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World War 2 Hospital

(A Continuation of 'The Mental Hospital' Story)

The 'black cloud' of the entity travelled by night so anyone seeing it would just see a dark cloud passing by, even if it did seem to be going against the wind's direction. It sought out and found its next site. This time it was a general hospital with a mental hospital in the same grounds. With most of the mental care being in the community, the district general hospital had moved to one of those new concrete monstrosities which are so soulless. It needed to target two children specifically to protect itself in the future. It knew that killing the children by getting them to fall into some abandoned basement so disrupted the future that the effects were unpredictable: no, it was much safer to transport them back to a previous time to render them harmless so they would never make the discoveries which would harm the entity in the future. It had learnt a lesson form the taking of Glen, John and Jane: it was too obvious where they had been and leaving the bags of their clothing so labelled had been a bad mistake. However, the necessary damage to them had been achieved. Also it could see no other way of getting Jane there to prevent her form interfering in the future. This time it chose a further past - during World War 2 when children could 'disappear' or become orphans for a whole host of genuine reasons which would not attract suspicion. In 2011, instead of bright lights flickering in the hospital windows to attract children to its 'lair'. This time, knowing where its intended targets lived, it sent beams of light out like laser beams to flash on the windows of the two children it needed to nullify next.

Holly and Ben were both top of their class by ,miles at school and both were really keen on science. They were brother and sister living in a new community built on an area of former industry which had been totally destroyed by German bombing in WW2. They were respectively fourteen and fifteen. Their mother had decided to have her children close together so that the 'baby' stage would soon be over. They both woke when the lights from the old hospital flashed through their bedroom windows, which both faced the old hospitals, and Holly went into Ben's room.

"Ben, have you seen ....?" She stopped as she realised that Ben was indeed awake and he had seen the lights. It was Ben who said, "Mum and Dad would go spare if they knew, but how about getting a torch and going up there to see what this is? Have you noticed that the lights are just into our bedroom windows as if we're being called?" Holly and Ben quickly dressed, never being ones to reject a challenge, and slipped out of the house on a fine summer night. No one saw them go and no one knew where they were going.

They slipped through a hole in the barbed wire around the derelict hospitals and skirted an old bomb hole in the hospital gardens which no one had ever bothered to fill in. Suddenly there was a huge flash and bang as the bomb landed in the hospital grounds and created that crater. As the entity planned, both children were knocked unconscious and had minor shrapnel injuries. If it could have felt such emotions, the entity would have been pleased with itself.

They both recovered consciousness at about the same time as the two stretcher parties arrived at the scene. An air raid warden had seen the two children walking through the hospital grounds and being knocked out by the bomb, fortunately a small one. The dazed children were lifted onto the canvass stretchers by their rescuers who turned and carried them the relatively short distance to the general hospital. They were taken to casualty where a nurses questioned them as to who they were and what they were doing out during an air raid. Both Holly and Ben were still confused by being knocked out and had concussion. They hadn't noticed the tin hats and uniform clothing worn by their rescuers nor the old style hospital uniform worn by the nurses. The nurses noted down their answers as they laid side by side in casualty.. Both nurses looked at each other and shook their heads sadly. There was no such street as they claimed they lived on and how could their birthdays be in the 1990's? After all, it was 1941 and Britain was fighting a desperate war against Germany. Both children, within a few minutes of each other, vomited up their last meal as a result of the concussions, while the nurses dressed their thankfully minor wounds. The doctor, rushed off his feet with the casualties from the bombing, came in and started asking the two questions. The children told the truth but that just seemed incredible to him. They claimed to have been born some years in the future, their home address did not exist and they were telling him things which were, frankly, as far as he could see, impossible! He told the nurses that the children were to be admitted for the night and their future would be decided tomorrow.

When they arrived up at the children's ward, pushed in wheelchairs by two porters accompanied by a nurse carrying their notes, they discovered it was a mixed sex children's ward. They were told to sit by the beds as the nurse handed them over to the ward nurses. A child of their age was out of bed and the two noticed that the child was wearing rubber pants which bulges as if they had nappies underneath. When a ward nurse saw her out of bed, she was sent straight back again.

