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On a cold winters day a man named Brian and a woman named Kathy was sitting at home watching the television. Kathy is a pregnant woman and as she was talking to Brian about babies names her water broke. Kathy said," Honey, my water broke, its time!" Brian jumped up excitedly and grabbed Kathy's hand and her suitcase and took her to the hospital where Kathy gave birth to triplets, 2 boys and a girl.they were a happy family. then when the kids were 2 1/2 years old, tradgety happened.

the kids were at home with a babysitter while Brian and Kathy went out to dinner and a movie, when there was a knock at the door. The babysitter, Cindy, got up from the chair and answered the door. There was an officer at the door. Cindy asked," yes, how may i help you officer?" the officer, SGT Morrison, said," is this the Wilson residence?" Cindy said," yes it is, whats wrong?" Sgt. Morrison said," there has been an accident and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson has been killed." Cindy gasped and said," oh no, i am the babysitter, the kids are only 2 1/2 years old and has no other family." Sgt. Morrison got on the radio and called in social sevices and advised his captain of the situation. The kids, Kieth, Scott, and Robyn, ended up being placed in foster care. The Boys were sent to a foster mother named Karen, who is a drunk. and Robyn the girl was sent to a foster mother named Patricia, who is a loving mother and a professional Mistress.

Kieth and Scott are now 18 yrs old and has never been potty trained. one day they ran away from home and lived on the street for a year. Then one day a lovely woman named Patricia found them and brought them home with her. Patricia introduced them to Robyn, her daughter, and the boys and Robyn felt that they knew each other. The boys behaved well for a couple days and then started misbehaving. Patricia took them into her dungeon and stripped them and restrained them to a spanking bench and whipped their butts till they were crying. Mistress Patricia said," since you boys are acting like babies you will become my sissy baby girl slaves." Patricia took the crying boys to her adult size nursery. She told them," you will call me mommy or mama, is that understood?!" The boys both said in unison," yes mama". Patricia just smiled and said", good girls!" Patty then started to get her babies dressed properly. First she put a very thick cloth diaper on them and pinned them on with locking diaper pins then pulled a pair of pink plastic rhumba panties, and locked them on the boys. Then placed a pink baby girl party dress on them and locked the zipper closed. Next came a pair of frilly ankle socks followed by a pair of black patten leather Mary Jane shoes. Last but not least was a pink frilly baby bonnet.

Patty explained that they are now 10 months old and will behave and listen to her and Robyn. now for the first year you will be restrained 24/7. Scott is now called Stephanie, and Kieth is now Katie. Stephanieand Katie started to complain, but Patty stopped them with large pacifiers shoved in their mouths and strapped them in there. Next Patty called Robyn in and asked her to help her with the babies. Patty took Stephanie and Robyn took Katie, they placed thier hands in pink silky padded mittens and locked them on their wrists. then put there ankles in leather cuffs and connected them with a 2" chain to a leather waist belt and then connected thier mittens to the waist belt also with a 2" chain. the babies were then placed in thier cribs and shut and locked the top and said," Good Night Babies! i will wake you up for din din's". Five hours later Patty came upstairs and woke them up and placed them in their highchairs for din din. She strapped them in at their wrists, waist, and ankles. Patty fed them 5 jars each of baby food and 2 baby bottles, one of formula and the other apple juice. both were spiked with muscle relaxers, duretics, and laxatives. When they were done being fed she took them to her dungeon and made them watch what she does for a living. During her break she said", you babies will be my personal sissy baby slaves, starting tomorrow. Patty then took them to the nursery and changed them for bed. While changing their diapers she inserted 4 supositories each into their sissy pussys and then shoved a large vibrating but plug in their sissy pussys and diapered them with 10 very thick 10-20-10 cloth diapers, pink plastic rhumba panties, and a pink footed sleeper with built in mittens. the sleepers had," I AM A SISSY SLAVE", embroidered on the front. Patty then placed a cock shaped pacifier gag in their mouths and strapped them in saying", That way you babies can get used to sucking cock, Night Night babies!" Stephanie and Katie was tied back to back so they can't move an inch, and placed in a crib, then blindfolded.

The next morning Mistress Pat came in the nursery and released the sissy's from there nightly punishment. They were taken into the kitchen and strapped into their highchairs, and a feeding gag placed in their mouths so they can be fed baby food. After breakfast was over the sissy babies were then taken back to the nursery's bathroon for their baths. As soon as the baths were over they were diapered and dressed.At 6am, Mistress Pat took them into her dungeon and took Katie over to the fucking machine, and Stephanie over to the spanking machine. they were restrained and spent half a day on the machines. Katie had every sized dildo used on her sissy pussy, and Stephanie had every paddle and whip used on her. At 12 noon, Mistress Pat fed them lunch and tied them together back to back with a double ended dildo shoved in their sissy pussy's, and an extra-large diaper placed on them together as one. then placed them in their playpen for their nap. Mistress Pat went back to work on her other slaves. An hour later Mistress Pat returned to wake Katie and Stephanie up and took them back to the dungeon at 1pm. This time Stephanie got her sissy pussy fucked by every sized dildo and Katie was placed on the spanking machine and had every paddle and whip used on her. During the time in the dungeon each sissy baby had there cum collected in plastic baby bottles for later. At 6pm, it was dinner time. This time they were spoon fed baby food and for there drink they were given a baby bottle of cum, Katie was bottle fed Stephanies cum and Katie was bottle fed Stephanies cum.

After dinner, Mistress pat tied each sissy's hands and feet together and placed them on two separate tables. Mistress Pat called Robin and told her" Its time for some fun princess". they put on a strap-on and walked over to the sissies and started to fuck them in earnest. After an hour they switched and fucked the other sissy for another hour. When Mistress Pat and Robin was finished fucking the sissy babies, they forced them to 69 each other for 2 hours. While this all happened they were being filmed the whole time. Mistress Pat then took the sissy's yo there nursery and got them ready for beddy byes, which entailed the following- she strapped them down to the changing table, she placed a catheter in each of their pee-pee's and attached a long tube to the end of the catheter then lotioned, oiled, and powdered them and placed a 9' long and 3" wide dildo in their sissy pussys and placed 20 cloth diapers under their baby butts, pinned each one on one at a time with locking diaper pins and pulled a pair of pimk plastic rhumba panties up over the diapers. Them Mistress Pat placed a short pink babydoll nightie on them. Their paci shaped feeding gags were shoved in their mouths and strapped in nice and tight. they were placed in their crib and restrained- leg, waist, head and wrist. After that Mistress Pat took the tubes that were attached to the catheters and attached them to the paci gags.( Katies was attached to Stephanies paci gag and Stephanies was attached to Katies paci gag.)Mistress Pat then placed a blindfold over their eyes and said," Goodnight sissy baby's, have fun!"

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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