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The Story of Sandra

Part 4

With Sandra away to take her shower it was about time for Astrid to get some relief for herself. She climbed out of bed and headed back to her room, leaving Sandra's door unlocked so the girl could get back in after her shower.

Entering her own room she headed immediately for the top left drawer of her dresser. Lying next to her underwear were several of her own favorite toys. Grabbing a small blue vibrator she went to her bed, pulling down and kicking off her pants and underwear as she went. She wasted no time as she spread the lips of her kitty with her fingers and lightly touched the egg shaped device to her sensitive clit.

The mornings play with Sandra had her extremely hot. Within a few short minutes she found herself panting for breath, beads of sweat forming on her chest. After taking some time to recover she began gathering the things she needed for a shower leaving her toy lying soaked on the bed.

Wrapping her towel around her body and slipping into a pair or flip flops she picked up her bag of toiletries and headed for the bathroom. Entering the room she noticed that none of the showers were running, meaning Sandra had likely already finished. She was surprised not to see her at one of the mirrors, but remembered that the girl hardly ever used make up and that this was probably not one of the days when she would be trying to tame her fiery red hair. Astrid decided she would have to find a way to get her friend's hair under control.

Smiling to herself she entered one of the shower stalls and turned on the water...

Sandra stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off. Wrapping her wild hair in one towel, another around her slender body, she grabbed the pile of things from the shower shelf and headed out of the bathroom. She managed to open her door without dropping everything in her hands and felt quite proud of herself; she usually made quite the mess trying to get back in and was not sure why she hadn't just gotten some kind of bag a long time ago.

She dropped all of her clothes and supplies into a box and finished drying off. She looked between her legs and admired the newly clean look of it. She had shaved off her little patch of hair while she was in the shower; she had a feeling that Astrid would appreciate the change. She started looking for clothes but decided against it, instead she quickly logged onto her computer. Finding no new e-mails she closed her laptop, picked up her stuffed tiger from where he had landed by the door, and climbed back under the covers of her bed. She found her pacifier and popped it in her mouth then, sucking contentedly on her pacifier, let herself relax and drift off to sleep, thinking about the fun to come...

Astrid finished her shower and began to dry off. She knew Sandra very well and figured the girl would probably have gone back to bed. Knowing she really had no time constraints she took her time combing her long black hair and applying her makeup, she wanted to look good today. She pulled her hair back and clipped it in place with a long silver clip, loving the way it stood out against her raven locks.

She gathered up her belongings and replaced them in her bag. Getting back to her room she began to look for just the right outfit for the day. She wanted to look mature today; she planned on dressing Sandra like a little girl again and wanted to draw as much distinction between the two as she could manage.

She searched her packing boxes for what she was after, a light white cotton dress with black flower designs on it. She found a white bra and panties, and was quickly dressed, looking stunning. She found a pair of sandals with a small heel and added those to the outfit. Admiring herself in a mirror she smiled at the way the outfit showed off her long legs, something she knew would be emphasized more with the tiny figure of Sandra by her side.

She found her purse and made sure she had all of the things she would need for the day. With one last look in the mirror, she headed back to Sandra's room, locking her own door behind her. She entered her friend's room quietly, finding the girl exactly as she had expected to: curled up in her bed, her wild red hair sprawled all around her head. She set her purse down on a box a slipped her sandals off as she approached Sandra's bed. Sitting down on the edge of the bed she placed a hand on the small girl's shoulder, rubbing her back gently as she spoke.

"Sandy," she cooed "wake up baby; it's time to get you ready for the day." Sandra stirred and looked up at her friend smiling sleepily.

"Hiya sissy!" she said happily.

"Come on baby, let's get you up and ready, today is a big day." She pulled the covers back and helped her friend out of bed. Looking at the naked body before her she smiled at the now hairless form. She gave her friend a quick kiss on the forehead then gave her a hug, telling her how adorable she was.

"Okay babe, grab me one of your Pampers and let's get started." Sandra pulled one of the large toddler diapers from their bag and handed it to her friend. Until last night no one but herself had put her in a diaper in years, now she couldn't believe she had gone so long without it.

