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The Weekend

Sarah was excited, she was going to spend her weekend with her new boyfriend, well... friend with benefits, at his island home. He had told her that he was going to take care of all her needs. She had met Jerold at a bar three weeks ago and for some reason a one night stand had turned into more. She had given him her number with the hope that they could have another sex-filled night. He had called several days later and the two of them had already hooked up five times in the last three weeks and she had learned that Jerold was a wealthy engineer. He drove a sporty car, she didn't know what it was but it looked nice.

When Sarah arrived at the meeting place, a Bob Evan's close to an airport, she was precisely on time. But Jerold was already there waiting.

"Hey cutie, ready for an amazing weekend at your place?" She gave the sexiest look she could muster, she wasn't ugly by any standard, but neither was she Megan Fox.

"Ready when you are babe," he replied. He was a young blonde in his late twenties. About 6' by her best guess (183 cm); right about the average height. He was skinny, but very smart. Also very good in bed she recalled, feeling slight warmth in her special spot.

They talked like old friends throughout the trip and arrived at the island estate by nightfall. She followed him into the master bedroom, and said she needed to go pee before the fun begins. He agreed and pointed to his right and she saw the bathroom. There was no door, the toilet was in plain sight and the shower stall was surrounded by clear glass. Clearly a custom design she thought.

'Well if he wants to see me pee I'll let him watch' she thought, 'he is so weird.' But she didn't care; he did have money after all. He didn't seem too interested however, even though her legs were spread while she peed into the toilet. He just sat on the bed, looking at his phone.

When she finished she pulled up her sexy G-string and left all but her underwear in the bathroom. When he noticed he smiled and said, "Well now don't you look stunning?"

Pretty soon they were naked and he was pounding her tight vagina with his think cock. She moaned out an orgasm as his hot sperm filled her soaked pussy. They lay in each other's arm and Sarah awoke around noon the next day to see that her man was already up and gone. She thought that was weird but she peed then began to explore the house. It was beautiful but one door was locked. She thought that strange, stranger still she couldn't find Jerold anywhere. The car was still in the driveway, but he couldn't be found. 'Must be in that room' she thought, just as he walked in carrying a bag.

"How open to new ideas are you?" he asked bluntly.

Taken aback she replied, "Open I guess."

"Good, well I was wondering if you'd like to try something new just this weekend. If you like it we can do it again, if not, well it'll be the last time you come here."

"I don't know, can I quit early if I don't like it?"

"Nope, but if you don't want to try you'll go home now."

"What is it?"

"I need an answer first, yes or no?"

What did she have to lose? "Yes, I'll do it, whatever it is, as long as I can never do it again after Sunday if I don't enjoy it."

"Deal, but I hope you love it." He smiled, "follow me."

She followed him, wondering what he had in mind, 'it had to be some kind of kinky fetish,' she thought, 'and he must be embarrassed about it. Otherwise he would have told me straight up.' She shuddered, knowing there were some really kinky sexual practices out there.

He led her to the room that had been locked earlier. She followed him in and inside was a huge bed, and shelves full of . . . diapers? 'This is too weird.

He motioned for her to get onto the bed, "for today and tomorrow you and I will be banned from the toilet. The other master bedroom has the only bathroom and it has been locked ant I put the key in a timed vault set to unlock tomorrow at 9p.m. All of your clothes except the ones you have on are in there too but I was planning on going without clothes."

She had already gotten in bed and couldn't believe what was happening, no bathroom, were they supposed to use diapers? Who was this guy? Although she had to admit that she was slightly turned on by the thought.

"There aren't many rules, but you cannot change your diaper, nor can I change mine. We have to clean each other up every so hours or so. You ready?"

'What the hell,' she thought, "sure, but we aren't having sex if either of us is messy at all."

"Ok, he said." He took off her shirt and bra first; kissing her nipples once they were bare, which she loved. He then pulled down her jeans, revealing her G-string, which he didn't seem all that enthused about, he put the clothes in what looked like a safe, but didn't shut it yet. He then took his own clothes off, revealing a white diaper with what looked like Spiderman cartoons on it. He added his clothes to hers, and closed the door, typed something in and said, "There, no more clothes."

He then selected another diaper, this one with Disney Princesses all over it, lifted her butt, and slid it under her. He bent down, and proceeded to lick her shaven mound with enthusiasm she had never seen, soon her hips were bucking in an intense orgasm. He kissed her lips and she smelled and tasted her own juices which only served to turn her on even more.

"Put your hard cock inside me babe," she demanded. He didn't need to be told twice, in an instant his diaper was on the floor and his cock was up against her wet opening. He shoved in with passion and she moaned as it went in to the balls. The next few moments were passionate and full of moans and the temperature had to have raised a few degrees.

