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Nappies at St. Clares

Part 1

Many would've thought that Daniel Jones had a privileged childhood. His parents, Robert and Caroline were both successful in business and he lived in a large house with large grounds in a picturesque village on the outskirts of London.

He had an au pair from a baby, an Eastern European young woman who his father had procured on the cheap due to her complicated visa issues. She was also incredibly attractive. When Robert was home and Caroline was out, Dan would be left in his playpen whilst Sian was upstairs attending to Daddy.

She would return to his playpen, wiping tears from her eyes and rubbing her behind. Whilst changing his nappy she would lift her skirt, gingerly peel down her panties and rub some of his baby lotion into her sore bottom.

One evening when Caroline worked late, Robert would coincidently let Sian know she was behind in her 'maid' duties.

"Report to my study in your uniform, stockings and a suspender belt are mandatory and no panties!" He left with a tent in his trousers.

Sian grimaced. The tacky maids dress was so short, it barely covered her bottom. Putting the baby to bed, she went to get it out from beneath her normal clothes and found he had removed the skirt, it wouldn't reach her belly button!

With another sigh she stripped and got dressed, the seamed stockings, lacy suspender belt and high black heels would barely be noticed with the lack of clothes covering her bottom and pussy. In a moment of desperation she picked up a tray and held it in front of her as she entered his study.

He couldn't keep the grin from his face as he saw her. He packed the papers away.

"It's an ongoing difficult process to confirm your visa even with my presumed references! Yet you don't help yourself one bit and I'm getting tired of continuingly making excuses for you!"

Sian cringed at his make believe bravado and again cursed the day she had put her future in his hands.

"I can see no other course of action but to give your bare bottom a good thrashing!"

She groaned and it was then she noticed the straps attached to his desk.....

"I'll bend but without the straps!" Sian protested.

He smiled.

"Those are just to keep you in the right position, don't worry about them...anyway, you're in no position to bargain!"

He grabbed her by the arm, the tray crashing to the floor and despite her squeals had one wrist securely attached. With one limb disabled it was much easier for him to bind her other wrist and turn his attention to her ankles. She hadn't noticed them, nor had she realized how far she had to bend over his desk, forcing her to raise her bottom high.

She groaned again as he buckled her ankles, very aware of how far her legs had to be apart for him to bind her in this way.

"Check out the view!" He purred as he tightened all her restraints in a methodical manner.

He watched her squirm, cock hardening even more as he picked up his cane, spying between her legs.

"Very nice, smooth like a baby! You would probably like to have one of my sons nappies on at this moment!"

"If you let me go, I'll put one on for you, is that your thing? Or do you want me to put you in one...YEOW!"

A sharp crack across her bottom ended her retort.

"This is what I'm talking about, answering back and insubordination. I've let you get away with it too long. There needs to be a serious discussion between my chief negotiator, Mr. Cane and your client, Ms. Bare Botty! Do I make myself clear?"

His metaphor made his cock twitch and with a flick of his wrist he began to thrash her in earnest.

She was soon yelping and squealing. He wasn't a strong man and the cane was thin but the repeated blows on her unprotected behind took its toll. The wrist and ankle cuffs rattled against the heavy desk as she tried anything to free herself but she couldn't escape or shift from her bent over position.

And he was in the zone!


The more he whacked, the shriller she squealed and the shriller she squealed the harder he became.


He had no choice but to release the monster in his pants. Quick as a flash, the cane was put aside and his trousers and underpants were around his ankles. His hands were on her hips and he was clumsily thrusting forward.

The heat and pain of her bottom was complimented with stab of his cock, rubbing roughly inside her. Seconds later it spasmed and his fertile muck emptied into her reproductive passages.

Puffing and panting, he withdrew, passion deflated and released her. Her now free hands went straight to her burning behind in a vain attempt to ease the smarting.

He composed himself.

"Stand up straight, hands on head girl!"

Even though he was now spent, his member still twitched when she assumed this position - belly button visible above a flat tummy, eye leading down to a smooth mound, flanked by two black suspender straps attached to black stockings starting halfway up her thighs.

"Go and tidy up and remember our 'negotiation!'"

She quickly left the room, not before he had a final glimpse of her red and purple stripped bum.

Robert salivated as he watched the newly pregnant woman leave.

Some weeks passed...

Caroline was overjoyed at the news that Sian was pregnant. It was a relief in a way for Sian as it speedily progressed her visa issues and was a deterrent to Roberts wandering eyes. Only Sian knew who the real father was, and it wasn't the made up boyfriend, who no one had ever met and had mysteriously disappeared. This hard luck story increased further Caroline's compassion and she insisted on Sian moving in permanently. Sian only agreed to this if she could continue her nannying duties!

Daniel was eighteen months when Jessica was born. Robert soon realized there was potentially issues regarding the baby girl's father and things between Caroline and himself became strained. He left the marital home and filed for divorce. This pushed Caroline into a fit of despair and she dealt with it even further by burying herself in work.

This left Sian alone with the babies. Years passed and the babies grew.

Jessica matured and blossomed quickly. Suffice to say Daniel didn't. Even with the twelve month head start Daniel was still in nappies when Jess sped through potty training.

Sian enjoyed those years. Robert was out of the way and Caroline was rarely around. She had the big house and housekeeping money. She would take walks around the village, Daniel at age five, in the pushchair, still in nappies, a t-shirt and dummy was the rest of his attire. Jessica would usually be in a beautiful flowery dress - like a princess who her Mummy adored! Sian would usually wear a short black leather skirt, tight short crop top and knee high heeled boots. In memory of the night Jessica was conceived she had rarely worn panties since.

She had tried to potty train Daniel hadn't she? She had deferred the exercise until after the terrible twos. But the timing had slipped further and further. She strongly felt soon as boys were independent with their toilet activities then this led to a whole host of problems. There was still another size of Pampers for Daniel to grow into which the supermarket sold, the picture on the front was so cute with the relatively mature boy standing smiling in his disposable nappy, the 'mother' looking down on her 'son' seemingly so proud!

Sian had got her daughter a 'Betsey-Wetsey' doll and with that on one changing mat, Daniel on the bigger mat next to it, mother and daughter bonded as they changed the nappies of their respective charges.

Daniel was getting to the age where he was becoming more aware of this lopsided situation. Unfortunately he was also coming to the age of another embarrassing occupational hazard - 'the Smacked Bottom!

Jess sat Betsey-Wetsey on the potty. Daniel noticed there were now panties around the dolls ankles. As was more common these days Daniel tugged at the tapes of his Pampers.

"Mum! Daniel's trying to get his nappy off again!" Exclaimed Jessica.

"He's been warned about that...slap his leg and tell him 'Naughty boy!'" Sian advised from the kitchen.

Jess carried out the described action to the letter.

"Touch your nappy again and you'll be over my knee!" Jess scolded.

Daniel yelped as Jessica's hand struck home on the bare skin just below the elasticated cuff of his disposable nappy.

Sian watched from the kitchen doorway as her young daughter seemed a natural at taking charge.

"You've seen how I punish Betsey, just because you're a bit bigger, doesn't mean I won't treat you in exactly the same manner, with your nappy around your ankles and your bare bottom being soundly spanked! Do I make myself clear?"

Daniel looked to Sian for any contradiction but her stern face confirmed her full support for her daughter's tone.

"Yes Jess, I'll be a good boy, please don't spank me!" Stuttered Daniel.

Jessica smiled.

The status of the children had been installed and in the following years Jessica took charge almost exclusively. Caroline made more time for her son and Daniel was eventually potty trained. The whole embarrassing exercise gave Jessica numerous opportunities to humiliate him. The adults put their full trust in the girl to mentor the older boy and she relished the occasions when he had to report to her bedroom to atone for misdemeanors. Daniel knew his place and grudgingly took his spankings and corner time punishments from Jessica. If he resisted that, when his mother was absent (as she usually was) a much more severe reminder of the power of the 'smacked bottom' would come from Sian.

Just after Jessica's 10th birthday, Sian agreed to invite her niece and nephew to stay for a few days during the Summer holidays.

Jessica was very excited at seeing her cousin, Tina, who was about Daniels age. Daniel was less as keen as Tommy, Tina's brother, was only five and was still having accidents.

Sian explained the situation. Tommy will be sharing your room Daniel, so to save him from being so self-conscious about his 'special underwear' you'll need to wear a nappy at night too!

"WHAT!??" Daniel gasped.

"I'm eleven!" He whined.

Sian expected a protest, but was still mad.

"You always think of yourself, never of other people's feeling....and you still whine like a big baby...NOT an eleven year old!"

"I'm sorry Sian, please, it seems so silly, he must understand as I am much older I don't need nappies! Is there no other way to make him feel more comfortable? Any other way than that!"

"It'll only be a couple of nights. He's nearly always dry at night now so if I can take his mind of his own problem and make him feel comfortable, that other people may share that problem, someone he looks up to, then he'll quickly get over it, and you'll both be in big boys pants!" Sian explained.

"And anyway, you haven't been exactly keeping the bed clean recently!"

Daniel gaped at Sian's reference to his growing 'funny feelings' he got, usually at bedtime. He kept having strange dreams of Jessica in a very smart but saucy school uniform, continuingly flashing her pretty knickers and stocking tops. He had hoped Sian hadn't noticed the stains, but no such luck! He knew it was naughty but to go back to nappies was extreme wasn't it?

"Now I need to go and pick them up, with a side strip to the baby shop for some essential supplies!"

Daniel fumed at the fact the decision had seemed to be already made.

"But that's so unfair!" Daniel groaned and tears of frustration welled up in his eyes!

"Crying like a baby already, Jessica, please take him to your room and give him something to cry about!" Requested Sian.

"Upstairs baby, you're going to be out of your underpants quicker than you thought!" Smiled Jess.

As Sian went to get the visitors, Daniel spend a great deal of the afternoon, nose touching the wall in Jessica's boudoir, hands on head, shorts and underpants around his ankles. Jessica supervised him whilst reading one of her 'St Clares' books by Enid Blyton.

The pair of them hadn't heard the car arrive but they did hear someone coming up the stairs. A beautiful girl walked in a lovely white Summer dress and sporting bunches.

"I think these are for you." She cooed, offering the cornered boy the pack of large sized disposable nappies, a cheap brand she had in her hand.

Daniel blushed beetroot. He quickly pulled up his underpants and shorts whilst Jessica giggled.

"Maybe they're for your brother?" Queried Daniel desperately.

"Oh no, he sometimes uses pull ups, the sort he can put on himself. These type require a you to lay on a changing mat, whilst Mummy powders your botty and tapes you up tight!" Tina giggled.

Daniel stormed from the room with tears of frustration and shame as her heard the girls squeal in laughter and joy of meeting up.

