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The Halloween Bet

I have always been obsessed with winning. This obsession has in most cases gotten me very far in my life. I have won awards,scored the highest grades and bagged the hottest boyfriend. I was always taught that winning is what matters and everything else falls below. Little did I know my obsession would take me to humilating lengths and I would soon learn That you can't always win and when you lose it can be down right embarrassing. It all started on devils night last halloween. Me and my boyfriend Daniel had been dating for a year and a half. Daniel was handsome,tall and very strong but he also was just like me and liked things to be his way. Needless to say there were many times we clashed but in the end we always found that comfort in eachother. Given the fact we both also shared a competable edge we would spend a lot of our time together playing sports and playing games. We could turn anything into a competion. Who could score more numbers at the bar, who could cook faster,who could shower faster we always went head to head. Most of the time I came home with the prize and I would make daniel give me oral sex or do the dishes. Halloween was the very next day and we were both super psyced about it we had bought costumes and were going to go as a naughty nurse and sexxy doctor. I had hit the gym hard this week so my body would look amazing in my very revealing costume. I loved dressing up and looking sexxy it gave me a personal high that was better then any weed I ever smoked in college. Dan had to work late on devils night and I had spent the afternoon waiting for him by carving pumpkins and decorating our balcony. I couldnt wait for him to get home. At around 7:30 He came through the door we sat down and ate dinner and filled eachother in on our day.

"The balcony&pumpkins look great baby" Dan always called me baby. When I was younger I was always one of the smallest and my family and friends would tease me and they nicknamed me baby. When Dan heard this he loved it and right from a month into our realtionship he loved to tease me the same.

"Thanks hun, don't you just love halloween" I said cheerfully.

"Of coarse I do and the best part about halloween is I get to spend it with you" he replied.

"Aww your so sweet" I loved when he said mushy stuff like that.

" No problem, But I'm getting board what do you say we have a game?" As he went and got the cards. Playing cards was one thing me and dan liked to do every night we would battle it to the death playing crazy eight countdown and we would always wager a deal. Like I said before most of the time I would come with the win but lately Dan was getting a little better.

"Sure your on" I winked.

We went over to the living room and sat across from eachother he dealt the cards out and then turned to me.

" So what is the bet tonight going be?" He asked.

"I dunno babe what did you have in mind" I gave the option to him this time because Last time I chose and he got stuck doing a sink full of dishes and besides that no matter what it was I wasn't scared I knew I could win. Or so I thought. A devilish smile creeped out of his face.

"Well I have an idea" He said.

"Well what is it?" I replied.

"Well I know we bought our halloween costumes months ago and I know how much you have been looking forward to wearing yours, but you seem so fucking confident that your going to win, I say If you lose you don't wear the nurses outfit and I get to chose what we go as" He seemed pleased with himself. But I knew what he was doing Daniel was very protective/jelous and didnt like me wearing profactive clothing outside the house and the day I came home with our costumes he put up a struggle about me wearing it, But I wouldnt let him push me around and finally got him to give the O.K. But now he was scretly trying to get his own way. What a sneeky bugger.

"Fine deal" I said looking him straight into the eyes. This little game wouldnt work on me I was winning this. I worked out and dieted all month so I could wear my costume and nothing was going to get in my way. We shook hands to finalize the bet and fliped our cards over. I couldn't believe it I had nothing in my first hand. Dan went first and right off the bat handed me the queen of spades and in Crazy eights that means pick up 5. I picked up my five. I couldnt believe it I still couldnt go! It was Dans turn again and he laid down the two of spades and the two of diamonds. now I had to pick up nine this was no fair! The game progressed Dan went from 8's to 7's to 6's all the way to twos and I still was on 8's. I was getting so mad how was I lossing this bad I almost always won. Finally I got a break and went on to 7's but It was to late dan laid down his last cards and won the game! I couldn't believe it. He just sat there and smiled that same evil smile my way.

"So what are you going to make me wear instead?" I said in defeat.

" You will find out tomorrow" He grinned.

Deep down I was hoping Dan would know how hard I worked so I could wear my costume and would let this one slide. He loved me and he knew how bad I wanted this.

"Alright hunny I'm having half a smoke then were heading to bed"

" O.k babe i'll meet you in there" I said as I headed up the stairs. I could only hope that in the morning everything would be fine and I could be that naughty nurse!

I awoke the next morning to a fairly dark room. It was grey and rainny outside. Great I thought just another mishap to ruin my plans. The forecast said it was going to be sunny and warm. Clearly not sunny and I could tell by looking not so warm. I headed downstairs while Dan still slept and started making our breakfeast. I finshed it up and hollered up at dan.