Once he pulled out his now limp penis, she said, "wow babe, that was intense, was that because you were about to diaper me?"

"You know it, you have no idea how hot you look right now. If my cock could take it I'd screw you for the rest of the day." As he said this he sprinkled baby powder over her still wet pussy and butt. It felt strangely good when she was powdered and he had raised and fastened her into her disposable, portable toilet.

He then lay down and said it was his turn; she went to pick up the diaper and noticed it was yellow on the inside.

"You already used it?" she exclaimed.

"You slept too long," he replied.

"Just put it in that bin over there and get me a new one."

"What style would you like?" There were Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The Hulk, and many other super heroes she didn't recognize. He is definitely and engineer, she thought, one nerdy, kinky, engineer.

"Ummmm, how about the Pikachu ones? It's the yellow Pokémon with red circles on the cheeks."

After some searching she found it, right next to several other Pokémon she didn't recognize. She slid it under his butt when he lifted up, and started to cover up his still limp cock when he stopped her.

"Don't forget the powder" he said, as she was about to do just that. She did as she was told and after some complaints about her inability to fasten the diaper, she finally got it.

They decided to watch some movies; he had quite the selection, as long as you liked action hero cartoons and Pokémon cartoons. They ended up agreeing on Disney Channel and while they were watching, she began to have to go pee. They had eaten breakfast a few hours ago and he had given her two glasses of coffee and drank two himself. She really had to pee and decided to see just how serious he was about this.

"Hey I have to go to the bathroom, can you let me in the bathroom?" she asked hoping he would agree and be done with this nonsense.

"Can't, key is in the safe until tomorrow, sorry Sarah." But he didn't look to sorry, in fact he looked rather excited at her predicament.

She decided not to give him the joy of watching her become desperate and just let go as if it was nothing, turning back to the commercial. At first nothing happened, then all at once it came pretty forcefully, in a loud, hissing stream. She felt the warm liquid flow down around her butt and up above her vagina. It felt strangely good to her. Jerold was clearly enjoying the show, she looked where he was looking and sure enough, the white diaper was turning yellow and some of the princesses were beginning to disappear.

She blushed and tried to stop the hot piss coming forcefully from her peephole, but to no avail, soon it was over, and it definitely felt good, she thought. She looked over at Jerold who asked, "do you want to change now or stay in it a while?"

"Um, lets finish this show first then you can change me." She replied, wanting to delay the inevitable.

When the show ended they went to the room together and she lay down on the diaper mat. He unfastened the diapers and pulled them down.

"Wow you really had to go," he said. She said nothing at this and he began cleaning her up. It felt really good to have her pussy lips cleaned so gently with the wet wipes he was using, maybe this wasn't so bad. Once he cleaned her he fingered her to an orgasm, the powdered her and closed the diaper.

Later she looked over at him and noticed he had a strange look on his face, she looked at his diaper and saw that he was indeed wetting his diaper. She then heard him fart. Her stomach turned as she hoped he wasn't pooping his diaper. When she changed him she realized that he hadn't and was sorely relieved. She diapered him, giving him a complimentary blow job first, and he didn't seem too unhappy with the job she did, only one complaint this time.

This happened several times and sometime after dinner her stomach growled. Uh oh, she thought, I am really in trouble now. She had to poop, and it didn't feel like it would want to wait until the next day. She tried to hide it, but soon it became pretty obvious.

"Do you have to poop?" he asked flatly.

"Yea," she stammered, thoroughly embarrassed at this point.

"No need to be embarrassed," he said, "everyone poops."

She started to reply, but right then her poop won the battle against her rectum, and the hot smelly load pushed itself out into her diaper. She stood up to keep it from getting everywhere, and he seemed to be more turned on than ever.

"Ok, change me." She demanded, wanting to get out of her messy diaper. But right then her body decided that poop wasn't enough and she started to wet her already messy diaper.

"Ummmmm, I think I want to finish this movie first," he said, you should have held it longer I guess.

She could have cried, she did not want to sit down, but he reached up and tickled her under her arms, causing her to fall onto the couch, smashing the poop up her bum and down to her vagina. She should have been grossed out by all this, but somehow it was kind of hot. It actually felt good having the poop all over her. He must have read her body language because he rolled her onto her belly and began to grind his pelvic against the back of her diaper, smashing it around even more. Strangely enough this brought her to a raging orgasm and as she settled down from her climax, she heard a loud fart. She looked at Jerold and saw him smiling happily as he pushed out his own hot load. 'I think I like this she thought, tomorrow is going to be even more fun . . .


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