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Sarah's Submissive Playtime

Chapter 3 - Submissive Lessons

Begin Candy lay in her new bed, thinking about what she had just experienced for the first time. She couldn't believe how good Sarah had made her feel and she was eager to please her mistress more. Her heart was telling her to do everything that was asked of her even though she was a little apprehensive in how far she really should go. Exhaustion finally overcame her body and she slipped into dreamland where she could be who she wanted to be.

She woke with a start and realized there was someone else in the room. Looking around she found Sarah watching her, waiting for her to wake.

"Candy, it's the weekend and with no college on, we can work on your submission lessons instead. Ok... climb out of bed... that's right... now... up onto the change table... hmmm relax, I won't hurt you..." Sarah removed Candy's wet diaper. Candy was blushing profusely because she felt so comfortable in her new bed that she didn't have to get up in the night. If she wet herself, the diaper was there to catch the drops. She quickly wiped her down and helped her down. Sarah swapped places and lay back and waited for Candy to remove her diaper and wiped her down.

Candy didn't wait to be asked, she knew that this was her first lesson and jumped right in to please Sarah. She carefully lifted the tabs and gently pulled the diaper from under her mistress. She wrapped it up just like Sarah had and tossed it into the diaper bin. Grabbing some wipes, she wiped her mistress down and helped her down off the change table.

Sarah led Candy into the bathroom where there was a spa bath ready for both of them. Together they bathed, with Candy sponging Sarah down before Sarah bathed her. Sarah kept telling Candy how beautiful she was and that her first real lesson was to believe in herself and to learn how to love herself. Her second lesson was to trust Sarah, to follow directives no matter how strange they may appear and if she did that, then she would pass her lessons with flying colors.

Candy climbed out of the bath first and dried herself before helping Sarah. She really was in a world where everything she started to do was like make believe, it was like a fantasy that she never knew she would be a part of. And even though she was still a little apprehensive, she wanted to learn more. She wanted to be submissive; she wanted to submit to Sarah in as many ways as she possibly could.

Wanting to please Sarah she dried her mistress off before helping her climb up onto the change table, placed a diaper under her and pulled the tabs around. Sarah told her which outfit to choose... Breakfast with Sarah was very different. It was like sitting around a special table. When Candy set the table, she was instructed to use her special tea set. It was like she was a child playing with her friends but this was very real. It was a real life situation and she was the leading role in this 'fantasy world'. None of her friends would believe that she had just experienced her first time with a girl, first time orgasm and first time as a submissive.

Over a cup of tea and toast, Sarah explained what they were going to do for the day. It was going to be an easy day for her first day but they were going to do things that were a little out of the ordinary for Candy. Today they were going to go to an adult store. This made Candy a little nervous because she had never even thought of doing anything like that, but Sarah assured her everything would be fine as long as she did as she was told. Suddenly her submission lessons begin in a big way and she was a little nervous.

Sarah knew that this was going to be a tough submissive moment for Candy but she knew she could do it. It would be a huge turn on watching her do what was needed to be done. She wondered though how far she could "Come Candy, it's time to dress for our little adventure. I want you to wear this cute little outfit and of course my favorite pink diaper with the frilly edges. Oh you look so good... now for a little makeup... perfect!" Candy looked in the mirror and couldn't believe how young she looked. She looked like a school girl (well she was in college& she was 18 years of age, so it's not surprising that she looked as good as she did). She was dressed in a short school skirt with a button up blouse and a tie. Sarah was smiling at her and said...

"Let's go!" Submissive Candy really had no idea what was going to happen or how people would react when they saw her. If she bent over everyone would see her diaper, so she knew her real first lesson was going to be one that she would remember for a long time.

At 10am they arrived at the Adult Shop that Sarah had chosen. She had already spoken to the lady who ran the shop and they both knew what this moment meant for Candy. Candy was a little hesitant when she stood at the door waiting for it to open; she was even more apprehensive when the door opened and they entered to find quite a few customers around the shop.

Her heart was racing; just entering an adult shop was a lesson in itself. It was a lesson of control, a lesson in how to act or react to the moment. There were men and women in every corner almost and they generally looked like they were searching for that special toy or outfit. Sarah told her to look around and see if she can find something that interests her and she wasn't to miss looking into the lower shelves. Candy looked at her; she knew that if she was to naturally bend over, everyone would see what she was wearing under her skirt. All Sarah did was nod...

"Candy, look around and check out everything you can and I want you to choose something special so we can have some fun..."

"Anything?" Candy was amazed, she could choose anything and yet she had never even seen anything like the toys that were here. She started looking around and she was oblivious to everyone watching her. Everyone watched her bending over and showing off her diaper. There were so many guys and girls eager to find out how good this girl really was especially while her mistress looked on. Several walked over and lifted her skirt a little more just to get close to her. They were as intrigued at her being there as Candy was... She found herself naturally bending over looking in amazement when she noticed the girl on the other side of the counter...

"Would you like to hold it? Would you like to feel it... to touch it?" Candy nodded...

In her hands she was holding her very first sex toy. Her heart was racing... what she didn't realize was that Sarah wanted to see her reaction before taking her submission one step further. The reaction was perfect. Candy asked her mistress if she could have the one that she had chosen, even though it wasn't quite a sex toy as such... but she could have a lot of fun with it if her mistress let her...

"Yes, you can and we can have lots of fun together with it..." Sarah had one more test for her submissive...

"Candy, see that guy in the corner..."


"I want you to invite him over for some playtime..."


"No buts Candy... this afternoon at 4pm... ask him over for some playtime..." Sarah was a little put out that Candy questioned her, but she would punish her a little later when she least expected it, she doesn't like to be embarrassed in front of so many people, not when she was trying to be in control.

Candy turned and walked towards the guy in the corner. She looked at him and when he looked up he smiled making her feel quite comfortable. His smile made her feel tingly all over and her pussy felt like it was getting wet. If Sarah found out that this guy was turning her on, she might be a little upset. Sarah had other thoughts though...

Sarah watched Candy talk quietly, she flirted with him and sat on his lap and he didn't take a lot of convincing. She asked him to come and play, told him the time ...

"Come Candy... we have things to do, preparations to make before Billy comes to play with us." Sarah hugged Candy close to her, winking at everyone in the shop and whispered... 'Thank you'.

Together they walked out of the shop and back home to Sarah's. It was time to plan playtime with Candy and Billy... but first Candy needed to be punished...

To be continued... Submissive Playtime with Candy & Billy

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