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A Special Boy

"Three times! Three, Mrs. Swanson. In one week I've had to paddle your boy three times. I don't know if he likes being spanked or just plain can't keep himself out of trouble, but something has to give. I'll paddle him every day if need be, but his constant interruptions in class have to stop!"

I stood silently facing the corner of Principal Gene's office as he talked to my mom. I was freezing cold standing there naked, but my backside was red hot and I rubbed it slowly trying to relieve the discomfort.

"So I have your permission to take more extreme action?" I suddenly snapped back to attention as Principal Gene hung up the phone with a insincere "good Day." What did he mean by extreme???

"Turn around!" he barked, and as I turned to face him I saw he was removing his leather belt.

"Assume the position!" He ordered, folding the thick leather belt over in his hand. He opened the top drawer of his desk and pulled out what looked like a giant pacifier.

"Open!" he commanded, and thrust the rubber gag into my mouth.

"This will keep you quiet and keep you from biting your tongue.


I screamed into the gag as the first lick of the belt tore into my backside. It was the worst pain I had ever experienced. Hot tears streamed down my face and I bolted upright. Principal Gene pushed me back down with a warning to not make him "get the restraints."


If I wasn't already bent over, I'd be doubled over by now. I cried into the gag and tried to breathe between the licks as each time he brought the belt down it took my breath away,


"You will learn to be a good boy Mr. Swanson, trust me on that."


I suddenly realized I was urinating. I could hear it dripping onto the floor and feel the puddle around my feet.

"Good. Now you won't be able to argue when I put the diapers on you!"


I was panting and sobbing, and in pain like never before. Wait did he say he was going to put me in diapers?



The last ten licks came fast and harder than the previous fifteen and I was thankful when it was over. Principal Gene let me stay there - clutching the sides of his desk and catching my breath - for several minutes after.

He pulled the gag out of my mouth, a trail of spit streaming off the large rubber bulb.

"Go in there and lay on the table." Principal gene said in a softer tone. Slowly I got up and walked through what I had assumed was a closet door, but instead led to a large private bathroom with a table in the center similar to the one my doctor would have me lay on for exams.

I climbed up gingerly, my backside tingling and throbbing as it touched the padded vinyl table top. Alone for quite a while I was able to calm myself down and relax a little as the worst of the pain began to subside.

"Getting yourself under control?" principal Gene asked when he finally came into the bathroom. I nodded shyly and moved my hands to cover my privates.

"Ah, first timers. Okay, let's get you dressed." I watched as he opened the cabinet under me and pulled out a hot pink plastic diaper.

"Nice huh? Special made for discipline program administrators. Pink keeps naughty boys in check. Now, I'm not a fan of whining, so do I need to get the gag or can you promise me you'll stay quiet?"

"I'll be good." I assured him, I was too worn out from the beating to even consider being difficult.

"Good." He unfolded the pink diaper and laid it on the table between my legs. Then he reached back under the cabinet and pulled out a handful of wet wipes.

"Almost forgot, you've already gone wee wee." He smiled as he spoke, and pushed my hands away so he could wash my genitals.

"Lift you bum" he asked then slid the diaper under me. With practiced hands he quickly taped up the diaper.

"Extra thick, again special made" he explained when I closed my legs and felt the thick padding between them.

He signaled for me to get down, and I did. I flinched a bit when he reached out, but he smiled and took my hand leading me back into the main office. He guided me into a thickly padded chair in the corner, and I was thankful for the softer seat. He took his seat and pulled it over to me as he sat.

"Rules. If you need to pee, use the diapers. Need to poop, go to the nurse's office. After lunch, go to the nurse's office to be changed... this would be a good time to poop. At three o-clock go to the nurse's office and she will change you again and give you three diapers to take home. A full bag on Fridays. By the time you get home today your mother will know everything and will keep you in diapers at home.

"If you misbehave in class your teacher will pull down your pants and spank you in front of the class. Everyone will see your pretty pink diaper and see you punished. Then you'll be sent here to be whipped with my belt before I put another diaper on you. If you misbehave at home your mother will whip you. I'll be sending a belt home with you today for just that purpose. Understand?"

I shook my head and fought back fresh tears as the weight of my punishments sunk in.

"Good. You'll be in this special program for at least three months, longer if you misbehave too much. All your teachers will know you are in the "special boy" program and will discipline you accordingly. Now put your clothes on and get back to class."

I got up, wiped my eyes and headed out of his office. I could hear my diaper crinkle and wondered if loud was another of the specially ordered features. Deep down I knew that everyone would soon know about my diapers weather I got spanked in class or not.

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