Sandra lay back down on the bed and Astrid slid the diaper under her. She picked up the baby powder and sprinkled it on generously; she then rubbed the sweet smelling powder in, enjoying the feeling of it coating the freshly hairless diaper area. Pulling the diaper into place she taped it securely closed and ran a finger around the waistband and leg holes to make sure the diaper was on properly, and to draw giggles from her friend as she tickled her.

Taking Sandra's hands Astrid pulled her up until she was sitting with her feet on the floor.

"Well little one I think it is a skirt day for you today. Let's see what you've got, shall we?" She began to open the still unsealed boxes around her friend's dorm room searching for clothes. She found a lot of clothes; unfortunately they were all jumbled up and in no particular order. She sighed and smiled remembering that Sandra's child like habits extended well beyond her choice of underpants.

Eventually she did find a yellow skirt that she thought would do nicely as well as a pink tank top. She turned to her friend, still sitting on the bed looking impatient to be dressed and on to more fun, and motioned for her to stand up. Sandra obeyed and was soon dressed.

"No bra?" Sandra asked.

"You don't really need it angel," Astrid teased "besides, if you wear one you won't look like as much of a little girl." Sandra couldn't really argue with that so she went along with it. Astrid grabbed the small wooden torture device that passed for a chair in their dorms and told her friend to sit. In a few minutes she had Sandra's hair pulled back and braided into pig tails which she held in place with two white scrunchies she had found while scouring through the boxes.\ The effect was exactly what she was going for. For the first time in ages Sandra's hair actually looked neat, aside from the few fly away hairs that refused to submit, and the white stood out against her friends red hair and pink top. She finished the outfit with a pair of white sandals. She looked her friend over and was pleased to be looking at what appeared to be a young girl, rather than the college aged girl she spent her lunches with. The light material of the skirt also had the advantage of showing off the lines of the diaper beneath for anyone looking closely enough.

"Alright kiddo, we are just about ready to get going. Just one more thing to pack." Picking up Sandra's book back she unzipped it and set it on the bed. She pulled out several of the size 7 pampers from their bag and placed them in the back pack. She then added the baby powder, wipes, lotion, a small stuffed giraffe that was lying amid the chaos of boxes, and a couple of pacifiers. She zipped the bag closed and handed it to her friend. Sandra realized as she slung the bag over her shoulders that she was actually carrying her very own diaper bag. It also occurred to her that with that many supplies they probably weren't going to be coming back here any time soon.

"So what's the plan Sissy?" The girl asked happily, though Astrid could tell she was a bit nervous.

"Well, I was thinking we could go to the zoo today, wadda ya think?" She figured she already knew the answer.

"Yeah! That'd be great, I have never been to the zoo here, I used to go to the zoo in Portland a lot and I have been to the one in San Diego and to the Wild Animal Park there too, that's where I got my giraffe, but I haven't been to this one!" The entire sentence came out in one breath and took all of about one second.

"Good, let's go get some breakfast first though, I'm pretty hungry. Where do you want to go?"

"McDonalds!" The girl said excitedly.

Astrid checked her watch and made some mental calculations.

"Okay, if we hurry we can make it." With that they were out the door and into Astrid's jeep in just over a minute. They made it to the nearest McDonalds and ordered just in time. Their food came and they sat down at a booth off in a corner near the indoor play area. Sandra opened her hot cakes and was getting ready to drown them in syrup when Astrid reached over and took the packet from her hands.

"You are probably going to end up a sticky mess anyway, but there is no sense getting this all over the place before you even start eating." She said with a smile.

"I'm careful." Sandra said defensively, knowing full well that at least some of the syrup would have made it onto the tray, or the table, or her arm, or mysteriously into her hair rather than on her food.

"I know you are angel but let you Sissy help." Astrid said as she poured the sugary stuff over her friend's food. She normally didn't use syrup herself, she preferred jam, but she figured that since it was sugary and messy that Sandra would inevitably love the stuff so she used it all on the girl's pancakes.

They ate their food in relative silence. Relative here meaning that Astrid listened as Sandra listed her favorite animals and why she liked each one of them so much. Some facts Astrid knew, some were new to her, and other were certainly not true; she was pretty sure lions couldn't sing no matter what Disney had convinced her friend of.

