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The Job Offer

PJ had worked for Doreen for some time, 5 years in fact. He had worked his way up the ranks of her medical and pharmaceutical firm; Starting as an office junior and progressing onto become her head office based Events Organiser. PJ was up for promotion and had applied for the post of International Events Manager. He could do it easily, but PJ was unsure whether he would land his dream job as Doreen had indicated that there was plenty of completion. Doreen had interviewed PJ for the position 5 days ago. He remembered it vividly, what was discussed the awkward questions that were put to him and the answers that he gave. Such as "how will you cope living alone in a foreign country?" he was impressed by the way he had responded so quickly stating he already lived alone and had few friends and no family to speak of.

PJ arrived at work and immediately spotted the envelope as he entered his office. The crisp white envelope was addressed to him and he knew that this was make or break time. He sat at his chair and opened the envelope: Dear Mr James I am pleased to inform you that you have been successful in your application to become International Events Organiser. Please contact me to confirm your acceptance in this post by no later than 3pm today.

Kind regards Ms D Strong PJ could not believe how great today was turning out. He immediately contacted Ms Strong and accepted her offer. She advised him that he was to fly out to Milan this Saturday. The company would take care of his flat and ensure that all of his belongings not required for his new venture would be put into storage for him. It was Thursday; PJ barely had time to arrange his leaving do on Friday. A select few employees were invited, out of courtesy he invited Doreen but he knew she would not attend even though she had not replied to his email. Doreen kept her distance from her staff and rarely made eye contact let alone attended staff parties - she didn't even attend the company Christmas party that she arranged for her employees annually.

Doreen Strong was in her early forties, she was a very rich woman having graduated from college and setting up her own her medical and pharmaceutical business online. This quickly grew and now she had an international empire. Doreen was about 5"9 with shoulder length blond hair. She always dressed to impress (well she could afford it.) PJ had already packed the items that he needed for his trip before meeting at the bar at 6pm. The night went off well with PJ drinking a few more beers that he had planned. In his drunken state he looked at his mobile phone, realising the time and the fact he was being picked up for the airport a 8am he set his alarm for 7 and placed it on his bedside table before falling back onto the bed and crashing out.

PJ managed to stir from his sleep at 7am but stayed in bed an extra 30 minutes before jumping into the shower. He checked his passport and suitcase before locking his flat and making his way down to the street. The car was already waiting - wow a limousine, a black limousine awaited him. The driver emerged from the car. She was beautiful, in her early thirties, dark brown hair and a body to die for. She introduced herself "Hello Mr James, my name is Nichole and I will be your driver today. If I can take your luggage for you Ms Strong is waiting." THE STORY CONTINUES AS YOU TKING THE PLACE OF PJ Nicole motioned for me to leave my case and opened the rear door. I climbed into the limousine and sat on the rear seat. The first think I noticed was the fact that the seat was covered with some sort of plastic sheeting. It thought this strange but continued to make myself comfortable. The door shut, I looked ahead and was greeted by the sight of my boss dressed in a smart blue skirt suit.

"Congratulations PJ, I must say that I am very pleased with my choice!"

"Thank you" I responded. I had not spoken to Doreen on many occasions just at the quarterly review meetings where I would just confirm information given to her in my reports.

"Champagne" Doreen said as she handed me a glass. I didn't really fancy it but not to be rude I again said thank you and sipped from the glass. Doreen made small talk as we set off to the airport asking if I was looking forward to my new life etc. The darkened windows kept the strong sunlight from my eyes as I responded and then finished the champagne I had been given.

Unbeknown to me Nichole had not driven to the airport at all but to Doreen's mansion.

"Why have we come here?" I said.

"I just need to pick up a few things" said Doreen. As we reached the gates and they begun to open Doreen smiled at me, the limousine travelled up the drive way and into a waiting garage.

The engine was turned off and Nicole got out of her door and approached mine. She opened the door but before I had any opportunity to get out she jumped in next to me and managed to attach a pair of handcuffs to my wrists.

"What the hell is going on!" I demanded as I looked up from my restrained wrists at Doreen. Whilst I had been cuffed by Nicole Doreen had opened her handbag and removed a wad of white paper handkerchiefs.

"I haven't told you the whole truth about you new role darling." She said as she pulled a brown bottle from her bag and unscrewed the cap.