The nurse came to Ben and pulled the curtains, on frames attached to castors so they were moveable - no curtains around each bed here! She had a trolley with some items on it covered by a sheet. She was wearing rubber gloves and started to help Ben undress, She told him that he had to remove all his clothes and lie on the top of the bed on the sheet she had put there. She then gently washed him from head to foot. Ben was so embarrassed by she told him to lie still while she cleaned him up. She then pulled the cover off the trolley and picked up a pair of red rubber pants and nappies. Ben realised they were, of course, for him and protested.

"But I don't need nappies, nurse! I don't wet the bed!"

"All our patients wear nappies and you are no exception!" the nurse told him sternly. He submitted as she put thick nap[pies around his hips and pulled the rubber pants over them so Ben's legs were forced apart by the rubber pants and nappies. A gown was pulled over his head and he was told to get into bed and stay there! The same was happening to Holly. Shortly afterwards, one of the nurses brought every child a milky drink and the nurse also pulled up the cot sides to the beds to make sure the children stayed in bed overnight. Ben and Holly were given a dose of chloral hydrate to help them sleep and then the lights were put out. During the night, both Ben and Holly woke with that feeling of a full bladder which needs urgent attention. Trying to get out of bed, both found that they were in a strange bed, dressed in an unusual way and wearing nappies. Both realised that they were in a strange hospital and didn't understand what was happening. However, they soon realised that the only way to relieve the pain in their bladders was to wet their nappies. It is hard to break the training of' do not pass urine in bed', but they struggled and soon were trying to get back to sleep whilst wearing very wet nappies.

The next morning, they, like all the other children in the ward, were washed, had their nappies changed and given breakfast. Ben and Holly were next to each other and, because of war pressures, the beds were close together.

"Holly, what on earth is going on? Where are we?" Holly answered, "I've no idea and I hate being made to feel a baby in these rubber pants and nappies!" Because of their 'neurosis', a psychiatrist came from the adjacent mental hospital to see them. The doctor used ECT extensively to to "reduce the patient to the infantile level, in which he is completely helpless and doubly incontinent." He talked to the children and requested that they be taken at once to his hospital. They were strapped into wheelchairs and carried over to the children's ward at the mental hospital. The entity had achieved its aim: the children would be neutralised! There, strapped down into their cots, the children awaited their fate........

After only a few minutes, several nurse came with two wheelchairs - the extra nurses were there to ensure that Holly and Ben didn't try to escape. First Ben was released from the bonds which held him to his cot and placed in the wheelchair and strapped firmly in. The same happened to Holly and, once secured, they were wheeled by two nurses to another part of the hospital. Ben asked, politely, "Where are you taking us?" The nurse wheeling Holly replied, "You're being taken to see the doctor who is going to ask you some questions and then decide what to do with you. He may decide that you don't belong here, in which case you'll be taken to an orphanage, or you'll be taken to an appropriate ward here. The ward you're on is for children we hope will get better with suitable treatment but we also have a ward for the severely mentally ill who may well spend their whole lives in a mental hospital. However, I wouldn't have thought you'd belong there as you seem very normal!" Ben and Holly were both cheered by that news and hoped that, if they had to be stuck in the past, an orphanage sounded better than a mental hospital bed. Actually, knowing what some orphanages were like then, that might not have been the case.

After a long wheel through the very extensive hospital, they came to a room where three nurses were sitting together with two doctors. In the room where two black rubber covered chairs which looked a bit like old fashioned dental chairs, but, of course, Ben and Holly had never seen those as their dentist was very modern with her shiny new equipment. Beside each chair was a drip stand with a glass bottle of saline hanging from the top of the stand with red rubber tubing attached. With needles already connected. One of the doctors, a lady doctor, said to the nurses who had wheeled them in, "Would you help to get them sat in their chairs and strapped in, then you can leave. We will sort things out from here."

Ben and Holly had already decided to be as cooperative as possible at the moment so that they wouldn't seem to be demented or otherwise mentally ill. Both children were strapped down in the chairs and firmly strapped in so there was no chance of escape. The two nurses who had brought them, took the wheelchairs back to the children's ward the children had been in. Just before leaving, one of the nurses turned to the children, smiled, telling them, "I hope it will be all right for you both!"

It was the lady doctor who spoke to them.

