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Jenny squirmed in her restraints, it had been almost twelve hours since she had last used the restroom and the diaper she was wearing starting to look a LOT more inviting. Lets rewind a bit, Jenny was 19 with long blond curly hair, 140lbs, 5ft 10 with round c-cup breasts, and had a raging diaper fetish. Jenny had known about this side of her life since she was about 13 years old, it started out with an attraction that she simply couldn't explain towards diapers. Originally she substituted with her old cotton underwear from her elementry school days by going in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet and filling and wetting the panties until they would nearly burst, she would then simply dispose of the evidence by either flushing them down the toilet or keeping them burried in the garbage can until garbage day. A year or two passed in this manner and Jenny discovered something else, the internet, finally she felt like she wasn't alone. Through many sites she discovered lots of AB communities and all about the emotions she was feeling. Another year or two passed and she started volunteering at the local YMCA teaching swim lessons. At this point she was so desperate to get her hands on some diapers she would go into the family changing room trash cans and take out the pampers or pullups that parents would throw away (clean ones of course) before putting their kids in swim diapers. Another year or two later things took an even darker turn for her, when shopping with her mom she would go into the baby isles open a pack of dry nites or underjams and slip into a changing stal and put them on. By this points she had had several experiences with diapers but no longer fit in pullups or baby diapers. It was all fun and games until one day she got caught leaving the store with three diapers on underneath her skirt. The conversation went like this as the police officer came up to her mom.

"Polic department i need to have a word with your daughter" he turned to her, "would you like to explain the me why you opened these?" he asked holping up the package of opened Dri nites

Jenny stood red faced and time seemed to slow down, she didn't even realize when she wet the diapers from the shock and embaressment.

"I I I" she stuttered. The security guard led her to the back of the store where she removed the diapers in the girls bathroom, this is when she realized she had wet, "At least only the first layer was soaked..." she said as she removed the other two and put her panties over the one she was still wearing and went back to face her mother and the security guard.

"So are you going to explain to me why you opened these?" asked the security guard.

Luckily for Jenny she had always been good at making up stories, unfortunately this wasn't one of her better ones.

"A girl at school said her mom buys them for her and that they were really comfortable and that i should try them." was her weak response. Luckily for her they seemed to believe this, they took her picture and she was banned from the store until she was 21.

Several more years passed and she was now 19 and lived with her room mate Cloe, Cloe was 19, slim with perfectly sized breasts. Cloe was out and wouldn't be back until late that night so she went into her bedroom and opened up the pack of depends she kept in there for occacasion such as this, she hadn't used the bathroom since that morning and it was now 5PM and she was ready to burst but even after she tripple diapered herself and removed everything besides her bra she didn't let herself have relief. She went downstairs and watched TV getting hornier by the second and while aching to releive herself in both ways and masturbate. After a few minutes an idea occured to her, she went upstairs into her room and sure enough after digging around a bit she found a old vibrater and remote, she immediately inserted the vibarator into her vagina and turned it on high. Thats when her doorbell rang.

She ran to her room threw on a t shirt and skirt and answered the door, by now she was breathing hard and was very red in the face. As she signed for the package the UPS guy had brought her bladder finally gave way and as the first waves of pleasure started to wash over her she soaked all three diapers and felt a light trickle running down her leg. As she took the package an extreme pressure grew in her stomach causing her to gasp winning a very odd look from the UPS guy, as soon as she closed the door she doubled over completely filling her diaper. In shock she tried to make it to the living room but before she could take more than a few steps she collapsed in the most intsnse orgasm she had ever experienced, her backed arched and she cried out as for the first time in her life she came in her diaper. She lay there for a several minutes in the throws of ectsasty, eventually she made her way to the couch and fell asleep. She awoke two hours later just in time to experience her second orgasms causing her to cum in her overfilled diapers yet again. She went upstairs and took a shower, disposed of the diapers in the bottem of her bathroom trash can and changed into a single fresh one but not before re-inserting the vibrator. Wearing nothing but booty shorts and her diaper she watched tv and rubbed her breasts while moaning loudly. She heard the sound of a car door outside and jumped on the couch and threw a blanket over herself, Cloe came in completely unaware of the situation going on in her roomates diaper just under the blanket, she began to talk about her day and Jenny did her best to keep good replys and a strong voice as she orgasmed into her diaper for the third time that day. Eventually though she managed to make it to her room after Cloe wen't to bed and she fell asleep without removing her diaper.

