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Trick or Treat

Ginny and Jack were excited that mom would let them dress up this year and go trick-or-treating by themselves. It didn't take them long to convince mom that they really wanted to go alone this year. They promised to behave and not 'pig out' too much.

Their pleading went something like this...

"Please, please, please, please... pretty please... oh mom... can we, can we please go trick-or-treating by ourselves this year... please?" And when mom agreed, they danced around her...

"Thank you, thanks mom, thank you... you're the best... wow we're going trick-or-treating... alone..."

Mom just laughed and was amazed at how quickly her babies had grown up. They were in their early teens and they knew how to please their mom and be good for her too.

Believe it or not, it was also the first time ever that they were allowed to choose their own costumes. Although when they went to check out the costumes they discovered that because they had left their pleading to the week before there weren't many costumes to choose from. In fact the only ones they really had left were ones wrapped up in surprise packages. Ginny knew then that they were the costumes mom chose every year for them. So it didn't take them long to decide that it would feel wrong if they went dressed any other way. When they took them up to the counter they insisted that the panties be replaced with real diapers this year. It would be a really good surprise for mom this year.

So both Ginny and Jack decided that they would take those because mom thought they were going to go like dressed in real scary outfits this year. And surprises are good... Mom had always treated them as babies so they would play a trick on mom and they were now really excited that she would see they could dress the part for her without her help.

The Fancy dress place always added surprises in their surprise packages and this year was no different. They took them home and opened them carefully and found their special Halloween designed baby outfits. And the panties had been replaced with real diapers ready for Halloween. The outfit was perfect this year because they had chosen them.

Finally Halloween arrived. Ginny and Jack were excited because they were going out alone. Although they knew lots of other kids that were going too but mom wouldn't be watching them this year. They dressed in their special Halloween baby clothes and their diapers were a real surprise; Jack had ghostly goblins on his and Ginny had bright orange spooky pumpkins on hers. Together they rushed out into the lounge to show mom how they looked. They were giggling like real babies do and mom thought they looked a treat. She was surprised to see they had chosen the outfits that she would normally choose for them. But they went further. They were wearing real diapers, something she had tried to get them to do in the past and they refused. She smiled... Mom may have let then go out alone but she also reminded them of the rules that she always insists on. Don't pig out on the treats because they are to be checked before eating... just in case and don't get lazy and forget to ask to use the bathroom. The rules were simple enough..

The early evening started well. Ginny and Jack met up with other teenagers their age and went from house to house calling out ...

"trick-or-treat!" Lights came on, doors open; bags were filled with so many goodies making them hungry. Jack started eating some... hmmm lots of sweets and once he started he couldn't stop; Ginny drank so much soda she had to pee. But they kept going door to door. Soon they were the only ones from their group of friends knocking and Ginny had to pee but she didn't want to stop what she was doing. Remembering she had a diaper on, she decided to just let it happen. In the excitement of being out alone, she let it flow. She gave a little shake from the warmth that filled her diaper and when she had finished peeing, she felt relieved that she was able to go and not have to worry about anything else.

Meanwhile Jack was still eating... and eating... and when he was almost home, he felt so sick he wanted to throw up. He realized then why his mom was always with them when they went trick-or-treating. She watched over them and stopped them from eating everything that went into their goody bags. The pain in his belly got worse and he thought he was only going to pass wind but he pooped his diaper. He felt awful.

Jack and Ginny were tired and their goody bags were filled with lots of treats... the trick was to slip into the house and change before mom caught them.

"Jack... let's slip in the backdoor so mum doesn't see that you pooped your diaper. We can both change before she realizes we are home."

"Ok... please don't tell her I pigged out... she won't let us go out alone again!"

"Sure... I won't say a word! Come, on..."

Ginny and Jack always looked after each other. The tip toed around the back and opened the backdoor very quietly. When they walked inside, they thought mom was in the lounge watching TV but she was there waiting for them. At first she smiled, relieved that they were home safe and sound but then she smelt an odor coming from them that she immediately recognized. She made them stand there... Ginny with a wet diaper on and Jack in his soiled diaper... he began to squirm because suddenly he realized how bad he smelt and how uncomfortable it was standing with his diaper full of poop. Mom rushed them into their bedrooms and organized baths for both of them. But instead of rushing, she treated them like the babies there were dressed like.

When they tried to protest, she hushed them and promised to punish them when they were nice and clean again. Mom started with Jack. She lay a towel down on the bed and had him lay on it. Carefully she undid the tabs and removed the soiled diaper before cleaning him off. She helped him up and he went into her bathroom where a bath was ready for him. Ginny wasn't in that much of a mess. Her diaper was wet but mom still treated her like the baby she was. She did the same thing as she did with Jack. She lay her down on the bed and removed the wet diaper. Wiped her down and took her into the bathroom where she was told to have a shower and wash herself before returning to her bedroom.

She washed herself down just like Jack was doing and when they were nice and clean and smelling fresh they returned to their bedrooms. They both had to wait for mom. When she came to check to see that they were nice and clean she had fresh diapers in her hand.

"Jack, Ginny... I trusted you to do not eat and drink all the treats and you promised you would ask to use the bathroom if you needed to. But instead; Jack you pigged out on the goodies and Ginny... well you drank down heaps of soda until you couldn't hold your pee in."

"Now I know that if you want to be babies, then for the next few days you will be treated like babies. Ginny, go into your bedroom and lie on the bed and wait for me. I will be there in a few moments. Jack... up on the bed... quickly now... I should spank you for eating all those treats but I think the pain in the tummy is enough punishment for now." While mom talked she quickly slid the diaper under Jack's bottom. He was slightly embarrassed because when he put the diaper on before mom wasn't there. He did it himself. But this time, mom sprinkled talc all over his groin and bottom before pulling the diaper into place with the tabs.

"Good boy... now get into your pajamas and hop into bed." Mom went in and treated Ginny the same. She sprinkled talc over her groin and bottom before covering her with the diaper. Mom told Ginny also to slip into her pajamas and climb into bed. And every day for three days mom would treat them like babies.

During the night both Ginny and Jack were too lazy to get out of bed because it meant they would have to wake their mom, so they wet themselves. And in the morning mom removed their diapers, wiped them down and changed them into fresh diapers.

"Ginny and Jack... it looks like you need to wear diapers for a lot longer than the three days... from now on until I say otherwise, you will wear the diapers I put on you... ok?"

"Yes mom... ok" said Ginny and Jack...

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