"Where do you think you're going Buster? It's bath and bedtime for you!" Sian stated.

"Oh no's only 5 o clock!"

"Well it's Tommy's time for bed so that means it's yours too!"

Daniel groaned anew as he saw Tommy waddle up the stairs, obviously much younger and perfectly fine with this time of bed, especially with a much older cousin being treated in exactly the same way.

Sian bent over slightly and looked at both of them.

"Now clothes off boys and Auntie Sian will run you a nice bubble bath!"

Daniel couldn't believe this was happening as he was forced to strip with this boy

Daniel muttered under his breath as he slowly took off his t-shirt, shorts and underpants.

"I'll race you to get undressed!" Exclaimed Tommy eagerly

"I don't want a race, I don't want to get undressed and I don't want a bath!" Huffed the older boy.

"Oh stop whining!" Sian scolded as she re-entered the bedroom. She produced a large pink dummy which she popped in his mouth.

"Keep that in if you know what's good for you! Now go and stand outside, whilst I help Tommy unpack. And hands on your head, I know what boys do when their hands have nothing to do!"

"Have you had a smacked bottom today?" Tommy asked as he noticed Daniel's red behind.

"He has and he'll be getting another one soon if he doesn't do exactly as he's told!" Interjected Sian.

Daniel had to stand outside his bedroom, hands on head, naked apart from a dummy in his mouth.

The girls watched from Jessica's bedroom, giggling away at the sight of their older relative.

Jessica had the pack of nappies open. She held one in her hand. Not like the expensive brand, thin and patterned. These were pure white, thick with plenty of plastic in the outer casing.

"I don't know when he's a nappy or when his winky is out!" The girls guffawed.

Soon Sian had finished with Tommy's clothes and led the boys to the waiting bubble bath.

Tina and Jessica could not hide their laughter as they saw Daniel's red bottom being led away.

"Can Tina and I go out Mum?" Jessica asked.

"Maybe a bit later...but not before you have helped me bathe and dress the boys and given them their bottles!"

Daniel really wished the ground would swallow him up!

Bath time was excruciatingly embarrassing. Daniel and Tommy were bathed together, being supervised at all times. Betsey Wetsey needed a bath too and Daniel was forced to wash her like a Sian was doing to him. Daniel had never felt so glum.

"His face looks like a smacked bottom!" Tina noted to Jessica whilst they watched from the bathroom doorway.

"And I should know, I've smacked his bottom loads of times! He hates it when I pull his shorts and pants down in front of his friends before putting him over my knee. All the neighbors have seen him do the bare bottom spanky dance on the front lawn.

" Jessica explained.

"I've never been allowed to spank Tommy, though he's usually very good."

"So you've never spanked a boys bottom?" Queried Jess.

"No, nor a girls." Tina winked.

"Well....I have been a bit bad...all this teasing of Daniel." Jessica gushed

"And naughty girls need smacked bottoms just as much as naughty boys. Though girls get punished in private and get their knickers back afterwards, rather than nappies like the boys!" Tina instructed quite maturely.

Jessica remained quiet though felt butterflies in her stomach. The girls left the scene with more laughter and went downstairs to watch TV.

Tommy was out and dried first. As soon as this was done he rushed off to Daniel's bedroom to get his pyjamas on.

Daniel was dried after but was disallowed to go and dress himself.

"Go downstairs, Jess is waiting to put your nappy on."

"Oh please Sian, not nappies, it's so embarrassing. Tommy is not even wearing one!"

Tommy had returned in his pyjamas, he had a discreet pull-up on underneath.

"You'll pass potty training one day Daniel, just like me." Tommy consoled.

"We've already discussed this in detail Daniel! You're wearing a nappy tonight and that's final! So get your bare bottom down those stairs unless you want the ruler across it! The girls want to go out after your suitably dressed and had your bottle!"

Daniel fumed at his predicament, turning in anger to go downstairs he knocked Tommy to the floor. The younger boy did his utmost to refrain from crying but he was visibly shaken!

"Daniel, how could you! Are you ok Tommy?" Sian asked.

Tommy nodded. Sian grabbed Daniel's wrist and dragged him into the bedroom. Daniel followed intrigued at the treatment of this much older boy.

"It's a smack bottom for you! Now, flat of hands on the bed, keep your knees straight and raise your bottom!" Sian instructed.

Daniel seethed inwardly, especially as the door was open and Tommy had followed them in but there was nothing he could do and obeyed. Sian gave Tommy the ruler off the small computer desk. Daniel groaned as Sian allowed a grinning Tommy to deliver the punishment.

"I haven't been here long but your behavior has been very childish, Daniel and I have no option but to give you a well-deserved smacked bottom!"

Tommy began to slap Daniels bottom with the whippy plastic ruler.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Daniel was then asked to stand, with hands on head and face the younger boy. Tommy tapped the ruler in his palm, thoroughly enjoying himself.

"Keep acting like that and wherever we are, I'll pull your pants down and smack your bottom! Understand me?" Warned Tommy.

Daniel blushed beetroot, naked and spanked, he nodded his head. Tommy took his hand, led him out of the bedroom and down the stairs where Jessica was waiting. She was kneeling by a thick, white, plastic-backed changing mat.

"I'm always concerned, when a toddler is waddling around without its nappy on!" Jess patted the mat.

Daniel laid down. Jessica asked Tommy to lift the babies ankles whilst she sprinkled baby powder and rubbed lotion on Daniel's most intimate areas.

"Thank you for smacking the babies bottom Tommy, you did a good job!"

The sound of rustling followed as the thick plastic nappy was folded out and slid under Daniels bottom. She took his ankles from Tommy and laid them down, then pushed his thighs wide. She kneeled up, lifting the thick front of the nappy up between his legs and taped him tightly at the hips. She patted the thick front of this crotch.

"Good baby! Now crawl over to Auntie Tina, sit on her lap and she'll give you your bottle!"

Daniel did not think any day in history had been this embarrassing for someone as he got on all fours and crawled to Auntie Tina who was sitting on the couch.

Tommy and Jessica giggled at the sight of Daniel's big nappied bottom. Daniel was looking up Tina's skirt as he crawled over. The white cotton panties were just visible as she moved her legs to form a nice lap.

She smiled at him as he climbed onto her lap. He got comfortable and she bottle fed him. His nappied bottom rested on her bare thighs and she commented how she liked the feeling of plastic.

Jessica winked at Tina as Daniel greedily drank the warm milk down. She had laced the drink with sleeping drugs and laxatives, both would soon be working. Daniel was immediately very sleepy. Sian carried him to his bed whilst Tommy and the girls stayed up.

Part 2

Daniel dreamed....

He was in a classroom, in a girls school. He looked down, his flat, hard school desk seat had pushed the crotch of this thick disposable nappy out from under his short, pleated school skirt. Even in his dreams he couldn't escape nappies! His attention was diverted as he saw Jessica, in her uniform, being called to the front. The young but firm, Miss More picked up her thin whippy cane and Daniel knew that Jess was in a lot of trouble. After a short instruction, Jessica bent over the front desk and lifted up her skirt. Her white cotton knickers where very sheer, you could virtually see her bottom. After further comment her bottom was raised higher. Daniel noticed the stretched suspender start at her waist above her panty line, go under her white knickers and glide down her thigh to her stocking top. Miss More reaches for the elastic of the knickers to yank down but suddenly Daniel has a pain in his bowels and the urge to soil himself was too difficult to resist.

Daniel so wanted to see Jessica's bare bottom...and see her caned! But nature is too strong and with a groan he fills his nappy. All the girls eyes turn on the blushing boy.

In his bed, the laxative does its does Daniel's nappy!

"Daniel Jones...please remove yourself from my classroom immediately and frequent Matron's office where she will no doubt change your nappy!" Miss More ordered in her snooty voice.

All the girls around him sniggered, pinching noses with their fingers in a visual display of the smell emanating from underneath his skirt.

With a heavy, embarrassed sigh, Daniel picked himself up from his seat and headed for the classroom door. The girls giggle again as his nappy droops heavily under the hem of his short school skirt.

"And for your reluctance to leave young man, it's six of the best when you return!"

Daniel groaned again but one last quick view of Jessica's upturned pantied bottom gave him a nice feeling 'down there.' He decided to leave put peek through the window discretely to witness Jessica's thrashing.

Daniel stood on tiptoe...trying to see it all but remain out of view. He didn't sense the person walking towards him, so intent on trying to get a view. Too late, he looked down to see the tip of a cane reach forward to lift the front of his skirt. His erect penis was now trapped into the waist band of the nappy, the brush of the stick caused his winky to spew its sticky white stuff all over the inside of his skirt!

Daniel turned to see the headgirl's stern yet satisfied face looking deep into his eyes and he knew he was in even deeper trouble.

"Hands on head naughty boy and stand in the middle of the corridor!" She instructed.

The headgirl paced slowly around the lower school boy, in her short (micro!?) gymslip. Daniel tried to keep still and certainly not to remain aroused, but the tap of her incredibly high heels, her long stockinged legs, the lacy suspender belt, as well as the crotch of her white silk French knickers peeking out, took his breath away.

"A dirty nappy, an uncontrolled winky, the headmistress will give me leave to thrash your bottom for an entire detention! I had an hour free and I was searching for a naughty pupil!"

She flexed the cane in front of him menacingly.

"No nappy will save your bottom now! I am going to whack it so mercilessly, I'll need to take off my tunic and thrash you in my lingerie!"

"Now, off to matrons we go! I was on my way there anyway as she wants me over her knee for wetting my panties...maybe I'll be wearing a nappy over a sore, sore bottom by the morning..."

Daniel groaned in pleasure...and his nappy did another mopping up job!

"The morning?" Daniel thought and with a different sort of groan, the dream sequence faded.

"Is he smiling or has he got wind?" A young female voice enquired.

"From the smell, it's more than just wind!" Sian exclaimed.

Daniel awoke with a start, with everyone crammed into his bedroom looking down at him.

"You were right to get those nappies for him, Mum." Jessica observed.

"I found it peculiar, a boy over twice my age still in full nappies, yet it all makes sense. You have no other option but to keep him in nappies, Auntie Sian." Tommy thoughtfully commented.

Sian looked like she was getting ready to go out and meet someone of importance, someone for which she wanted to make a good impression. She had on a black satin corset, which extenuated her breasts; full black lacy panties over a black satin suspender belt, black seamed stockings and black heels.

Sian did not have much time. She lifted Daniel from his bed and held him on her hip by his nappied bottom.

"I have to go and meet someone very soon, something's come up. So I'll wash Daniel and then go, so Tina you're in charge!" Sian instructed.