The next morning she woke up, threw on a Dora the explorer tshirt and went downstairs for some breakfast. Cloe was already in the kitchen when she looked up, gasped and then started laughing histarically, Jenny looked down with horror and realized she had never removed her diaper from the night before, her legs turned to jelly and she passed out right in the middle of the kitchen.

Jenny awoke to the strangest thing ever, she was handcuffed Cloes bed with some kind of metal rod keeping her legs apart and from the feel of it was wearing about 4 diapers, Cloe was sitting across from her wearing short shorts and a small pink tank top.

"Whats going on?" asked Jenny?

"Well judging by your attire and the items i found in the garbage can i decided if you like diapers so much I might as well get something out of it." responded Cloe.

"What do you mean?"

"Lets just say this will be really entertaining." Cloe then left the room leaving jenny tied up in her room. Jenny squirmed in her restraints, it had been almost twelve hours since she had last used the restroom and the diaper she was wearing starting to look a LOT more inviting. Finally chloe gave up and relaxed, her diapers expanded so much that they pressed agaisnt cuasing her to moan in pleasure. Cloe came in and said, "Oh looks like my little baby is enjoying herself, well lets see if we can make this a bit more entertaining." Cloe untaped Jennys diapers and inserted something into her butt, Jenny gasped as she realized what was going up but was powerless to stop the enema from taking place."

"Thats a good baby." said cloe with a sly smile. She then started to rub the front of Jennys diaper.

"Stop it! Please stop it!" Jenny begged.

"Really? you want me to stop?" Responded Cloe with a grin. When Jenny didn't reply Cloe simply said, "Ya, thats what i thought." Jenny moaned and writhed and could feel herself drawing closer to a climax when Cloe suddenly stopped rubbing, "Ok lets let this enema do its buiseness." and left Jenny alone in her already soaked diapers. It didn't take long for Jenny to take advantage, she held it as long as she could drawing emense pleasure from her helpless situation and purposly made the release as babyish as she could accomponied by babyish giggles and groans.

Cloe came in a few hours later and changed Jenny, after putting on some locking plastic panties she removed jenny's restraints but after putting some baby mittons on her to keep her from messing with her diapers. Jenny had had a huge orgasm growing in her since this ordeal started and was finally free to do something about it, she tried rubbing the front of her diaper but with the mittons on it simply wasn't working. She tried humping the bed but that didn't work either, she ventually got off the bed and placed one leg on each side of a chair leg and started rubbing her crotch against it, it was working but it was taking a lot longer due to the thickness of her diapers, eventually she managed to get off and let loose with a orgasm worthy of the gods, she came in her diapers so hard she could feel the force of it hitting the diapers.

A few hours laters Cloe came in to check on her new baby, when she unfolded the front of Jenny's diaper she noticed the stickiness of the cum and smiled, oh so our baby likes her diapers huh? well we will get to that dont worry." she left Jenny with a few bottles and a fresh diaper until the next morning. The nextday was fairly uneventfull but it was still one Jenny will remember forever, Cloe came in changed her into a cloth diaper (something new) and inserted something into her vagina. Jenny played with some toys in the room but soon grew bored, eventually she began to rub the front of her diaper, as soon as she did the thing in her vagina turned on and she orgasmed time and time again, after a few hours the front of her cloth diaper was sticky but it still showed no signs of slowing up. The next morning came in and said one thing.

"Ok, now its my turn to have some fun."

CONTACT ME AT: [email protected] with any tip, likes, dislikes ect. Epecially if you would like more. This is my FIRST time writing anything diaper related so feedback (even negative feedback) is appreciated.

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