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Getting What You Asked For: Priceless

'Well, well, well... if it isn't my dirty little diaper slut,' Vie says standing in the middle of her doorway. Instantly I can feel the rush of warm blood filling my cheeks as I flush with embarrassment.

'Yes Mistress,' I reply, smiling shyly, my eyes lowered beneath her gaze. Already the excitement of whatever may come is overtaking my senses. Goose bumps are traipsing up and down my arms.

'And did my precious little boy remember the new price?' she asked.

'Yes Mistress, of course. Three hundred and a promised extra orgasm before play begins Mistress.' She was well worth the price at twice as much.

'You're such a slut aren't you Wolfy, you'd pay anything to wear those dirty little diapers wouldn't you? Well come on with you.'

I don't need to be invited twice. Within the space of about half a minute the stack of twenties is on the nightstand and I'm naked, kneeling beside her bed at the ready.

'Oh my, rather eager today aren't you?

'Yes Mistress...' I pause a moment, then look up at her with sad pleading eyes, 'please?'

She smiles and runs her smooth, silky fingers down my face and beneath my chin before seating herself on the bedside, spreading her legs open wide for me. White silk stockings run perfectly up her legs meeting hidden garters just above the hem of her pleated skirt. It's a site to behold. As her knees widen before me, the skirt rides up her thighs revealing her moist wet sex below. She gives me the nod and I slowly crawl closer.

I take one stroking lick, prolonged lovingly on her gorgeous clit. I exhale a hot steamy breath, savoring the lingering taste in my mouth. She's not having dawdling today. Grabbing the back of my head she forces my face sternly into her dripping pussy. Within the matter of fifteen minutes I've brought her to her first two orgasms. She has another approach for the third.

'Take me from behind she pants.'

She turns over on the bed and brings her knees up beneath her, kneeling, her long torso stretched out across the bed in front of me. The baby-tee she's wearing rides up a little, and her perky c-cups mesh against the satin sheets of her bed. I take a good long hard look at the Aphrodite sprawled out before me, her dripping wet pussy is engorged looking like a ripe peach for the picking.

This of course has all been a set up. I'm a guy... and as a guy a large number of things get me hot to trot. So far though, she's hit two of my big three; giving oral sex and seeing the back view of a beautiful woman bent over. I'm as hard as a rock and about three and a half strokes from spewing all over, but I can't let that happen for a number of reasons. First off, naturally I want to milk every ounce of pleasure out of this moment, secondly I know what's about to be asked of me and mutual orgasm isn't it.

I rise to my feet, my erection brushing my thighs as I do. I inch closer to her, rubbing my throbbing dick across her swollen mound. She pushes her ass into me in reaction; she's not a girl to be kept waiting. Right handed I slowly guide myself deep into her sticky lips. She gasps ever so faintly; it's a bit of a stretch. I may be average in length but I make up for it in thickness, and small girl that she is, she's feeling it.

'You know the rules buster... you cum without permission you're in deep shit, understand me?'

'Yes Mistress, I remember, I promise, I won't forget.'

'We'll just see, for your sake I hope so.'

Not another clear word is said, all conversation lost in grunts, growls, and groans and panting as I ride her home towards number three. It takes every inch and ounce of concentration I have not to blow my load inside her, every one of my five senses working against me. Still, somehow I manage the miracle. One hand on each hip, I slowly finish her off, resting my pulsing tip against what I suspect is her g-spot, settling here as she begins to come down from her shuddering orgasm. Inside her I can feel her muscles squeezing, contracting around my shaft, milking every nerve ending for stimulation. When she finally melts into a full stop I pull myself out of her and take a small step back, unsatisfied and still stiff as a board.

'Good boy,' she purrs, rolling over to look at me through the afterglow.

'Thank you Mistress, I hope you enjoyed yourself; I did.'

'Well I should hope you did,' then she sighs... not that satisfied after sex sigh, but rather that exasperated and burdened sigh one often uses with children who have been given an inch and are now demanding a mile, 'and yet not enough to be satisfied are you, you little slut?'

Anything I said would be incriminating, it's one of those good, double edged female questions. I didn't answer, I couldn't.