"I need to make sure that you are giving honest answers so I'll be using a drug to sedate you. You may be here for some time while I question you so I'm going to set up a drip into one of your veins so I can give you some saline - salt water - to keep you hydrated as you aren't drinking while I question you. The drug may cause you to relax so much that you wet your nappies. Don't worry if you wake up wet - it['s the drug which has caused that!" She then went to Ben first and sat on a stool by his feet. Taking a tourniquet, she put that around his ankle so his feet veins swelled and then cleaned the largest vein with alcohol before deftly inserting the needle and then taping it down. She started the drip quite fast and, smiling at Ben, said, "Don't worry, your nappies can take it, but I need you to be well hydrated. It's not good for you to be short of fluids!" Ben and Holly were reassured as she seemed very pleasant. The other doctor just sat there watching. She did the same to Holly and then asking, kindly, "I know you're strapped in, but people do sometimes get agitated when being interviewed so we don't want you thrashing about and hurting yourselves. Are you reasonably comfortable? None of the straps too tight?" Ben smiled back, "Thank you, I'm reasonably comfortable apart from my back getting hot from being against this chair!" Holly said that she was all right too. The doctor smiled again, "The rubber covering on the chairs is in case your nappies leak. We interview adults here too and they wear nappies for this as well!"

Holly and Ben thought that things sounded as if they were going well. The lady doctor was taking to them as she would normal people and, in fact, treating them more like adults than children. They would have been much more worried if they had known who she was and in which part of the hospital they had been taken. She picked up a pre-filled syringe and checked to make sure that all the air was expelled. Swabbing the drip tubing near where it went into Ben's foot, she injected the drugs through the drip tubing and then turned the drip faster so that the saline would wash the drugs into Ben's blood stream. She gave a satisfied smile as Ben sagged slightly as the drug took effect. She smiled at Holly, "Your turn now! You will fell really relaxed and drowsy and probably won't remember what you said and I really do expect you both to have wet nappies as the drug relaxes your muscles but don't worry. I won't think you're a baby when that happens." Holly was reassured by this and smiled back as she injected the drug into Holly. Once the saline had run the drug through, Holly sagged too as she relaxed.

With both children well sedated, she turned to the other doctor, "That's a mixture of scopolamine and sodium pentothal. They're both truth drugs so we can get honest answers from them." She was, in fact a doctor attached to Military Intelligence which had a small unit at the mental hospital for interrogation and holding of certain prisoners in the war. Now the children were relaxed, she attached a further syringe to each drip tube by a long rubber tube so she could sit in her seat and add more of the drugs as required during the questioning.

She started with simple questions like name, age and address. The children gave the same answers as at their admission. She then went on to ask them about their lives, and was fascinated when she heard about their computers and game players, mobile phones and other modern gadgets. However, she quickly switched to asking questions about World Ward 2. Fortunately the children were highly intelligent and both had studied this period at school and, being generally of an inquiring mind, they had watched 'Yesterday' TV channel about WW2. Between them, they told her about the Enigma machine, Bletchley Park and its decoding work. Ben told her all about how the British had used a dead body dressed in clothing from a senior officer and used this to fool the Italians and Germans. Holly told her about the atom bomb and so much more. They were able to tell her a great deal as not only did they have high intelligence, they also had very retentive memories.

The lady doctor sighed.

"I really do think these poor children have somehow travelled back in time to now. They know far too much about what is happening in the war. They know things which are only known now to those with the highest security treatment like me. She scribbled on two forms and handed it to the male doctor, "Sign this!"

"Do I have to? They're children for goodness sake! And really nice children at that."

"Sorry. Were what they've told me to get out, there would be panic at some of our mistakes in the war which I think we'll make even if I pass their information to the top level as they seem stubborn and fixated that they know what is best. No, we must wipe their minds completely or risk perhaps losing the war if this information got to the Germans for example. Sign them over to me and I'll admit them to my unit and start wiping their minds as soon as possible. The nurses in the room, it should be realised, were Military Intelligence staff who were indeed nurses but highly skilled in dealing with those who knew too much.

