topic.

After college we moved in together and got married. We both worked a lot and things carried on as usual. I wore diapers when I needed them for accidents, and secretly occasionally for pleasure, and Brianna mostly acted as if it was just a part of our lives. Then we won the lottery.

My first clue that things were going to change was when we were designing our new condo. We purchased a run down building that took up a block and tore it down. In it's place we built a large brand new "green" three-story building with only three units in it. Each unit was about 2,500 - 3,000 square feet and we spared no expense in making the building with the best materials. There were two duplex units that each took up half of the building on the second and third floors and the third unit took up the entire raised first floor. The basement was divided three ways for storage. We gave the first floor unit and one of the duplex units to our best friends, two other married couples and let them design their own interior for each of the two condos. We already lived in the neighborhood together and it was great to share a building.

While Brianna and I were designing ours, she mentioned a "changing" room with me before we met with the designer and architect. Then when we sat down with them she described it as a small guest bedroom that could be converted easily into a nursery and that she wanted it only to be accessible from our bedroom. After the design of the unit itself we worked with the designer on custom furniture. This is when I was shocked. She told the designer that the room was going to be used as a diaper changing room because she had to wear diapers for a medical condition and that she wanted furniture designed to facilitate that. She asked for a large changing table, a twin bed with railings and plenty of storage space. I played it cool, but after the designer left I was shocked and asked Brianna what was up.

She said she didn't want to embarrass me by telling the designer I wore diapers, but that she didn't care because the designer worked for us and was not friends with anyone we knew. Besides she said casually, I may need to use the room as well. I was so intrigued but I did not want to push the issue because several years before she asked me to stop trying to get her to wear diapers or get more involved in the fantasy side of diapers.

They completely finished the building in about a year. During that time Brianna and I rented an apartment in Chicago for our stuff but we were often gone and we had a blast traveling the world. Moving in was so exciting but a lot of work to unpack. When we were done Brianna announced we needed to go to Target and pick up some "stuff" for our new place. I assumed she met bath rugs, small carpets, toothbrush holders and all that stuff. Instead when we got to the store Brianna went right to the baby aisle. She loaded the cart with baby wipes, the largest changing pad she could find, a diaper genie garbage and then she picked up a bag of Pampers Cruisers size 7. She looked at me and said, "Do you think these will fit?" I responded that there was no way my 6 foot tall 200 pound self was going to fit into pampers. She said, "no silly, I meant my 5'4" tall 115 pound self." I was speechless, all I could get out was, "yes..." She threw them in the cart and we headed for home. When we got there I noticed several large boxes just inside the entrance from FedEx.

I grabbed the boxes and brought everything upstairs. Brianna told me to put everything into the changing room. Then she came in and open the boxes which revealed several bags of my favorite diapers; Abena X-Plus and Bambinos in both size small and size large. She began to casually unpack them from their bags and put them away in draws, then she arranged the other supplies we had received at Target. Then she grabbed my hand and we went back into our bedroom. She explained that she had always thought I looked cute in diapers and often looked sexy but that she was always too focused on work and "being normal" to explore those feelings. That she also had a desire to wear diapers because they always felt comfortable and sometimes made her feel sexy. That now that we did not have to worry about money or work she felt that a lot of stress go away and wanted to explore diapers with me further. I just stared at her with my mouth open.

She continued, "well, I am sitting here wet, are you going to change me?" I was floored, I had no idea she had a diaper on. All I could say was, "Sure!" I lifted her up and carried her to the changing room and placed her on the changing table. I lifted up her skirt to see her amazing sex legs lead up to an obviously wet pampers. I moved up to her face and kissed her, a long deep kiss. Then I slowly took off her diaper and cleaned her up with some Huggies wipes. Then I had a little secret of my own. I reached into a draw I had stocked with some of our toys and I pulled out our peppermint flavored lube and her favorite toy, the rabbit vibrator.

I rubbed the lube all over her already aroused and wet pussy and I alternated being fingering her and eating her out. Then I slowly inserted the rabbit and turned it on. Moving it in and out, in and out, at first slowly and then faster. She moved her hips with the motion of the vibrator and put her hands on mine, pulling the vibrator deeper into her pussy. She moaned loader then I have ever heard her moan before and then she came. Without speaking, I kissed her again, slowly and gently cleaned her up with some more Huggies wipes and then put in her a new fresh small Abena X-Plus. She looked amazing! She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said, "Wow, thank you... Now it is your turn. Do you need to be changed? Hop on up..."

So began our new life together and the beginning of my dreams coming true. Part 2 coming out soon....

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