She sat upright on the edge of the bed again and motioned for me to step closer. I took a half a step closer and she removed the baby-tee she had been wearing, giving me a full view of her beautiful breasts as they hung near perfectly from her chest. She then bent forward, wrapping her lips around my still throbbing dick and began to suck me for all my worth. I stepped a little closer and groaned, closing my eyes and melting into the pool of sensations. There was nothing else I could do. Like a raft drifting in the lazy ocean currents I lost myself in her. She was beautiful; she was hot; she was good; a little too damn good.

Before I even knew what was happening I felt the load of my orgasm breaking the threshold. She did too. She pulled her mouth off of my shaft and allowed my cum to splash wildly against those beautiful breasts. It was ecstasy. As the last of my load shot against her chest she gave me that deceitful, scheming look of hers that told me I had played right into her hands and fucked up.

'My oh my, the boy has such a short term memory doesn't he?'

I gulped, remembering I hadn't been given permission.

'Tsk, tsk, tsk,' she giggled playfully, 'just look at this mess you've made!' 'Surely you don't expect me to clean this up.'

Inwardly I groaned knowing what was coming.

'Hop to it slut.'

I dropped to my knees and began the disgusting task of licking her breasts clean of my cum. For a guy, there is generally nothing as vile or degrading as having to clean up your own cum after orgasm. Shoot before orgasm you would do anything simply to be allowed to cum, but after... ugh. Dutifully I finished my task and gave a little shutter; she gave a little devious giggle.

She patted the bed beside her. 'Alright mister diaper lover, lay down, it's time for the second round of fun and games.'

Another side effect of cumming, I no longer have any interest in my diaper fetish, for me it is strictly pre-orgasm play. All I get is disgusted with diaper play after orgasm; all part of her devious little plan, because she knows deep down I want tortured, I want forced into them, I want to feel the humiliation and degradation of wearing the very diapers I am currently repulsed by. Besides... it suits her sadistic nature to do so.

I get up on the bed and lay out and she disappears from the room momentarily, returning with the bare minimum supplies. Beside me she lays out a large waterproof changing pad, then several layers of contoured cotton with a thick soaker pad up the center, and a liner to help with clean-up should I be forced to soil. With a nod she instructs me to move over, which I do without hesitation, well, without much hesitation anyway.

A good heavy dusting of baby powder is sprinkled onto and smoothed in to my groin area before she expertly pulls the front of the diapers up between my thighs. She is either very skilled at this or she has a great eye for symmetry because by the time she is finished pinning them together, they are both tight and very neatly centered. It's extremely comfortable to be encased inside diapers she has pinned up.

Next comes a pair of clear plastic pants, which she threads over my feet and pulls up to my thighs before I raise my ass off the bed for her to finish pulling up. She insists on the clear, see-through plastic so that my lack of control can be quickly discovered and exploited, both for her pleasure and naturally my humiliation. Secretly I love to watch as my yellow shame spreads across the front of the diapers, but I suspect it's really not much of a secret. After the pants are in place she carefully checks to make sure that the entire diaper is inside the leg and waist gatherers to insure a good, water tight fit.

I suspect I'm ready for whatever pleasure she has in mind. I blush in disgust as my body betrays my emotional repugnance for diapers right now as I feel my growing erection pressing hard against the cloth. She's not much help as she slowly rubs her hand along my buried shaft through the plastic.

'Now it seems to me little boy that you have very little self-control, would you agree little slut?'

All I can do is nod, far too focused on the feelings going on down below.

'So tell me if I have assessed the situation accurately. You're a grown man, thirty years old in fact. You have perfect control over your pathetic little penis four days a week, but during the other three you simply give it up. You make a conscious decision to have absolutely no control over your fluids whatsoever... am I right so far?'

I flush hotly; this is so embarrassing; I nod slowly.

'I can't hear the rattling of your head boy, answer me!'

With that she slapped the inside of my left thigh hard. I jumped and quickly replied, 'Yes Mistress!'

'And so you come to me to put you into diapers, not even adult protective briefs, but diapers. Now who wears diapers?'

'Babies and toddlers,' I stammered, the blood in my cheeks smoldering with a rosy glow.

