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Ashley's Diapered Bitch

Mike and Ashley had been together for over two years and had a fairly strong relationship. A year into their relationship though, Ashley accidentally found out about a few fetishes that Mike had. She found out that he was very submissive, had a diaper fetish, loved his ass to be played with and had also delved into some bisexual and homosexual experiences. One day he left his email open on the computer and left the house. Mike had been a naughty boy, trying to live out his fantasies with others he didn't feel so connected to. He even cheated on her a few times. Ashley called Mike after finding these emails and told him to promptly come get his shit and get out of her life. After a few weeks of begging for her to take him back and beginning counseling, Mike and Ashley got back together starting from scratch. The first night Mike came back to Ashley's house she met him at the door in a corset, thigh high boots, and a strap on. She also had a crop. She explained to him that tonight he was to do as he was told with out hesitation. If he did not follow a command or did poorly he was to be punished.

"Now take off your clothes and get on your knees." She commanded.

He did so quickly. She then walked around him slapping him in the face with her strap on. Then she smacked his ass with the crop, hard on his left cheek.

"Those were some naughty things you did and you must pay for what you have put me through," SMACK "You hurt me very much and I will not let it happen again" SMACK "I understand that you were embarrassed and was afraid of talking to me about your kinks, but the things you did with other people is inexcusable" SMACK "I love you and that is why you will receive your punishment and then we can rebuild our relationship" SMACK!

She gave him ten more licks on each cheek. His ass was bright red and felt like it was on fire. When she was done she told him he had 5 minutes to go online and pick out a case of diapers for her to order. He searched quickly as he'd never ordered diapers online and only had bought them at drug stores when he was far from where he lived. He settled on a case of medium Molicare super plus diapers. When he was done he was told to wait on the couch for instruction. She ordered the diapers and went back to tend to Mike. She told him

"I noticed in your emails that you've had some experiences with other men and that you've sucked their cocks. I want you to show me what a good little cock sucker you are and suck mine."

He licked the dildo from the head to the base and back to the tip. Then he took it into his mouth and began bobbing his head on it. With every bob he took more of it into his mouth. Suddenly Ashley grabbed the back of his head and forced the cock all the way down Mike's throat and began forcefully fucking his throat. Mike's eyes welled up as he gagged on the rubber cock and gasped for air when he got the chance. After about 5 min of fucking his throat she threw his head off of her.

"That's enough pleasure for you, now you need to make me feel good."

She pulled the lower strap to the side, exposing her sweet moist pussy. She again grabbed Mikes head and thrust it into her dripping twat. He licked and lapped feverishly, making her pussy more and more moist. He concentrated on her clit and she squirmed and twitched every time he liked it just right. Then he was licking her opening, keeping his nose on her clit to intensify the pleasure. She gripped his head harder as she began to climax. His head was buried in her so hard that again he could not breathe. She came down from the intense orgasm and laid limp for a minute while Mike wiped his mouth from the juices covering his face.

Ashley then got up and scolded, "I didn't tell you, you could wipe my juices from your face. Bend over my lap and don't move until I tell you to!"

She smacked him with the crop 5 times on each cheek. Then she dropped the crop and smacked him five more times on each cheek with an open hand.

"Now get up and bend over the arm of the couch," She commanded

He did as he was told and soon felt the cool sensation of lube being applied to his asshole. She worked in one finger, then two, then three all the way to the knuckle.

"I don't want you getting too loose for me," she said as she removed her fingers and replaced them with the tip of the strap on. She grabbed his hips and pushed until the dildo popped into his hole. She began pumping slowly. After a minute or two she increased her speed. She started gradually accelerating her fucking until she couldn't go any faster. She made full and deep strokes with her cock and railed his ass so hard he was moaning. He was fully aroused. As Ashley reached around to give his cock some attention she noticed just how aroused he was and started prodding him "You like getting fucked in the ass don't you? You little bitch! You sure your not a little homo? You sure know how to take it in the ass and suck some cock!"

Mike was too drunk with lust and excitement to respond. She was working his prostate hard with the dildo and he was trying to hold back so he didn't cum. Ashley warned "Don't you dare cum you little bitch! You still have to fuck me! I'll beat your ass till it bleeds if you cum!"

Mike couldn't take any more and Ashley knew it. She stopped all of a sudden and removed her harness while still keeping the dildo buried in Mike's ass.

"Go down to the bedroom and lay on the bed. Don't you dare take that cock out of your ass and don't you dare touch your cock!"

They went onto the bed and Ashley crawled on top of him. She shoved his cock in her pussy and rode him until finally they both came at the same time.

Time had passed and their sex life grew exponentially. She started diapering him indulging his fetish every once in a while and even allowed him to diaper her sometimes. They had sex while one or both of them wore diapers and she became more comfortable with this side of Mike. Eventually though things went a little stale and the fetish play came to a halt.

One morning Mike awoke to the feeling of his cock being sucked. He looked down to see his girlfriend hard at work sucking him off. He then tried to move and came to the realization that he had been tied up and clamps had been fastened to his nipples. Upon realizing that her boyfriend had finally woken up, Ashley turned around and lowered her pussy toward Mike's hungry mouth. He greedily lapped at her cunt as she continued to suck his cock. Pretty soon they both came and Ashley held the jizz in her mouth. Mike didn't know this until she passionately kissed him and spit the spooge into his surprised mouth. Shocked by this and not knowing what else to do Mike swallowed his own cum. Ashley got up and said "Come on now I know that isn't the first load you've ever swallowed." Before Mike could respond he was gagged and blindfolded. He could hear Ashley rustling around but couldn't figure out what she was up to. He then felt his ass being lubed up again and a rather large plug being inserted.

"I'm gonna be gone for awhile and I don't want my little bitch having any accidents while I'm gone. And I certainly don't want to clean up any messes."

After the plug was fully inserted Mike heard the familiar, welcomed sound of a disposable diaper being unfolded. His cock began getting hard again as Ashley had him lift his butt and proceeded to powder and diaper him. She then got up and left Mike in his tied up, diapered, plugged, blindfolded and gagged position.

Thank you for reading. I'm open to any feedback or ideas for a part two to this story. You can contact be at [email protected]

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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