"You will not be travelling abroad at all dear; I have an even better position for you!" Doreen placed the paper handkerchiefs over the neck of the bottle and turned it upside down for a few seconds, allowing the liquid to soak into them." I was stunned "You will discover your new position when you awake!" Doreen said as she secured the cap onto the bottle. Nicole suddenly grabbed my cuffs and held them down as Doreen quickly moved forward. She cupped the tissues in her hand and pushed them towards my mouth and nose.

"Mmmfff" I shouted in wide eyed surprise as she clamped the chloroform laced tissues over my mouth and nose.

"Now just relax dear and breathe normally, it won't take long," Doreen said as she watched me struggle. I refused to breathe "There's no point in holding your breath sweetie, your just prolonging the inevitable," I struggled to get away from the white tissues but eventually had not choice to breathe in the vapours held within them. I gasped as I inhaled the sleepy chloroform though the thick white tissues that Doreen held to my face. I struggled to turn my head, but could not escape them.

"sssssssshhhhhhhhhhh baby, you will be well looked after, I will take good care of you, you won't have to worry about anything ever again." I took a second breath and my ears began to ring as the drug took effect, my strength was weakening but Nicole held the cuffs firmly, avoiding any chance of possible escape. I looked into Doreen's eyes as I breathed once again. She just smiled at me knowing that I was now completely under her control. My eyes began to flutter "good boy, sssssssshhhhhhhh" she said as I gave a final "mmmmfffff" before collapsing into a drugged sleep. Doreen held the tissues to my face for about 20 seconds before removing them.

"Let's take PJ to his new room" Doreen said to Nicole as she placed the tissues back into her handbag.

It did not take long for the two women to manoeuvre me to my new room. They used a trolley bed to wheel me to the well secured room, accessed through the garage door into the mansion and three doors along the hallway. Once inside they moved me from the trolley onto a medical bed, they secured my wrists and ankles to it using straps attached as well as securing the chest restraint. Doreen then ordered Nicole to go and change for the events to come - Doreen also retreated to her bedroom to do the same.

I began to stir and sensed that I had been strapped down. I opened my eyes and looked around my surroundings; I was in some sort of adult nursery all the baby furniture you would expect for a baby including a high chair, cot an changing table. It took me a few minutes before I could fully appreciate my predicament and focus after being drugged. I thought it had been a dream until I had tested my restraints and found that I could not move off of the bed.

"HELP!!" I shouted, it was a reflex action; I did not like the fact that I was restrained. However this alerted my kidnapper and was a mistake.

Doreen entered the room followed by Nicole.

"hello baby!" Doreen said with a wide smile across her face.

"im not a ... baby you ... let me go!" I demanded. Doreen tutted showing that she was not impressed with my language.

"You see this is the reason babies do not talk!" Nicole had retrieved an oversized dummy from one of the many draws at the side of the room and handed it to Doreen.

"Open up little one!" Doreen said as she put the teat to my lips. I had no intention of allowing the Dummy into my mouth and refused.

"Nicole, if you would" was all Doreen said. Nicole quickly grabbed my balls through my jeans "aaaahhhhhh" I shouted as Doreen pushed the dummy into my mouth and secured it using the restraints attached around my head, "mmmffff" I protested, however I was now effectively gagged.

Nicole appeared with a pair of scissors and started to cut off my clothing. I could do nothing as she expertly cut and removed all that covered my body.

"Thank you Nicole, Now then PJ, you must be wondering what on earth is going on!" said Doreen in a calm, even seductive voice.

"I have wanted a baby for a long time, but have never really wanted a man around the place. So I decided about six months ago that I would turn a man into my very own baby!"

"mmmmmffffffff" I groaned into my gag.

"ssssssssshhhhhh now, the sooner that you realise your new role as my baby slave the better. Doreen walked over to the draws and removed a bottle and wash cloth she returned and then poured a good amount of the clear liquid into the wash cloth, she then said "This is mummy's special lotion that will remove all your hair. It will not take long honey I promise!" She started to rub the lotion all over me, my chest, hands, arms and legs and finally my penis, groin and asshole." I again groaned into my gag as the chemical was rubbed in, I was shocked at how quickly my hair fell off as Doreen continued to rub the wash cloth across my body until I was bald as a baby.

Nicole retrieved a diaper from one of the draws and handed it to Doreen.

"Now all babies have to be diapered sweetheart and you are no different. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, lift you bum darling." I pushed down with all my strength - this was not going to happen if I had anything to do with it I thought to myself.