The Intelligence doctor really did feel sorry for these two children and debated with herself whether to sedate them and then carry out her plans or to allow them to wake and explain to them what she had to do. After much heart-searching, she decided she owed them an explanation. Before she'd discussed them, she had given them a different drug to sedate them while they were taken to a special part of the hospital - a large room where she could treat them both. The nurses had fastened Ben and Holly into large hospital crib-beds - full sized mattress, rubber covered of course, but with silver painted steel cot sides and top to prevent any possibility of escape. While the children were sedated, she had ordered the nurses to put the children in rubber strait jackets after their nappies had been changed as they were, by now, very wet from the drip of saline she had given them and to change the pull-up rubber pants to drop front type. The children also had a spreader bar attached to each ankle to hold their legs apart and to further immobilize them. The strait jacket had a pocket in the front into which their arms went and did up at the side as the children would be lying on their backs. There was a crotch strap which went over their nappies and both the spreader bars and strait jackets were also strapped to the cot to further reduce the risk of escape.

She went to the special ward where the children were being kept. This was large and had windows which had thick metal bars over them. There were two folding screens which divided off the room so that the children could not see what was on the other side of the screens. She had arranged this room just for them on hearing about h them in case it was necessary. She sat looking at the pair of children sorrowfully, knowing her duty but not liking it. When they woke, she spoke to them.

"Do you know when you are?" This would seem a strange question had not the pair been so intelligent. Ben answered, "I suppose we are in World War 2 and this isn't some form of gigantic joke?" The doctor shook her head, "No, it's no joke. It really is World War 2 but I'm not going to tell you which year for reasons I'll explain in a minute. I really do believe you've travelled back in time as you know far more than any children in this time would. In fact you know things which I only know because I have the very highest security rating and what you know could be catastrophic if it got out in the general population."

"I see we are captive, well and truly," Holly added, "What are your plans for us? Are we to be kept here until the end of the war?"

"Believe me, I really do regret this, but I can't just keep you captive. If I did, after the war, were you to be released, you still know far too much which could, if it got out, bring down governments. We can't risk that."

"You're going to have us killed,then, "Ben said, with horror in his voice. She gave a harsh laugh, "No, had I wanted you dead, I would never have let you wake up. I have a strange feeling that you must be kept alive and killing you could alter the time line. Anyway, I don't want to kill you but I do have to stop any chance of you telling anyone else what you both know."

"How will you do that?" Ben asked, "Perform a pre-frontal lobotomy on both of us?"

"No, I have to destroy your memories a different way and I promise you won't be operated on nor killed. As you are both obviously so intelligent, I did you the honour, if you can call it that, of warning you what is to happen." Ben and Holly both started shaking with genuine fear and horror of what was to come. She continued, "I'm not going to tell you what I have to do but I promise you it won't be painful for you and also I will arrange so that you are sedated so you won't be scared as you are now. Let me say again, I bitterly regret having to do this, but I really cannot afford the risk that you might tell others. I am going to ask you not to tell the nurses what you know. I have told them that if you try, they are to gag you immediately and you will remain gagged until your treatment is finished." Ben nodded, "That does make sense. I do realise that intelligence wins or looses wars and the failure of German intelligence in this country where we fed the Germans what we wanted them to know helped us to win."

"That is an excellent example of the very dangerous information which you both know! Now, I'm going to leave you for a while and the nurses will be shaving your heads and then I'll come back and start to get you ready. First though, I keep my promises!" She picked up two syringes filled to capacity with a clear liquid. She injected this into firstly Holly's drip tubing and then into Ben's. After that, she stood by Holly's bed as she was the younger with tears in her eyes, gently stroking Holly's hair until the look of fear on her face relaxed into a drug induced rest.

A few minutes later, two nurses came in and lowered the end of the cots. Each placed draw sheets under the children's head and proceeded to shave their heads absolutely smooth. Once this was done, a swimming cap was placed on Ben's head and powdered with talc to make it slippery. A rubber collar with a Bakelite ring was pulled down over Ben's head so that the ring was around his neck and the rubber sealed around his neck. The same was done to Holly and then both had the thin latex swimming caps removed. The doctor returned and thanked the nurses for what they had just done. Then, with their help, she fixed two saline soaked pads to their temples covered by metal plates with wires attached. Then the swimming caps were put back on both to help to hold the electrodes in place on their temples and also to help to stop the saline from evaporating or drying out. The wires were plugged into the Bakelite neck ring on the top of the ring and there was another socket on the underside of the ring. She turned to the nurses, "Let me know when they wake as I dare not start their treatment while they are still this sedated."

