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Regrettable Regress-able

~~This is a word of fiction. ~~

Part 1

My boyfriend and I had been going out for a several months when it all started. So who am I? I'm Christina, a young, fresh out of college professional working at a local clinic in a secretarial position. Not ideal, but I'd done much worse. It paid enough to keep a small, but nice apartment near the office, even at the heart of the city. My boyfriend, Taylor, is a fairly well off writer whom I'd met while waiting in line to see a local theater production. He lived in a modest, three bedroom home just outside the city. He was charming, but commanding. He had class, taste, and knew his own wanted. We worked out well, especially since he had a very flexible schedule.

Taylor often came over to my apartment after I got off work. Sometime he'd be there when I got home. He would often just keep on writing on my computer, or be there cooking on those days he received a text that work had been particularly dreadful. Now, don't get me wrong, we had our difference. But, he usually won the fights. Yep, he was a bit of Dom, and me a bit of a sub. We'd talked about it, even had a little fun in the bedroom, but nothing big.

Now, I'd always had interests in fetishes. Not my one, but in all of them. I was a psych minor and, during classes, had taken to reading articles and learning about them all (to some extent). Obviously, I never had sex with a goat while reading up on Animalism, but I did attend a munch on Furries. I'd take a sample and read up. It was fun and educational. After I was done, I'd delete most of the material from my computer and move on to the next curiosity. All, that is, except for infantalism. I don't know why I never deleted the stuff, or why I often went back. Well, maybe I do now, but at the time, it was just a curiosity that stuck with me.

Anyways, I drug myself home one evening. Taylor and I'd had a fight the night before and I was shocked to see him at my apartment. We'd been fighting over the stupidest thing and he usually just wanted some room when I was throwing "tantrums." But there he was.

"Hey sweetie," he said, kissing me at the door.

"I made you a little snack. And have a great evening planned. So perk up!" I blinked and smiled. Seeing him so happy definitely cheered me up. So I went into the kitchen.

"Where are we going?" I asked, putting away my things.

"Dinner, movie. Nothing too fancy, so that cute little skirt and blouse will be fine." He winked, pulling out a chair at my little kitchen table. I sat down, then blinked at my snack. It was a peanut butter sandwich, crust off and cut into small squares and half a banana cut into slices. Also, a plastic cup with a little milk.

"Cute," I said, smirking and ate up, not thinking much of it. While I ate, Taylor went to the computer in the small living room, closing up a few files and shutting it down. I didn't think much of that either... until much later.

"Also, how about you stay with me tonight. Your calendar was empty, so I figured it would be a nice get away." I giggled to myself. He was so take charge, it was fun and relaxing for him to make the decisions.

"Sounds good," I said as I took the last sips of milk. At that, we headed out. The weather was too warm for jackets, pleasant and perfect. We drove for some time, way out of the city. We chatting a little on the way, as if we'd never had our fight. I was glad for the snack as I was starting to get hungry again as we pulled into an Indian restaurant I'd never heard of, let alone been to. Before he got out, Taylor turned to me.

"Listen, our fight last night was not necessary. This weekend, promise me you'll just take my lead." I sighed, looking down. He then lifted my chin with his finger.

"Promise." I smiled meekly.

"Sure, Taylor. I promise." He then kissed my cheek sweetly, got out, and came around the car to open my door. Such a gentleman.

The Far Land was a relatively high end restaurant, but, due to its location, had several casual diners as well. The hostess led us to the back where a table had already been prepared. No menus were brought as the waitress came out will metal cups full of water. I watched Taylor, looking for hints about the weekend, but he just continued to talk, mentioning all the good things he'd heard about this place, despite the prices. Before long, some naan (bread) and rice and curry dishes we placed on the table. The vegetables and meats were so fragrant and bright red. So authentic. Our plates were piled high with slow cooked stews of all sorts of spices.

I dove in as soon as he took the first bite. The spice didn't sink in until the third or fourth bite. The curry was sweet at first, but soon turned mean and spicy. I chugged my water, trying to clear it away.

"This ... this is spicy." I said between sips.

"Its really good, though," he said, looking at me intently. I smiled a bit weakly and tried to eat more, but had to drink another glass of water after every few bites.

"I...I don't think I can eat all this," I said finally, looking at my plate in defeat. Taylor looked upset.

"This place is too expensive for you to not eat it all. Go ahead, you can have plenty of water." My lip trembled a little at his stern look. I took a deep breath and downed the rest of the curry as quickly as I could, drinking a lot of water when I was finished. Taylor, on the other hand, seemed to handle the spice easily. Taylor then looked at his watch.

"Damn, we're going to be late," he said. He placed several bills on the table and ushered me outside, making a hasty thanks and goodbye to the staff. He drove a ways still to a movie theater. Apparently, he'd also bought the tickets as well as ordered the food as he handed them off as we entered.

He was right, we barely made it in time. We'd even missed the previews and I didn't know what movie it was until the Pixar lamp hopped onto the screen. How sweet! I'd really loved the pixar films, even if they were usually for kids. As the bright characters danced on the screen, we snuggled together, laughed and stealing the occasional kiss. After a while, though, the water I'd drank so much of kicked in. I leaned over and whispered to Taylor.

"Excuse me, I'll be right back." He looked at me, hold my hand tighter.

"Where are you going?" he whispered back.

"I... I need to use the restroom..." His eyes darkened.

"You can hold it. I didn't pay for a movie so you could miss half of it." I sighed and tried to take my mind off it. I tried to focus on the movie, but just when I thought I had it under control, the characters ended up in a water scene.

