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Aunt Vicky

It was the last week in june. School was letting out, the air was warm and had the scent of summer all over it. I could not wait for the next couple weeks of freedom I had ahead of me. I just turned 16 a few monthes before, I had nothing but boys,gossip and the average teen trebulations on my mind. I lived with just my dad in a small city, My mom had left us when I was younger and I have no brothers or sisters. My dad worked alot and I was left up to my own good most of the time , but that was the way I liked it! I was just finshing my morning glass of orange juice when my dad walked through the door. He was almost never home at this time during the day so It caught me off guard.

"Dad what are you doing home so early" I said.

"Today has been a great day! Greg came down with the flu and won't be able to make the Ottawa trip so they have asked me instead. A whole month and a half in Ottawa, I can't wait isn't this Great!" my dad said in the most cheerful of tones.

"Uh.. no what about all my friends, and my plans for the summer. I don't want to go dad your ruining everything" I whined.

"Well sweetie lucky for you I knew you would say something like that so I have aranged for you to go stay with Aunt Vicky while i'm away. That way you can stay in the city and still have your summer" He said proudly.

"But dad why can't I just stay here by myself I'm old enough to handle it come on"

I was hoping my begging would get me some where.

"Lucy you are only 16, I'll be damned if I let my 16 year old daughter stay all by herself alone in this house, Anything could happen to you. The answer is No. Now go up stairs and pack your stuff. I have to get on the road and be there for 4 o'clock. Don't worry about getting everything you need Aunt Vicky has a house key and she won't mind driving you back to get some of your stuff." He said with a no messing around tone.

"Fine!" I agreed and ran upstairs. Aunt Vicky, I hadn't seen her since I was 6 years old, She had never had children and married a man that was always away on buissness. I hoped that even though she was now in her mid 50's that she would be some what cool. I through my nessasties in a bag and headed for the car. My dad was already waiting and ready to go. Aunt Vicky only lived about a 15 minute drive away and we soon approached the front of her house. It was a small brick 3bedroom house, Nice garden and with a hot tub in the back.

"Hey I could get use to this place" I thought. We headed for the door and rang the bell.

A tall middle aged dark haired women opened the door and stood in the door way. Even though Aunt Vicky was a middle aged woman she was still very beautiful, and had such grace about her.

"Lucy look at you! You have grown up to be such a beautiful young lady, Tall like your father" she said while admiring me.

" Thanks" I blushed.

"You look like you haven't even aged a bit, Since the last I saw you."

Aunt Vicky smiled.

"Here come inside let me put your bags in your room" she said sweetly.

I followed here into the house,down the hall and in the first of two bedrooms. The room was nice. It was painted Lavender and had a florial bed spread, a streo, dresser,television, and its own telephone. All in all not to bad I figured.

"Ok Lucy, I gotta hit the road before traffic gets backed up" Dad said.

"Alright, thanks dad. I'll miss you make sure you call me every two days"

"I will, Don't worry hunny. Love you Lucy be good for your aunt!"

"Bye dad" I had never been away from my dad for more then a week and that was when I was in summer camp when I was 11. I hated it and never wanted to go back. But I knew Dad needed this work and he was happy and after all I was 16. I should really stop being such a child.

"Ok Lucy, I was just finshing organizing the spare room before you came.You just chill out for awhile Then we will have supper around 6'oclock. How dose that sound?" she asked.

"Sounds great to me" I agreed.

"Make sure you knock before you enter the spare room. I just finshed painting in there and I don't want to let the fumes into the house" Aunt Vicky said very seriously.

"Sure no problem" and with that She turned and headed out and shut the door behinde her.

I figured i'd just lounge and watch some t.v and before I knew it It was Dinner Time.

Aunt Vicky had the dinning room table set with beautiful china plates, She had made some chicken rice stir fry thing, It looked delicious! We sat together and ate our meal catching up on the years that had past us by. She shared how her and her husband had been trying to have a baby for the past five years but she was simply to old and the fertilty treatments would not take. I felt sorry for her. Part of her seemed so lonely. I made a mental note that even when the summertime was over I would have to make an effort to stop by and see her. After dinner was done, She took our plates into the sink.

" I have ran a bath for you down the hall, Your towels and everything you need are already in there for you" my aunt said lovingly. I thought it was some what strange that someone had ran me a bath, it had never happened before but I figured what the hell and headed down the hall.

I stripped naked for 16 I had a very devloped womanly body. I wore a full C cup and had very curvey hips. I let my hair down and it tickled as it fell across my back. I put one foot in the water the warmth felt so good on my skin. I sank into the tub and let the realaxtion take a hold of me. Shortly after I heard a knock at the door.

