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Wittle Wendy-Anne

Working in an ice cream shop in the peak of summer is a punishment I would wish upon no one. But thats exsactly what I was doing one faithful day when my whole life changed. I was 21 and it was the third week in july. The summer was in full swing and every day was almost always sunny. I worked part time at Sprinkles ice cream shop. I was trying to save some extra cash to get my own place I was getting to old to be living with my parents! On this paticulair day the shop was over run with people. I lived in a small beach town and the shop was located right on the beach. I was getting off in an hour and I couldnt wait to get home. My parents were away on vacation for 2 weeks and I would have the house all to myself. Except for the times I planed to sneak my boyfriend Scott in. But tonight I had big plans Scott was working and I was going to be completely alone. I cherished these times for they almost never happened. I guess I should really let you in on why I love to be alone so much. You see I have a big secret one so dirty ,so humilating if anyone ever found out. That I had never imagined telling a soul about it. My secret is that I like to pretend I'm a baby. I like to wear diapers,use soothers and drink from bottles.You see I'm adopted and was placed in my parents care at 16.Previously I jumped from Foster home to foster home. When I came to my parents they were kind and like friends I could tell them anything they were more like friends in a way. But I had always secretly wished they had been my real parents and that they were the ones to care for me when I was a baby. I never got the chance to be mommy's little angel or daddys little girl and I felt sad knowing I missed out .

"Wendy can you clean out the toilets before you leave, Theres to many costumers and I need to keep Kyle on the fryer" My bosses voiced boomed behinde me. Great I thought bathroom duty always the best part of the job.... not!.

"Urgh fine but as soon as I'm finshed I'm out of here" I argued.

"Thanks Wendy" my boss was to busy to disagree. I quickly grabed the mop and cleaning supplies and went to work. I finshed up in a fast 15 minutes, grabed my purse and got out of there. I practically ran home I couldnt wait to get at all the fun stufff I had waiting for me. Just a week before I hit the drug store and stocked up. I am a little nervous about buying adult diapers and since i'm very small only 5 feet and 90lbs I can fit into a Huggies size 6. So I made sure to grab a 20 pack of huggies, A cute pink pacifer and matching bottle as well as some baby wipes and powder. I hide it all in my bottom drawer underneath my clothes I never wear. I quickly was approaching my house and as I was rounding the corner of my street my smile turned upside down and my heart started to beat out of my chest. There in my drive way was my parents Van. They hadn't left yet! they were soppose to leave this morning after I left for work. Damn now all my plans were ruined! I opened the front door and saw my parents shoes, Yep they were deffently home! the house was quite.

"Wendy is that you" my mom called down.

"Yaaa why havent you guys left yet" I hollered back up.

"Go have a seat in the living room, Ill be down in a minute we have something to talk about" She said in a very serious matter. My heart started beating wildily again what was wrong? My grandpa was very old and had cancer did he pass away? Or was Dad sick? I just kept running senerios in my head. I heard my parents trudge down the stairs. I turned my head and looked toward them and to my ultimate horror in there hands was my pack of huggies and all of my other baby things. I felt a huge lump in my throat I thought I was going to be sick! My parents werent smileing and I was deffently not smileing anymore.

They came and took a seat on the love seat directly facing me and then they laid all the baby stuff out on the coffee table.

"Wendy I was looking for my other swim suit and I thought it could of been filed away with your things so I checked your drawers and came across this" she said pointing to the baby stuff

"Care to explain" said my father.

I was speachless. How was I ever going to explain this! I just sat there in silence.

"Well ill tell you what this looks like to me" mom said in a very angry tone

" It looks like wittle wendy anne wants to be a baby again" she mocked me in a babyish voice.

"Well it looks that way to me to" Dad agreed. I was so humilated my cheeks were burning red, My eyes felt so heavey I was trying to hold back my tears.

