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By latias714 - (Contact info: [email protected],, This story is also on my DeviantArt account if you wish to make comments there).

Chapter One - Discovering the Truth.

Lindsey was having a particularly nice dream, until the buzz of an alarm clock hammered through her skull. She groggily hit the snooze button and glanced at the clock. 5:30 am. She had time for a couple more minutes, since she left for school at 7. After she finally made the tough decision to get out of bed, she stumbled into her bathroom. She felt the soft padded diaper beneath her nightgown; it was dry, as it was every morning.

Lindsey was not a bed wetter, but she's had a fascination with baby things (like diapers, for instance) ever since she could remember. She never told anyone for the simple reason that she didn't want to be labeled as weird or unstable, she had always had an irrational fear (maybe it was a phobia, but she didn't think it was that strong) of public embarrassment, which made her keep all the more secret. Until she started walking to middle school (which happened to pass by a drugstore) all she was able to do was pawn over the ab/dl websites when her parents weren't around.

She was then reminded of her need to use the bathroom, so she went. The toilet remained untouched. She stripped off her (now) wet diaper, rolled it up, and hid it in the middle of her trashcan so her mother wouldn't see it, and hopped in for a quick shower. After she had thoroughly showered herself, she went and retrieved another diaper from her closet hiding spot. She carefully unfolded the diaper, and placed herself in the middle. After a quick powdering, she fit the tapes snugly over her petite frame. When she was finished diapering herself, she selected a modest skirt that hid her diaper well, and a cute matching undershirt and tee. Climbing down the stairs to an empty house, she put some bread in the toaster and fixed a glass of milk while she waited for her bread to finish toasting. After the toast popped out, she had to take it with her, she was five minutes late. Not that it mattered, she only left at 7 to have 20 minutes of social time with her friends. She arrived with 15 minutes to spare. She found her friends where they always were, in the commons area under the hanging clock.

"Where've you been, Lindsey?" inquired Nikki, her best friend. Nikki had known her since first grade, and they shared many years of friendship and secrets, but one thing she could not bear to even mention to her best friend was her diaper secret.

"The snooze button and the shower felt way too good this morning," Lindsey replied.

"Amen to that!" chimed in Meg. Meg's real name was Megan, but she preferred the former. She had only met Meg last year, but they hit it off immediately, and were good friends ever since. Most of the trio's conversation was dedicated to boys and fashion, until Nikki said, "Hey, do you guys wanna go to the mall on Saturday?"

"Ooh yes, definitely!" agreed Meg.

"Sounds good," said Lindsey.

"It's agreed, then," confirmed Nikki.

"Saturday, the mall, at 10." Just then the bell rang, and the three girls went off to their respective classes. Nothing interesting went on that day, except in fifth period. The history teacher was giving a particularly boring monologue on ancient Chinese peoples, and Lindsey found herself daydreaming about a boy that sat in the front row. All of the sudden, she was hit with the urge to use the restroom. Mr. Warsaw wasn't a man to be interrupted, and she did have a diaper on...

When school let out, Lindsey drove home and entered her house, finding her mother in her room, which was expected since her part time job let out before Lindsey was let out of school.

"When's dad gonna be home?" Lindsey inquired.

"He should be home on time tonight. Which reminds me, we're having spaghetti for dinner."

"Sounds delicious already," said Lindsey. She ambled up to her upstairs bedroom, where she checked her email. After replying to some of her ab/dl cyberspace friends, she poked at her wet diaper that she'd had on since fifth period. Deciding it could hold a little bit more, she wet it again (the soda on the way home had apparently taken effect) and felt it swell against her skin. She waddled over to the full-length mirror; her diaper was sagging under the weight. She stripped off her soggy diaper, and threw it in the trash. The can seemed to be overflowing now, her mother had forgotten to empty the trash in her room when trash day came round last time.

'Mental note: empty can later.' She thought to herself. For now, she just threw the soggy bundle on top of the other trash. She retrieved another diaper out of her stash, which was getting low.

'Wow,' she thought. 'I'm using more diapers than normal this week.' Since her father was a surgeon, and her mother worked part time (just for something to do during the day), they could afford to give her $20 a week in spending money. Half of that would soon go to replenish her supplies, but it was well worth the $10 she spent on diapers every other week or so. She placed a towel on the ground, laying the powder alongside it, and unfolded the diaper. She gingerly powdered herself, and had gotten the first tape secure when there was a sharp rap at the door.

'Oh shit.' She thought. She had no time to react, as the door began to open... and to her heart's relief, it stopped at just an inch.

"Lindsey honey, time for dinner." her mom said.