Sandra was having a great time and was even swinging her feet under the table. She loved just being able to talk and pretend to be a kid again. She ate quickly and every now and then allowed Astrid to wipe her face off with a napkin.

To her credit Astrid listened attentively and acted surprised by all of the little facts the girl brought up, even the more imaginative ones. As they talked she noticed that Sandra's eyes kept flicking over to the play structure in the room beside them. By the time Sandra had finished tearing through her food and had drained her orange juice Astrid was still eating and was only half way through her coffee.

"Let me see your hands girly." Sandra held out her hands and Astrid looked them over. She took hold of her wrists and turned her hands over, putting one of her thumbs into syrup in the process. She held the thumb up in front of Sandra.

"Kiss," She said simply and the girl rewarded her with a sloppy child like kiss on the thumb.

"Yuck, okay, go wash your hands and hurry back." Sandra skittered off to the bathroom and returned quickly. Before she could sit down again Astrid motioned her to stand in front of her. She turned outward and looked at the girl's hands again.

"Much better," she said. Then leaning in close added with a knowing smile "now why don't you go play for a little bit while I finish eating." If Sandra didn't have ears her smile would have wrapped around her entire head. She had been dying to crawl around the play structure but had been too embarrassed to say anything. The irony of being embarrasses about that around a friend who had so recently changed her wet diapers never even occurred to her.

There were only two children playing and both of them were in the ball-pit. Sandra was surprised by the lack of people here on a weekend but really was too excited to pay it much thought. She quickly slipped out of her sandals and dashed into the plastic tubing on her hands and knees. She spent nearly half an hour scurrying about and looking out the plastic windows at passing cars. She was thankful that she had been dressed in one of her longer skirts as crawling around this way in anything shorter would have otherwise put her diapers on full display.

It was only Astrid's voice calling her down to go to the zoo and a rather thinly veiled warning about making her bottom match her hair that drew her out of the play structure.

Sandra went down the slide and popped out onto the floor, being quite careful to make sure her skirt bottom stayed down. Astrid was holding her sandals and motioned for the girl to sit down on a bench. She waited patiently, or at least she didn't cause too much fuss as Astrid put her shoes back on her and stood her back up. She was feeling very excited and hyper, a fairly odd feeling for her as she was normally very laid back. Acting out the role of a kid was certainly having an effect on her.

They got back in the jeep and after fighting their way through a bit of traffic were zooming along toward the zoo.

"So kiddo, what do you want to see first?" Astrid asked above the wind and traffic noise.

"The unicorns!" Sandra shouted with a too big smile.

"Okay, we will see if they have those baby, what else do you want to see?"

"Umm, the gwiffins, like from Harry Potter, and the Dwagons too." Astrid laughed out loud at her friend who had clearly decided that normal animals must be kept somewhere other than the zoo. Next she would probably want to stop in at Hagrid's hut.

"That sounds good to me baby, how about the giraffes too? She asked remembering the stuffed animal in the girl's back pack.

"Yeah! Those are my favewits!" She said while bouncing in her seat.

"Alright, so we will find the giraffes and then look for all the really hard to find ones, sound good?" Sandra just smiled her big cheesy smile again and nodded excitedly.

"You still dry babe?" Astrid asked a few minutes later.

Sandra paused for a moment as her diapered condition had actually slipped her mind. Realizing what her friend was asking for she got a devious idea and acted on it without hesitating. Reaching down she grabbed the bottom of her skirt and unceremoniously lifted it to her chin. Pinning it in place between her head and chest she spread her legs as wide as she could in the seat and poked her diaper.

"Yup! I'm still dry!" She proudly declared letting her skirt drop and then pulling it down to re-cover her legs.

Astrid turned momentarily away from her friend to check the road; she realized her eyes had been fixed on the girl for longer than probably wise. She turned back and pointed her finger at the impishly smiling figure in her passenger seat.

"Try to show some modesty young lady," she said while pretending to be angry "you will earn yourself a sound spanking if you keep that kind of unladylike behavior up." Sandra pretended to pout but could not resist the smile that turned the corners of her mouth upward.

Astrid turned back to her driving but let her hand come to rest on her friend's thigh and soon found Sandra's hand holding the top of her own.

