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Baby Erica's Potty Training

Part 6

By: - (This is a work of fiction if you would like more parts to this please send an Email).

Erica stood in the elevator riding it down to the fifth floor to give the speech for Sara. She shifted uncomfortably in her thick cloth diaper. The diaper was moist and still warm from Erica wetting herself a few minutes ago. She was either shaking from being nervous or excited she couldn't tell which. The elevator stopped at the fifth floor and the doors opened. She strolled out as the people walking into the elevator stared at Erica's revealing and somewhat confusing and infantile appearance.

Finding the conference room Erica let herself in. By the stares of the audience seated in the rows of chairs in front of the small glass podium, she could tell she was late. She walked up in front of the clear podium. The room was dead silent except for the slight sound of people breathing and a quiet humming coming from Erica's diaper. She looked out over the crowd and blushed as they were all staring directly at her thick cloth diapers and near shirtless appearance.

Bright red from embarrassment, removing her pacifier and holding it in one hand, Erica spoke, "Good afternoon everyone, my name is Erica and I will be giving Sara's speech because of her previous engagement."

"Why are you dressed like a prostitute wearing a diaper?" asked one woman in the front row. A silence descended over the crowd after the question, followed by the sound of water running. The crowd had a confused look on their faces until a few seconds later they pieced it together and realized the woman at the podium was using her diaper to the fullest extent.

Erica was so embarrassed she instinctively touched the front of her diaper after the wetting stopped. Her diaper was warm and very wet; she slipped her hand down her skirt and found that the diaper wouldn't hold much more before she had a real accident. Erica then remembered that the podium was clear and everyone just saw her check her wet diaper and blushed even more.

"Does the baby need a fresh diaper?" one of the people in the crowd shouted out to a roar of laughter. Erica was mortified she couldn't believe this was happening to her the embarrassment made her lose control completely she flooded her diaper and it began leaking. Erica shoved her pacifier back in her mouth and suckled. The comfort of the pacifier was limited by her stress to make matters worse the diaper was too heavy for the pins holding it up. The weight of the diaper caused it to fall around her ankles with a thump. Pee running down her long legs she slumped to the floor crying pacifier in her mouth. Stretching her shirt from her sitting position the shirts buttons popped exposing her breasts. A puddle formed around her as she sat next to the podium.

Then, a woman who was in the front row, walked up to Erica and hugged the adult baby comforting her.

"Give me five minutes and we will start the speech again." The woman escorted Sara into a small dressing room behind the stage. The woman closed the dressing room door and laid Erica down on the floor. From her large purse the woman pulled out several items including; baby powder, wipes, a baby bib that said "baby girl" and a Goodnights training diaper. The woman removed Erica's skirt and shirt. Taking the baby wipes she cleaned up Erica and powdered her.

"Clearly whoever put you in a cloth diaper without plastic pants and dressed you like this wanted to embarrass you." The woman commented.

"It's actually our boss Sara but it's a long story but the short version is I have to do whatever she says and I'm her baby now. But what I want to know is how do you have all this with you?" Erica asked referring to all her baby things.

"Well let's say myself and the person I share my office with, share some interests." The woman said lifting up her skirt to reveal a pull up diaper with the wetness indicator faded.

"We should see what we can do about you and Sara, maybe she needs a dose of her own bottle fed, soaked diaper medicine." The woman mused with an evil smirk.

"Karen," the woman added as an afterthought.

"Erica, it's nice to meet a likeminded person. By the way do you have anything to eat I'm star..." before Erica could finish her sentence Karen had popped a bottle of formula into her mouth and tied the bib around her neck.

Karen slid the goodnights training diaper up Sara's long legs and into position. After Erica finished her bottle Karen put the pacifier back in her mouth and stood her up. The diaper was a good fit and hugged her shapely ass well. She examined herself in the mirror. She looked sexy she had to admit with her training diaper, bib barely reaching the top of her breasts with formula stains.

"Now let's get back out there and finish that speech." Karen said dragging a nearly naked Erica behind her.

To be continued...

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