Later she came back when Ben and Holly were both responsive.

"I'm sorry you have to be awake for this part of things, but it is necessary otherwise I'd have done this while you were sedated. As usual, ladies and the younger first, so that means you, Holly." Ben called to Holly, "I''ll go first, Holly, if you'd rather."

"No, we have no choice and I want to get this over with as quickly as possible as I'm beginning to get frightened again!" Holly was taken behind the screens where the doctor started to prepare Holly for her treatment. Holly cried out in distress and Ben shouted, "Stop it! Don't hurt her!" The doctor came back around the screens, with a sad look on her face, "What did I tell you about shouting out?" She was carrying a tray, "I'm going to start preparing you now instead of waiting until after we'd treated Holly. Open wide!" As she said that, one of the nurses pinched Ben's nose so he was forced to open his mouth so the doctor could force a 'Y' shaped teeth gag with slots for his teeth to fit into. She checked to make sure that his teeth were correctly in the support designed to stop him from breaking teeth when she administered the electric shocks later. The nurse supported his chin whilst the doctor fitted a cupped rubber strap which fitted in front of and under his chin and pulled the remainder of the strap behind Ben's head so his chin was pulled tightly into the gag. The doctor said, "You'll have to stay like that for a while until we've finished with Holly and, if you're uncomfortable, remember that I told you to be quiet! We're going to put ear plugs in so you won't be able to hear what's going on to your sister. Nurse?" The nurse who had assisted the doctor then pulled back one side of the swimming cap and inserted a Vaseline coated plug of cotton wool into that ear and then did the same from the other side. The doctor then pulled a black rubber hood over Ben's head. The hood was quite large so that there was room for Ben to breathe through two connectors fitted into the rubber hood. The bottom of the hood was stretched over the Bakelite collar and a clamp sealed the hood to the collar so that, apart from the two connector holes, the hood was gas-tight. Ben was not effectively deaf, blind and dumb from the ear plugs, black rubber hood and mouth gag.

The doctor went behind the screens and did the same to Holly with the mouth gag, but didn't have ear plugs put in place. The doctor leaned forward to talk quietly in Holly's ear, "Now then, in a few minutes, I'm going to put you to sleep so you won't feel anything and you' won't hurt either when you wake. I'm going to put a rubber hood over your head but you can breathe through your nose and through the mouth gag and through holes in the hood. I need to set up some things and then I'll put some gas into the hood and, when you breathe that, you'll drift off to sleep. Please don't worry. I'll look after you." The hood was pulled on like Ben's and clamped in place. The doctor connected a plug from an electrical machine at the side of Holly's cot-bed, then pressed a button to test the electric circuit which was fine. She looked sorrowfully at Holly lying still and quiet in the bed, probably, thought the doctor, too terrified to move! The cot sides were lowered and Holly's straight-jacket was gently removed leaving her naked except for her rubber pants, nappy and the black rubber hood covering her head. The nurses lifted her onto a trolley with a soft flexible rubber sheet as the surface to lie on. Her head projected from the trolley and rested on an air filled rubber pillow. Holly was placed on her back on the trolley, shivering as her bare back come in contact with the cold rubber sheet. Another rubber sheet was tightly stretched over her and fastened down. This was to prevent her from breaking any bones when she was shocked. The outline of her body was clearly visible through the rubber top sheet with her breasts making two slightly flattened mounds in the sheet. The doctor took a hose from an anaesthetic machine which she had drawn up beside the trolley with the electrical box beside her as well. The hose was hissing with the nitrous oxide flowing from it. She plugged that into one of the connectors in the rubber hood and waited until she could smell the gas coming out of the other connector. She then connected another hose to the remaining connector and that was attached to the anaesthetic machine so that the gas would re-circulate. Holly, meantime, hear the hiss of the gas and felt the cool draught on her face. She could also smell the slightly sweet and sickly smell of the nitrous oxide. Frightened, she held her breath, but the rubber hood started to bulge with the pressure of the gas inside and she could only hold her breath so long. She took a breath and then tried to hold her breath again. This time she couldn't hold her breath for anything like as long so she took another gasping breath. She started to feel 'strange' from the effects of the anaesthetic but still tried to resist by holding her breath again. This time, it was only for a few seconds as her body insisted that she started to breathe the pure nitrous oxide in the hood ballooning around her head. She felt as if she was falling down a black tunnel with coloured sparks, there was a buzzing noise in her ears and then fell unconscious as her skin started to turn blue from asphyxia fro just breathing nitrous oxide. The doctor immediately turned on the oxygen full, the nitrous oxide off and the anaesthetic ether to Make her deeply and safely unconscious. As soon as the doctor was satisfied that Holly was completely insensible. Checking that the electro-convulsive therapy machine was set to maximum, she pressed the button to shock Holly. Her back arched a little as the rubber sheet helped to restrain her. Her body convulsed for four whole minutes. Her bladder emptied into her nappy and the convulsion forced her to fill the nappy with her stool. As soon as she stopped convulsing, the doctor pressed the button again. Again her poor body convulsed as the electric shock caused a major fit in her brain. After five shocked, the doctor looked at her and decided that she had taken as much as she could for that day and turned her onto pure oxygen. The doctor gave her an injection of anti-nausea medication to try to stop her from being sick from the ether.