'That's right, babies and toddlers, and yet, you're not even one of them. Babies and toddlers don't LIKE being in wet diapers, they want dry diapers, but no, not you. You want them nice and wet don't you my little diaper slut?'

'Yes Mistress.'

'You want them wet, heavy, cold, clammy. You want your entire diaper soaked so that you can sit, encased in piss, don't you? That's not rational behavior for a thirty year old man, it's not proper for a baby or a toddler either is it... guess that just makes you a freak. Are you a freak my dirty little diaper slut?'

I was pretty much body blushing at this point when I answered, 'yes Mistress,' with a quivering in my voice. Today she was breaking me down good; I felt pathetic, all of about an inch tall and dirt beneath her gaze. This was the beginning of what would eventually be an incredible orgasm.

'Well, I guess if that is what you want, then who am I to deny you?'

I had sat up once she had begun asking this humiliating barrage of questions. Now she pushed me back against the bed again. She pulled the front of the plastic pants down until it rested just below my diapered crotch. She was very careful not to disturb the back of the pants, only the front. Then she climbed up into the bed and straddled my groin. My erection burst to life yet again, the tip pushing hard against the top of my diaper, just below the waist.

As soon as she felt my cock get hard beneath the fabric she lowered herself until her glistening pussy rested against the diaper fabric. Slowly she began to rub herself up and down against the tent my upturned cock was making in the thick diapers.

This little turn of events was incredible, as well as torturous. There was absolutely no way I could achieve an orgasm through the limited friction the diapers were providing. She wasn't aiming for that anyway, slowly grinding and rubbing herself against me. Besides that, the underside of my dick tends to be very sensitive, so though it was incredibly arousing, it was also painful at times. It was driving me insane, I was so turned on.

She stopped riding me for a moment and bent down to meet my lips in a deep, passionate kiss. The next thing I know, my eyes are shooting open and I'm staring up at her in all sorts of new confusion. This was new. As she lay against my body, her luscious pussy pressed firmly against my confined erection, she began to piss. I was mortified. I was excited. I was so incredibly turned on it hurt.

She kissed me again midstream, her soft pouty lips firmly caressing my own as we made out. Her pee vibrated against my hard cock as it slowly seeped into the thirsty cotton. I could feel the incredible heat as it spread slowly across my erection, down against my balls, wicking quickly down to pool and puddle against my ass. The girl had to go. I would easily swear she had peed a solid two minutes. By the time she was finished I was thoroughly wet, not soaked through, but well on my way.

She scooted up a few inches, wiped herself against the dry waist of my diaper and then dismounted, kneeling beside me. Then she turned and straddled me the other direction, her beautiful round ass resting comfortably on my chest. She expertly retightened the diaper pins, making damn sure the wetness would rest snuggly against my skin. When she was satisfied I was getting the maximum amount of discomfort, she pulled the front of the plastic pants back up and rechecked to make sure the diapers were completely sealed inside them.

Placing a hand on either side of my hip, she shoved her creamy pussy into my face as she slowly ran one hand up and down my still hard, imprisoned dick. It took a while but I finally brought this gorgeous goddess to another orgasm. She collapsed on top of my face about mid climax. Who knows, maybe I've finally satisfied her into exhaustion.

When she had finished shuttering and shaking, she pulled herself forward and laid against my warm body for a few minutes while she caught her breath. After nearly being suffocated myself, I did too. She giggled to herself, laying her head on my upper thigh, occasionally rubbing my frustration through its wet confinement. Every time my cock sprang back against the damp fabric, a new giggle escaped her.

She made her way to her knees eventually and then dismounted my chest, kneeling beside me once again.

'Well, that's enough fun and games for a while I think, Momma needs to nap and re-energize. Get that wet diapered ass to the kennel. You can wait in there until I'm ready for you again. You can sit and stew awhile.' At that she grinned.

I groaned.

She gave me a warning look and I slipped down the side of the bed and lifted the bedding up off the footboard to reveal the door of a cage neatly concealed beneath. I crawled inside, unable to raise myself fully to my hands and knees. Once my feet were completely inside I heard the door swing shut and latch. I wasn't going anywhere.