Tina winked at Jessica whilst Sian took Daniel into the bathroom. Sian didn't say a lot as she untapped the nappy, using it to wipe his dirty bottom. Daniel decided to keep silent whatever the humiliations. He had showered himself many times but he was not in a position to had he managed to soil himself? He hadn't done that in many, many years!

He stood in the shower as Sian hosed him down, making him touch his toes so she could ensure he was clean everywhere. She made him step out so she could dry him with a large white towel.

"I really am disappointed in you Daniel. I thought it was only Jessica's immature teasing when she thought you needed to be back in nappies. I thought you were grown up enough to spend one night like that to help Tommy, someone in a less fortunate position!"

Daniel groaned at the tone of the scolding but kept silent. A spanking was preferable to this!

"As I said, I have an important appointment that's suddenly come up. So go and find Jessica so she can dress you!"

"Can I have the towel?" Daniel pleads

"No! Unless you want me to nappy you with it! I haven't got time to muck around with pins and plastic panties...go and see Jess" Sian slapped his bare bum and pushed him out of the bathroom.

Daniel decided to go to his own room. He was clean now and not feeling like he was going to have accidents. He was a bit sheepish naked but if he could get some clothes. He snuck into his room as Sian rushed with dress on...and waited until the car had pulled away.

Daniel didn't notice Tommy sitting there in a t-shirt and shorts, reading, so intent was he on Sian leaving. Daniel started looking through his drawers for pants and t-shirts, anything to wear.

"What are you doing Daniel? Jessica has your nappy ready to put on you!"

'Don't be silly Tommy. Where are my clothes? I need to get dressed!"

"Jessica took them away, said it's such a lovely day, you'll only need your nappy!"

Daniel fumed in frustration at the unintended humiliation from the younger boy and the predicament he was in. Well, Sian had left the house and he was now the oldest...and the strongest! He felt bad about taking this sort of aggressive action, but it was just getting too humiliating!

He tried to act tough but he was naked as he stormed into Jessica's room. Both girls were in there wearing matching white shorts, through which you could see their bikini bottoms. They were also wearing short, light pink t-shirts.

"Where are my clothes?" Daniel exclaimed.

The girls giggled at the sight but Jessica finally kept a straight face. She held up a fresh nappy.

"Well, put you botty on the changing mat and I'll tape you up, after I put some lotion on it!"

"No! I want my shorts, pants and Tommy's wearing!" Daniel grimaced as it came out a whine.

"Who's is this? Is this Tommys?" Tina held up a plastic bag with the soiled nappy in.

"I don't know how that happened, it was a one-off, tell her Jess, I never have that problem!" Daniel pleaded.

"To be fair he hasn't had that problem for a long while, but in my opinion, it was only a matter of time! He's also been leaving stains on his sheets and pyjamas!"

"I've heard enough, I'm in charge and you're in nappies!" Tina commanded.

Daniel raged, raising his fist to strike at Tina. Tina caught his wrist and expertly twisted it behind his back making him squeal and deflate his aggression. With one hand, Tina held Daniel's wrist tightly, pushing it up behind his back, forcing him to be led by her. She smoothly sat down on the bed, guided Daniel around to her right side then tweaking his wrist once more so he's forced to fall over her lap.

Daniel had to use his free hand and feet to keep balance. Any shift in his wrist would be very painful. He was immobile over Tina's lap. Unfortunately for Daniel, Tina had her right hand free.

She began to rub his bare, defenceless bottom as she scolded.

"If I needed a clear sign you need an extended trip back to nappies, that was it naughty boy! I don't usually believe in smacking bottoms to re-enforce the nappy punishment but in your case it is very necessary! You're growing up Daniel but you don't act it so we're going to show you what it's like if you don't buck up your ideas! I don't think it will be easy to live down having your nappy changed in a public park!"


The smacks weren't hard individually but Tina found the same spots time and again. Daniel tried to shift position but she had his wrist twisted firmly and with minimum effort Tina had him squealing like a very sorry and sore little boy.

Tina went about her task diligently. She was surprised Sian had put her in charge but she was going to enjoy it. Spanking Daniel made her feel very powerful...but after last night she would much prefer Jessica over her lap, Tina squirmed as she thought about that and brought proceedings to a stop.

Daniel was bawling, his cherry red bottom, very sore.

"Now, are you going to be a good baby and lay still for your nappy?"

"Yes Tina, oh please stop, I will do what you say!"

"From now on, it's Auntie Tina, Auntie Jessica and Uncle Tommy! Do you understand? Now go and ask Auntie Jessica for your nappy!"

"Definitely Tina, Auntie Tina....sob!" Daniel rose from his tormenters lap.

Daniel stood, sighing, rubbing his painful behind to ease the smarting.

"Come along baby, it's nappy time...botty on the changing mat!" Jessica teased.

There was nothing for it. Daniel did as he was told. Jessica enjoyed herself, talking to Tina about their plans for the day as she powdered and creamed Daniel's bottom and winky. Then the loud rustling as the cheap, thick, plastic nappy was brought up between his legs and taped securely at the hips.

Tommy walked in.

"Oh I see you didn't win the argument over what you were going to wear today!" Tommy giggled.

"That argument took place over my knee, so there was only ever likely one winner!"

"We certainly got to the bottom of things!" Jessica snorted.

"The discussions certainly left their mark....on his bottom!" Tina laughed.

Daniel was again wishing the ground would swallow him up!

With that it was time for breakfast. Sian had got out the highchair the night before and Daniel was forced to sit in it. When the tray was brought down in front of him it trapped his arms so he had to sit there whilst Tommy watched TV and the girls organised breakfast.

The girls had removed their shorts so Daniel watched as they worked in the kitchen, bending over numerous times in their tiny bikini bottoms. Tina prepared a nice hot breakfast for the 'adults' with Jessica sorting the baby breakfast - milk and muesli, all mushed up and with a healthy dose of laxative. She smiled. Daniel would soon be wearing a smelly nappy.

Jessica tied a sweet plastic bib around his neck and slowly fed him the tainted mush. He took his mind off the horrible tasting gruel by looking at Jessica's body as she fed him. Her t-shirt was very short, revealing her flat stomach including her cute belly button. The tiny bikini bottoms, stylishly tied at the hips with large bows, teased him mercilessly. He had never seen her naked through all these years and knew he probably never would. It didn't stop him having strange fantasies about her, in fact, it made even worse!

Jessica told Daniel he was a good boy as he finished his cold, soggy breakfast. Then she placed the large pink pacifier in his mouth, telling him to be quiet whilst the 'adults' ate their breakfast if he knew what was good for him.

The smell and sight of crispy bacon, fried eggs, sausages, baked beans, toast and butter made Daniel's mouth water behind the dummy. However, as Tommy and the girls ate, his bowels were forced to release more of the contaminated milk, filling the ambience of the breakfast table with the strong smell of a dirty nappy.

Daniel squirmed in his high chair but the others continued gulping down their food, seemingly oblivious to what the baby had done.

Jessica looked at Tina after finishing their lovely cooked breakfast.

"Washing up or bum change?" Jessica enquired.

"As I cooked...and you did Daniel's nappy last's my turn to deal with the baby. I'll change him on the table."

Daniel was certainly intimidated by Tina and kept quiet as she cleared a space on the table and rolled out the changing mat.

Tina somehow got Daniel lifted onto the table and pushed him back. She immediately ripped the tapes holding the full nappy at his hips.

"Tommy, can you stop clearing the table for the moment and help keep Daniels ankles lifted please"

Daniel felt his ankles being taken and pulled back to his bottom face the ceiling. Tina was careful with the nappy removal, ensuring as much as the poo was taken when she wrapped up the nappy. Daniel felt his bum being wiped by the thick cloth of the disposable.

"It wasn't long since I was doing this to you Tommy." Jessica commented as she worked.

"Well, that's all behind me now!" Tommy blushed.

"Let's hope so! It will only take a few words to Mum and we'll be shopping in the nappy aisle again! You need to stay on your best behavior!

"I promise Tina. I don't want to end up like Daniel"

"Well Daniel is 11. With your mixed performance during potty training and bed wetting, the threat of nappies will hang over you for a long time"

Tommy grimaced. He was just in big boys pants and it had taken a huge effort. He couldn't go back, he just couldn't!

Daniel listened to all this and he felt Tina's hands finish cleaning his most intimate of areas before adding lotion and powder. A loud crinkling occurred as she opened up fully the large, white plastic disposable nappy and slid it under his raised bum.

"And spanking Daniel this morning gave me a taster for smacking naughty boys bottoms....I need to speak to Mum about delegating spanking privileges"

"I'll be good Tina I promise!"

Tina looked directly into her brother's eyes.

"Well you had better be. Let this be a warning! You can let his ankles go."

Tommy obeyed and Tina took Daniel's legs and arranged them either side of her as they hung over the table edge. She stood over him and finished powdering his front, purposely ignoring his pathetic semi hard cock. The crinkling noise started up again as she pulled the thick front of the disposable up between his legs and taped him snugly at the hips.

"Baby all done!" She cooed patting the front of his nappy.

Tina turned and saw Jessica, hands in the warm soapy washing up water, bending over slightly the low sink. Her delicate bikini bottoms stretched over her gorgeous posterior and Tina once again had the urge to rip them down, put her over her knee and spank that bare behind.

It was Jessica's fault, Tina thought. The previous evening, she had got ready for bed much quicker than Tina. Tina was sitting on her bed, brushing her hair, thinking about getting undressed in front of her temporary roommate. Jessica started talking about humiliating Daniel and how much fun that was.

"All that laxative in his milk. He'll definitely poop his nappy overnight, then we've got him!"

"You are naughty, Jessica, it is really mean of you!"

Jessica stopped and looked directly at Tina.

"You're right! I have been bad, I need to be punished!"

"Put the chair in the middle of the room and bend over it you naughty girl!" Tina enthused, standing and whacking her hairbrush into her left hand.

Jessica quickly obeyed and Tina couldn't believe her eyes as Jessica eagerly bent over the chair, arching her bottom high.

Tina's lips moistened as she peeled Jessica's pink satin pyjama bottoms down her knees and took a second to stare at the view. She tapped the hairbrush on the delectable bottom then SLAP!

She didn't spank too hard just to make Jess yelp a little. She was busy making Jessica's bottom a lovely deep colour that she didn't hear Sian enter the room.

"What are you two doing?"

Jessica looked up from her bent over position. Now all four of her cheeks were blushing.

"We're playing spanking games Mum." Jessica explained sheepishly.

"Well I can get some of Daniel's nappies and you can play nappy games?"

It was Tina's turn to blush at that statement.

"That's ok, Auntie Sian, we'll go to bed now."

"Okay girls, get some sleep, I'm sure you'll have more fun tomorrow.