"Fine the hard way" Doreen sneered, "Nicole, pass me some tissues and the chloroform please." Nicole retrieved a trolley on it was a pile of paper hankies and a bottle she handed some of the tissues and the bottle to Doreen.

"You will learn baby that if mommy wants you do something then you had better do it or face the consequences!" she stated as she poured the liquid into the thick tissue pad. I screamed into my gag as she approached me holding the pad out. I could smell the vapours from the pad as it moved towards my face. As she applied the pad to my nose I was instantly hit by the powerful aesthetic and after holding my breath for a while I had no choice but to inhale the chloroform held within the tissues. Doreen did not put me fully under, opting instead to keep be groggy but conscious for the diaper change. Nicole unstrapped my ankles and lifted my legs as instructed by Doreen. Doreen was determined to punish me for my unco-operation and had put on a pair of latex gloves. She lubricated her index finger and smiled at me as she placed it at my rear entrance.

"Baby needs to understand that mommy knows what is best for her little one." Doreen then pushed her finger into my rectum and moved it vigorously around. Even though I was completely drugged and unable to stop her in any way I was immediately aware of the invasion that she was inflicting on me. After a minute or so Nicole handed Doreen something, she removed her finger from my anus and then inserted it once more pushing the object in.

Doreen then proceeded to Diaper me, she slid the thick white diaper under my bottom as Nicole pushed my legs back. Before Nicole lowered my legs Doreen grabbed some of the tissues from the trolley and rammed them between my arse cheeks. Nicole lowered my legs; Doreen retrieved some more tissues and placed them around my groin area. She pulled my foreskin back and clamped some paper handkerchiefs over it, "You will come to love mommies' tissues baby!" and then pulled up the diaper and taped it into place. Nicole then strapped my ankles to the bed.

"Now, I am going to leave you with Nanny Nicole while Mommy goes to work for a couple of hours!" Doreen said as she removed a tissue from her pocket and put it to my nose "just give mommy a blow before she goes!" I shook my head. Doreen cupped my balls through the thick diaper. I could still feel her grip "Blow for Mommy!" she ordered - I did as I was told and blew into the waiting tissue.

"Good baby!" said Doreen as she wiped my nose, kissed my forehead and left the room.

"Aww, is my baby scared?" cooed Nicole.

"It's ok baby, don't be scared, Nanny will take care of you." She started to rub my thick white diaper and very quickly I became aroused.

"Babies little dick is getting hard inside your diaper isn't it?" I moaned into my gag.

"Now you know that only Nanny and Mommy can play with your pee-pee now don't you." I could feel my penis rubbing against the paper handkerchief filled diaper as Nicole rubbed me.

"I want you to cum in your diaper baby, cum for Nanny." She continued to stroke my cock harder and faster through the diaper and very quickly I was nearing climax.

"But not yet!" Then Nicole just stopped and without saying a word left me strapped down, diapered and hard as a rock.

It was nearly an hour before Nanny returned. I was now flaccid and had time to think about my predicament.

"Does my bad little boy need to cum? I struggled against my restraints before she rubbed my diaper - it was not long before my penis began to bulge "I am going to make you cum in your diaper" I moaned onto the gag. She started rubbing the front of my diaper even harder.

"You are going to cum in your diaper for me like a good boy!" I did not want to show my captor that I was enjoying this but could not help what was being inflicted on me.

"Cum in your diaper like a good boy, then you can wet it for me" Nicole said with a wicked smile. She could feel my body tense as I moaned into my gag as I came in my diaper. She continued to lightly rub the front of his diaper while I continued to expel the hot cum into the tissue filled diaper. She then whispered "good baby" in my ear.

"Now Nanny is going to do he chores and you can wet your diaper for me and do number twos." Nanny Nicole then left the room. It was only about half an hour before my bladder could hold on no longer. I had no choice but to release my urine into the waiting diaper exactly as my captors had planned. I felt myself release into the diaper as it started to fill up with warmth and expand. I then began tio uncontrollably poop my diaper, im sure that it was because of what mommy put up me earlier.

I lay in forced silence for what seemed an age before the door to my nursery opened. It was Doreen, "Hello babykins, are you pleased to see mommy?" I just stared at my kidnapper as she approached the hospital bed in which I was secured to. She checked my diaper and could tell that it was full.