The bottom was lined with a thick gel pad, making it rather comfortable for the most part. Thick wooden bars ran the outside edge of the cage, but with the thick bedding draped over it, it was pitch black inside. There was just enough room that I could roll over and lay on my sides, back or stomach, though they all got old rather quickly. If that wasn't bad enough, boredom set in quickly, you were either left with your thoughts or sleep. I was too excited to sleep.

By the time she asked me to crawl out, I had wet twice myself, making the diapers nearly soaked through. I was a little stiff from laying there and my body complained as I crawled back to the top of the bed where the changing mat lay. She made a quick inspection of my diapers and decided it was time for a change. I thanked her, noticing I was getting a little tender down yonder. She just giggled.

Without taking the plastic pants down, she ordered me to raise my ass up. Once I had, she laid three new layers of contoured diapers beneath me and then slid the plastic pants down to my knees.

'Phew! You smell just like an uncleaned urinal.'

I blushed and tried to make myself look small and unseen.

Without another word, she tapped the inside of my thigh, the signal to lower my butt back down. I hesitated a bit confused, and for that I got the inside of my thigh slapped again. The simple stinging shock of it was enough to make me fall into the fresh new layers of diaper material. She never offered an answer to my inquiring puzzlement. Instead, she undid the pins of the old wet diaper... and tightened them yet again, the material stretching a bit from the wetness and movement in them. I squirmed uncomfortably.

After she inspected the quality of the tightness, she expertly pinned on the fresh layers over the top of the old. I could only imagine how long I was going to be submerged inside this soaking filth. I scrunched up my face as the realization hit me and actually became a bit emotional. I wanted out, I was uncomfortable, I was developing a rash, and now I knew there was no diaper change in my immediate future. I quickly began to realize just exactly how those babies and toddlers feel wanting out of their wet diapers. I squirmed uncomfortably again, holding back my quivering lip and the tear glistening in the corner of my eye.

'Awww, there, there diaper boy,' she cooed at me. 'I don't see what you're so upset about. Not only did you get your icky wet diapers changed, but you still get to be wet too, just like you wanted. Wasn't that nice of me?'

I almost lost it as I told her thank you.

She had me right where she wanted me and she knew it.

'Tell you what; I know just what will cheer you up my little slut.'

She stepped over to her night stand and opened the drawer, removed a bottle of lubricant and a rubber glove from the box she kept there. She pulled the glove on with a snap, grabbed the bottle of lubricant and lay down beside me on the bed. She began to stroke the front of my diaper area, and despite the soreness from the coming rash, my cock betrayingly sprung to life. She lubed up the glove heavily and snaked her hand down the front of my soaked/fresh diapers and began to stroke my penis in earnest. I've never felt anything so conflicting in my life.

On the one hand it felt so inconceivably good, all I wanted was to blow my load all over the waist of my diaper. On the other hand the rash was making things increasingly tender and it stung like fire with each and every stroke. On another hand it was going to be an incredible orgasm, with so much emotional stress behind it, it was going to be huge, albeit very fast. On the other hand, I knew how absolutely offended and disgusted I was going to be in this wet, clingy, stinging filth once I was through, and I had the full knowledge that I wasn't getting out of them anytime soon.

As I had predicted, my orgasm hadn't needed much stimulation. Within forty-five seconds and maybe fifteen good strokes, I blew cum all over the inside of my already soaking diapers. My predicament slammed into my conscious like a brick wall almost immediately. I was on the verge of losing it.

She pulled her hand out of my diapers, wiped the glove on the still dry outside layers and climbed down from the bed. I obediently raised my sore ass off the bed and she pulled the plastic pants back into place, checked them for a good seal and instructed me to kneel on the floor, head on the bed, and then left the room. She returned a moment later and told me to keep my head down and eyes closed. I folded my arms across the edge of the bed and buried my face in them.

I felt the back of my plastic pants pull away and then the many layers of diaper before feeling something foreign sliding down the crack of my ass. I had no idea what was going on, but I didn't flinch, peak, or move for fear of how much worse it could get. I heard the familiar unzipping of jeans and then the sound of them sliding down her luscious legs. Just the mental picture alone was enough to begin making me aroused again. I cursed as my erection began to grow against the cold wetness of my diapers.