"It's me. Can I come in?" It was my aunt. I had never let any adult see me naked before so I felt very shy. But what was I to to say no to the woman whos house I was staying at for the whole summer.

"Uh.. Okk" I said a little un-easy.

She came in and shut the door behinde her and locked it. What was she doing. Why was she locking the door. I began to feel very nervous. She sat down on the toliet seat reached over and squished out some shampoo into her hands. She started to lather my hair with her strong hands being very gentle though.

"Lucy you see for a long time now. I have been alone. Tony is always away and I have no one hear with me most of the time. When your dad called and asked if I would mind looking after you for the summer I was over joyed! I knew that I could have some great fun with you and nither of us would ever get lonely again. Your dad has told me you have been up to no good, Having sex with boys, Skipping school. I think it is time Someone taught you a lesson and that person will be me." I was blushing and I could feel my body start to shake but Aunty kept washing away at my hair and moved her hands down my body and lowered them imbetween my legs. She pushed them appart.

"Stand up" she ordered.

Out of fear I did what she asked. My small vagina was starring her in the face. I hadn't shaved in about two weeks So I had some bush just over the top. Aunt Vicky took some shaving cream and rubbed it in over my vagina. She then took a razor and shaved off everything I had until I was bald and smooth.

"Now I know this idea may not sit well with you Lucy, And your dad may NEVER find out about this and If he dose, If you even think Of telling him. I will make your life so un-livable that none will ever believe you" I was so confused and scared tears were starting to well in my eyes.

"Don't cry, Thats not what I want my sweet little girl to do. You see Lucy over the next month and a half you will be the sweet little baby girl I've always wanted. You will act,look and be treated Like a baby. And if you protest in anyway There will be a worse punishment so terrible you don't even want to know about it" She said in a loud meaningful way.

"Now get up and out of the bath" She wrapped a towel around me and dryed me off. She un-locked the bathroom and lead me past the bedroom I thought was mine and into the second room. She opened the door to a Pink room filled with a large size baby crib, High chair,Change tabel and many baby toys. It was a nursery. She really had planed this all along! She picked me up and lay my naked body on to the change tabel. She opened up the first drawer and pulled out two thick disposable diapers. They had dora designs on them and they were pink and girly. She lifted my legs into the air and slide the first diaper underneath me. She sprinkled some baby powder onto my vagina.

"Baby girls must always smell pretty" she cooed. She fastned the tapes and then repeated with the second diaper. The diapers felt thick between my legs and when she placed me down on the floor and told me to walk to the rocking chair, I couldnt walk. I waddled over to the chair. As I sat down she parted my hair and put it up into pig tails and fastned the pony tails with ribbion. She then pulled out a Pink t-shirt with a heart and pulled it over my head. It barley covered the diapers and when I caught a glimpse of my self. I was horrifed. I started to cry. I wasen't a baby I was 16 years old.

" There, There baby girl Aunty has something for you" from behinde her back she pulled out a pink bottle with pink juice. She took the cap off and stuck the nipple in my mouth.

" Drink Up" she demanded. I was to scared to dis obey this woman was obviously crazy who knew what she was capable of. I sucked on the nipple and the juiced flowed to the back of my throat. It was sweet tasted of raseberry. I drank the whole 8oz while she held me in her lap.

When I was done I could feel the pressure in my bladder start to build up. I had to pee but I was scared to ask to go to the bathroom because I was pretty sure what the answer would be. But I just couldnt imagine wetting these diapers. How embarrassing.

"Aunt Vick I have to pee" I said very meekly.

"Well silly baby girl I figured so. I put some pills in your juice to make you go easyer. Now be a good girl and wett your diaper thats what your wearing them for". Was she serious this was all getting to be to much. I couldn't take it holding my anger and bladder at one time wasen't working. She I had no other choice and let go of my bladder. I could hear the sound of me pissing my diaper I felt all the warm liquid pool up inside underneath my vagina and the diaper slowly absorb it and puff outwards full of my pee. In a way the warmth felt very good it was almost a turn on for a few moments. My aunt saw the relieved look on my face.

"Good girl" she said and with that picked me up and put me in the crib.

"What your not going to change me" I said getting anxious.

"Oh silly girl. No not yet you still have another 3 more wettings before your ready for another change. Try and get some sleep I will be back in a few hours to check up on you.She turned and closed the door behinde her. I couldnt believe what was happening. I was a 16 year old girl wearing a soggy wet diaper and sitting in a freaking baby crib. It all felt like a bad dream and I began to feel very tired. I desided to lay down and rest my eyes. Maybe in the morning this would all be a bad dream.

