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Sharon Gets Punished

I always thought that Sharon (my daughter) was a perfect little angel, because she always told me that she would have dinner at a friend's house. However, one day, a neighbor told me that she saw Sharon in the park (around that time) with some streetwise people, smoking cigarettes and drinking bear. I didn't believe it at first, but when the police brought my daughter back home, I could tell by the way she looked that my neighbor told the truth. Angry as I could be, I yelled at Sharon: "Go to your bedroom at once, young lady, and stay there." Ashamed, Sharon went upstairs, while I talked with the police.

"I am very sorry for my daughter's irresponsible behavior," I explained.

"If I only knew this before..."

"It was not your fault, sir," the officer said.

"She only got involved with the wrong people, but I do think it would be a wise thing if you gave her a good punishment."

"You can bet on that," I nodded.

"Sharon is not going to get away with this." As soon as the police left, I took out a package of disposable diapers, went upstairs, entered the bedroom, placed the package on the ground, put my daughter over my knee, pulled down her underclothing and gave her a good spanking. Not too hard, of course, but Sharon yelled and screamed, like she was about to get killed.

"This hurts me more than it does to you, young lady," I said sternly, ignoring her screams.

"Until I decide that you have learned your lesson, you're going to wear these diapers at home, at school and in public, 24/7. Also, you'll use them for both peeing and pooping, but no masturbating or anything that has to do with sex or porn. Do you understand?"

"Yes daddy," Sharon sobbed.

"That's a very good girl," I smiled. Immediately, I rolled Sharon over, with her back on her bed. I got a diaper, unfolded it, placed it underneath her, sprinkled and smeared some baby powder and anti-rash oil all over her privates and butt, pulled the diaper up and taped it shut.

"Remember..." I said, after giving Sharon a soft smack on her diapered butt, "...if you try to take the diaper off or if you're caught using the toilet, you'll get your underclothing taken away." My daughter realized that I meant business, so she nodded and went to the corner, since she deserved another spanking. After swatting her diapered butts, I put some plastic pants on her and went downstairs to make dinner. Sharon just stood there in her bedroom, with her hands covering her face, while she kept on crying.

In the morning, I went to check upon my daughter. Apparently, she cried herself to sleep. I smiled satisfyingly and carefully checked her diaper. I could see that she really peed and pooped in it, just as I told her to do. I gently woke her up and said: "Honey, rise and shine." After rubbing her eyes out, Sharon saw me and realized what she had done. She blushed out of shame, but in a comforting way, I told her that she's been a very good girl, for obeying me. Hearing this, Sharon smiled out of relieve. For a whole year, the diapering and spanking continued. Everyone at school knew of this, but they were afraid that it might happen to them too, so they didn't tease her with it. However, the teachers kept a few boxes of diapers in their classrooms, just in case. As soon as the year was over, my daughter finally learned her lesson. She never smoked or drank anything again, but sometimes, during family feasts, she took only one glass of champagne. Her mother, Sarah Wildman, whom I only see at these feasts, because she and I were divorced, was very proud of us, when we told her the whole story. Sharon felt a little uncomfortable, but Sarah told her that it was the best thing to do. Like this, she could be more confident or self-defensive, if anyone would offer her a cigarette or an alcoholic drink.

One day, when she got home from her summer vacation, Sharon suddenly saw me drinking a bottle of bear. She became furious and then turned the tables. All the things that I have punished her with, she now used them against me. However, she made it a little bit easier on me: "You'll wear these diapers 24/7, but only at home. Since you have a fulltime job, I don't want you to embarrass yourself in front of your boss or colleagues. However, if I ever catch you using the toilet or trying to take the diaper off, you'll get your underclothing taken away as well." I was a little shocked at this, but obeyed her completely.

"Why are you doing this," I asked. Sharon sighed and said: "According to mom, I inherited your way of drinking and her way of smoking. At first, I didn't believe what she has said about you, but now that I have witnessed it, the time to give you a little payback has come." After a whole year of punishing me, Sharon noticed that I finally got over my drinking days. Also, she had a great idea: "This whole thing made me build up a fetish for diapers, did you know that?"

"You mean you want to wear them again," I asked.

"Only if you agree with it..." Sharon said, "...and as long as you wear them too." Smilingly, I nodded. Before bedtime, we had each other diapered. Right on time, because then, we had to pee and poop. Quickly, we put on some plastic pants, squatted down and went in our diapers. We then brushed our teeth, hopped in a big crib (which I once had to make at school) and fell asleep. What started as a punishment for both of us, quickly turned into a joy, and we all lived happily ever after.

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