Then suddenly I gasped as I felt something extremely hot against my ass crack. The heat snaked along the foreign object quickly until it started to gush out at the end, spreading a new river of golden piss into already overly saturated diapers until if finally began to wick away into the dry outside layers. For the second time that day, Mistress was insuring that my diapers would remain perfectly wet, just as she knew I liked them. This was maddening.

I concentrated on the rushing water as it splashed against the back of my scrotum. I may have concentrated too hard, now having my own urgent need to wet my diapers. I held the flood gates shut tightly, hoping to hold on long enough to fight the urge down to nothing. My balls began to itch and tickle as they are prone to do when encased in warm piss like they are. I squirmed against the feeling hoping without luck that the nonexistent friction of the diaper fabric would alleviate the sensation. Mistress took my wiggle as enjoyment.

'Like that do you diaper slut? Like having me fill your diapers up with my slow flowing golden nectar? Do you like being my personal little urinal slut? You do don't you freak?'

I didn't answer, I didn't need to and besides... at the thought and picture of her 'slow flowing golden nectar' I had lost the battle and was now filling my diapers by myself. She finished up just as I was beginning and she caught on quickly.

Mistress lowered herself into a kneel behind me and reached around the front of my diaper and pressed the sopping diapers against my semi-erect, pissing cock. I whimpered beneath her touch, both because it was exciting and because it was getting more painful by the minute.

'Mmmmmmm,' she murmured to me through pursed lips as she felt the warmth spread through the once dry outside layer of diapers, 'such a good boy.'

Halfway through emptying my full bladder, I felt my bowels get that heavy feeling and my ass muscles begin to loosen. 'No, no, please no,' I begged.

'What's the matter little slut?' she asked honestly.

'Ugh, nooooo,' I groaned. 'Mistress, please may I use the bathroom?' I asked, ignoring her question.

'Use the bathroom, whatever for?' she laughed, now in full understanding. 'Stand up diaper boy, right here,' she instructed as she scooted her knees back a few inches. 'Now this is an unexpected surprise, isn't it slut?'

I nodded, 'yes Mistress, and unfortunate,' I groaned almost painfully.

'Oh no, it's not unfortunate at all, I just love presents!' She giggled at her own humor. 'Tell you what, I'll give you a chance to get your diapers changed in earnest, either in two hours, or in the morning as I had originally planned. Are you game?'

Was I ever, 'Yes Mistress, please!' I whined.

'Very well, you've got one chance. I want you to beg, to convincingly BEG to be allowed to fill your diapers for me. If I feel you really, really need to fill them, just for my pleasure and not simply because you have to go, I'll only make you stay in them for the next two hours. If you're not convincing enough... you'll be sleeping in those puppies my dirty little diaper slut. Now beg.'

I was embarrassed right down to my toes, but there was no way I was going to handle staying in this diaper for the rest of the evening and all night. I began to bed, to plead, to whimper and whine. I have no idea what it sounded like to her, but in my own ears I sounded pathetic. A beggar I was not and my lack of skill shown through my feeble attempt.

When I was finished she gave a nod, apparently giving permission for me to fill the remainder of my diapers with excrement. I gave her sad puppy eyes before squatting down in front of her and pushing. She twirled her finger motioning for me to turn my ass toward her and I obediently complied. Moments later I pushed the warm mass into the back of my diaper into a large pile that sat awkwardly at the bottom of my crack and back of my scrotum. The next thing I know her hands are gently, gingerly examining the damage through the taut plastic pants. When I was done I stood up fully, stiffly, feeling the mass shift further down as I straightened up. It was horrible.

Then the inevitable happened. She began to press and rub and massage the mess along my ass, along my bottom and forward through the crotch. When she was satisfied, the sticky mess had traveled most of the way along my ass crack as well as forward encompassing my balls. To which her only response was 'Kennel.

It was no use at this point trying to avoid the mess or its further spread so I dutifully crawled back into the cage and heard the door shut and click behind me.

'In case you were curious, that was the most pathetic begging I've ever heard diaper boy... maybe you should work on that while you're down there. See you in the morning, unless of course I need to pee again.

The silence engulfed me after that and I was left to dwell on my current state. It was going to be a long damn night in here. I hoped against hope that tomorrow would bring change... a diaper change.

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