Tina's mind returned to the present. She finished helping clear the breakfast things away. It was going to be a nice Summer holiday here she thought as she got another sight of Jessica's bikini glad bottom.

Part 3

Sian's mysterious rendezvous was Daniel's dad. He had tracked them down, not to be part of Daniel's life (which Caroline certainly didn't want) but because he couldn't forget about Sian. Robert Jones was still very successful and Sian decided to use this affection to her advantage.

Sian and Jessica moved away and Daniel's life returned to normality, his mother trying as much as she could to be with him, though often failing. Daniel was 17 when his mother had a major health scare which forced her to leave her stressful job and take a more junior position. She was looking for a place to rent when Sian got back in touch. Robert and her had split but she had a massive manor house that was hers! Also, there was a separate stable block that had been transformed into a nice cottage. She agreed to stay while her and Daniel found their feet.

Daniel was nervous at meeting Jessica again. They had aged nearly six years and she had been beautiful back then. She had been the main protagonist in most of his 'dreams' as he rushed through puberty. He would've sent her a card and present on her sixteenth birthday if he knew where she lived.

He let his mum deal with the removal men and decided to explore the main house. Walking across the large driveway he found the front doors open and stepped inside. A large staircase faced him as he entered with dominated a lovely reception hall. It was very quiet. He crept up the stairs and along one of the corridors sneakily.

There seemed quite a few rooms, bedrooms he guessed, and he was about to turn back when he saw a room marked 'Nursery'.

The familiar warmth in his groin seemed automatic when subconsciously reminded of his treatment when he was growing up. Nothing was going to stop him entering that room and with a quick look round he entered.

It was just not a name on room. The room did indeed contain all the accessories for a Nursery, well a nursery for quite a large child. There was a cot which Daniel could lie flat on, a changing table and a wardrobe with large sweet baby dresses, bibs and bonnets. There was also a large stack of adult disposable nappies and a drawer open containing plastic panties, both clear and coloured, mostly pink.

There was also on the wall some hooks containing some paddles and canes, also some kind of vaulting horse with hand cuffs attached.

Daniel had a raging hard on as he surveyed the scene. He was obviously distracted as he didn't hear the girl come in behind him.

"I thought I'd find you here!" Jessica commented.

Daniel turned abruptly and stammered as he took in the beautiful young lady he grew up with.

She had a short black leather skirt, very short and black knee high boots. She had a white crop top, revealing a fully developed cleavage and lots of her flat belly.

"Lost for words Daniel sweetie? Or were you distracted by the nappies?"

"Hello Jess, how are you?"

"A bit perturbed, there's a stranger wandering around the house. At least I know now that stranger is no threat and in fact is just a big baby! Did you need your nappy changed Daniel?"

"I don't need nappies anymore Jess." Daniel tried to sound confident.

"But you liked to wear one wouldn't you!" Jessica purred.

Again, Daniel had been outdone by the younger girl. He had many fantasies of exactly that. His silence confirmed her suspicions. Jessica moved towards him and patted his bottom.

"Jeans and pants off, we don't want an accident on the carpet do we?"

"Will your clothes come off too Jess?" Daniel tried to not be totally submissive.

"I do get turned on by changing naughty boys skirt has known to have disappeared on occasion." Jessica teased.

Making up his mind, Daniel removed his jeans and even his boxer shorts, then lay on the changing table. Jessica instantly took some powder from the side and a fresh adult disposable. He lifted his ankles and she opened the nappy and powdered his bum. She ignored his engorged penis as she lifted the nappy up between his legs and taped him at the hips.

At that moment Tina walked in. She was in a short pleated skirt and nice plain top with white over the knee socks.

"Oh I see you've got his nappy on already! Have you spanked him yet or do you need a hand?" Tina giggled.

"He probably needs it as we haven't been able to discipline for a while so he's no doubt built up a lot of debt! He's already requested to see me without my skirt on!"

"What a naughty boy, he does deserve a spanking!" Tina decided.

She lifted Dan up and sat down on the edge of the bed. With Dan standing directly in front of her she pulled at the tapes and the nappy fell to the floor. Even though Tina could see Dan was rock hard with all this attention his penis was still extremely small. Tina wiggled her little finger at him and laughed before raising the hem of her skirt.

"Now have a very good look at MY panties 'cause you're gonna get a very good spanking because of your request to see Jessica's!" She pulled him over her knees.

"Hard hand, say hello to babies' bare bottom!" SMACK! OW! SMACK! OW! SMACK! OW! SMACK! OW! SMACK! OW! SMACK! OW! SMACK! OW! SMACK! OW! SMACK! OW! Jessica returned with a full, babies' bottle of milk. She smiled at Dan's red bottom lying meekly across Tina's lap.

She had Dan sobbing and rubbed his sore behind. Through his teary eyes he saw Jessica put the bottle down and pick up the discarded nappy. Her manicured red painted nails a contrast against the white sheen of the disposable continued to arouse him. This had to stop.

"I don't want to play anymore!" Pleaded Dan.

"We're not playing anymore. I've quickly realised you need these!" She held up the nappy.

"I don't need nappies!" Dan stamped his foot.

"All little boys need nappies and you're littler than most!" She said gazing as his exposed groin.

"Now lie on the bed and Mummy will ease your smarting." Jessica cooed.

Still sobbing, Dan lied down on the bed. His ankles were lifted and his bottom faced the ceiling. Jessica gently applied baby lotion to his fiery behind and soon had the nappy under him. Lowering his ankles it was a simple process to pull the nappy up between his legs and apply the re-sealable tapes.

"Now is baby going to be good, sit on Mummy's lap and drink his bottle?" With the pain receding and his Pampers back on, Dan seemed very content to sit on Jessica's sexy black leather skirt.

"Now drink it all up!" Jessica insisted.

She had laced it with the familiar sleeping drug and laxative so Dan would be unable to refrain from snoozing and when he woke up he would have a very full nappy! Dan soon felt drowsy and Jessica led him to the large cot before tucking him in.

"This will help you sleep!" She placed a pacifier between his lips and soon Dan was snoring away. She looked down at her charge; legs spread to accommodate the large disposable nappy, tee-shirt raised high revealing his cute belly button sitting just above the soft plastic.

Her grin extended as she noticed the snow white groin begin to turn a yellow colour. She left to get her camera.

Time passed....

"Get up you filthy boy!" Dan was startled awake. He looked up over the bars of the cot to see an angry Jessica.

"What do you think you're doing...wandering around my house, playing with things that don't belong to you!" Dan looked down at himself. A short pink, satin baby dress with short puffed sleeves and plenty of lace and ribbons. Beneath that were clear, pink rubber panties stretched over his disposable nappy that to his horror was both wet and soiled. His vision was slightly hampered by the large bonnet that had been tied under his chin with pink ribbon. White knee socks and booties finished his humiliating attire.

"GGG...Urrghh!" Dan answered, his pacifier preventing him being coherent.

"Don't bother giving a pathetic excuse, just go home to your mummy, baby!" Jessica was cross.

Unfortunately, Dan needed help out of the cot and Jessica refused to lower the bars. As he tried to climb over, Jessica put her hand on his frilly bottom, smearing his pooh all over his backside.

"Stinky baby in a stinky nappy, if I was your Mummy, you wouldn't be out of nappies until you were thirty!"

"Where are my clothes?" Dan tried to ignore the teasing.

"Well I think Tina took them over to your house!" Full realisation of his predicament dawned on Daniel and tears of frustration welled up in his eyes.

"What am I going to do?"

"I haven't a clue but I know what I'm going to do, frog-march a wet, stinky baby round to his mother's house to show her what her naughty son gets up to when she's not looking!"

"No! No! No!" Cried Dan but there was nothing he could do as Jessica snatched his wrist and carted him out of the room, down the stairs and back towards Dan's house. The trip across the lawn was horrible. The removal men had just finished taking the boxes and furniture into the cottage. They all stopped and stared at the sight before them as this clearly angry, sexy young girl dragged this balling infant towards them. Dan noticed the men stare at him and he stopped his resistance to Jessica's pulling in effort to speed his journey into the privacy of his house.

"I could give her one!" The removal man said to his young colleague.

The younger man said nothing as he drank in the scene that would fuel his fantasies for many months to come, this girl putting a nappy on him before dragging him somewhere! Both men agreed to leave quickly to avoid the crossfire.

Caroline and Sian were having tea in the kitchen when Dan and Jessica burst in. Dan's hopes that he could get to a bedroom and find his clothes in a damage limitation effort evaporated as he saw both women sitting there.

"Jessica what's going on?" Sian asked.


Caroline's question immediately drowning out Sian's initial enquiry.

"I found him in the Nursery. God knows how he got there! I knew he was coming over but it seemed like ages, so I went to look for him and I found him in sleeping in the cot, dressed like this having peed and pooped his nappy!" Dan wished the ground would swallow him up! "Mum...." Dan began.

"No explanations young man, you're in big trouble, now go and have a bath right now and take off those ridiculous clothes!" Blushing furiously, Dan went seeking the bathroom feeling totally humiliated.

"I'm sorry Jessica, Sian, I don't know what happened to his behavior. He's usually such a sweet boy!"

"He needs a good spanking!" Jessica said.

"Jessica, how Caroline punishes her son is none of our business!" Sian admonished.

"That's alright Sian, I'm sure Jessica means well and maybe I've been a bit soft with him with all the troubles of my work and health!"

"An extended bout of nappy discipline is what young Daniel needs!"

"Jessica! It's none of our business. Sorry again Caroline, it's just the way she's been brought up and her view of men." Sian explained.

"I need to get back. Sorry about my forthright opinion, it was nice to see you again." Jessica left.

After she had closed the door Caroline became puzzled.

"What do you mean, "the way she was brought up" and why have you still got a nursery and seemingly outsized baby clothes?"

"It's all to do with Bob. Sorry to bring him up but after I left you he contacted me. Anyway, when he showed me this place it took my breath away! I really should show you the house. He promised to look after me so I agreed to marry him. Do you mind talking about him?"

"Not at all Sian, it was a long time ago." Caroline smiled.

"It's really difficult to talk about but I need to be honest. Whilst I worked for you both, Bob was very overbearing. I had just come over from Europe and I was easily intimidated. Anyway, whilst you were working he would make me dress up, spank me and once actually forced himself on me. No one knows but he's actually Jessica's father!"

Caroline looked shocked but she had locked away any thoughts of her ex-husband, she just felt bad for Sian who was under her care.

"Anyway, as you can fathom I was quite bitter towards him but marriage meant I could get payback!"

"What did you do?" Caroline was suddenly very interested in Bob getting payback.