"Wendy we feel like what we have found today has changed everything and some big changes are going to have to happen today. Now when we adopted you when you were 16 years old. You were already potty trained and a big girl and we missed your baby stage, That is something dad and I have always deeply regretted and it looks as though its something you have regretted as well so we have come up with a way we think everyone will be happy." she said smilieing. Why was she smileing? I thought she would be mad!

"Honey you are going to be our baby for the rest of the summer. We are finally going to have that baby wendy we always wished we got the chance to know. Mom and I will take care of you just like you were a real baby. You will wear diapers 24/7, Drink from a bottle, Use a soother, act like a real baby and be treated like such" My dad said in excitement. I was dumbfounded how was this happening! Even though I enjoyed playing babys I also had a boyfriend I also had a normal teen age life I enjoyed living!

"But mom dad you guys cant do this! I dont want to be a baby 24/7 what about scott, my friends, my job!" I whined.

"Oh honey don't worry about it we have it all covered we told everyone that you were going to stay with your aunt in italy for the summer and you would be back in september Scott and all your friends even your bosss dosent mind" Mom said proudly.

"No mom I do not want to be a little baby, I'm sorry I will do whatever you guys say please dont make me do this" I pleaded as tears streamed down my face.

"Well wendy you should of thought about this all before you desided you wanted to play baby. You think i'm proud that my 21 year old likes to wear diapers, Because I'm not and your going learn your lesson young lady! Her voice booming towards me.

"Now get undressed its time to put your little diapey on baby girl"

"No" I defied and started to run away. My dad chased after me and grabed a hold of me and through me on the couch while still having a hold of my arms so I couldnt fight back. My mom came towards me and took off my pants she slide my red lacey thong off my ankles

"Oh baby girl wont be needing these anymore" and she through them in the trash. She continued and took off my shirt and bra as well. I was laying there completely naked. I hadnt been naked in front of my parents in a long time and I blushed knowing my dad was holding me down starring at my naked body. Mom turned around and opened the pack of huggies.

"aww look how cute they have miney mouse on them" She showed my dad.

"oh wittle wendy is going to look so cute in those" he cooed. Dad let go of my arms and lifted me in the air while mom slide the diaper underneath me. She fastend the tapes. Dad got off of me. They both stood back and admired me. There I sat in just a diaper my tiny tits hanging out. I started to cry this was so un-fair if I knew liking diapers would of led to this I would of never bought them.

" I know what she needs" mom said and she came towards me and popped my pink pacifer in my mouth.

"Now suck on it" Dad ordered. Given the fact he had just physically held me down I didnt want to dis-obey so I started to suckle my pacifer.

"Good girl" my parents said in unisen.

"I think its time we show baby girl what we did to her room" mom said.

"Oh your going to love it!" dad exclaimed as he picked me up and carried me up the stairs.

Mom opend the door and as I looked around I could tell they were very busy while I was at work.

My bed had been taken out and replaced with a pink toddler bed, All my clothes were taking out and replaced with baby t-shirts, my underwear drawer now held diapers&pull ups instead of cute lacey thongs! They even put up a princess wall paper to make my room look like it belonged to a 4 year old.

How was I ever going to let anyone see this!

"isnt it beautiful!" gushed mom.

"uh ya I guess so" I agreed.

"I think its time baby have her bottle and take a nap" dad said.

"I wanna feed her first" mom shouted.

"Aww no fair , fine I get the first diaper change then" Dad faught.

I couldnt believe my parents were fighting over who would baby me first. I could of never in a million years pictured something like this. Mom came back with a bottle in her hands she brought me back to her room and layed me in bed with her. She put the nipple in my mouth and I started to suckle away the milk was warm and made me feel sleepy. I was trying to fight it. I didnt want to give into my parents. But it was to hard and I gave In and fell asleep!

