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Selena's Baby Time

"Oh wow look at this," Selena said as she held up a picture she had found in the closet, "this must be about 10 years old."

"Your right it looks about that if not more," replied her aunt kerry.

Selena was 18 and about 5'3 she was small only weighing about 110 lbs. She loved spending time at her aunts house in the weekends she had been doing it for as long as she could remember. Today they were cleaning out the closet in the spare room Selena stayed in whenever she came over. They had been digging through it all day having fun with some of the things they had found, but one item would change Selena forever.

"Look at this," Aunt Kerry said holding up something, "it's your old pull-ups from when you were potty training. You used to love the Disney princess designs!"

Selena loved anything Disney princess and still did to so me extent because she still wore Disney princess pajamas to bed occasionally.

"Oh my god that's so funny." Selena said taking the package from her aunt and looking it over carefully.

"Well I've had enough cleaning for one night I'm going to bed." Her aunt said as she left the room after hugging Selena goodnight.

Selena too felt tired and crawled into bed after changing into her pajamas. She turned on the T.V. and laid in bed watching some crappy night movie. It was about 12:30 when Selena again noticed the pull-ups and got out of bed and picked one out of the already opened package. Should I really try one on? Selena thought playfully. She decided to do it she pulled her pants off and panties and folded the panties and put them in the dresser in her room. Then she pulled on the pull-up and put her pants back up to about her knees and looked in the mirror. I'd make one cute toddler even at this age she said to herself as she returned to bed where she proceeded to lay upon the covers of the bed and soon drifted off to sleep

Kerry woke up at about 9 and began to get out of bed. She loved spending time with Selena and decided maybe she should ask her to make breakfast with her. As she entered the room she couldn't believe what she saw. Selena lying on the bed with her pants around her ankles and a pull-up on! She quietly slipped out to think about what she saw.

About an hour later Selena awoke and realized she had slept in her training pants from those years ago. She quickly took it off and hid it under the mattress and went downstairs to get some breakfast.

"Hi aunt Kerry!" Selena exclaimed as she went downstairs.

"Hey Selena how did you sleep?" She ask inquisitively

"Real good whats for breakfast?"

"Banana pancakes."

"I love those!"

"I know but first I wanted to talk to you about something"

Selena tightened up a little and felt a nervous chill come over her.

"Ok what's up," She said quietly.

"Well I saw that you didn't wear your underwear to bed last night...." She started slowly.

"Oh god I'm so embarrassed." Selena had started tearing up at this point in the conversation.

"No its perfectly alright honey. If your curious maybe we can have some fun with this." Kerry said as she hugged her almost crying niece.

"What do you mean?" Selena asked.

"Well I'm sure I could find some bigger diapers and baby stuff if you really wanted to see what being a baby is like again. We could do it next weekend if you want to."

Selena pondered this thought for a moment before lifting her head from her aunts shoulder and saying, "Really?"

"Of course," Kerry quickly replied, "you can be my big baby for the weekend"

"Ok," Selena replied as she began to feel very excited for next weekend and all the curiosities that would happen.

Selena sat in school all week long dreaming of the diapers and babyish things she would get to do at her aunts this weekend. She quickly left school on Friday afternoon to make her way over to her aunts house. When she got home she had no idea what to pack so she just threw some basic cloths into a bag and was off. She got to her aunts at about 4.

"Hello sweetie, ready for your big weekend." Kerry asked opening the door.

"YES!" She yelled as a smile grew on her face.

"Alright first things first go upstairs and go to the guest room," Kerry told her.

"Why I don't stay in there," Selena asked confused.

"I know but you will find out why," Kerry said.

Selena walked up stairs not knowing what to expect in the guest room. As she turned into the room she saw what looked like an upsized nursery complete with an oversized highchair and changing table. Selena's eyes lit up with excitement as she entered the room as Kerry followed her in.

"Alright honey get up on the changing table," Kerry said.

Selena smiled as she climbed up onto the changing table and sat there quietly. Kerry approached her and removed her pants and panties exposing her freshly shaved vagina to the cool air in the room. Kerry then pulled out a large diaper with the same print as the pull ups out and opened it between Selena's naked legs. She then applied powder and taped the diaper snuggly to Selena making sure that it wouldn't leak if she flooded it.

"Now lets find you something to wear," Kerry said looking through the closet.

"How about I just wear my princess shirt?" Selena said.

"Ok but now we have to review some rules," Kerry started taking Selena on her lap.

"You're a baby now which means no big girl clothes, shoes, or phone privileges. I will change your diapers, feed you, and look after you at all times. Understand?"

Selena nodded and smiled at Kerry. Then Kerry took Selena and put her in the high chair and strapped the front on it. Then from a drawer on the dresser took a bib and tied it onto Selena's neck.

"You look like you need a snack," Kerry said as she grabbed a bottle and filled it with milk. She then cut up a banana and set it on the tray in front of Selena. Selena took up the bottle and sucked on the nipple. She loved how the warm milk went down her throat and thought of the wet diaper that would happen soon after. Then Kerry took a piece of banana and fed it to her. Selena soon became sleepy and Kerry picker her up and set her in the crib. Kerry wound up mobile and Selena dozed off as the music played.

Selena awoke two hours later with the biggest urge to pee ever. She tried to let go but couldn't she laid flat on her back and relaxed. She then felt the warm pee fill up her diaper and she began to squirm. Kerry then walked in and saw Selena squirming around in her crib.

"Looks like someone just wet her diaper," Kerry said as she picked Selena out of the crib and set her on the changing table. She changed Selena and set her on the floor to play.

"Are you ready for your day at the park?" Kerry asked smiling as she put Selena in a onsie and started towards the door.

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