"It was our wedding day, I'd been having doubts all day but I came up with a plan for our intended nuptials. I told him he was in for a lucky night as one of my fantasies to humiliate men! Firstly, I stripped to my lingerie and told him naughty boys don't wear shirts and ties and to get naked. I then tied him spread-eagled to the bed before pulling out a large nappy that I had secreted in my luggage. Once he was tied and nappied all it needed from me was to take as many pictures as my camera allowed. He was furious but there was nothing he could do as he was forced to wet himself."

Both women giggled.

"I then phoned reception to see if there was a maid on duty. When she came up, I gave her all the cash that was in Bob's wallet to see if she would pose for a few pictures? She was very willing and after putting on some of my lingerie she proceeded to change my husband's wet nappy, spank his bottom etc. whilst I clicked away!"

"So you blackmailed him?" Caroline was intrigued.

"Totally! That night changed his life. When we got home he was allowed to go to work to earn his big bucks but he was totally submissive to me else all his powerful friends would know what a big baby he was! I ordered loads of large baby furniture and clothes with his credit card thinking to use them as punishment when I wanted to get my own way."

"And Jessica witnessed all this as she grew into womanhood?" Caroline asked.

"She would've done and I am not guilty about that! After a while he realised I wasn't going to tell on him and he began to enjoy being dominated. I got bored so I decided to up the ante! I had a gorgeous macho tennis coach come to the house to teach me tennis. It was like being a schoolgirl again. I would wear the shortest of pleated white skirts and usually no knickers. One time, I dressed Bob in a nappy, tied him to his pushchair and wheeled him over to the tennis court. I spent the entire lesson flirting, lifting my skirt, and visibly showing my lack of panties. Towards the end the coach couldn't help himself.

"You've been a bad student, you need to be punished!" He said, so in full view of Bob I bent over the net. The coach lifted up my skirt and proceeded to spank me. We were both so turned on so I yanked down his shorts over his huge penis and let him fuck me! Whilst nearing the best orgasm of my life I spied Bob struggling in his bonds watching his wife getting something he obviously couldn't give!"

"He always was pathetic deep down, especially if a woman got the upper hand on him!" Caroline asked, remembering the divorce settlement.

"Yes, Jessica thinks all men are pathetic wimps and should be spanked and nappied. It's hard to blame her. I had intercourse with the tennis coach many times after that. He found it a real turn on to do in front of my tied up husband though he swore never to tell anyone. It help keep my husband in line!"

"What was Jess doing whilst this was going on?"

"School usually or visit his Mum who would always speak about how she wished she had a baby again. Her son went bright red at this but I didn't say anything. That would come later. When Jessica was blooming, she had Bob to take her teenage angst out on. We entered a new phase of humiliation because as he started to enjoy the domination I allowed Jessica to join in. He went to bed before her; he had dinner in his high chair with her spoon feeding him. As she got older I could leave her to look after him, change his nappies, spank his bottom, she was like a duck to water with it all!"

"Where is Bob now?"

"When Jessica changed his nappy in front of her school friends he said it was the final humiliation and wanted a divorce. I told him he had to sign over the house and all his wealth to me. He initially refused but when Jessica put him across his lap again he agreed to it all. After the legal formalities were arranged and papers were signed I asked him to wear his baby clothes just one more time and I would make it worth his while! Silly man, thinking he was going to have sex he agreed, but I invited his Mum round. If he thought I was dominating he hadn't seen anything yet. His Mum was overjoyed to take over looking after her baby and Bob's time in nappies was far from ending. His Mum was very wealthy and agreed to send us a monthly allowance, Bob had to give up his job and become her full time baby...again!" Both women laughed.

"So you see why Jessica thinks all naughty boys should be spending some punishment time in nappies!"

"Yes...I'm beginning to agree!" Caroline began to think.

Sian knew she'd said enough to seal Dan's fate.

"Would you like another cup of tea...or maybe something stronger!"

Part 4

Dan sat in the hot bubble bath contemplating how on earth he would live the last few hours down! The bathroom door had no lock and after a short while his Mum came in. She was still cross from his actions and she picked up the pretty dress where he had discarded it on the floor.

"Not only have you embarrassed me, you treat other people's property with disdain!" She hung the dress up and picked up the rubber panties.

"These will need a wash!"

"I was set up, it was all Jessica's fault, she tricked me!" Stormed Dan.

"Oh, she tied you up did she? Force you into a baby dress? Make you mess your nappy?" Caroline's tone was sarcastic as she held up the pooh-stained pampers.

"It wasn't like that!" Stammered Dan as he was made to review the evidence.

"Well Sian and Jess have given me a few ideas about how to punish you and I'm very close to taking up their advice!"

"What advice?" Dan became concerned at Jessica's input.

"To keep you in nappies full time! As you obviously seem to like wearing them we thought that wearing them 24/7 would rid you of your desires. It would also keep our new toilet cleaner!"

"Please no!" Dan whined.

It may have been a fantasy but he couldn't think of anything worse than having to go through daily life wearing a nappy. The humiliating possibilities were endless.

"Well you had better behave, you're on your very last warning! Now I'm going out soon for drinks with my new boss, I'm starting my new job tomorrow. Jessica will be round to baby-sit so you'd better be good!"

"But I don't need a baby-sitter and especially not Jessica!"

"Well I'm sure that's the last thing Jessica wants to do, look after a big baby, but she's kindly offered and you're going to behave for her and do exactly what she says when she says it!" Caroline's tone brooked no argument.

Before Dan could reply Jessica appeared. Her black leather skirt seemed to be even shorter.

"I found the front door opened so I let myself in." Jessica politely stated.

"Here's your dress back. Did you want me to wash the plastic knickers?" Caroline asked.

"Don't worry, our maid is used to washing big baby things, her washing line has been hardly used of late. We used to tie Bob to it in all his baby finery with a long line of newly washed cloth nappies and rubber pants! He was very glad we're a fair distance from the main road!"

"Well I must get off else I'll be late. Thanks for looking after him Jessica."

"Have you spanked his bare bottom yet?" Dan cringed as Jessica continued her mission to humiliate him as much as possible.

"I was very tempted to put him over my lap in front of you and your Mum. If I wasn't late for my boss he would be standing in the living room corner with a very red bottom, suffice to say he's on his last warning!"

"Don't worry, I'll deal with it!" Jessica smiled at Dan.

"Please Mum don't let her be in charge!" Pleaded Dan.

"She's an adult, you're not. Any punishment she dishes out will probably be fully deserved and has my total approval." Caroline quickly left. Dan heard the car drive off.

"Right baby, let's get you out of the bath and into a nappy!"

"No...please no more humiliation!"

"There'll be plenty more humiliation so let's go!" Dan got out and stood there as Jessica dried him down. She replaced the pacifier into his mouth and took him by the wrist and lead him up the steep stairs into the living room. Dan had a great view of Jessica's bottom as her skirt was so short it didn't fully cover her bum cheeks. He imagined the thong she was wearing and it briefly put a smile on his face. Dan immediately saw a large pink potty on the floor.

"Now sit on the potty and do wee-wees for the baby-sitter!" His initial reluctance was quashed with a swift swat to his bottom and he quickly sat on it. He looked up at Jessica, arms folded, in her short white blouse, black leather micro-skirt and black PVC knee-high boots, looked away ashamed and urinated.

"Good baby!" She cooed.

"Now for the unpleasant bit!" She pulled him to a chair where she sat down and patted her thigh in an obvious sign for him to bend over it.

"Let's get this long overdue spanking over with shall we?" Dan gazed down at the milky thighs that started below the short skirt and finished at the top of the knee-high boots. The spanking was inevitable and as with no implement in her hand, Dan hoped it wouldn't be too painful.

He was wrong! Jessica started spanking him slowly but soon her small right hand had covered every inch of his up turned buttocks. By the time he realised the pain she was inflicting it was too late. His right arm was pinned behind his back with her left hand which meant he was powerless to prevent her raining down blow after blow.

SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! "No more please!" SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! "I'll be good!" SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! "I'll wear a nappy!" SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! "I'll do anything you say. Please stop!"

SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! SPANK! OW! Jessica finally stopped with Dan crying his eyes out. She made him crawl over to the changing mat she'd put on the floor where he took up the customary nappy change position. He held his ankles above his head whilst she soothed his fiery behind with baby lotion and powder. Dan's senses turned to the crinkling sound of her unfolding the large disposable nappy and slid it under his raised bottom. She brought his ankles down but kept his knees bent and pushed his thighs as wide as they would go. She then pulled the large, bulky front section of the nappy up between his legs and taped him at the hips.

Jessica patted his plastic crotch "Baby all nappied!" Dan's facial cheeks burned with shame but there was nothing he could do. It was ironic that for him to avoid the threat of nappies 24/7 he would have to let Jessica nappy him. Jessica seemed to be reading his thoughts.

"This is a similar position that Bob was kept in. If he defied us we would send all his baby photographs to his work colleagues so he let us treat him like a baby and just took more pictures to use against him." She smiled to herself as she recalled one particular evening.

"He came in from work. I stood in the hallway, a paddle in one hand and a large disposable in the other.

"You're late naughty boy! It's a spanking and a nappy for you!" I said. He looked up at Mum who was at the top of the stairs wearing a white lacy basque with matching stockings, suspenders and silk French knickers.

"Do as she says dear or you know what will happen." My Mum said.

A voice from behind her called.

"Get back in here Sian, take off your panties and bend over. I'm going to fuck you into next week!" It was Matt, her English tennis coach, naked, shouting from the bedroom.

I saw Bob's eyes drop as Mum went to get shagged by a real man.

"Crawl baby!" I said and then pulled his pants and underpants down. As he crawled upstairs I paddled his upturned bottom and guided him to the nursery. There he received a spanking over my lap and was then tied spread-eagled to the bed wearing nappy a large pink bonnet and a pacifier in his mouth. My Mum came in a short while later wearing just a towel. She was out of breath, which was not surprising after the seeing to she'd got. I'd left the nursery door open so Bob could hear the whole blow by blow account and he had squirmed in his bonds. My Mum patted the front of his wee-soaked nappy and told him how pathetic he was. The tennis coach then walked in, naked, fiddling with his very large manhood. I decided to leave but I could hear what was going on. He told my Mum how he loved to fuck with the aroma of dirty nappies in his nostrils and ripped off her towel. He then said how wet her pussy was and decided she needed a nappy on. My Mum then pranced around the room in just a disposable nappy before Matt caught her, aggressively removed it and fucked her ragged...again! All in front of Bob. He was certainly humiliated that evening as are you now!" Jessica returned to the present.

"It's now time for your bottle before bed!" Jessica got up to walk downstairs to the kitchen. Dan gazed at her beauty, her hips swinging as she walked away from him, a brief glimpse of her buttocks as they peaked out from under her micro skirt. The story she had just related fuelling his desires and he did what all little boys did, his hands went to his erect penis and he guided himself to orgasm.