"Dan its ready"

" O.K comming right down" he shouted back.

He came down the stairs and towards the table we sat and ate our meal in silence. Even though it was way imature of me I was still so mad about lossing last night I didnt wanna talk to him.

" Thanks for the food, But i gotta run out this afternoon, ill be back tonight then we can go out" He said while getting up and clearing his plate.

" Ok see yea later, But how how am I sopose to get ready if I don't know what I'm wearing" I asked.

" Don't worry about just grab your shower and i'll be home before then"

"O.K I agreed" He was keeping me in suspence but maybe this ment that he really was going to give in and let me wear it.

I jumped up and gave him a kiss. I was feeling much happier all of a sudden. He smiled.

" Bye baby have a good day" he closed the door behinde him. The afternoon went fast. I went to get my nails done and stopped in for a quick tan. No mattrer what Daniel decided I was going to make the best out of it by making sure I looked my best. After my errands I came home and made some spagetti and cracked a bottle of wine. I put mine and daniels plates aside and went up to the shower. I turned on the taps and jumped in the warm water it felt so good against my now bronzed skin. I took my razor and shaving cream and went to work. I shaved my legs,arm pits, and lastly my my vagina. I wanted to be hairless in case we ended up having a crazy drunk romp tonight. After I finshed my shower I turned the taps off and jumped out. As i was towel drying my hair I heard Dan in our bedroom. He was home.

"Honey is that you?" I called.

"Ya babe its me, Come on out" he replied in an unusaully stern voice.

"O.K is everything alright?" I asked as i turned the knob of the bathroom door and headed into our bedroom.

"Have a seat Lucia" he patted down on the bed. I came and sat next to him.

"Now as you know last night I won the bet and all day I have been thinking about it and I have decided that you will not wear the naughty nurse costume."

"But Dan.." I protested.

"Now now Lucia i'm going to tell you what you always tell me when I lose and thats a bet is a bet, we shook on it so I don't want to hear any more arguments" he was beginging to sound like my father. But he did have a point.

"Fine" I pouted.

"You look so cute when you pout" he laughed.

"So what are you going to make me dress as" I asked.

"Remember how you told me that when you were younger the kids would tease you and always would make you be the baby, well I thought and ecspecailly after you pouted so sweetly today that you will go as my baby tonight" he said so proudly.

"Haha thats ridiciouls Dan, Today is halloween I dont have time to go to the store and get a baby costume" I said laughing. There was no way he was actaully serious!.

"Well thats ok baby because I already picked up a few things" he said picking up a bag from the side of the bed. He dumped the contents onto the mattress there was a pack of adult diapers,two pink bows,A pink t-shirt, A baby bottle and to top it off a pacifer. I imediatly blushed he really was serious about this. There is no way I could go out in public looking like that.

"Dan no way your crazy, I'm not doing this its way to humilating" I said my voice breaking.

" Baby remember a bet is a bet. You are going to be my baby weather you like it or not" he almosted yelled back at me.

I realized he was serious and all the times I made him do dishes when he was sick and tired from work came crashing in my head I never let him get out of it and he wasn't going to let me get out of this. I was stuck and I knew it. How bad could It be I told myself its only for a couple hours and at least I know no one else would have my costume now.

"Fine" I nearly whispered.

" O.k well it looks like you already shaved and made your self baby smooth" he teased.

" Now lay on the bed" He picked me up and laid me my naked body down.

I was so nervous for some reason my body started to shake.

"Its ok this is going to be fun baby" He comforted me as he opened the pack of diapers. The diapers were odd they were adult size but had a babyish pattern of hearts and flowers on them. I didnt know they even sold these in stores. He picked my legs up and held them in the air as he un-folded the diaper with the other hand. He then layed it underneath my bum. The diaper felt thick and soft like a giant pillow. He put my legs down and then took some baby powder and sprinkled some on top of my vagina.

"i want you to look and smell like a baby" he explained.

Then he pulled the front of the diaper over my crouch and did the tapes up nice and tight. I sat up and looked down I couldnt believe I was wearing a diaper It all felt so strange. He pulled the t-shirt over my head , it barley covered the diaper. I was not impressed.

"Now go put your hair in pig tails and finish off with these ribbions" He ordered.

"Your serious Dan" I began to fight again. He just looked at me and I knew the answer. I headed to the vanity and put my hair up. I tried to make it look as cute as possible even adding some pink blush to my cheeks to make my self look real angelic. Alright lets go I turned around towards him. He was dressed in the doctors costume and at that moment I swear he was mocking me for the fact he looked so sexxy and I lokled just silly. We called our cab and headed to our first bar where we were meeting a few of our friends. As the cab pulled up to the curb I was dreading getting out. Everyone was going to be strarring at me.

