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Baby Erica's Potty Training

Part 4

Sara pulled into her reserved parking spot and got out of her car grabbing her brief case she went to her trunk and pulled out a stroller. Sara placed Baby Erica in the stroller and walked pushing Erica along into the entrance to the building, she immediately had everyone's attention. They all stared at the grown woman wearing a yellow sagging disposable diaper around her slender hips, pink baby girl half shirt, baby bib and pacifier. Sara checked in at the desk and took the elevator up to her office. Wheeling the stroller into her office parked Erica behind the desk in front of Sara's desk and left her in the stroller.

"Return these calls and set my appointments, but first I want you to go the coffee shop on the first floor and grab me a large coffee with cream and sugar." Sara said as she gestured Erica to her. Erica got up and walked over to her bosses' desk. Sara handed Erica some money and slipped her hand down the front of Erica's diaper.

"Hmm, soaked, she surmised from the warm wetness of material. Tell yah what since you want to be potty trained and you seem to be a reluctant office baby. I'll give you your first shot to get out of this." Sara removed Erica's diaper and threw it in the trash leaving her cold and naked from the waist down.

"If you can get coffee without wetting yourself before you get back you will prove to me you're a big girl and don't need diapers, but should you wet yourself at any time during this task your stuck being my baby for the next week."

Sara smiled at her devious idea she knew rhat Erica had no control what so ever and stood no chance of coming back without a trail of shame behind her. Without a diaper she was sure to embarrass herself even more than she could wearing a big wet overnight diaper. Then she was struck with another brilliant idea, she could send Erica not only naked from the waist down but with a vibrator too. She reached into her briefcase and pulled out a small vibrator that looked like a pacifier she overnighted from a catalog. She walked over to Sara and slipped the pacifier over her pussy and set it to max.

Erica quivered and blushed at the thought of walking to the coffee shop with even less clothes on before, but the prospect of getting out of the situation was too great a temptation.

"Ill do it," Erica said through her pacifier. The pacifier that covered her pussy was already making her weak kneed. She was dripping wet from the stimulation.

Quickly she rushed out the door and to the elevator. Naked from the waist down she hurried to the coffee shop. She stood in line and instantly all eyes were on the woman in the half shirt, baby bib, pacifier and a vibrating pacifier in her. Erica blushed at the attention and couldn't help but moan softly as she was approaching her orgasm. She knew if she could resist cumming until she got back to Sara she could hold off from wetting herself and prove she didn't need diapers. Waiting in line she knew if she didn't hurry she would wet herself in front of everyone. She suckled her pacifier impatiently waiting for her turn. Finally it was her turn to order. She crossed her legs trying to make sure she held her bladder over the ecstasy of the pacifier covering her pussy

"Hi, can I get a large coffee with cream and...and..." Erica couldn't finish her sentence as her pee ran down her legs from her lips she turned bright red as a puddle formed at her feet. She came immediately after she wet herself cum dripped down her long legs as everyone stared at her. Quickly she took the coffee to return to Sara in shame.

To be continued...

Baby Erica's Potty Training

Part 5

This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this please send an Email to

Erica stood in front of Sara suckling her pacifier dressed like an infant. Erica had returned from the coffee shop but she had lost the wager to her boss. She knew the chances of her getting down to the coffee shop and back without the security of her diapers, let alone with a vibrating pacifier in her pussy that was still going. Once the orgasm was approaching she knew she would lose control and have an accident. The result of this being a young woman who naked from the waist down and only a half shirt to cover her breasts leaving a trail of shame and lack of control all the way to Sara's desk. Erica looked at herself in the mirror behind Sara's desk. 'Good thing I'm used to wearing diapers, guess I'm going to have to get used to everyone knowing about it too' Erica thought to herself. 'But being stuck as the office baby for a week possibly longer still doesn't sound so bad.' Erica continued to suckle on her pacifier waiting for Sara to say something."

Sara sat at her desk staring at the infantile woman in front of her. She took a sip of her coffee and sighed.

"You forgot the sugar." Sara stated plainly.

Erica was worried what Sara might do to her. But little did she know it would be so much worse. To complicate things further the vibrator was still on maximum and was feeling another orgasm coming. Erica suckled the pacifier nervously trying to hold off her coming orgasm.

Sara walked up to Erica and held the large cup of coffee to her lips and made her drink all of it. Erica finished the coffee without too much difficulty but Sara had more. She held an oversized baby bottle to her lips and force fed her a half gallon of formula. Sara put away the bottle and decided it was time to cheer Erica up a little. She began kissing her and playing with her breasts while the vibrator stimulated her. In moments Erica orgasmed and had her own cum running down her long legs. Erica breathed heavily through her pacifier.

Sara from under her desk she pulled out a diaper bag and laid out a changing mat for Erica. Sara taking baby wipes cleaned Erica's legs and pussy leaving the vibrator inside her. Sara powdered Erica and pinned a thick cloth diaper on her.

"I need you to do something for me, I have to go to a meeting but I was also supposed to give the keynote speech to some of employees this afternoon. I want to you give the speech in my place." Sara stated.

"I can't do that dressed like this! The vibrator is going to make it even harder to control my incontinence, and you didn't put plastic pants over my diaper, if..." Erica realized her mistake mid-sentence, "When I have an accident it's going to leak all over the place." Erica whined and blushed at the mere thought of filling up her diaper in front of a crowd like a helpless baby.

"Don't worry, mommy will dress you baby." Sara said smiling at Erica.

"It shouldn't matter anyways, half the company saw you naked and wet yourself at the coffee shop dressed like a toddler, this shouldn't matter."

Erica realized this was true but she still wasn't looking forward to making herself look like a baby in front of her coworkers. Sara walked over to her briefcase and started pulling out clothes. Sara laid out; stilettos, a mini skirt that was roughly three inches long, a white button down shirt and a pacifier that matched the outfit. Sara removed Erica's old clothing set it aside and began dressing her infantile secretary. The skirt as Sara suspected did nothing to cover her diaper that hung out the front and back clearly visible. The stilettos were nice and made her legs look good but they also naturally drew the eye to her diapers. Sara tried to put on the half button down shirt but only the top button would close leaving almost all of her breasts exposed minus her hard nipples. Not that it mattered the shirt was essentially see through. Sara looked at herself in the mirror in her new ensemble and matching pacifier. She blushed, embarrassed at her revealing clothes. Her examination of herself was interrupted when Sara slipped her fingers up under Erica's skirt and examined her diaper. Erica was already a little damp.

"You're already a little damp and the meeting starts in a few minutes, you better get down there quick," Sara said swatting Erica's diapered ass playfully.

Erica swallowed nervously knowing that no matter how fast she got to the meeting either way everyone was going to know she was incontinent and incapable of controlling her body.

To be continued...

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