"Has baby had a little accident? Well that's why you need diapers sweetie" she cooed as she put on her latex gloves. Doreen proceeded to untape my diaper and remove it, she squeezed my balls to ensure I complied with her requests to lift and lower my bottom. She expertly cleaned me up making comments such as "smelly baby" and "naughty baby." She used talc after the wipes to dry me and ensure that I was clean and ready for my second diaper. I had no choice to accept the diaper and padding of paper handkerchief as every time I attempted to struggle or resist was met with a harsh reality check of who was in charge by means of a ball squeeze.

Once re-diapered, Doreen informed me of her immediate plans.

"I think that it is time for you to have a little nap dear as you have had such an exhausting few hours. When you awake it will be dinner time and mommy has a lovely surprise for you!" As Doreen was explaining this to me I could do nothing but watch as she prepared a wad of paper handkerchiefs with what was now becoming the familiar chloroform drug. But what was unexpected was the fact that she laid the tissues on my chest and removed my gag.

"Please let me go! I won't say anything I promise" I said trying to appeal to her sympathetic side.

"I know darling that you won't say anything because you won't be going anywhere. Your my baby and that is that sweetie - you got the job remember!" She whispered.

"NNooo mmmpppppphhhhh!!!!!!! I cried as she grabbed the tissues and clamped them to my mouth and nose.

"sssssshhhhhh, babykins, mommy is going to look after you!! Good baby sleepy time ssssshhhh!" I moaned and struggled turning my head side to side but could not escape the thick white tissues covering my nose and mouth. The vapours soon entered my system as I could not hold my breath any longer. Again ringing in the ears occurred as I inhaled the chloroform.

"sssssssssshhhhhh thats right baby go to sleep for mommy, good, good baby ssssssshhhh, sssssssshhhhh." My eyes became blurry as I tried to keep them focused but my kidnapper had me exactly where she wanted in her clutches and falling into unconsciousness "sssshhhhhhhh" I fell into the black darkness of unconsciousness.

I awoke to find myself lying on my back across a sofa. It took me a few minutes to realise that I had company and was actually lying on Doreen's lap with her cradling me. I was very groggy, but as my eyes adjusted, I could see that she was sitting in her nurse's uniform with her buttons undone exposing her black bra.

"Time for your feed sweetie!" I heard her say as me uncupped her bra and pushed my head towards her. With her other hand she cupped my balls "suck baby but don't bite" I had no choice in my dazed state to suck my abductors beast. To my surprise milk started to fill my mouth.

"Swallow it babkins, swallow mommy's milk!" I did as I was instructed and swallowed the warm milk filling my mouth. It continued to flow and I could not help but suck and want more.

"Its drugged sweetheart, mommy's milk is drugged and you will crave it!" Doreen stated as I sucked away. A dribble escaped my mouth and ran down my cheek but Doreen was on hand and wiped it clean with a crisp white tissue.

"Mommy's baby will learn to love mommy and all that she gives baby!" I sucked harder and harder swallowing the drugged lactating milk. Doreen called for Nicole and asked her to undo my diaper. I barely felt her hands as my diaper was released.

"Clean babies winkle Nicole - with your mouth!" Doreen ordered Nicole. Nicole obliged and started to suck my penis - it was already hard, but expanded even more as my nanny gave me a blow job. After 3 minutes of feeding and penis cleaning Doreen asked Nicole to stop "Can you get baby his nap nap hankies please Nicole!" It did not register as I continued to suck mommy's breasts. Doreen moved her right hand to my diaper, grabbed some tissues lying in it and clamped them around my penis. She started to stroke it as I continued to suck her bosom. Nicole expertly poured the chloroform into the thick white tissues or nap nap tissues as mommy referred to them and then passed them to Doreen's left hand. I continued to suck as Doreen brought me closer and closer to orgasm. Doreen then pulled her breast from my mouth "see if you can cum before you full asleep darling "No-mmmpphh" the tissues were clamped tightly to my nose and mouth as she masturbated me. I cried into the tissues as I was stroked harder and harder.

"Come on baby, spunk into mommys tissues, good baby!" she cooed.

"mmmppphhh" I started to feel drowsy as the drug started to take effect. The paper handkerchiefs muffled my screams as I exploaded into Doreens hankie filled palm and I lay there unable to do anything nut inhale the chloroform vapours held in the tissues gagging me. I slowly feel into unconsciousness "good baby!" Feedback please to [email protected]

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