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Baby Erica's Potty Training

Part 3

By: - (This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this please send an Email.)

Erica pulled into her garage and sighed with relief. With the sound of her car's engine gone she heard something else it sounded like...running water. She instantly realized the source of the sound was stemming from her potty training failing. She had wet herself more in the last 36 hours than she had before trying to potty train herself. She examined the driver's seat of her car and noticed it had been wet more than once. Erica sighed again frustrated more than relieved now. Her control was back to square one...that of an infant. Erica couldn't say it was all bad though this was one of her deepest desires though she would never admit to it.

Sara walked up to Erica who stood next to her car waiting. Erica's skirt and legs were still dripping wet, "Have fun in the car, baby?" Sara asked giggling.

Erica turned away face burning red with shame. Sara embraced Erica and led her inside. Inside Erica's house Sara found the diaper bag right next to the front door. Taking the bag in hand she walked Erica over to an open space on the living room floor. Sara took out the changing mat, laid it out, and had Erica lie down on it. Sara removed Erica's soiled clothes leaving her naked. Searching the bag Sara removed; wipes, powder, a pacifier, a bib and adult diapers with Disney princesses on them. She placed the pacifier in Erica's mouth, tied the bib around her neck which didn't even reach her breasts and began wiping down Erica's legs and pussy. Sara powdered Erica's thighs and pussy. After rubbing it in she opened up one of Erica's diapers and slid it under her ass. Sara carefully diapered Erica taping the diaper snugly around her hips. Freshly diapered Sara helped Erica stand up. Sara looked over Erica she looked cute in diapers with a pacifier and bib.

"I've never seen diapers like these," Sara commented.

"That's because I custom order them, I special order them with double thickness because I'm a heavy wetter..." Erica said blushing.

"That's so sexy," Sara said taking off her shirt and bra she pressed her breasts up against Erica's bare breasts, Erica's nipples were hard. Sara kissed Erica passionately and then realized her motherly duties. She sat Erica down on the couch and came back quickly with a large bottle of formula. Sara held the bottle to Erica's lips and she drank. Erica drank the formula hungrily and soon it was drained. Sara set the bottle down and checked Erica's diaper it was already a little wet. Sara smiled at her baby and began rubbing her pussy. Soon Erica was moaning and writhing from the stimulation. As Sara fingered Erica she began to wet her diaper. Erica tried to muster an apology but couldn't manage it through the ecstasy. Erica came and trembled with excitement with a deep breath she relaxed in Sara's lap. Soon Erica was fast asleep Sara cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and put Erica to bed.

The next morning Erica woke up in a car seat sitting next to Sara who was driving. The last thing she remembered was cumming and falling asleep in her house in her diapers. Suddenly she snapped awake and examined herself she was dressed just as last night from the waist down a fresh thick disposable diaper, from the waist up she had on a hot pink half shirt that said "baby girl" which only covered her nipples if she didn't lift her arms at all, a baby bib and a pacifier. She panicked as she realized her boss was taking into work dressed like this.

"What are you doing, I can't go to work dressed like an infant!" Erica exclaimed, wetting her diaper a little bit from fear.

"Relax, I own the company, remember and, besides I can't have one of my lawyers wearing diapers. Until you are potty trained you will be my secretary so I can keep an eye on the office baby. Don't worry, you will be paid the same plus you will get to be with mommy all day." Sara said smiling at the grown woman in diapers.

Erica blushed wetting herself a little more, she checked her diaper it was already starting to yellow and sag some. 'Great' she thought to herself, 'now everyone will get to see me as I am a baby wearing a wet diaper.'

To be continued...

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