Holly was wheeled to one side for the nurse to start cleaning her up. The rubber sheet was unclipped and poor Holly was lying in a puddle of her own sweat from the effort of her convulsions. The nurse died her and put a grey cotton shift over her had with the name 'Jane' embroidered on it. Her nappies she left and then Holly was lifted back into her cot, on her side with a towel under her mouth in case she was sick, and then the sides and top in place. However, she still had the swimming cap over her head, holding the electrodes in place and the rubber seal and collar around her neck. Meanwhile, Ben was lying in his cot with the doctor about to connect the nitrous oxide hose.

The doctor plugged in the hose and waited for the smell of the nitrous oxide emerging from the other connection on the rubber hood before coupling up the other tube. The black rubber hood inflated around his head as if it were a large black rubber ball which got smaller then larger as Ben breathed. Like Holly, he tried to hold his breath at first but, when your head is enclosed in a rubber hood which is filled with nitrous oxide, Ben had to eventually start breathing in the gas and the more he breathed in, the more he had to breath in. Once he was fully unconscious, the doctor switched over to oxygen and ether just like Holly. However, as Ben was still in his strait jacket, this was the time when the nurses removed that from him and laid him, wearing just his nappies and rubber pants and the black rubber hood around his head plugged into the anaesthetic machine, onto the restraint trolley with its flexible rubber sheet for him to lie on, pillow for his head and then the restraining rubber sheet was pulled tightly over him and fastened down. The doctor plugged in the lead to the ECT machine, checked that there was a good circuit and that the setting was on maximum before pressing the button. Like Holly, Ben's body convulsed for over four minutes so the doctor smiled to herself as she had achieved the hoped-for strong fit. Ben, like Holly, also voided his bowels into his nappy which was part of the doctor's plan. As soon as he stopped shaking, she pressed the button again and again. She gave Ben seven fits before she judged him too exhausted to continue. After she had stopped the ether and started to bring him round, he was dressed in a shift labelled 'John' and placed back in the cot without further restraints apart form the sides and bars over the top.

Both cots were wheeled back to their original positions with the anaesthetic machine and ECT device hidden behind the moveable screens. Despite Ben having been done second, he awoke first. One of the nurses opened the side of his cot and spoke to him, "Wake up, John! You've been asleep and it smells as if you need a nappy change!" Ben was very confused both from the anaesthetic and from the repeated ECT shocks which had started to cause permanent brain damage.

"Where am I? Why did you call me John? Is that my name? I can't seem to remember anything!" The nurse, as instructed, smiled pleasantly at him, "Your name is John and you're very ill in hospital. You can't help yourself from wetting or soiling your nappies which is why you're wearing them. Don't you remember?" She asked in a seeming ingenuous manner. Ben told her that he really couldn't remember anything. Two nurses changed his soiled nappy and cleaned him up before pulling on a clean pair of rubber pants - not the drop front type now. Holly woke too and a similar scenario played itself out around her cot. The doctor had ordered that the children be given new names to help them to become disorientated and to forget their past. It did seem to be working.