I awoke in the morning with the warm sun comming through the window and shining on my face. It was bright outside. I slowly opened my eyes , my head still about cloudy. My bottom half felt very heavey and the smell of piss was all around me. I was damp and cold. I looked down with horror and saw my soggy pink diapers, and a huge wet spot in the crib. I had peed so much that it had leaked out of my diaper. This wasen't a bad dream. Aunt Vicky was serious I was going to have to be her baby for a whole month and a half instead of being a teenager going out and doing fun things with my friends. I felt my self getting choked up, I couldnt hold it in anymore. Tears fell like heavey piano's out of my eyes, all I could do was sob. I then heard footsteps comming towards the door. It was Aunt Vicky.

"there there baby girl don't cry, aunty will get you all cleaned up" she lifted me out of the crib and lead me to the bathroom. She law me on the floor and un-did the tapes of my diapers as she removed them the sence of heaveyness lifted but my vagina still wet felt cold.

"good baby, now i've noticed baby girl hasen't had her poopy yet, that is no good. Aunty dosen't like having to clean a stinky baby but baby needs to be healthty and make sure she goes. I think I have just the supplys we need to fix this" I was getting worried now what else could this woman do to me, Hadn't i been put through enough!.

"No please no more aunt vicky, I promise I will be good I promise I will have no more sex!" I pleaded.

"Excuse me child but I don't ever want to hear you tell me no. I told you you are a baby now and you will act like it! Baby's dont say no to there aunty's now stand up and bend over the toliet" She demanded. I was pretty sure she wasen't lieing now when she said she would punish me so I did what was told. I put both hand on the toliet seat and stuck my bum into the air.

"Thats right good girl" Aunty cooed. I heard her preparing something in the backround. What was she doing? She came behinde me and spread my ass cheeks. Then she took some kind of jelly and rubbed it all over my hole. All of a sudden I felt a long tube being inserted into my bum. I let out a scream It hurt, I had never had anything up my bum before. Aunty reached infront of me and pushed a pink pacifer in my mouth.

"shh baby girl it will all be done in a minute"

I felt the tube go further up my bum. I bit down on the soother to try and relieve the pain. Then out of no where I felt a warm liquid be pumped up the tube. Imeadiatly My bowel felt lossend up and I felt the urge to go. I held back as long as I could as sahe pumped more liquid into me. I was starting to losse control.

"Aunty I'm going to poop myself" I said in a panic.

She then slowly pulled the tube back out and lifted the toliet seat.

"Here little lucy this the only time you may use the potty"

Finally I thought I ran over to the seat and my bowels gushed out. It felt like such a relief. I was thankful I didn't have to use my diaper.

"Your being such a good girl today" Aunty said cheerfully.

She took my hand and lead me back into the nusery where she helped me get back up on to the change tabel. She removed all my clothes. The plastic was cold against my back. I shivered a little.

"oh no baby's cold, I better hurry and cover her up" she took a few baby wipes out of the container and wiped my bum clean and then my vagina. She powdered me up and made sure I was nice and dry.

"lift your bum up" she said while holding my legs in the air. She slide one,two, three diapers underneath me.

"Since you leaked through two diapers yesterday, I think its safe to say we will put a third one on you today" Aunty said lovingly. She finshed me up, dressed me and then broiught me over to the highchair. She straped me in and fastned a pink bibe with ducks all over it around my neck.

I felt so babyish, But in a way I had to admit I liked all this attention and being taken care of.

Aunty feed me scrambled eggs and toast. And a big bottle of apple juice. After breakfeast she brought me into the living room and sat me on the floor. She put the cartoon channel on and opened the blindes.

"Ahh lets get some light in here" she said with a huge smile.

"But what if someone sees me" I said horrifed.

"Thats the whole point, I want people to see how beautiful my baby girl is, Later this afternoon I think we will go out to the garden" She said with an even bigger slighty evil smile.

I could feel myself blushing how can this all be true. I prayed that no one I know walked past. I could never live this down if anybody ever saw me! I felt my bladder get heavey again and this time instead of fighting it I let go and let the pee flow all through out the diaper. The same warmth filled the front of my vagina. I rocked back and forth against the floor boards the friction of the wet diaper against my vagina felt so good I let out a moan of pleasure.

" baby girl likes being a good girl and wetting her diaper" aunt said happily. I think she liked how I was getting off on it.

"now aunty has to go run to the store and get my baby some more supplys. Your going to sit here in your play pen like a good girl until aunty gets back" she said sternly.

"ok aunty anything you say" I was starting to Like this all, I liked being a cute baby, I liked having someone take care of me and for once I wasent lonely just like aunt promised.

"be good" she kissed me on the cheek and left. I was feeling tired so I layed my head down and took a nap just like a real baby should. I was worried for the un-known but I began to feel safe in my diaper and drift to sleep. Everything was going to be alright because Aunt Vicky would take care of me.

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