"O-okay..." she managed to say.

"Is something wrong, sweetie?" inquired her mother.

"No mom, I'm fine, I was just... changing." Well, she wasn't lying about the changing part, that's for sure.

"I'll be down in a few minutes."

"Okay, daddy's waiting." Lindsey smiled. Her father was gone more than the average dad, due to his medical duties. While she wasn't lying about changing, she had to quickly finish diapering herself, and then put on a different skirt to avoid suspicion. Her father was a tall, dark haired man, very built, but his personality was just the opposite, which earned him the nickname "gentle giant." Even though her father had dark hair, she had blond hair. Her father must have a blond gene in there somewhere. As she descended the stairs, she heard her parents small-talking about work, and she joined the table.

"Hey daddy, how's work?" Mr. Corbin knew his daughter had a weak stomach when it came to the medical field, so he teased her about it.

"Oh you know, I just had to clip a few nerves here and there, scrape the bone, and reattach the muscle."

"Eew, sounds painful!" Lindsey exclaimed.

"It's not painful until the patient wakes up," Mr. Corbin winked at Lindsey.

"In fact, I brought a few home." he said, pointing to the spaghetti. Lindsey poked him in the ribs.

"Daddy, don't tease me like that!" Both of them laughed.

"So, shall I say grace?" The three of them bowed their heads while Mr. Corbin thanked the Lord for the food. The passing of dishes soon ensued, with healthy conversation following.

"So Lindsey, how was your math competition yesterday?" Mr. Corbin asked.

"I took second place in individuals, and first in team challenge!" she exclaimed.

"Well, that's wonderful!" Mr. Corbin responded.

"So did you have any problems you couldn't solve?"

"Only the one where it asked what kind of quadratic would produce a double root."

"b2-4ac=0," her father stated.

"Yes, I know that now. You shoulda been on our team." She smiled. The conversation continued until everyone finished dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Corbin both sat on the couch to watch T.V., and Lindsey logged on the computer to check her email, which included both AOL and Yahoo. Her AOL was her legitimate email, while her Yahoo was her email for "other" purposes. After finding nothing of importance, she scrolled through a couple of her ab/dl sites, but there new there either. Resigning herself to homework, she ascended the stairs to her room.

Unpacking her school bag, she got out her algebra two book, her paper, and pencil, and her noise-canceling head phones. Lindsey wasn't a prep, neither punk, but she still loved her Linkin Park. She switched on her iPod and went to work. What she didn't realize was that her skirt had ridden up while she sat down. Even if she had known, she wouldn't of cared, her parents were busy watching T.V.


Jack and Celeste, Lindsey's parents, were watching CSI on the couch.

"I'll go make some popcorn," Celeste said, slowly raising up out of Jack's arms.

"Ok, honey, I'll be waiting," He winked. She smiled at him and walked over to the cupboard and got out a bag of popcorn.

'I'll see if Lindsey wants some...' she thought. She always climbed the stairs lightly, like a cat... her husband always said. She softly knocked on the door to Lindsey's room, with no answer. She pressed her ear to the door, and heard the soft sound of headphones.

'Which means she's probably going deaf by now,' Celeste thought to herself. Teenagers and their music.

"Lindsey, do you want some popcorn?" she called outside of the door. She knew it was futile, Lindsey couldn't hear her. She lightly opened the door. Lindsey was doing more logarithms in algebra two, she observed. She was about to sneak up on Lindsey and scare her (all in good fun), until she noticed the skirt. Or, as a matter of fact, what was under the skirt. Her daughter appeared to be wearing an adult sized diaper under her skirt! Celeste was very puzzled, she didn't know what to do. Finally, she decided to let it go and not mention it to Lindsey right away.


Lindsey was solving one of her more tougher logarithms when she was jolted by a touch on her shoulder.

"Ayeh!" she squeaked. She turned around to see her mother, laughing.

"Oh, you scared me..." she said sheepishly.

"I was just going to ask if you wanted some popcorn, and come watch some T.V. with us," her mother stated.

"Yeah, sure, let me finish 27-30 and I'll be right down." Lindsey replied. When she finished her homework, she came down the stairs and sat on the couch with her parents, carefull to pull her skirt down so nothing was showing.

"Popcorn?" her mother offered, sticking the bowl in Lindsey's lap.

"They resemble fat cells." her father offered. Lindsey's hand froze halfway to her mouth, and her father started laughing.

"Dad, not when we're eating!" Lindsey said as she poked him in the ribs. He slapped her playfully on the bum, which made a thudding sound. Jack didn't notice, but his wife did.