During the rest of the day, the nurses fed the children by putting a rubber bib around their necks and spooning the food into them and giving them drinks from large baby bottles. Their nappies were changed infrequently to get them used to being wet. The next morning, bright and early, the doctor returned. The nurses had been told to give the children nothing by mouth from midnight so that they could be anaesthetised safely again. Before the rubber hoods were put over the children's heads, the doctor took a syringe fullered with saline and injected some into the gauze pads under the rubber swimming caps which still covered the children's heads to keep the electrodes in place. When the children were lifted out of bed onto the rubber trolley and the restraint rubber sheet pulled over the top of them, they acted as if in a nightmare, but the protest had been burnt out of their brains the day before. Both children were subjected to repeated doses of the maximum ECT causing prolonged and damaging seizures. Ben had a total of eight shocks that morning whereas Holly had seven. Both children laid there limp and unresponsive after they had recovered from their anaesthetic. In fact, a small amount of drool came out of the edges of the children's mouths as their brains were now beginning to have many small blood clots caused by the voltages and shocks applied across their brains. That evening, the process was repeated and again and again for a whole week. After a day without the anaesthetic and ECT, the doctor decided that her work had, regrettably, been successful. Yes, she had had to ruin the children's brains, but she still rebelled inwardly at the waste of such young lives. She had submitted a report to her superior who had chosen that day to come to see for himself these strange children. When he spoke to them, they both seemed totally unaware and couldn't reply at all to his questions. The doctor assured him that, by now, the children were incapable of speech as their brains were so damaged that this was impossible for them. They had no memory and were, by now,doubly incontinent and would be permanently.

"Well done!" her boss told her, "I think it is safe to transfer these children to the normal mental children's ward to be nursed with other brain damaged children. When he left, that is exactly what the doctor did. At her instructions, and with their new names on their records showing them as brain damaged orphans with no known parents they were wheeled back into the ward where they were fist taken in the mental hospital. The sister there looked at them and insisted that they be transferred to the severe ward as they were so damaged. As they were wheeling the children out of the ward, they disappeared as the entity returned them to 2011.

An ambulance was driving past the site of the old derelict hospital and saw two children in grey shifts,rubber pants and nappies lying by the side of the road. They were taken to the almost brand new general hospital some half mile away. In the Accident and Emergency Department, the children were recognised as the missing two children, Holly and Ben. Examination and tests showed the damage to their brains clearly and the children themselves were almost completely unresponsive. The police attended and the parents were taken to see their children. They were horrified that their previously bright intelligent children had somehow been reduced to this state. The consultant recommended that they be nursed in a specialised unit. The parents initially wanted to take their children home, but were talked out of it as it was thought that they would;ld require constant attention 24 hours a day. The entity, had it been capable of such emotions, would have been smugly satisfied with this result as all the records of what had been done to these two had been destroyed by enemy bombing so there was nothing to suggest that the children had been in their past, except for the use of the rubber pants over their nappies which suggested some previous era.

The police were puzzled until one of the officers who had a relative at the old derelict mental hospital village (See The Mental Hospital' Story) and had heard about John and Glen Walker who had been 'taken'. He went to his senior officer and told him about this, suggesting that there might just be a connection. His senior officer was delighted and contacted the other force for details, sharing his information with them as well. Regrettably, all this came to nothing and still what had happened to Holly and Ben remained a mystery. Yes, the doctors could guess what might have caused the brain damage, but how and when were still unanswered.

The entity had one more person before it could feel safe. A potential future had shown Holly, Ben, Glen and John as well as Jane and the final child would threaten its possible rescue from earth as their work lead to its discovery and it being destroyed. It couldn't allow that future so had worked out possible futures where it would remain safe from discovery and interference. So now it had to deal with Sarah. The entity put all its resources into considering how best to deal with Sarah. Sarah thankfully knew nothing of all this planning as she enjoyed her life as a very very bright teenager in another part of the country. However, Sarah was soon to be taken ....

Sarah will form the last part in this hospital trilogy.


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