"You naughty boy!" Jessica had returned prematurely.

Dan was quick enough to pull his nappy back up where his semen was then deposited. He turned to Jessica, fearing another spanking but she just smiled.

"It's alright. Little baby boys cannot help themselves sometimes which is why they are so pathetic. However, you mustn't touch your nappy else I'll be cross." Out of her bag she pulled a pair of clear plastic pants which she stretched over Dan's nappy. Then another fancier pair of pink rubber kickers, with frills and lace on the seat and more importantly a chain that went around the waist and ended in a tiny lock.

"This will keep your pee-pee in your nappy!" Jessica pulled out a small key attached to a necklace which, Dan noticed, rested on her ample breasts. She proceeded to lock his new fancy pants in place. Finally, Jessica pulled some large mittens and booties from the bag and dressed Dan in these making Dan's hands now useless.

Dan, who had feared her wrath, had been taken aback by this mild attitude and was taken completely unawares as the lockable panties and mittens were put in place. Of course, now he realised he was in a worse position than ever, he wouldn't even be able to cut them off without someone's help and it's not as if he could ask his Mum! "Now lay there while I get your bottle!" Jessica cooed, very satisfied with her evening's work.

Jessica prepared the bottle as before with warm baby formula laced with a sleeping drug and laxative. Returning upstairs she sat on the couch and pulled Dan onto her lap and began feeding him. Dan knew by now not to refuse any of the milk and he greedily drank it all.

"Good boy! Now I know how babies spit out their pacifiers out at night so I've got a special one for you to suck." She replaced his current pacifier with one she was able to tie around his head to keep it in place. Again, he would be unable to take it off without someone's intervention but by now the sleeping pills were beginning to take effect and he couldn't resist even if he wanted to. She finalised his attire with a large baby bonnet, which she placed on his head and tied the ribbons under his chin to keep it there.

With her work done for the day, Jessica tucked her baby up in bed, kissed him on the cheek though he was already asleep.

She returned to the couch where she pulled one final phallic battery operated object from her bag of tricks. This was why she was wearing such a short skirt and Dan had assumed wrongly when he guessed her underwear type. She wasn't wearing any! She knew the evening's dominance would leave her very horny and with a little help from her vibrating friend she lay back to wait for Caroline's return.

Dan dreamed....

He was in a girl's school lavatory. Two girls of about his age were by the sinks. He, as was the girls, wearing school uniform which mainly consisted of a navy blue short pleated gymslip, white blouse, navy blue and white stripped school tie, white over the knee socks, sensible T-bar shoes and white cotton panties. As he realised all these things, he also felt a sudden urge to mess his pants. Dan reached for one of the cubicles but before he could go in he felt someone grab his dress.

"Where are you going, Hilary Jones!" Jessica's voice was instantly recognisable.

Jessica was also in school uniform but her gymslip was black, her tie was black and white stripped and instead of socks she wore black stockings and black stilettos. Jessica was 16, which meant she was a prefect, wore a different uniform and had spanking privileges over the girls in the lower school.

"Matron said you were to use the potty!" She placed the large pink potty on the floor of the toilets. With the other girls looking on Jessica reached under Dan's gymslip and pulled his panties down to his ankles. Keeping her knees straight and bending over, from the large mirrors over the sinks, Dan saw her short gymslip ride up revealing the black suspender belt and black, silk French knickers she was wearing underneath. Pulling his dress up, Jessica helped guide Dan to squat on the potty. His bowels reacted and with a sigh he released pooh into the pink receptacle.

[In his bed, Dan filled his nappy.] Dan was too relieved to care about the girls giggling behind him. Once she was sure he was finished, Jessica lifted him off the potty and told him to bend over whilst she

wiped his pooey bottom. She didn't change her position, which meant she was bending down to reach his anus. Dan was also bending over and had an even better view of Jessica's underwear than before! With this beautiful view and Jessica's fingers around his most intimate of areas, Dan came over the inside of his dress.

[In his bed, Dan ejaculated.] Everyone saw what happened. The two girls squealed and Jessica's face took on one of thunder.

"Right you, I'm confiscating your panties and taking you to see Matron!" After stepping out of his underwear, Jessica made Dan lift his stained gymslip high and proceeded to lead him through the school corridors to Matron's office, keeping just behind him and spanking his exposed bottom as he walked. Dan sobbed as his apparently smooth groin area, bottom and manhood were put on public display during the journey. It seemed like ages but they finally reached their destination. To Dan's horror, in the office doorway stood his mother in a matron outfit with a nappy in her hand.

"I warned you! You'll now be wearing nappies 24/7!" Dan screamed and woke up.

Part 5

It was morning and Dan awoke feeling groggy. He then took stock of his situation and the memories of the previous evening came flooding back. His hands were disabled in large mittens and a quick view in the bedroom mirror highlighted the ridiculous view he portrayed with the large bonnet and pacifier, neither of which he could remove. He did manage to pull back the covers and check his underwear. The smell hit him immediately, then the small lock attached to the pink frilly rubber panties. The clear plastic knickers and disposable nappy were inconsequential with them being trapped underneath the lockable underwear and Dan knew he would have to face his mother looking like this.

As if on cue his mother entered the room. She looked quite professional in a trouser suit, looking her best for the first full day at work.

"Go on, have a good look at how ridiculous you're dressed!" His mother was cross.

Dan tried to reply but the dummy made it impossible.

"Don't try and explain, Jessica told me the whole sordid story! She tried to treat you like a grown up, but you urinated on the carpet in the living room, laughing whilst you did it! It still smells in there!" Dan tried to think how Jessica could've fixed that until he realised the pink potty he had reluctantly filled. Again, it was her word against his and with everything else stacked up against him he couldn't begin to defend himself.

"Then, whilst she was bent over clearing it up, you were behind her, looking up her skirt and masturbating!" Dan cringed at his mother talking about him playing with himself.

"She told me she had no option but to spank and nappy you, adding restrictive mittens to stop you wanking as you were obviously enjoying it!" Dan had never heard his mother use the word "wanking" before and he didn't want to hear it from her mouth again.

"Well, I told you, you were on your last warning and by golly you passed that with interest. You're going back to full time nappies, mister, and that's that!" She paused for effect; Dan squirmed where he lay squealing as he tried to protest against the punishment, incoherent words streaming from behind the pacifier.

"No buts, now let's get you changed and over to Jessica's. She'll be looking after you whilst I'm at work and has full parental status. You've embarrassed me ever since we got here and by golly I'm going to embarrass you! Remember that the local school you'll be attending has casual dress policy so it'll be socks, shoes, small tee shirt and large Pampers for your school uniform. Think of all the friends you'll make as you fidget uncomfortably in a stinky nappy!" Dan was sobbing now as his Mum removed all the covers and proceeded to prepare for something she hadn't done in a long time, change her son's nappy! "Wipes, lotion, powder, nappy, umm...oh yes, the key." With the aid of Jessica's key she methodically stripped her son. Both pairs of rubber pants were put in a bag for washing and the nappy was folded up and binned. She told him to lift his legs while she wiped him clean and deposited the soiled wipes in the nappy bin.

The phone rang. With one swift motion, Caroline picked it up, wedged it between her ear and shoulder and started the powdering.

"Hello, Jessica. Yes he's right here, all clean, waiting patiently like a good baby for his fresh nappy to be put on!" Dan's face burned with shame.

"Don't worry, it wasn't your fault and you don't have to defend him. Thinking back, this has been coming on for a long time and I can't think of any alternative but full time nappy punishment. For how long? I suppose like the lease on the cottage, we'll review it after six months." Dan squealed but one withering look from his Mum quickly stifled the appeal.

"Yes, full time! Especially at school and no he won't be wearing any shorts or pants over his nappy. I want everyone to see his nappy status and that Dan's Mum is no slouch when it comes to disciplining her son!" Dan lie there feeling totally defeated all hope of avoiding further humiliation vanquished.

He imagined...

His Mum walking him to the school gates in the attire she described above. She would purposely check for signs of wetness before deciding to change him right there, on a bench, in front of the school entrance. She would strip off the wet nappy and with his legs raised she would chit-chat to the other Mums about the benefits of keeping their sons in nappies and delaying the age of potty training, all the while his class mates would be streaming passed sniggering as he lay there in the most humiliating position of all. She would re-nappy him then walk him right into the class room where she would talk loudly to the young female teacher about Dan's discipline and hand over the large packet of disposables, before kissing him on the cheek, patting his nappied butt and telling him to be a good boy. Dan knew the boy's toilets would be out of bounds else he'd get beaten up so he would have to beg the girls to allow him to use theirs and you knew they would only agree to that if they were allowed to change him. Dan's fate would be sealed.

"What do you mean wear a dress? Look, we'll discuss this tonight; I have to go else I'll be late for work. No he hasn't been spanked this morning, though I can see someone's hand marks from last night. Yes, you have full parental status so if you think he deserves it so you can put him over your knee. Yes and pull his nappy down now I have to go. I'll drop him over!" With Dan's nappy area fully cleaned and powdered, Caroline methodically unfolded the disposable and held it to her chest.

"Botty up for Pampies!" She cooed, practicing her baby talk.

A cold fear gripped Dan's mind as he realised she was totally enjoying this. However, there was nothing he could do. If Mum and Jessica wanted him in nappies then that's what he'd have to wear. With a sob he raised his bottom.

"I should've done this a long time ago!" She stated as she placed the nappy under him, lowered his ankles, torturously brought the nappy up between his thighs and taped him at the hips.

"Welcome back to Nappyville and don't expect to be leaving any time soon!" She warned as she patted his bulky crotch.

Dan was led out of the cottage as his Mum locked the door. She had removed his pacifier and bonnet but had refrained from removing the booties or mittens. Apart from these, Dan was dressed solely in a large, bulky Pampers nappy and, according to his Mum, how adorable he looked! As Caroline, walked her charge over to the big house; she spotted a lady with what appeared to be her young daughter coming towards them.

"Hello, I'm Lydia Thompson and this is my thirteen year old daughter Nicola. I've just come over to welcome you to the area."

"That's very gracious of you, thank you. I'm Caroline Jones and this is my son, Daniel." Lydia took one look at Daniel but ignored him after that.

"Nappy punishment I take it?" She queried "Just started and boy is he in them for the long haul!" Caroline explained.

