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My Weekend

Part II

I sat crossed legged in my living room with Beth sitting next to me and my mother across from the two of us. I sat not as her son with a masters in technology, but as a girl with fake breast, a relaxed fit sun dress and a short dark haired wig topped off with makeup, thigh high panty hose and comfortable but fashionable flats. I did not say a word for several minutes that seems as if hours passed as Beth and my mother talked the situation over. Breaking my paranoid and ridiculing thoughts of my predicament, Beth asked why I was dressed as a girl. This was the moment of truth. The time for me to fess up and see how my mother reacted.

I spoke softly, explaining my urge and desire to be a girl....

"Mom, I am so sorry you had to find this out. I am so embarrassed for you to see me like this. No one was supposed to ever find out,,,,until Beth recognized me."

My mother spoke up with a crack in her voice and a tear in her eye.

"If you feel like being a girl so much to make yourself up like this, how can I say anything but,,,,I support you. You look and dress the part very well, and if you want to go through with this like Beth says you do, we are both here to help you become what you have dreamed of."

I shifted in my chair, uncrossing my legs and with a look from Beth, quickly re-crossed them to be the "lady" I was supposed to be. While I readjusted, my attends diaper crinkled with my movement and apparently showed its white plastic covering.

" I am not sure that I want to be a...." Beth cut me off knowing what I was going to say....

"Nick admitted to me that he has always felt more connected to being a female. He said he has wanted to tell us but he was embarrassed and worried he would be made fun of or rejected. Nick even told me he would like to become a real girl."

I just sat there and let her control my decisions, partially because she was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, let alone been accepted by as who I am now, sitting here diapered and clad as a girl. Beth is like a butterfly, elegantly placed in a woman's body with long well manicured dark brown hair and naturally tan skin. She stands at 5'7 with mesmerizing green eyes, tight muscle tone, a one of a kind smile, and perfect to die for breast. She is without a doubt, "the one".

Again my deep thoughts of Beth's beauty were broken when my mom asked why I wore diapers. I replied with a frog in my throat "I wear them because they give me security. They make me feel like I am young and carefree." I was cut short by my mom when she blurted....

"then is it true what Beth told me, that you wet and messed your diapers last earlier?"

I sunk my chin and looked at the floor and answered a sad yes. I was admitting to my mother that I not only wanted to be a girl full time, but that I also enjoyed wearing adult diapers and had filled them with my own filth for the bombshell sitting next to me.

My mother stayed long enough to see my changing room and crib cage. I had no expectations of becoming an adult baby, and only played with the idea of the pacifier and bottles. I did have the fascination with being forced into diapers and to be a girl. The events of today have worked fates hand. The crib however was a recent purchase, hoping or at least dreaming someone would force me into diapers, a short girls pj top, and lock me in my cage until they felt I was well punished for my ridiculous behaviors. Time would tell but I guessed it would come true soon.

My mother left for the evening after she insisted on checking and changing my diaper. She insisted upon me laying on the changing table, which she strapped me to, and changed, cleaned, and re-diapered me while Beth watched with a twinkle in her eye.

That night was an eye opener at best. Beth went over the rules for my "change" as she called it. She started with the following rules:

1. You will always be diapered no matter where or what we/you are doing

You will never use the toilet, but will go in your pants regardless where we are or what you are doing.

No holding back potty. If you have to go in, you go as soon as you feel it no matter where.

You are not allowed for any reason to change your own matter how long you have to sit in it until I change you.

You will no longer be a boy, but dressed everyday as a girl.

You will spend 1 hour a day after work mastering makeup, walking, talking, and thinking like a girl.

Your new name is Nicole Mae.

After I agreed with the rules she continued on with how I was going to change with us. She proceeded to say that she was going to move in with me and I was going to continue to work from home and save for the "change". She continued to say that she did like "Nick" but when she saw me leaving the apartment several times as a girl, she caught on and couldn't stop thinking of me as a girl. I was shocked she knew prior and figured everyone knew as well. She denied that anyone else knew and said now that I fessed up to her, we could fall in love for real instead of me watching her at the park, and her secretly following me when I left for a walk and shopping as a diaper girl. She made me smile at the word love because I dreamed about dating her since the moment I saw her in the building lobby.