The rest of the drive to the zoo went without incident. When they arrived they were greeted by a very full parking lot but managed to find a parking space about halfway back. It would be a decent walk but not too difficult for a couple of 19 year olds used to walking all over a large campus.

Sandra opened her backpack, now her diaper bag, and pulled out her little giraffe. She zipped up the bag, pulled it on around her shoulders, and hurriedly joined her friend on the other side of the jeep. Astrid had just double checked her purse to be sure she had everything and climbed out. She took her much smaller friend's hand and walked with her to the ticket booth. More accurately Astrid walked while Sandra half walked and half skipped in her excitement.

"Two please." Astrid said to the cashier. She looked down and smiled at her friend who returned her smile and then some, her pretty green eyes sparkling in the bright sun.

She paid the lady and took her tickets with a smile. She showed them at the gate and walked in. She handed one to Sandra to keep as a souvenir. She looked at it before putting it in her backpack. It was covered in pictures of animals and in big letters on one end was the word "Youth"

"Hehehe, it worked again Sissy!" She said showing the ticket to her best friend.

Astrid had noticed when she first got the tickets but laughed again now at the girl's surprise. She couldn't know just how young she really looked.

The tickets safely stowed away they checked the signs and headed for the area where the giraffes were housed.

They reached the enclosure and saw the huge animals. And Sandra rushed right over to the railing. She pulled herself up a bit, partially to see better and also just because she was so excited. Astrid kept up with her easily and put an arm around her as she looked on at the exhibit.

Sandra had soon named the three giraffes and was playing with her own stuffed animal on the rail, pretending that it was as big as the ones in the enclosure and having him "eat leaves" from an imaginary tree (for the record her stuffed animal was named Rodger, Rodger the Reticulated Giraffe. She was after all a college student and loved giraffes).

After watching and playing for several minutes they finally began to move onto the other exhibits. Sandra was quite keen to see the merekats and since they were right next to the giraffes she rushed over to them, nearly dragging Astrid behind her. While watching the little animals Sandra suddenly realized that she needed to pee. She released into her waiting diaper and continued watching the merekats pop in and out of holes and scurry about their habitat.

They continued on around the zoo looking at all of the animals. Sandra was excited to see the ant eater and even Astrid got a kick out of watching the Lions, those happened to be her favorite animals. After walking around for about two hours they finally decided to take a break and sit down in the aviary to watch the lorikeets.

"You having fun so far baby?" Astrid asked her friend.

"Yeah, I like this zoo. It's not as big as the one back home but that one doesn't have giraffes and the aviary is better here too." She had stopped talking in the little girl's voice she had adopted throughout the morning and was just enjoying sights of the colorful birds with her best friend.

"You still dry kiddo? Cus I know I have to go use the rest room." Sandra's shyness suddenly came back and she couldn't answer. She couldn't even look at her friend; she just looked at the ground and kicked her legs under the bench.

"Aww, that's okay Sandy. You don't have to answer, why not just lift up your skirt again?" Astrid asked while reaching for the bottom of the girl's skirt.

Sandra jumped off the bench and took a couple of short backward steps, never taking her eyes off of her friend.

"Hey! Not here!" she said embarrassed.

"I'm only playing girly, I wouldn't really do that to you," Astrid said, then with a devilish grin added "unless of course you were being naughty and needed to be taught a lesson."

"No..." Sandra said sheepishly "I'll be good Sissy."

"Okay then, well let's go find a bathroom and get you changed. Let's hurry or I'm going to need one of your diapers too and I don't think they will fit me." They both laughed at this, which didn't make things any easier on Astrid. They searched about for a while and found a restroom. Astrid was relieved that there was no line, she really was getting near the desperation point, she had needed to go since right before they got to the lions but she had gotten distracted and forgotten until they sat down to rest.

For her part Sandra was grateful that this restroom was designed for one person at a time so no one else would see her getting changed, though as Astrid had reminded her "everyone would just have assumed you were a little kid." Astrid was happy to see a changing station in the bathroom. Oddly it was not one of the Koala Bear Care stations that fold down; it was an actual changing table. It wasn't particularly large but she figured it would hold Sandra, even if just barely. She lifted the girl up and sat her one the table, instructing her to wait. She then rushed into the stall to relieve herself. Finishing up she returned to her friend and started to work.