"Nappy punishment is becoming too rare these days. My mother let me choose the punishment for my older brother when he was caught stealing. There was no choice really and to his horror I made him strip off before I pinned him into a cloth nappy and pulled up some clear plastic panties over the top. I had found a large old pram at a tip once and I made him squeeze into it before I pushed him round our neighborhood so all his friends could see him totally humiliated. He never stole again so our mother would relent on the punishment thinking he had learned his lesson. I then began making up stories to get him into trouble and he would often walk into my room, pants around his ankles, rubbing his sore bottom, where mother had spanked him and asking for his nappy! Finally, I broke him and he asked to be dressed in nappies whether he was being punished or not. I married him off to one of my friends who keeps him suitably attired!"

"Well this one has been looking at lingerie catalogues and playing with himself, hence the mittens!" Caroline explained.

Without warning, Nicola reached across and pulled out the waistband of Dan's nappy, giving her a clear view of his minuscule penis.

"Well there's nothing much there to play with!" She commented.

All three ladies laughed. Dan's cheeks burned with further shame at being displayed in just a nappy and this younger girl making a mockery.

"I heard you had a son of about Nicola's age so we came across so see if she had a new play mate in the area. Obviously, Dan's too young to be up late and probably needs an afternoon nap so he doesn't get too grouchy!"

"Yes he will be going to bed early. Nicola, do you go to the local school? I need someone to change Daniel's nappies during the school day."

"Sorry, Caroline, Nicola goes to St. Claires, which is an exclusive girls school, old fashioned discipline, corporal punishment which unlike nappy punishment can be used on girls as well as boys!" Lydia answered for her daughter.

"Yes, Jessica goes there. It's a pity it's all girls as I'd send Daniel there in a flash."

"Jessica Janson? Oh no, She's a prefect this year, she can spank my bottom!" Moaned Nicola.

"Don't worry, just put a magazine down your knickers." Suggested Caroline.

"No, they're allowed to lift our gymslips and pull down our panties. I've seen whole lines of girls bending over the school wall with their naked bottoms on display while gangs of prefects spank them until their hands hurt. The headmistress brought the rules in and turns a blind eye to any abuse."

"Unfortunately, for my daughter, I fully support such discipline and she will attend St. Claires and abide by their rules!" Nicola sulked.

"Well I must get this one to his baby sitter. It was nice to meet you and we'll see you again shortly!"

Mercifully, Dan was led away towards the main house.

Still embarrassed from the meeting with Nicola, Dan looked to see Jessica waiting for him.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, he thought.

Part 6

Jessica was wearing a short top and light grey sweat pants. They hung low on her hips and Dan could see her white thong as it poked out the top. Her hair was tied back in a neat ponytail.

"Morning baby, did you sleep well?" She asked.

"He slept very well, so well, he didn't even get up to use the bathroom!" Caroline interjected.

"Lucky I put him in a nappy! How is his nappy this morning?" Dan had wet himself twice since the encounter with the Thompsons and the nappy tapes strained at the extra weight it had to carry. The soaked pulp hung low between his legs and the wetness indicators left Jessica in no doubt this was one soggy nappy. With one flick of her manicured fingernails, Jessica released the tapes and the heavy Pampers fell to the ground. Dan squealed at the exposure and his mittened hands went to cover his private parts.

With his bottom now bare the temptation was too hard to resist and Jessica swatted his left buttock cheek.

"Naughty baby, you shouldn't be embarrassed to be naked in public! It's good for your bottom to get some air after an extended nappy wearing session so get used to the fact you may be crawling around in your birthday suit if your carer deems it necessary! Daniel instinctively put his hand to cover his left side and turned away from Jessica. This, of course, left his right side exposed and Caroline duly swatted his other buttock cheek! "Any misbehaving baby and I'll dish out double what Jessica punishes you with when I get home after work!" With Daniel passed over to Jessica, Caroline could take her leave and go to work.

"Right baby let's get you washed and dressed!" Daniel started to smolder at the continual humiliation as he was led up to the Nursery. It was in here that Jessica finally released him from the booties and mittens and his hands were free again.

"Right, now you can piss off you fucking whore!" Daniel aggressively pushed Jessica over and stormed out of the room....right into Tina who was carrying a large pile of folded laundry. He briefly paused to glimpse at her frilly panties as she fell over before grabbing a bathrobe that she was carrying. He headed towards the front door.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Jessica shouted behind him.

"Fuck Off Bitch!" Daniel flicked her the finger whilst donning the bathrobe before continuing on.

He heard someone chase after him and turning he saw Tina catch him up. He was still fuming and forgotten Tina's skills are restraint, he swung his fist. It never reached its intended target. Tina caught it in mid swing, twisted it and swung him round before trapping his arm behind his back.

Tina had just got stronger with age and with the threat of a broken arm in his ear Daniel was led like a condemned man back to the Nursery and the waiting Jessica.

"You're in big trouble!" She whispered as he was led passed.

Jessica pulled to the centre of the room the vaulting horse with the various straps. Tina forced Dan to remove the robe before bending him over the back support. He was then strapped in position with conveniently placed restraints to immobilise his wrists, his ankles, his thighs and his waist. He soon couldn't move a muscle and his bare bottom was the highest part of his body in a classic bent over position. Jessica giggled as Dan strained at his bonds and she knew she had him exactly where she wanted him.

"Someone's been a very, very naughty boy!" Firstly, Jessica got some soap and water and with Tina holding Dan's head and jaw, Jessica washed out his potty mouth.

"Goooghhhshhhgoooghhh!" Dan's protests were drowned out.

"That's for the awful language that I do not want to hear from your mouth again!" Jessica then shoved a dummy in his mouth and tied it around his head with the ribbons attached before stepping back to admire her handiwork.

"I remember when Bob was tied to this. He had sneaked down in the night to try and find his baby pictures on the computer so he could delete them. What he didn't realise was that I was having a slumber party with some of my school friends. When one of them caught him I strapped him, naked to this horse. He protested saying we were the babies. There were six of us all wearing short see-through baby doll nighties and when he said this, I took up a nappy and put it on. The girls all followed suit and we danced around him in disposable nappies, spanking him until he came! He was then spanked. nappied and put back in his cot. None of us felt like removing our nappies so we slept in them. Four of us actually wet them during the night."

"All this talk is making me horny!" Tina pulled off her skirt and jumper. Underneath, her black basque accentuated her full breasts. Her white frilly panties were in contrast to the black stockings and suspender belt. She removed her knickers, took two nappies from the stack and handed one to Jessica. Jessica had stepped out of her sweatpants leaving her in the short top, white knee socks and the tiniest of thongs. The thong was then removed before taking the disposable nappy. Both girls giggled as in synchronicity they spread their legs, opened up their respective nappy, put it between their legs and taped it in place.

Both girls took a few moments to feel the plastic coated nappies hugging their buttocks. Tina was forcefully feeling her crotch through the padded underwear. Then, she and Jessica went to one of the walls where two identical paddles were hanging up. Dan hadn't noticed them before but he was sure noticing them now. One side had a cartoon of a baby with a nappy around its ankles and a deep red colour to its bottom. The other side had a message, "WARNING: REMEMBER TO PULL DOWN ALL NAPPIES AND RUBBER PANTS BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE SPANKING!" They returned to their bound baby. Tina was left handed so stood behind and to Dan's right. They were lost from his view but he could sense them looking down at his upturned, naked bottom and he could certainly hear the swish of the paddles as they whacked them against their palms. He made one last effort, straining at his bonds, muffled exertions emanating from behind the pacifier but it was no use.

The ensuing spanking was painful in the extreme. Muffled cries sounded like pigs squealing as the girls showed their charge no mercy. As Jessica's paddle was raised, Tina's paddle came down....hard and there was no let up even when Dan wet himself. It did, however, increase Tina's arousal. She dropped her paddle and went to lay on the bed facing Dan. He looked up as she lay on the bed, legs spread, nappied crotch writhing as she digitally pleasured herself.

"Please, Jessica, please!" She moaned.

Jessica stopped as well, kneeled on the bed in front of Tina, pulled down the nappy before bending her head forward, between Tina's thighs and eating out her pussy. Dan's tears faded as he saw Jessica's pampered bottom rock up and down with the movement of her lips and tongue. He noticed the frills on the disposable nappy's leg cuffs contrasting with Jessica's smooth, tanned thighs and knew he wouldn't see a more erotic sight in his life. Tina moaned in orgasm and soon the girls were changing positions. It was Jessica's time to moan and she pouted at Dan when she caught his eye. She was as horny as Tina and so was as equally quick to orgasm.

With both girls satisfied, Jessica immediately took charge.

"Tina, run baby a bubble bath, then clean yourself up, dress and come back here, we've a lot to do!" Tina rushed off to the bathroom after pulling on her skirt and top. Jessica removed her nappy and pulled on her sweat pants. She picked up one of the discarded paddles and began gently patting Dan's defenceless bottom with it! "Now, I'm going to release you but you had better behave yourself or you'll be strapped to this when your Mum gets home and the stuff I'll make up about your behaviour, by the time she's finished with you, even wearing a nappy, you won't sit down for a month!" After one final hard swat to ram home her point, Dan was released and rubbing his sore bottom, he was led to the bathroom where he was left to soak in the hot bath. If Dan thought that leaving him to wash himself was a sign that Jessica was relaxing her humiliating stranglehold on him then he was sadly mistaken.

Both girls returned, clean, refreshed and dressed. Tina was in her usual skirt and top but with a white rubber apron. Jessica had a short white PVC dress implying the wetness of the activities to follow.

With one look from Jessica to quell any protest they went to task. He was washed thoroughly from head to foot. His hair was washed twice then conditioner was added. Whilst this was left to work Dan was keenly scrubbed by both girls with soapy sponges, water splashing back onto the girls endorsing their sensible choice of attire for this particular chore. Rubber gloves were added and orifices did not escape their relentless pursuit of cleanliness. Tina laid out towels by the bath and after rinsing Dan's hair, he was told to get out and lay on the floor. A further protest was quickly quashed before the girls turned their attention to the removal of Dan's body hair. He became extremely nervous with razors so close to very intimate parts of his body but with both girls working quickly the job was soon done. One last rinse in the bath and the removal of the dirty hair marked towels signaled the dressing could begin. Jessica laid three thick cloth nappies out and after the customary lotion and powdering of Dan's new smooth nappy area she pinned them expertly in place. She looked down at her charge, who was now all clean, nappied and had regressed to sucking his thumb. In a matter of a few days she had broken him and could now move onto the next stage. She gave herself a mental pat on the back before making him crawl back to the Nursery. She walked slowly behind him as he ungainly walked on all fours, large bulky, textured white nappy in contrast to the smooth slightly red legs and back where the shaving had taken place.

In the Nursery, Tina had cleaned up Dan's wee and put away the laundry. They then strapped him into the high chair where Tina dried Dan's hair, brushed it for what seemed like ages before putting it in pigtails with elastic bands and pink ribbons. Jessica was on make up duty and after some initial face moisturizer she added a touch of blusher, mascara and lipstick before painting his nails a deep red.