"Taylor, I really need to go." I whispered again, more urgently.

"No, c'mon, you're not a child. Wait... it'll be over soon." I sighed, wiggling and dancing in my seat. Finally, I just couldn't handle it anymore and stood up. Taylor, though , grabbed my arm suddenly and sat me back down. I guess partially due to the shock and the abrupt movement, I couldn't hold it. I sat there in absolute horror as I wet myself. I got control of it and didn't flood the theater floor, but I could feel my panties and most likely my skirt were soaked. The movie ended a little while later. Taylor got up to leave, but this was my turn to keep him in his seat. He looked at me confused.

"Lets wait until the end of the credit," I suggested and he settled back, shrugging. When all the other movie goers were gone, I leaned over.

"I told you I... I needed to go." I whispered, blushing fiercely. He looked at my skirt and blinked a few times.

"Chrissy, how could you!" he said.

"Did you really wet yourself!?" I blushed again. No one was in the theater, but he was talking so loud.

"C'mon. Let's get you out of here." He grabbed my hand and we headed out quickly through one of the side exits. The theater was thankfully empty now, as was the parking lot. He stopped outside the car door. I was dancing about, trying to turn so any passers by wouldn't see me in my wet state. Taylor seemed to be pondering something.

"What's up, Taylor? Please, let me in the car." He tapped his chin, then went to the trunk, rummaging.

"I can't let you sit on my seats being all wet. Let me see if I've got something... a blanket or...." He stopped, then let out a little chuckle. He came around and opened the back door. He helped me around behind it.

"Ok, take off your wet stuff. Let's get you changed." I sighed in relief. Maybe he'd packed some of my things or had some old clothes. I slipped out of my skirt and panties, glad to be rid of them. He used the edge of my skirt to wipe me dry, what little pee may have remained on my butt. With that, he sat me down and layed me back. I blinked, thinking we were going to have a little fun, but I felt something soft slid under my butt.

"What the...?" I said, looking down to see Taylor putting an adult disposable diaper on me.

"Why the...?" He smirked.

"I bought them for a gag gift a while back and had forgotten they were back there. But I had nothing else in the trunk, so they will have to do. Actually, they seem appropriate." I glared at him.

"I'm not wearing them."

"Chrissy, its just the ride home. Would you rather be naked?" I flushed, and shook my head no.

"Well, then." He brought the front up between my legs and taped it firmly around my waist. It felt so weird, the bulk between my legs was so odd and soft. I was mortified as he pulled me out of the back seat and into the front seat. My blouse didn't do anything to conceal the diaper, but thankfully, I was soon hidden in the car.

Taylor didn't say much on the long ride to his house. About half way there, the rest of the water hit. I'd not finished at the theater and soon had to go again.

"Taylor. I ... I need to go again." He glanced at me.


"Y.. yea. It was all that water at the Indian place." He sighed.

"Chrissy, do you really want me to stop? With you wearing that? If it gets too bad, just use it. Might as well." He laughed a little. I didn't think it was funny. But, a few minutes later, I couldn't hold it. I begrudgingly let go and wet the diaper. It felt weird too, being wet in a diaper. I'm sure Taylor figured it out from the odd looks on my face. But we sat quietly, driving all the way to his house. On the last leg of our trip, I got even more worried. The curry was finally taking its turn. My tummy was gurgling and I knew what the really spicy food was going to do.

"Taylor, hurry up...." I said softly. He glanced at me, holding now very still, and cursing each bump and dip in the road.

"The curry..."

"What... oh! Just a few more blocks, babe." He said. He pulled into the drive way, grabbed a few of his things out of the back seat, and then opened my door. I raced to the front door. I hoped none of his neighbors were watching. I huddled against the door frame while Taylor fumbled with his keys. He dropped them, cursed the lock once or twice. I was cursing too. I was barely holding on.

"There," Taylor said, opening the door. I stepped inside, but it was too late. The mere movement was all it took. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I felt the hot, soft poop fill the back of the diaper. Taylor closed the door and came over, wrapping his arms around me, knowing what had happened from my reaction.

"Oh sweetie." He then escorted me to the bathroom.

"C'mon, lets just get you cleaned up."

He was so tender. Here I'd just crapped myself, and he was being so nice. He helped me out of the soiled diaper and shirt. He ran a nice hot shower and joined me, helping me get clean. All the while, he spoke softly, reassuring words to me. I cried for a good while, but it stopped with his care. Once clean, he helped me get dry and wrapped me in a towel. We went to his bed room.

"Now, Chrissy, I know you're not going to like it, but maybe you should wear another diaper tonight, you know, just in case the curry comes back for revenge." I blushed, and sniffled. Seeing the tears brim in my eyes, he kissed me. Kissed me deeply, passionately. Shortly, we were on the bed, naked, kissing and loving one another. We made love like we'd never done before. We both moaned and yelled so much that I'm sure the neighbors heard us. It was so amazing. After a second round of sex, we lay on his bed, panting and sweaty. We held each other for a while and I started to doze off. Taylor slipped from my arms and the bed. A moment later, he was diapering me again.

"Wha... Taylor..." I started to protest, but I was so tired.

"Ssshh..." he said. He added some talc powder this time and then secured me in the plastic covered softness. Done, he climbed back into bed and we curled up together, sleeping soundly in one another's arms.

~~End Part 1~~ Please send comments and requests for future parts of this story or other stories to

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