'So she's still wearing that diaper...' Celeste thought. Celeste didn't know what to do now, should she ask her daughter about it when they were alone? Should she say something at all? She was even wondering if it was her fault somehow, did she become like this because of her parenting skills? She decided to just let it go until later. Meanwhile, the three family members sat on the couch, watching the rest of CSI together. Celeste and Jack were both on one side of the couch, while Lindsey fell asleep on the other side.

"Well, I'm off to bed, honey," Jack said softly.

"I have to supervise a heart transplant tomorrow, I need my sleep."

"Ok, dear. I'll just come as soon as I get Lindsey to bed," whispered Celeste.

"Looks like she's already there," responded Jack with a smile.

"Well, you know what I mean,"

"Yes dear. You get her to bed, I'll be waiting in our room. If I'm not asleep." Jack said as he yawned. Celeste walked over to her daughter. After Jack left the room, she sat down next to Lindsey. She was still perplexed (but not in denial) about her daughter's unusual choice of undergarment. She reached over and felt Lindsey's diaper underneath her skirt, which brought back memories of fourteen years ago, when Lindsey was two.

'Has it really been that long?' she thought to herself. Celeste remembered when Lindsey was two, parading around in her (much smaller) diaper, and running away giggling when her mother chased her for a diaper change. Celeste startled herself when she brushed a small tear way from her eye.

'I must really miss those days, that bond...' she thought to herself. Celeste wanted two kids, but once Jack had a daughter, he didn't want anymore children, which left Celeste with a sense of emptiness. But Jack was the man of the house, and she respected him and loved him, so she'd just let the matter go. 'Actually, this could work out for the better...' Celeste thought as he gazed at her daughter's diaper. She longed for the bonding love of a mother and child again, and she knew exactly what to do now. Celeste shook her head, dislodging the cobwebs of her mind. She caressed her daughter's shoulder until she woke up.

"Mmm... Yes, mommy?" Lindsey said groggily. Celeste smiled inside, she hadn't been called mommy in years.

"Time for bed, sweetie," Celeste whispered.

"Ok, mom." 'Well, one out of two isn't bad,' thought Celeste.

"Come on, I'll help you up," she said as she took Lindsey's hand and pulled her to a standing position, and followed her upstairs to her room.

"Do you want help getting ready for bed tonight?" Celeste questioned.

" anyway, mom," Lindsey said, and Celeste noticed Lindsey blush slightly.

"Ok honey, good night and I'll see you tomorrow," Celeste said.

"G'night, mom," Lindsey said. After her mother had left the room, Lindsey started getting undressed. The diaper she had on was unused, but she felt the need to use the restroom. Lindsey was feeling too tired to deal with any dirty diapers tonight, so she stripped it off and used the toilet for the first time in about twenty-four hours. When she was finished, she pulled out a night gown from her dresser, re-taped her diaper back on, put on her night gown, crawled into bed under the covers, and quickly fell asleep.

In what seemed like moments, the alarm clock was once again slamming it's annoying tune inside Lindsey's head. She fumbled for the damned thing (why did she even move it last night?) until she finally got the snooze button depressed. While she was enjoying her 20 minutes of resting, she felt the urge to go pee, and she knew she had a diaper on, so she just went., enjoying the warm sensation spreading between her legs. There was no place she'd rather be right now than beneath the warm covers in her diaper, but she knew she'd have to get ready for school soon. Subjecting herself to reality, she crawled out of bed into the chilled morning air, and into the bathroom. She un-taped the diaper sagging at her hips, rolled it up, and was about to toss it out when she suddenly froze, as intense worry gripped her. The trashcan, where she'd left a used diaper of all things just carelessly lying on top of the rest of the refuse, was now empty. Normally, this wouldn't be a cause of alarm, but she'd made a careless error, she'd overfilled it. Now her mother had emptied it, and it was guaranteed that she saw the contents. Upon further inspection, she found a note at the bottom.

Dear Lindsey Don't be ashamed, I did find your diapers, but I had known since last night. Please know that I will always love you, no matter what. I haven't told your father yet, that's your choice. I'll tell him if you want me to.

Love you always, Mommy P.S. See me after school when you are wet.

Lindsey sat there, stunned, for what seemed like days. In reality, it was more like thirty seconds, because her brain felt numb.

"Mom knows..." she mumbled to no one in particular. The rest of her day seemed to pass in a daze, except forth period math-that class always seemed to last forever no matter what.