Again, the protest was minimal as she went to the clothes and pulled out the pink silk dress. It had lace and ribbons, short puffed sleeves and incorporated three petticoats. Daniel was released from the high chair and the dress was put over his head and zipped at the back. Tina found the matching pink, frilly plastic rumba panties and these were pulled up over his large cloth nappy. White ankle socks and pink T-bar shoes finished the ensemble. Jessica pushed a large pink pacifier into his mouth before taking him over to the full-length mirror so he could gaze fully at this new feminine appearance. The dress barely reached his waist leaving the full view of his pink girlie baby pants on display. His smooth legs gleamed, as did his face with the make up Jessica had put on him. If anyone had any doubts before these had been abruptly removed as the evidence before him was quite clear that Daniel Jones was a baby girl! Jessica giggled as she noticed Dan's realisation of the full extent of her plans for him. She came up behind him and patted his frilly bottom.

"That's right, you're a baby girl and I've got a plan to get you into St Claire's where I can keep a good eye on you!" Dan began to sob.

Part 7

Dan was put back in the high chair and strapped in. Jessica said she had to make some calls and left Tina to feed him. After a short while Tina came back with some sort of fruity mush and although it looked very unappetising, by this time, Daniel knew better than to refuse. Tina tied a large plastic bib around his neck so he wouldn't dribble down his beautiful pink dress, before removing his pacifier and slowly, methodically feeding him.

"It's time for Ickle nappy baby-kins to eat up all her food like a good little girl or Auntie Tina will get cross and spank baby's bare botty!" Tina cooed.

Daniel was still smarting from the morning's spanking and greedily swallowed the contents of the spoon that Tina held up for him. She spoon fed him the entire bowl, reminding herself to get some more laxative because she had used all her stock up in preparing Dan's food. She removed the dish and spoon, dropping the latter in her haste. Dan smiled as he got another good view of her white frilly panties and suspender belt as she bent over to pick it up before his face took on a contorted image as the laxative took immediate effect! At that moment Jessica entered and both girls watched as their high chair baby, with no other choice, defecated into the waiting nappy. Daniel looked very embarrassed after he finished his bowel movement but Jessica was quick to reassure.

"There, there baby. Don't worry about it. That's what it's there for, this is what babies do and you're a baby!"

"I'm not a baby!" Daniel sobbed.

"Your performance over the last couple of days begs to differ but I'm not getting into an argument with a sniveling infant. It's quite clear you need nappies 24/7 and you shouldn't be let out of them until you were married, then it would be up to your new wife whether she potty trained you!"

"I'm not a baby girl!"

"So you agree you're a baby then?"

"I'm not a baby....but....I do need nappies." Dan admitted.

"Nappies ALL the time?" Jessica asked.

Dan nodded, head bowed.

"Well that's grand of you!" Jessica's tone was sarcastic. She pushed her face close to his.

"Now listen to me; nappy wearing is just one aspect of your future. Early bedtimes, children's TV, no computer games, spoon-feeding, over-the-knee spankings and baby girl's clothes are other aspects that you will need to get used to and I'll be there every baby step of the way! Right, let's get you up and out!"

"Where are we going?" Dan's tone was one of panic.

"Well firstly, seeing as you agree you need nappies, you need to get out and get comfortable wearing them, fully exposed, in a public place. Secondly, we need to see the headmistress of my school to see if she would accept you as a pupil. The more girlyish and sweet you look the better our chances. I've already spoken of it to your Mum and she fully supports my idea. Unless you want your Mum to send you to the non-uniform rough local school in nothing but Pampers?" Daniel began to imagine.... Lying on the young female teacher's desk, bare freshly powdered bottom facing the ceiling with his ankles above his head. Soiled nappy, wrapped up and in the trash can by the desk; new nappy being unfolded by his teacher's beautifully manicured hands. One of the pretty female pupils would come up to the front desk to ask the teacher a question, meanwhile a commotion starts at the back of the class. The young teacher turns away to see the culprit and with her mind made up asks the young girl to finish the nappy change whilst she deals with the unruly boy at the back. The girl maintains full eye contact with Daniel as she takes the nappy from the teacher, who heads for the back of the class.

"Has baby had his bottom been wiped?" She calls out so the whole class could hear. [Sniggers from the pupils] "Yes, it's been wiped." The teacher replies concentrating on the boy at the back, asking him to behave.

"Has baby had his pee-pee been powdered?" The girl asks, trying not to laugh. [Louder sniggers] "Yes, yes just put the nappy on!" Daniel sobs in anguish at never being more humiliated.

"Naughty baby, adults are talking!" The girl admonishes swatting his upturned bottom.

She places the nappy on the desk and lowers his legs over the edge of the table. Still maintaining eye contact she lifts the nappy up between his thighs and holding the front of the nappy to his waist she brings the tapes round his hips and fixes them.

The teacher comes back to her desk dragging the unruly boy and compliments the girl on a good job.

"How many nappies left?" The teacher asks.

"Thirteen." The girl counts.

"How many boys in the class?"

"Thirteen, excluding this already nappied one.

The girl and the teacher smiled at each other as they thought the same thought.

"A change to the lesson plan, today I'll be teaching the girls how to change a nappy!" Daniel's day dreaming ends with Jessica unstrapping him from the high chair and leading him over to the pushchair that Tina had wheeled in. His bib is removed and Dan catches a glimpse of himself, flouncing petticoats and frilly plastic panties, pink ribbons and short, puffed sleeves as he is guided to the pram.

"What about my smelly nappy?"

"What about it? It's three layers thick so it won't leak. It can stay on."

"But I might get nappy rash?"

"What does a baby know about nappy rash? And why is the baby arguing about when she gets her nappy changed? You'll be changed when I say so!" With Daniel distracted by the argument, Tina was able to strap the poor boy in the pram. Jessica took the brake off and wheeled her baby towards the door.

"Come along baby, Auntie Jessica will take you for a nice stroll in the park!"

"Not dressed like this!" Wailed Dan.

"But you look so cute! It's a lovely day and the park will be busy. I'll take your thick nappy off so your bottom can get some air and I'll let you crawl around naked before putting a disposable on you and taking you to see Mrs. Taylor, my headmistress."


"Oh be quiet!" Jessica shoved a dummy in Dan's mouth.

After saying goodbye to Tina, Jessica, now back to wearing her white blouse, short black leather skirt and black knee high boots, pushed Daniel out, down the drive and along the road towards the park. Daniel was cringing at the public outing he would have to endure and to make matters worse he wet and messed himself again. The fresh air did little to alleviate the smell from the soiled nappy and he knew that Jessica would wait for the most humiliating moment to change him.

Along the sidewalk coming towards them, Daniel saw three people. An older women, obviously the mother and two children, a boy of about Dan's age wearing a red soccer strip and his slightly younger sister wearing jeans, tee-shirt and sneakers.

Catching sight of Daniel, the boy raced over to him, bending over the pushchair and tickling the restrained Dan under the chin.

"Coochy-coochy coo! Big baby in a dress and frilly knickers! Does Mummy need to change your nappy!" The boy taunted.

The sister reached her hateful brother and with him bending over she spanked him hard on his behind. The boy reacted aggressively, spinning round to confront his annoying sister and without thinking slapped her face. At that moment the mother arrived on the scene.


She dragged him over to a nearby bench.

"You're gonna get the spanking of your life!"

"No, Mum, please, not here, you can spank me at home, I'm really sorry, I'll lie across your lap at home, please not here!" The boy pleaded.

The mother had now sat down.

"Cynthia, if you please." She addressed her daughter motioning to Phillip's shorts.

Cynthia, the sister, with a very broad grin, lifted up the long soccer shirt and pulled Phillip's shorts and underpants down to his ankles.

"Bend over Mummy's lap." She whispered and patted his now naked bottom.

With a sob, Phillip bent over his mother's knee praying that no one he knew would happen to chance by at the time.

With Cynthia, Jessica and Daniel looking on, Phillip's mother thoroughly spanked her son's bare bottom.

"There'll be more of this when your father gets home!" She warned.

It was at this time that Jessica stepped in.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but it looks as though your son has a problem with aggression. I have a great deal of experience with unruly young boys and it has always been the case that an extended bout of nappy discipline can work wonders in curing this aggressive streak, improving grades at school and showing greater respect for women." Phillip wanted to tell the girl to fuck off but in his current position, across his mother's lap, he didn't think it wise to voice an opinion and anyway he didn't think his mother would entertain such a ludicrous idea.

"He's just like his father and always been aggressive. I blame myself; I rushed him through potty training and made him competitive. Of course, I'd learned a lot when I went through the same with Cynthia and she's turned out beautifully." Jessica thought that was because Cynthia was a girl and all boys whether they were aggressive or not should be in nappies but she kept those opinions to herself. Phillip got off his mother's lap and went to pull his shorts up.

"No, no buster, it's nappies for you." Phillip's mother pushed his hands away and tried to pull the shorts and underpants off.

"No, Mum please, I'll be good, really good, please not nappies." Phillip pleaded.

"Lie on the bench like a good little boy and Mummy will nappy you."

"I think Cynthia should be the one doing the nappying, the added humiliation would further strengthen the punishment." Jessica suggested.

With a squeal, Cynthia took the offered nappy from Jessica and took her position at the bottom of the bench.

"Lie down baby brother you're nappy's waiting!" Cynthia unfolded the large disposable.

"No Mum, please don't let her!"

"You've only yourself to blame, lie down for Cynthia and I'll spare you your father's belt!" Miserably, Phillip lay down on the bench. The soccer top was pushed high up his abdomen and apart from the red knee sport socks and sneakers, he was naked. His legs were lifted so Cynthia could place the opened nappy under his bottom. Jessica added the powder, Cynthia patting it in to all Phillip's most intimate areas. The legs came down and with one last giggle at her brother's tiny penis she taped up the nappy.

Daniel was thankfully forgotten briefly as the females humiliated the young boy. Cynthia added a pacifier to her brother's attire and Jessica pulled out some baby reins for her to use on him. To further Phillip's shame, his shorts were confiscated and he was led to football practice, which was their original destination.

"We all know you're going straight home to bed, but you must tell your soccer team why you can't play today and I think it's best you told them in person."

"No Mummy, please." Phillip was sobbing.

With a tearful wave he was lead away to his doom. Jessica had given Cynthia another nappy and she promised to change him in front of his friends. She also promised to keep in touch with Jessica and keep her up to date with her brother's "progress." With the Stevens family gone, Jessica returned to her original subject.</p>

"Right, let's get you to the park and out of that smelly nappy!"

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