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She leaned her head back against the seat of her car, how was she going to do this? She had never gone into the store alone before, especially to buy such private items. Nicole was an adult baby and she had never grown out of wearing diapers. Her mom had always been there to take care of her needs, to warm her bottle and to change her, but now that her mother was gone this was something she was going to have to do on her own, at least until she found a new mommy.

The store was a local materinity store, selling everything from women's clothing to babies bottles and needs. She approached the door with her head down, a 17 year old shouldnt be pregnant, so she felt out of place, or at least a little juged here, if only they knew what she were doing. She pulled the door and the sound of the little bell tinkled its welcoming sound. She moved quickly to isle 5 where she knew all of the formulas were kept. She was browsing the selection trying to find her favorite when the store keeper approached her.

" Are you looking for something particular" the woman asked in a hushed tone.

"No, well yes actually, Im looking for a good deal on formula and the such."

"You look a little young to be having a baby dear, and a little thin to have already delivered."

"Welll ummmm.... Im a babysitter" she replied quickly.

"Well in that case dear, do I have a job for you"

The lady introduced herself as Julia and said she had a very naughty son named Michael and whenever she was to work she would need a babysitter for him. She didnt give any details other than that, just wrote down the adress before Nicole had a chance to say no and told her to be there at 7 the next morning.

Nicole arrived a bit earlier, rather nervous as to what to expect from a child, she was only one herself after all. She sat in the car a few minutes debating whether or not to knock on the door, but Julia did offer her a great discount on what she needed so badly, she just had to do it.

She pounded on the door, softly at first and then quickly increased her racket until she heard heels clicking across the floor. Julia opened the door and greeted her with a warm smile and a hug.

"Michael is upstairs in the nursery, his scheduel of feedings and the like are on the bullitin board if you need them, other than that call me if you need me and I will be home at five."

Nicole decided that she was going to first look at the chart and then go up to see the baby. Perhaphs while she were here she could have a little fun of her own in his nursery while he was napping. The first feeding was set for 10 minutes from now so she wandered into the kitchen and began to make his bottle. She popped it in the microwave and went up to see baby.

She climbed the stairs quietly so as not to disturb him before it was time, but when she got to the door she had a big surprise. This was not a baby asleep in the crib but an adult baby, she figured he must have been about 17 like herself and was only slightly bigger. He slept soundly curled up in a ball in the center of the oversized crib. Then the timer for the microwave went off and she went back down stairs.

She fixed a bottle for herself and climbed the stairs again but this time when she entered the nursery he was awake, staring at her with wide eyes.

"Hello baby, Im to be your new babysitter, you will do what ever I say when I say it, understand?"

"Yes, mommy"

"My new name is to only be mommy and I am the only one allowed to disipline you, understand"

"Yes mommy"

"Good, now drink your bottle."

She thrust the bottle in his hands and walked out of the room, it was going to be a hard day.

When she returned the bottle was empty and he still sat in his crib. She dropped the side and let him crawl onto the floor.

"Get onto that changing table now!"

He did as he was told, the wooden paddle swinging in her hand offered some encouragement. He lay on his back and she walked over, and began to change his diaper. She cleaned him with wipes and powdered him, and kissed his dick before sealing his member safely back into his diaper, never had she been this arroused.

She followed him to the living room and brought him some toys and began to shuffle through the DVD's on the shelves for something to watch. She picked out a box that had looked well watched and not even glancing at the title she popped it into the player. A young diapered couple were having sex and that did it.

She walked upstairs into the nursery and put on a diaper and started rumaging through the dress-up trunk at the edge of the room, she found a little red ridinghood costume and put it on and then crept back down the stairs. She stopped just short of the living room and dropped down to her knees and crawled to the playpen in the middle of the room. She undid the latch at the back and crawled in beside him.

He looked up, quite shocked at what he saw, his new babysitter, who couldnt have been much more than 17 with an hour glass figure, green eyes, and dark brown hair, dressed and diapered in a Little Red Ridinghood outfit. He rolled over to make room for her in the crib, and he wished that his diaper would roll over a bit and make room for his raging hard-on. She laid down beside him and put her arms on his back playfully giving his body a rub.

"Have you been a naughty baby? Watching all this porn, I think you have"

He watched as she pulled a wooden paddle from under her, she then sat up and drug him across her knee. It was amusing to him, watching her struggle to get him there, if she asked he would have came willingly, but this just added to his excitement. When he reached his destination she felt the hard prick on her leg.

" Does mommy turn you on baby?"

She smacked him at that and when he didnt look pained she got furious. She undid the tabs to his diaper, pulling it from under him and tossing it out of the crib and across the room. His dick now bobbed up and down, all 5 inches. She eyed it and then pushed him back down. This time she drove the paddle across his bear ass and he actually shed a tear, his ass a glowing red.

"Did you learn your lesson baby"

"Yes mommy"

"Good, now fuck mommy"

This wasnt a question, it was a demand. She undid the tabs to her diaper and she tossed it across the room in a similar fashion as she did his. He looked at her hairless cunt and he could no longer control himself. Skipping all the foreplay he pushed her on her back in the crib. He put his hands on her shoulder and drove his cock into her pussy. She moaned and was tight, forcing him to go slow until her virgin pussy made room for his rather large member. He drove long and hard, at a fast steady pace, his balls slapped her ass as he had to fight to keep her even. She moan and shaked, writhed in orgasm, it wasnt long before he was about to blow too. What a bad baby he had been, fucking his mommies pussy, and on that he came spewing cum into her lucious cunt.

He lay down beside her, using the baby blanket to cover his bare ass. She kissed him passionately.

"You were such a good boy Michael, I cant wait to babysitt again!"

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