"Lindsey, what is the answer to number ten?" said Ms. Fitzsimmons, the algebra two teacher. Lindsey's head snapped back to reality, and she stared at problem ten. In a matter of seconds, with the aid of mental math, she said, "Two to the negative five halves power," she said confidently.

"Good job, although next time try to pay attention," said the teacher, although not condescendingly.

"Yes ma'am," she responded. Other than that (and her "bathroom break" during lunch) nothing else significant happened. When she arrived home, she opened the door with trembling hands, and saw a package in the foyer with a note on it. The note read: "Before you come see me, take this into your room and open it." The package itself was pretty light, and something inside was loose. She went upstairs to her room, taking a kitchen knife before she went. Upstairs, she cut the packaging tape and opened the flaps. Inside was the most unexpected yet welcomed thing she'd ever received in a cardboard box: a fresh package (albeit a different brand) of diapers, a changing mat, some powder, wipes, a pacifier, and a bottle. Lindsey almost cried from joy; she sincerely felt her mother accepted her diapered self. Yet one more note read: "Lindsey, bring this box with you when you come."


Celeste was reading a book in her room, she'd heard her daughter enter... Then pause... Then go upstairs.

'Any second now...' thought Celeste. She heard her daughter come down the stairs. There was a faint knock at the door, so soft it was almost non-existent.

"Mommy...?" came a barely audible noise beyond the door.

"Come in honey," she softly called. The door slowly opened and a diapered teen waddled into the room (now she knew to look for it) carrying the same cardboard box that Celeste herself had packaged just an hour earlier.

"Um... You said to... Um... See you?" she stammered. Celeste walked over to her diapered daughter and put an arm around her shoulder.

"Why are you this nervous? I'm not going to hate you for something you didn't do," Celeste said in a soft voice as she embraced her daughter.


Lindsey was overcome with emotion. She was overcome with Love. Her mother had gone to this much trouble to prove her love for her diapered daughter. Lindsey almost cried, but she held it in. She knew what her mom wanted to hear, that Lindsey loved her back, and that Lindsey knew her mother loved her. Well, there was no more proof than this that her mother loved her.

"I was just worried that you'd found out, I didn't know what you'd think, and I thought you'd yell at me, and tell my friends and relatives, and... And..." she was starting to cry.

"Shh... It's ok, I would never do those things to you," her mother reassured her. The two of them embraced for what seemed like ages. Then Lindsey spoke softly.

"Mommy... My... Umm... Diaper is still wet." said Lindsey.

"I'll fix that for you. Lay down, sweetie." Her mother spread the changing mat on the floor, along with a fresh diaper. Once Lindsey was centered, Celeste did something she had not done in over fourteen years. She diapered her one and only baby. Lifting the sixteen-year-old teenager's legs, she removed the urine-soaked diaper, took out a few wipes, cleaned the pubic area, and rolled them up in the used nappy. Once again she raised her daughter's legs and put a fresh diaper underneath her. After a sprinkling of powder, she snugly taped her daughter into her under-garment.

"These are thicker than the ones I bought," Lindsey observed. She took a few experimental steps. These diapers also fit more snugly than she'd been able to get her old ones to do.

"Well, I do work in a retirement home, remember?" Celeste stated.

"Oh yes, now I remember. Is that where you got these?" Lindsey said, pointing to her padded rear.

"Mhmm," her mother nodded.

"But I did pay for them, so they're not stolen or anything."

"I wouldn't ever think that, mommy," Lindsey said. Her mother hugged her again.

"I love the sound of that. 'Mommy.' It makes me feel more like a mother," she whispered.

"How did you know I'd enjoy the pacifier and baby bottle, too?" Lindsey inquired.

"I went do some of your ab/dl sites on the computer, and I gathered a lot of info," her Mother responded.

"Now, it's time to relax. Go wait on the couch, I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Ok, mommy," Lindsey agreed. She then padded into the living room and sat on the couch, waiting for her mother. She was watching "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" on cartoon network when she heard the sounds of a microwave. 'Mom's making popcorn,' She thought. After her mother finished with the microwave, she walked in, but she wasn't carrying a popcorn bowl.

"What was the microwave for?" Lindsey inquired.

"Here, lay next and I'll show you," Celeste said as she sat on the couch. Lindsey snuggled up next to her mother, and surprisingly, found herself drinking some warm milk from a bottle. 'It's almost like a dream...' she thought. She pinched herself on the arm, and her mother laughed.

"Glad to see you're enjoying it," her mother said. After the bottle was gone, her mother inserted her daughter's pacifier, and they spent the rest of the evening cuddled on the couch, Lindsey eventually falling asleep in her mother's arms. The day her mother found out her secret was the best day of her life.

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