"Come on baby" Dan opened up the door and practically pushed me out. We headed inside and just as I thought as soon as we went up to the bar everyone was pointng and laughing at me. I felt so stupid! I needed to get drunk.

" A blue lagoon please" I asked the bartender.

" Can I see some I.D please we usually don't get little ones like you in here" the bartender joked.

I wasn't laughing. I handed him my I.D.

"Ahh 23 years old. Arn't you a little old to be wearing diapers" he and dan chuckled. I shot dan the dirtyest look I had in me.

" Oh my god Lucia is that you" I heard my friend brittanys voice behind me.

" Sadly yes, Dan and I had a bet and obviously I lost" I said with defeat. Brittany and her boyfriend Rob looked so good. Brittany was dressed in a sexy black leather cat suit she was going as cat woman. And Rob was dressed as batman. I was so pissed she looked hotter then. I went for a sip of my drink and as I grabed it I realized it was no longer in the martini glass and instead in the baby bottle. Dan must of poured it in there.

"Dan this is not a joke" I was starting to get down right pissed.

" Its ok babys just grumpy she needs a drink" he popped the nipple in my mouth.

"Drink up" he teased. I refused.

" Ah come on Lucia let dan live up the fact he finally beat you" Brittany chimed in. Now my best friend was against me to great. I suckled on the bottle and the sweet drink filled my throat. Dan held the bottle like a proud daddy. I finshed up.

"O..K Britt lets grab a spot on the patio"

"Alright lets go" she agreed.

"We will meet you out there" Dan and Rob called back towards us.

Brittany and I sat out on the patio chated it up for a bit while waiting for the boys. She was in the middle of telling me about how her brothers girlfriend was such a bitch when I felt the urge. I had to pee.

"I'll be right back Britt i'm going go in and pee and grab the boys"

"O.k be fast"

"Will do" I headed in side and on my way in Rob passed me.

"Britts by the fireplace waiting for you" I told him.

"Thanks Baby" Rob teased.

Urgh how I hated it. It brought me back to being a child.

Dan was sitting at the bar waiting for the boys pitcher.

"i'm heading to go pee" I explained.

" Uhh no your not he argued, What do you think your wearing that diaper for" He looked right into my eyes.

" I am NOT pissing in this thing. Dan you have humilated me enough" I broke free and headed upstairs to the bathroom. I closed the door to the stall and attempted to pull the tapes off my diaper they werent comming off I pulled and pulled still nothing. They were super glued on to me.

"That asshole" I shouted. I began to franticvally look throough my purse for scisors or something sharp I had nothing.

"Hello, Is anyone there" I called out. The bathroom was empty. I started to panic. My bladder was at its tipping point. I attempted to run down the stairs to go get brittany but as I hit the first step I triped down the stairs and fell to the bottom. The fall made my bladder gush. The warm piss filled my diaper and It immedaityly saged. The whole bar looked at me.

"holy shit she pissed herself" A group of guys starting laughing. I was humilated I ran out into the street.

"Baby wait" Dan chased me.

"No dan you did this. You glued my diaper shut. This was your plan to embarres me all along. I hate you" I started to cry.

"There,There Little baby" He put the pacifer in my mouth. I spat it back out.

"No no more of these games,Take me home and get me out of this diaper" I ordered.

"Fine your no fun" He hailed a cab. I didnt even bother saying goodbye to my friends I didnt want to ever go back in there.

The cab pulled up to our house. And I waddled in. Dan followed.

"Alright baby I'm sorry" he said lets get you upstairs and cleaned up. He picked me up and carried me to our bedroom.

"Ill never forgive you" I shouted. He laid me on the bed.

"Well in that case" He got up and ran out of the room and locked the door behinde him.

"What are you doing" I screamed in panic.

"well if your not going to forgive me you can sit in that pissy diaper all night" I'm going out i'll be back to change you later.

"Dan you cant do this to me dan dan DAN!!!" there was no use he was gone. All the stress made me wet my diaper again. This time some piss leaked out the side. I laid down and vowed in the morning I would take my stuff and me and dan were done. How could he do this to me. All night i tossed and turned I peed two more times and the diaper leaked all over the bed. I still couldnt find anything to cut it off with. I hated dan and I hated myself for trusting him. I then realized that my obsession with winning was why I was here. Dan was attractive but right from the first time i saw him I had a small feeling not to trust him, But because another girl I worked with wanted to hook up with him. I ignored it just so I could win him. I vowed right then and there that I wiuld no longer care about winning. And this time I was ok with loseing Dan.

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