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I woke up this morning to find that Daddy was still sleeping. Usually he has already been in to check on me and layout my dress for when I wake up. He didn't even come in yet to give me my early morning baabaa!

Great! This is my chance to "dress" myself. Maybe if I put my big girl panties on Daddy won't notice and I can be a big girl again. First, how will I get out of this crib? Hmmmm...

"You'll have to give me a boost", I said to my favorite stuffed animal Giraffe. So I sat him against the corner and stretched as far as I could. Come on Geegee streeeetch! I thought. AAhh I got my leg over. Now just a little swings of the other and, YES! I did it!

Over to the dresser I crawled, but how was I ever going to figure out how to open it? Maybe I don't have to, over there is Daddy's shirt...He must have left it in here when he was painting my nursery! I'll just put it on. He won't think anything of it! Haha, I chuckled. He thinks I didn't see him put my big girl panties in the shoebox under his bed. He said if I peeped in my pants again he would throw them away, but I know he didn't! He just put them there and thought I didn't see, but I did! So again I took to my hands and knees and crawled my way to Daddy's room wearing his t-shirt and my diaper. Boy is this tough trying to get around in this long shirt! It keeps getting under my knees and making me slip.

Finally, I made it to his room. That took forever! Now I have to be very quiet so I don't wake him up. Now where is that box at!? It's got to be here somewhere....Gotcha'! Hmmm...I'll wear the white ones so if Daddy sees he will think it's the back of my diaper. These'll do... Now back to my crib. I struggle back much like I had to get to Daddy's room. Hmmmm. How do I take this diaper off? Daddy always does it, but I watch him I'll do what he always does. I put one hand on the tab and the other on the front of my diapee. Squishy as normal. Now pull! Yes it worked. Now so proud of myself I try to pull my panties up. This just might work.

How am I gonna get back in by Geegee? "WwWAAAAAHHHHHHHH WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! DaaaDDDDDYYYYYy" without thinking I called for my Daddy to come help me.

"Yes baby?" Daddy came to my rescue, "what are you doing out of your crib!?"

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", I cried and reached for my Geegee.

"Oh is that what my little girl wants? Her Geegee?" I smiled and nodded.

"Ok baby, here you go. Aww you got yourself dressed in Daddy's shirt. We don't have anything planned today; you can wear it while Daddy makes breakfast. Oh my look at the time, already 9:30, you must be starving! Do you want to play with your blocks while Daddy makes breakfast?" Happily I nodded and gave Daddy's arm a squeeze. This way Daddy won't see me and put me back in my diapers. So Daddy handed me my baabaa and sat me on the kitchen floor in front of my blocks.

Uh-oh I gotta do peepees. I thought, but how will I get Daddy to let me go on the potty since he thinks I'm in my pamper? Hmm, maybe I can sneak away. So I crawl away from the blocks and jet on my knees to the potty, but again Daddy's shirt keeps tripping me. Oopsies I cry because I peeped in my panties. Boom! I knocked over the blocks. Daddy hears me! Immediately I turn around and face my blocks so he doesn't know what I did.

"What happened in here?" Daddy asks in his concerned voice.

"Why are you crying? Did you knock over your blocks?" Daddy picks me up. Oh no he's going to find out!

"What is this? Did Daddy forget to put a diaper on you, Lala? He asks with a chuckle and pulls his shirt up. Angrily, he hollers, "What are you doing with those? Didn't Daddy tell you that these are made for big girls not little babies that can't control their selves? I begin to sob and cry uncontrollably. Daddy continues to yell at me and walks me into my nursery.

In the nursery Daddy stops yelling at me and takes my panties off.

"Now Daddy has to punish you for being sneaky with Daddy. Come to Daddy. I not want to Daddy!! I wanna stay here. Pwease don't spank me Daddy.

"Lala, come to Daddy immediately." So I crawl across the nursery and make my way to Daddy.

"Now lay across Daddy's lap Lala." I shake my head no. Impatiently Daddy repeats, "Lay across my lap Lala, NOW! This time I know he is serious. But Daddy, I have no panties on, it's going to hurt. Spank-Spank-Spank-Spank-Spank Daddy's hand lands across my butt, and the crying and sobbing get louder.

Please Daddy, Stop! No more, I'll be a good girl. I'll wear my pampers. I need them. Pwease no spank my heiny again. I pwomiss. No more. Thank you Daddy. I sowwy.

"Now, Daddy is going to put your pamper back on you, go back to the kitchen and make breakfast. And no more of these panties!!" Glad that my spanking is over I smile and clap my hands cheerfully. After my diaper change Daddy puts cartoons on for me while he finishes breakfast, still sore from my punishment.

"I hear Daddy trip.


After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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