Beth went on to tell me how she could teach me all the girly things I needed to know but was apprehensive of me being a real girl. She said she never crossed the girl with girl line and enjoyed sex but would support me if that's what I "wanted." Even though she was the one pushing for my feminization, she still wanted my boy parts to stay. She continued saying that there were ways around that with a big smile on her face.

Beth took my hands in hers, smiled at my french tips and said "lets go get a coffee. We have a lot to talk about and I am sure you have a lot to tell me. How are your pants? Dry? Do you need to go poopy before we leave? I replied that I was dry and clean so far. With that she grabbed my hand, dug me to the changing room, glanced at the bed/cage and smiled saying we could enjoy that side of me when we got back from coffee. She then grabbed me a small purse my cell, wallet and we were out the door to relax after a stressful embarrassing evening.

We arrived back from coffee and she led me to the baby bed, stood me in front of it and took me out of my dress, hoes and told me to climb into the caged bed. I did without hesitation laying there in just a slightly wet attends and bra. She pulled the side up and locked it with a grin on her face. She spoke saying "I am going up to my place for a few hours to pack my things up for the next couple of days. You sit right here and enjoy your cage you bad little potty pants girl." To my demise, she siad "where are your toys Nicole Mae? Wear can "I find your punishment items?" I replied telling her they were in the drawer under the crib cage. She opened the drawer and produced a gag, a strap-on, a dildo, and hand and ankle shackles that hook to the crib corners. I trembled but floated with excitement and regret for telling her.

Beth directed me to lay on my back, so I did. She fastened the wrist shackles to the crib, then to me. She placed the ball gag in my mouth and strapped it into place. She carefully undid my diaper and with one hand she pushed my legs up in the air. She slowly but forcefully pushed the dildo in my rear and laughed at my pain saying that now I knew what it was like to be a girl. She worked it in and out then pulled it half way way out so the diaper would push it in and out when it was secured. She let my legs back down in one painfully blissful motion and re-diapered me. She secured my ankles and left me locked in my crib prison all alone to enjoy her torment inside my diaper. She kissed my cheek and said enjoy, smiled and left the room.

I laid there trying not to move, but after while I found myself in a rhythmic dance with my rear end punishment device. She knew it would be useless to fight it as every move pushed and pulled it in and out as if I were being dominated by a large mans sex. After an hour I was completely exhausted and let the device impale me. I did not notice but the device numbed my bladder enough to let me wet my pants without control. I felt the warmth surround my butt and I smiled from behind my gag. Even though the world would cast me off to damnation for being what I currently am, I enjoyed my punishment and my warm wet diaper.

I must have fallen into a deep sleep as the sun shown through the window of my imprisonment. I attempted needlessly to rub my eyes but giggled to myself at the restraint of effort. I managed to look around and Beth was no where in sight. She must have fallen asleep at her place, and now I had to wait for her permission to be released and changed for the morning. I lay there feeling the damp cold squish of the attends, nearly at its capacity and then the reminder of my anal punishment as I moved to adjust to the stiffness of laying in the same restrained position all night. I rose up to respond to the dildo and then slowly back down, again finding myself in a dance with my device. I could not stop and found myself in climax after several minutes.

Beth walked in and watched giggling while I finished and asked if her favorite little diaper girl would like to start her day as Nicole Mae....I smiled behind the gag to agree with her. She uncased me from my cage and set my mouth, wrist, ankles free. She took great pride in forcing my from the crib with the dildo still inside me working itself in and out as I moved. She walked me to the changing table but before she let me climb up, she bent me over the table, pulled the diaper to my ankles letting me step out of it. I stood there motionless for a moment and felt her ease my legs apart and insert the strapon previously found in my toy stash. I had never used it since its difficult to use it with one person.

With Beth it was perfect, I stood open to her control and let her enter me without hesitation. She gently but dominantly explored my rear with moaning pleasure and the occasional deep stab to let me know she was making me her girl instead of giving me just pleasure.

The experience lasted 20 minutes and left me helpless and with weak knees. After, Beth diapered me in a molicare brief and dressed me in a cute camo skirt and pink top we headed out for a light breakfast and coffee with a few of her close friends. I was reluctant to join her but she was sort of in control of me, so I went along, of course all dolled up.

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