She helped Sandra lay down on the table; as it turned out it was just big enough that if she bent her legs she could get her feet on one edge of the table and her head rested on the other end. It was a tight fit but it would work.

"Lift up baby doll." Sandra pushed her hips into the air as Astrid raised the girl's skirt, exposing her very wet diaper. Astrid opened her friends back pack and removed a diaper, wipes, and powder. She also removed a pacifier and popped it in her friend's mouth. She changed her quickly with only a little bit of tickling then threw the old diaper in the trash bin and packed away the other supplies. She helped her friend off the table and handed her the back pack. Sandra pulled the backpack on and they headed back into the park.

They stopped for lunch and Astrid ordered for both of them and paid. Once the got their food and sat down she even put ketchup on both of their trays and cut Sandra's chicken strips into small bits so they would be easier to eat.

They talked while they ate and soon the conversation shifted away from the animals and the park.

"So, are you enjoying getting to be a kid?" Astrid asked.

"Yeah, it's been really cool. I just keep getting surprised by the fact that no one even questions that I am a kid."

"Well you do look pretty young kiddo. I think people just look at your outfit and your hair and how small you are and they just assume that you're a kid. I am sure if they talked to you they would realize that you are older than you look."

"Then you are doing all the talking!"

"No problem babe, I don't think anyone is going to be asking too much of you except maybe what kind of balloon animal you want." Astrid joked smiling.

A punch in the arm and a smile was the blushing girl's only reply.

"Anyway, I think it is almost time to get going, I still have one other stop I want to make before we head back to them dorms. I only get you for one more day and I want to have lots of fun with you."

"Where else are we going?"

"Just a little bit of shopping."

"Oh," Sandra said sounding a bit disappointed.

"Hey, cheer up, girly girls like you are supposed to like shopping remember? Besides, this is going to be fun." They finished eating and headed to see the giraffes one last time so Sandra could say goodbye and headed for the exit. Before leaving the park they stopped in at the gift shop and each picked out a new stuffed animal. Sandra picked a lion with a long soft mane which she decided was named Stephanopoulos the Savannah Lion. Astrid chose a foot tall penguin with a San Antonio Zoo shirt on. Using a marker she wrote the name Henrietta on it.

Their new friends under their arms they crossed the long parking lot back to the jeep. Astrid helped her friend into the passenger seat and placed her items in the back seat. She kissed Sandra on the forehead and took her own seat.

As they headed down the road Sandra lay back and drifted off to sleep; it was a warm day and sunshine always made her tired. Driving down the road with the top down Astrid noticed the hem of he friends skirt fluttering around her shins. Smiling wickedly she reached down and took hold of the light, loose fitting garment and lifted the end to the elastic waistband of Sandra's diaper, tucking in about an inch of the fabric and completely exposing the immature underwear. She drove casually to keep from waking her friend and admired the view along the way to their destination.

About 30 minutes had passed when they pulled into the parking lot. Thanks to the light traffic they hadn't had to stop on their way, a rarity on Texas highways. She reached over and gently shook Sandra awake. The groggy girl already had one leg out of the jeep before realizing that her skirt was no longer protecting her modesty. She quickly pulled herself back into the seat and fixed her clothing. Her confusion about how her skirt had shifted like that evaporated as she heard Astrid laughing from the other side of the jeep.

"Oh you are foul! That was so mean, why did you do that?" She asked with a smile and fighting down a wave of embarrassment as her pale skin went bright red.

"Oh don't be angry baby; I just wanted to be able to see that cute diaper of yours so I had some entertainment while you took your nap. No one else saw you." She came around the vehicle and opened the door, helping her friend down. Sandra buried her face in the friend's chest when she was on the ground. Astrid put a hand to the girls face and lifted her chin. Looking into her eyes she kissed her deeply, feeling a moan escape from the girl as she pulled her into a tight hug.

"All better sweet pea?" She shook her head and kissed her much taller friend one more time before Astrid took her by the hand and led her to toward the store. The huge purple letters on the front of the building read "Babies-R-Us" though of course the R was backwards.

To be concluded...

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