It was all dark when I awoke. I some how got into my toddler bed. I was guessing dad must of carried me to it after I fell asleep. I looked down and saw my diaper full of piss. It was so puffy and thick I loved the heavey feeling. Even though I was humilated and my parents now knew my dirty secret, It almost turned me on more. Now i was a bad little girl sleeping in a toddler bed. I could feel my vagina start to get wet and not from all my pee. It was nightime and my parents were sleeping so what would be the harm if I had some fun. I slide my hand down my diaper and felt the warm piss all over. I spread the lips of my vagina and started to roll my clit with my fingers.

"your such a bad girl in your pissy diaper" I told my self I rubbed my clit harder. I was moaning but trying to stay quite but I couldnt It felt so good. With a few more rubs I was comming inside my diaper my whole body shook with pleasure. Ahh i layed back and opened my eyes.I jumped up. My dad was standing in my doorway with a big smile on his face.

"see we knew baby girl would like wearing her diapers" he said happily. It was starting to feel like the humilation would never come to an end. Really blushing now. I sat there frozen unsure of what to say un sure of my next move.

"It looks like wittle wendy needs a bum change, Now Lay down and let daddy take care of you" He cooed. My dad was a big man about 6'5 300lbs I knew there was no fighting him So I once again did as he ordered and slide down into my bed. Dad came over to my side with two thick diapers in his hands as well as my pacifer& baby wipes. He leaned down towards me and one by one riped open the tapes of my diaper and pulled it open. My vagina out in the open smelt of piss but you could see my wetness from my orgasm all inside the diaper and all gooey inside my lips. Dad took some baby wipes out of the package and wiped over my clit still sensitive from play, I couldnt help but let out a moan while he did it. He looked up at me and smiled. For a second I could of sworn my dad was enjoying getting me off. He cleaned up the front of my vagina and then took his hands and spread my legs a little further. . A few moments later Mom came in with another bottle. She nealed next to my bed and popped the nipple into my mouth.

"Now What do you think about taking a shower" mom asked?

"With you?" I said slighty werided out.

"Yes of coarse with me baby girls arn't big enough to shower alone" anoyed she replied.

Given the fact that today my parents had already seen my naked body. I guess there was no mystery left.

"Uh.. ok mom"

"Good girl dont worry it wil be lots of fun!" and with that she took my hand and led me into the bathroom and shut the door. She lifted my t-shirt up&over my head and then pulled the tapes on my diaper which made it drop to the ground. I stood there completely naked I watched my moms eyes graze over my body. She looked away and then started the shower.

"Get in baby girl, Mommy will be in in a minute" she ordered.

I did as I was told and stepped into the shower. The warmth felt so good and the water fell all over my body. I closed my eyes in peace for a moment. Then the shower curtain opend and My mom step in. There she stood naked infront of me. For being in her 40's she still had a very fit body. She had gotten her tits done a few years back and they were still perky and very round. My mom was curvey and I was always jelous She had the body of a woman, I had the body of a girl. Mom grabed the bar of soap and started to lather her hands. She reached over to me and started to soap up my back. It felt good the way mom was rubbing in the soap in. I could feel the sudes drip down my back and into the crease of my bum.

"bend over" she pushed on my back to bend me herself. I felt so exsposed with my bum in the air and my mother directly behind me. She spread my cheeks and started to rub soap all over my bum hole. It felt sort of good the way she was slowly rubbing it in circles. Then all of a sudden she pushed one then two fingers inside my hole and started to penetrate. The sensation was a werid one it kind of hurt but at the pace she was pumping her fingers It felt so good to.

" My Wendys gotta have a clean bum" She removed her fingers.

"Now turn towards me" She demanded. I followed her instruction.

. . Mom shampooed my hair and then hers and turned the water off. She toweled dryed us off and then led My naked body back to her bed. I layed down on the soft bed and she re-diapered me and dressed me. She had just put my t-shirt on when ."Now baby girl what do you say we watch some cartoons" She picked me up and brought me downstairs. There was a playpen set up in our living room, She put me down inside it and gave me some toys to play with. Dad was sitting in the arm chair across from me. He looked towards me our eyes met and then we quickly looked away. Things werent the same and they would never be from that day on.

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